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10 Apr. 1978
Where Is the Cinderella Stamp
A one of a kind Cinderella stamp is displayed at a museum. The stamp will make any owner feel like royalty. Lupin and company steal it but they end up being followed by a girl named Alice who also wanted the stamp for herself. Lupin tries all he can to make the kid go away, but no good. Alice is persistent and wants the stamp to feel like a princess. What will Lupin do?
17 Apr. 1978
Lady Detective Melon
Detective Melon(granddaughter of Inspector Garimard) is put on the Lupin case instead of Zenigata. She'll be in charge of the mission in transporting money to the underground police morgue and guarded with a special lock. When Lupin comes Melon is willing to catch him with special handcuffs that he won't be able to get out of.
24 Apr. 1978
The Electroshock Pigeon Operation
Lupin developed a new technique that gives him the ability to float in mid air. The Syndicate pulls offs a rotten plan by sending X8 & Fujiko to find out the technique. And then (with out knowing about) sends 2 impostors dressed as Lupin and Jigen. The 2 fakes were ordered to torture X8 with electricity. Which causes X8 to swore revenge on Lupin. But how will the real Lupin convince him that he has nothing to do with this?
1 May 1978
The Wind Is Hot in Morocco
On assignment in Morocco, Arsène Lupin III and his arch-nemesis Inspector Zenigata are strong-armed into joining the French Foreign Legion... shackled to each other.
8 May 1978
Face the Midnight Sun and Fire
In Stockholm, 2 twin sisters (Latica and Anita) have been fighting repeated death matches. Reason why is one of them wants to claim the hidden viking treasure that was discovered by their own father. And before his death he gave both them a tattoo treatment on their back with the map of the location. But the map is only visible during the Summer Solstice. So Lupin sets them up so he get the treasure for himself. But how will he do it when Latica and Anita don't corporate with each other.
15 May 1978
Lupin Dies Twice
A professional assassin is out to get Lupin, but Lupin vows to face this peril head-on.
22 May 1978
To Whom Does Orion's Crown Belong?
Lupin plans out a way in getting Orion's Crown. And in order to do that he got Jigen to work with Jaguar the seller of the item. While Goemon works with Tatsumaki the buyer. The main objective is to some how get booth the crown and money at the same time. It's a tricky plan. And with Fujiko wanting it herself, it's a 4 way tug go war on who'll get the prize.
29 May 1978
Lupin Becomes a Vampire
In Heburai Village, Japan. An excavated casket was found with the body of a woman in a near death state, holding the statuette of the Virgin Mary. The woman has been sent to the hospital to get revived. Lupin decides to steal the Virgin Mary but eventually ends up meeting the woman who is named Camilla. Camilla explained she is Jesus's twin sister who was born as a vampire. She stole the statuette from her brother and fled. Lupin ends up being her new vampire henchman. And now plans to kidnap Fujiko to be the next vampire in line. Things look pretty bad a s they seem....
5 Jun. 1978
Chase the Gorilla Gang
Lupin's next target is the black pearl. But it was already stolen by a gang of gorillas. It seems weird to see a bunch of apes stealing jewelery. But Lupin can tell that this isn't Monkey Business he's dealing with here.
12 Jun. 1978
Expose the Secret of Tsukikagejoo
Lupin and Jigen are after the inheritance of Kuranari while Goemon wants a value of Kuranari. The will of Kuranari says whoever solves the mystery and location of his possessions will be theirs to keep. But a clan of Fuma Ninja also want those inheritances. So it's all up to Lupin to solve the mystery of the whereabouts of the valuables.
19 Jun. 1978
The Buried Treasure of Genghis Khan
The whereabouts of the treasure of Genghis Khan are found in the twin golden lion statues. Lupin & Jigen seek the 2 lions in Mongolia while Fujiko and Goemon search for Minamoto Yoshitsune's treasure at Hiraizumi. But when the treasures they seek is located somewhere they wouldn't expect.
26 Jun. 1978
The Sweet ICPO Trap
Fujiko has made a deal in arresting Lupin for exchange of her criminal records erased. This is a problem for Lupin, because the woman he admires the most is trying to take him in. Usually it's easy for Lupin to escape easily from the cops, but this Fujiko we're dealing with here! With a special prison cell waiting for Lupin, will this be Lupin's last days as a thief?
3 Jul. 1978
A Diamond Disappeared in the Hong Kong Night Sky
In Hong Kong, Lupin and Jigen try to steal diamonds from a smuggling Ship owned by Kou Chin Ko. But all they could find are just Chickens and not a site of diamonds at all. So their next plan is to infiltrate Kou Chin Ko's lair at Dragonbaum Garden. Containing a restaurant and a martial-arts tournament which Goemon is attending.
10 Jul. 1978
Operation Missilejack
The attempt in stealing a shipment of Costa Rican diamonds fails with a fake shipment with Zennigata in it. The diamonds are in fact transported to Puerto Rico by missile. Which seems impossible for Lupin to retrieve. But it's possible when he gets the info on the coordinates and précised time in attacking the missile from the midpoint of the destination. Can Lupin and his gang be able to succeed this plan?
17 Jul. 1978
Find Princess Kaguya's Treasure
At Monaco, a young beautiful girl asks Lupin, Goemon and Jigen each to bring her one fantastically exotic item. What's her game?
24 Jul. 1978
Lupin Becomes a Bride
Arsène Lupin III disguises himself as a woman to rob the wealthy bachelor Onabes... which backfires magnificently when Onabes falls in love with Lupin. How will Lupin extricate himself from Onabes's marriage proposal?
31 Jul. 1978
Where Are Peking Man's Bones
Lupin is enjoying his holiday in Hong Kong. He runs into a woman who asks him to find a burial jar of bones of Peking Man for her. Which is valuable for a jar of bones. Fujiko also wants the jar for herself. In the end who'll end up getting the jar?
7 Aug. 1978
The Vanishing Special Armored Car
The Sleeping Lion statue is being moved for the 50th Anniversary of Australia's establishment as a nation. The statue will be transported in an armored car made of special protective metal and escorted by helicopters. Lupin and Jigen already plan out on how to get the statue with a use of camouflage and underground elevator. But what will they do when they find Zennigata hiding in the back of the armored car?
14 Aug. 1978
Killing Is the Smell of Wine
Lupin steals the underworld boss, Mulligan's jewelry. He gives Fujiko some jewels, but takes them all for herself. Mulligan however hires a hangman who smells like a corpse. The hangman is able to wipe out his opponents with his machine gun. How can Lupin defeat this guy, and how does he retrieve the jewels again?
21 Aug. 1978
Lupin Will Fetch a High Price
Lupin was auctioned at the Wanted Club which sells criminals as slaves. Doctor Mad wins the bid for Lupin, who'll use him as a guinea pig. Next thing Lupin knows is he's on a desert island will a whole bunch of cyborgs after him. And Doctor Mad seems to be on close eye watch on Lupin. Question is where is the doctor, and how does Lupin get off this so called desert island?
28 Aug. 1978
Her Majesty's Slipshod Inspectors
Lupin is after the Imperial State Crown but it won't be easy to steal with Inspectors Dover and Pepper of Scotland Yard putting the crown in tight security. The only chance in nabbing the crown would be at the Westminster Abbey which it'll be presented to the royal wedding. How will Lupin retrieve the crown without the Inspectors suspecting anything?
4 Sep. 1978
Lupin Laughs While the Alarm Bell Rings
Lupin has his sights on the vault of the Metropolitan Bank, whose alarm sounds at the weight a handkerchief. How will he pull this heist off?
11 Sep. 1978
A Pretty Woman Has Venom
Lupin meets Jacqueline a woman who became a millionaire by acquiring alimony and inheritances when she changes husbands. Lupin's plan was to steal her diamond collection, but since Jacqueline is an attractive woman, he can't get his eyes off her looks. He even spends some time with her as well. Jigen finds it a waist of time while Fujiko is after the diamonds for herself. But she got caught by a wanted cobra tamer, who has some connection with Jacqueline. Which woman will Lupin go for?
18 Sep. 1978
Lupin, Whom I Loved: Part 1
Lupin attends a secret auction for smuggled artwork. The auctioneer is in fact a girl Lupin knew from the past. But the strange thing is she died back then. And Lupin now wonders if she's the same girl he knew back then.
25 Sep. 1978
Lupin, Whom I Loved: Part 2
Cornelia, the woman who was suppose to be dead is still alive from what Lupin knows. And she has a hard time remembering Lupin. Her father Doctor Zeil was one of the last remaining Nazis from World War 2. He experimented on ways in reanimating corpses also known as the Corpse Preservation Project. It's now clear that Cornelia was experimented by her own father. But can Lupin get her memory back while his friends fight off an army of corpses?
22 Oct. 1979
You're a Cat, I'm a Dried Tuna
When the newspaper mistakenly reports that Lupin stole a cat that eats pencil leads, a scandalized Lupin must now protect his reputation by searching for such an animal and pilfering it.
7 Jan. 1980
The Chewing-Gum Disguise Operation
Crime boss Gasper plans a wedding scam with Arsène Lupin III in mind: his girlfriend, the dancer Amore, marries Lupin, after which Gasper kills Lupin and takes his fortune. Unfortunately, Gasper is the jealous type, so things don't go according to plan.
22 Sep. 1980
The Bills That Came from God
In Switzerland, Arsène Lupin III raids a police convoy containing cash they apprehended from criminals all over the world. But when he encounters a church in need of money, what will he do?
6 Oct. 1980
Farewell My Beloved Lupin
An armoured robot soars through the skies of Tokyo, demonstrating amazing capabilities that would make it a valuable weapon... then Arsène Lupin III demonstrates a more peaceful and beneficial use for the robot.

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