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Season 1

24 Oct. 1971
Is Lupin Burning... ?!
Lupin is looking to take top prize at the first race on the Hida Speedway. However, the Scorpion Gang has taken Fujiko prisoner and worse still Zenigata is watching him at every turn.
31 Oct. 1971
The Man They Called a Magician
Fujiko seeks protection from Lupin for having stolen from a man named Pycal... an invulnerable sorcerer.
7 Nov. 1971
Farewell My Beloved Witch
While at sea, Lupin encounters a mysterious woman and discovers she is connected with pirates.
14 Nov. 1971
One Chance to Breakout
Lupin is caught, imprisoned and sentenced to death... but is remarkably unperturbed about his predicament.
21 Nov. 1971
The Coming of Goemon the Thirteenth
Goemon Ishikawa, the thirteenth decedent of a legendary samurai, is assigned a mission by his mentor: assassinate Lupin III.
28 Nov. 1971
Rainy Afternoons Are Bad
A jewel lies inside the body of a mobster... which is being transported by Zenigata and his officers.
5 Dec. 1971
A Wolf Calls a Wolf
Lupin, Fujiko and Goemon are each after three ninja scrolls which hold the secret to forging a special ninja blade.
12 Dec. 1971
The All-Together Playing-Card Operation
Lupin steals a special deck of cards.
19 Dec. 1971
Killer Sings the Blues
The hitman Poon, a former partner of Fujiko, lethally wounds her and now Lupin goes all out to save her.
26 Dec. 1971
Hunt Down the Counterfeiter!
Lupin searches for the world's best money counterfeiter.
2 Jan. 1972
When the Seventh Bridge Falls
A serious case of bridge bombing has occurred. And it's not Lupin's work, but when he investigates he is forced to participate to spare an innocent hostage.
9 Jan. 1972
Who Had the Last Laugh?
Fujiko, Lupin and a criminal organization face off over a pair of twin golden statues.
16 Jan. 1972
Beware the Time Machine!
Lupin encounters Mamo Kyosuke, a self-proclaimed time traveller who seeks to erase Lupin from history. But is he really who he claims to be?
23 Jan. 1972
The Emerald's Secret
Catherine Burgess, the Queen of Hollywood, has lured the gang with her priceless emerald to liven up her otherwise dull wedding party.
30 Jan. 1972
Let's Catch Lupin and Go to Europe
If Zenigata can catch Lupin in three days, then he'll go to Europe.
6 Feb. 1972
Operation Jewel Snatch
Fujiko goads Lupin into stealing a large shipment of diamonds. Lupin takes the task despite Jigen protests that Fujiko is playing them for fools. Of course, Jigen is right. Just who will end up with the diamonds?
13 Feb. 1972
Lupin Caught in a Trap
Lupin, Fujiko and Jigen get strapped to bombs and must come up with three billion yen in 24 hours, or else the bombs go off.
20 Feb. 1972
Keep an Eye on the Beauty Contest
Smith is an art thief that is selling stolen paintings under the guise of a beauty contest. Can Lupin manage to outwit Smith and make off with the paintings?
27 Feb. 1972
Which of the Third Generation Will Win!
Lupin is challenged to a duel by a family rival: the logical Inspector Gaimard.
5 Mar. 1972
Catch the Phony Lupin!
Someone is committing thefts under Lupin's name. Lupin follows the impostors back to their island hideout. He has apparently stumbled into a whole island of thieves. Can Lupin learn their secrets and escape with his life?
12 Mar. 1972
Rescue the Tomboy!
Lupin attempts to protect a family friend... a tomboy daughter who makes his life miserable.
19 Mar. 1972
The First Move Wins Computer Operation!
Lupin sets out to prove that a new FBI computer is no match for his intellect.
26 Mar. 1972
The Great Gold Showdown!
After a dispute with his chief, Zenigata resigns and vows to stop Lupin on his own in one final showdown.

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