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Season 1

18 Nov. 1972
The Grim Reaper Beast Horseshoe Crab Rouge Appears!
King Crab Maroon steals a 50-carat emerald ring which he needs to complete his brand new weapon.
25 Nov. 1972
The Ruthless Blue Waterbug's Poison Plan!!
Blue Waterbug adds a toxic substance to the drinking water in order to turn people into puppets of DARK.
2 Dec. 1972
Brutality! Purple Rat's Poison Fangs
Purple Rat sneaks into a laboratory dedicated to communicable diseases in order to create a new DARK plague.
9 Dec. 1972
White Sawshark's 12-Hour Nightmare
White Sawshark takes over an apartment complex and sets up a laser gun. Professor Gill's plan is to shoot down an airplane into a densely populated area.
16 Dec. 1972
The Three Yellow Antlion Siblings Meeting!
The Yellow Antlion Siblings create the "Alphabet Attack" strategy in order to stop a robotics scientist's wedding.
23 Dec. 1972
Devilish Woman?? Pink Armadillo
Pink Armadillo transforms herself into a voluptuous woman to entice men and implant control devices in their brains.
30 Dec. 1972
Bitter-Orange Snail's Murderous Whistle
Convinced by Professor Gill that Kikaida has killed his children, Dr. Komyoji creates Orange Snail to avenge their deaths.
6 Jan. 1973
Green Mammoth's Earth-Freezing Strategy!!
Kikaida manages to save Dr. Komyoji from Green Mammoth, but Mariko is kidnapped and Kikaida gets sprayed with an oxidizing agent.
13 Jan. 1973
Violet Turban Shell's Evil Love
Dr. Araki, who has perfected the conscience circuit is attacked by Violet Turban. Jiro tries to save him, but is thwarted by Professor Gill.
20 Jan. 1973
Red Devil Stingfish Makes Babies Cry!
Kikaida saves Masaru from Red Devil Stingfish, but gets infected by a corrosive bacteria.
27 Jan. 1973
Sponge Green Lives Thrice
Masaru is saved by a young girl named Kaori as he is being pursued by Green Sponge. Kaori believes Masaru is a runaway and declares that she'll run away too.
3 Feb. 1973
Red Squid Targets the Beautiful College Student
Red Squid pursues a brilliant young robotics expert named Chidori Shimamura. His intention is to implant her brain in his own body.
10 Feb. 1973
Octopus Gold Calls for Jiro's Death
Professor Gill orders Golden Octopus to hasten the construction of their secret base. Kikaida tries to save a father and daughter from DARK henchmen.
17 Feb. 1973
Blue Electric Eel's Evil Arms Glow
Kikaida, who has lost an arm, battles with Blue Electric Eel and manages to tear an arm off of the evil droid.
24 Feb. 1973
The Fiendish Demonface Crab Red's Cursed Law
Mask Crab Red tries to kill Mitsuko, but he's thwarted by King Crab Maroon, who had been saved by her earlier.
3 Mar. 1973
The Child-Taking Monster Black Echidna
Professor Gill sends Black Spiny Anteater and his daughter, Tiny Spiny, to retrieve some sensitive microfilm from a DARK victim's widow.
10 Mar. 1973
The End of Jiro's Electromagnetic End!
Jiro fights a new destructoid called Black Crow, who has reinforced armor that even Jiro's Electromagnetic End can't penetrate. Jiro then decides to upgrade himself so that he can defeat Black Crow. Jiro then has a rematch with Black Crow and defeats him with his new attack: the Kikaider Spark.
17 Mar. 1973
Crazed Jiro Attacks Komyoji
Blue Stag Beetle robs bank after bank in an effort to raise funds for the development of DARK's greatest Destructoid.
24 Mar. 1973
Jiro's Younger Brother: The Formidable Enemy Hakaider!
Jiro manages to save a little girl from Starfish Purple. Meanwhile, DARK forces Dr. Komyoji to create the evil warrior, Hakaida.
31 Mar. 1973
Hakaider Kills Jiro!
Jiro escapes from prison but is attacked by Hakaida. Jiro is overpowered, but Hakaida is unable to destroy him.
7 Apr. 1973
National Dragnet for Our Father's Enemy Jiro
Angler Brown has plans to brainwash children and turn them into warriors. Kikaida saves the kids but slips away quickly to avoid the police.
14 Apr. 1973
Look Out, Jiro! Complete Functional Shutdown!!
Grasshopper Gray builds an antenna that amplifies sound 3000 times. Masaru manages to save a young boy who is being attacked by Grasshopper Gray.
21 Apr. 1973
Heroic Jiro Disintegrates in Midair!
Mitsuko and Masaru are lured to DARK's base. Jiro stops them, but he's bushwhacked by Red Mine Toad. Then, Kikaider gets blown to pieces.
28 Apr. 1973
Transformation Impossible!? Hakaider's Great Treachery!
Hanpei brings Kikaider to Mitsuko in pieces. Hakaider destroys Red Mine Toad, who had downed his arch rival Kikaider. Then, Hakaider is defeated by Skeleton Flying Squirrel.
5 May 1973
The End of Jiro, or the Annihilation of Dark!?
Mitsuko transfers the brain in Hakaider's head to her father. Dr. Komyoji manages to fully repair Jiro. Kikaider finally defeats DARK and saves the world.

 Season 1 

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