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MPAA Rated R for pervasive vulgar language and crude sexual humor, and for some violent images

Sex & Nudity

  • Keep in mind, all characters are in construction paper cutout animation style, so detail is limited.
  • A man is seen humping a lever fully clothed, he makes sexual noises. A man tells another man to rub his nipples. Two men lie in bed, when one shuts out the lights, you start to hear sexual noises, but the screen is black. In another instance two men are in bed and one of them pulls out a realistic-looking penis-shaped sex toy, which is not animated, and somewhat graphic.
  • Three children watch a pornographic video on the internet. While most of what they see is off-screen, we briefly see a man's buttocks. We hear squishing noises from the computer, but we don't see what is happening.
  • Later on, a gay performer is seen with full frontal nudity, but however, in this scene it is animated, and the nudity is brief. Also, a giant pink mound which refers to itself as a clitoris instructs one of the boys how to end the war and "win the girl."
  • In what is supposed to be heaven, many realistically-drawn angels are seen naked with their bare breasts shown. These scenes are somewhat lengthy, and somewhat graphic.
  • A man shows a small boy a picture showing a man having sex with a horse, although the man is clothed and you can't see his genitals.
  • A man masturbates for a couple seconds, though no nudity is shown as he is mostly under a blanket.
  • A woman describes a rim-job.
  • People say sex related insults.

Violence & Gore

  • Keep in mind the film is in construction-paper cutout animation style, so detail is limited. However, when violence is depicted it us usually in an over-the-top, exaggerated way for comedic purposes.
  • During a war, lots of people carry guns and knives. Some people are shot with brief spurts of blood. At one point, two men shoot at opposing soldiers, much more blood in this scene than the other war scenes. A man is attacked with a chainsaw, lots of blood.
  • Bombs are dropped on people, though not very graphic.
  • Two men are sentenced to death by the electric chair, but they don't actually die.
  • A man falls from a cliff and lands on a spike, lots of blood, we see some of his intestine.
  • A child dies because he lit himself on fire by accident. The doctors "accidentally" replace his heart with a potato, which leads his chest to explode in a gory spray. While this scene is meant to be comical, still very graphic.
  • A man commits suicide by jumping off of a building, and lands on a car. Lots of blood.


  • "Cunt" is briefly used once in a long sequence of strong language.
  • During the song "I'm Super", Big Gay Al calls a handicapped man "Mr. Cripple".
  • 137 uses of fuck.
  • Many uses of shit throughout.
  • Some of the songs such as "unclefucka" and "Kyle's Mom is a bitch" are as bad as they sound.
  • Shit is said once in a stream of other vulgar obscenities.
  • There are many profane insults about God, which may offend some viewers. A third-grade boy referred to as "Mole" rails against God in numerous hate-filled diatribes.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • During the song "It's Easy, M'Kay?", Mr. Mackey mentions "drugs and alcohol".
  • Various characters hold/smoke cigars including a military general and a man in hell. One character, who is a minor, is seen smoking several times.
  • The boys give a wino $10 to "buy a bottle of vodka" so he'll be their adult guardian and admit them to see an R-rated movie.
  • The Guidance Counselor Mr. Mackey sings a job where the lyrics involve "homeless on the street giving hand jobs for crack" and "shooting up in the trash."

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Kenny's gruesome operation can be disturbing to some.
  • The scene where Kenny goes to hell with heavy thrash metal music playing will probably scare younger viewers.
  • There's a war seen with tons of exaggerated violence.
  • Like the show, while not intense, the mean-spirited and often dark humor of the movie may offend people.
  • A major character dies by fading away. Quite sad and powerful.

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