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if you really have to ...
didi-519 December 2004
... this film is available for next to nothing at most online stores and mercifully doesn't run much over an hour and a half.

As the title suggests, this is an adaptation of the (actually very good) 17th century play by Thomas Middleton. But - oh dear - Marcus Thompson's film is terrible. It tries to be Ken Russell, and fails. It tries to be Romeo and Juliet when it looks more like Tromeo and Juliet. It modernises the dialogue to the point of just being ridiculous ('Yo, sister!'), it trivialises the 'All's Well That Ends Well' plot of the maid taking the mistress's place in bed to the point of being ridiculous.

In the lead roles, Amanda Ray-King struggles as Beatrice, and well she might with those silly dream interludes and that appalling dialogue. Ian Dury (ye gods!) is the pervy man-servant who mirrors Angelo in 'Measure for Measure', while Billy Connolly (!) gets in there somewhere.

'The Changeling' was so fraught with problems during its creation it is amazing it ever got a release. It was meant to be using a Hendrix soundtrack, but the rights were pulled at the last minute. It was filmed in 1994, but didn't crawl out until 1998. It suffers from perhaps the poorest acting I've ever seen, and the weirdest collection of cameos (including John Cooper-Clarke and Viv Stanshall, who died shortly after completing his role).

As I said, the film is around to rent/buy should you really want to. But don't go expecting a classic, will you?
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Bizarre, but Wonderful...
Kino-X16 November 2008
I have just seen this film for the first time from a friends recommendation, and I can say it was a joy to see!! It breaks all the rules and is a thinking persons film...It is well worth seeing...Amanda Ray King is stunning in the role of Beatrice & totally original. Billy Connolly is also good in his brief but well cast appearance as Alibius...and hat's off to the late great Ian Drury as De Flores.

Having seen this film I have would love to see more of Thompson's work, especially, 'A Place To Stay'. Where can I get this film as I have looked everywhere?

All I can say to this director is...More!! More!!
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A very under-rated film......
john-9794 October 2008
Through all the production problems in getting this film to the screen, Marcus Thompson has made a visual and entertaining feast!! This movie is a very brave attempt at bringing Thomas Middleton's play to the screen, in a contemporary mix of past and present. Given the said problems of getting this picture made..it is a great achievement. The dialogue, although modernised suites the contemporary feel...The cinematography by Rikki Butland is a pleasure and beautifully shot.

The music of Gary Moore is excellent and works well.

The only regret is not seeing the original version with the Hendrix soundtrack.....
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Shockingly awful movie!
Nicholasjgardner11 May 2013
Dreadful acting and even worse directing. A couple of the reviews here must have been by the cast trying to make the film look good. Nothing could ever make this trash good hence the reason we have never heard from Thompson or King again. I hope Amanda's parents didn't mortgage the house to produce this dire piece of rubbish. Sorry, but it stinks. The cast list may look mildly appetising but some of the acting wouldn't make it into the fifth grade Christmas pageant. The soundtrack sucks and is too loud and I'll advised. The costumes are OK and the locations adequate. I got this movie at a garage sale for one dollar and I think I overpaid by a buck!
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