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Lighten up, Francis. It's a cartoon sequel.
jjs40230 September 2000
Way too many critical comments. This is a cute family movie with just enough humor and tensions and moral to suit all viewers regardless of age. The special effects are good and the cinematography is actually interesting.

Some of the double entrendres are cute, but they harmlessly go right over the kid's head. (Remember, the theme song says "...They'll have a gay old time.")

There's a couple of clever buried jokes. (Did anyone else catch Gazoo's "Klaatu berada niktor" comment?)

Also, Kristin Johnson is quite easy on the eyes.

Remember, it's a MOVIE based on a CARTOON. Set your expectations accordingly. Enjoy.
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Spectacular in the support
bettyz2427 June 2017
I know a lot of people hate this movie and it's rated ridiculously low but it has always been a favourite of mine.

Bright colours and goofy pre-historic puns make it easy for the whole family to watch, and if you have to get up to do something, you won't miss any crucial plot points.

There may be some casting that you didn't like but Jane Krakowski is perfect as Betty and Alan Cumming is always perfect, he plays great as Great Gazoo AND Mick Jagged ("snag m. Even Joan Collins was outrageous as mother Slaghoople, but who else could bring glam to a time without modern techniques?? And, as reminder, she was a prequel version of Liz Taylor from the original. Special mention to Thomas Gibson as the handsome villain.

I'm no movie producer or whatever but the sets looked mostly real, unlike most movies now filmed almost exclusively in warehouses, and the effects they do use are better than some I see now, 17 years later. Sure, if you look closely, the lighting is off or poor depth perspective on some of the fast-moving effects, but this was the show based on a cartoon style that repeated it's backgrounds while eyes and mouths basically had two positions, open and closed.

The music is rompy and fun, classic style meet-cute and Vegas tunes. And who doesn't love an origin story? And I can't resist a Vegas movie. Hello? Ann Margrock seeing a stone-age Elvis cover? EPIC!

Flintstones (this one and it's predecessor) are among the first of the live-action cartoon revivals, I cash cow that Disney is now suckling to.

I haven't noticed any of the older reviews on here point out specific issues, so I would argue they weren't open to liking the movie in the first place.
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Fossilized dino deposits
MartianOctocretr511 September 2006
This movie makes an awkward attempt to stay faithful to the spirit of the cartoon. It has moments, but far too few of them.

The few things done right first: Jane Krakowski makes a wonderful Betty; why couldn't she have been in the first movie? She makes the silly dialog somehow sweet and fun. The dating sequence is cute and the Vegas arrival scene has some clever sight gags, but these were fleeting montages. Harvey Korman is wasted in a throw-away role with few lines; instead of voicing Gazoo (as he did in the original cartoon), and the guy they use for Gazoo sounds like slate grinding on bedrock.

Joan Collins is obnoxious enough on her own; this movie has her play a wrenching stereotypical loudmouth mother-in-law who you want to feed to the nearest T-Rex you can find. And the guy that plays Barney? What the heck is he doing? His entire performance looked like a rejected audition for a junior high school production of "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure in Jurassic Park." Fred? The guy had a voice almost as nasally as Joan Collins. Wilma is cast as a 7-foot-tall giraffe. Fred goes gambling: Gee, what's gonna happen there? Fred and Barney dress up as dancers: they even manage to ruin this classic comedy routine. A poorly done triangle story falls flat.

This petrified fossil of a film does little justice to the Modern Stone-Aged Family. Rent some of the original cartoons, instead.
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a great, fun little movie
ThomasJ1011 June 2008
In reading a few of the negative reviews of this movie, I'm wondering if certain detractors actually even watched it. It's too easy for some people just to dis a flick because it is a sequel, or because it went straight to video, or because it's expected to be bad, or whatever. Don't let that happen with "Viva Rock Vegas": it is a fine little movie: fun, funny and visually rich in cartoony colors, costumes and sets. The acting (and voices) are top notch: Stephen Baldwin's "Barney" and Mark Addy's "Fred" are just fantastic; voices, mannerisms, etc. Jane Krackowski is spot on as Betty, (ditzy-ness and giggle-wise). Alan Cumming as "The Great Gazoo" is perfectly sarcastic and wise-ass. The CGI is very good, considering, as are the sets and costumes. The storyline makes sense, is plausible, and even engrossing (again, considering). For what it is, this is a great little movie, and compared to the first one (sheesh) it TOTALLY rocks ("rocks". get it?). I defy anyone who can actually tell a good movie from a bad one to watch this movie IN FULL, ALL THE WAY and TO THE END, and tell me that they weren't entertained by it.
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Truly Awful...I Had a Hard Time Watching it...
MovieAddict20163 April 2003
"The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas" is one of the poorest excuses for a family film I've seen in a long time.

The original remake with John Goodman was at least decent, but this flop has not only an awful cast, but awful dialogue, filming techniques,'s straight out of a made-for-TV sequel. Only one thing: It's even worse.

In this live-action prequel to the 1994 comedy hit, Fred Flintstone (Mark Addy) and wife Wilma (Kristen Johnston) go to Rock Vegas along with the Rubbles, Barney (Stephen Baldwin) and Betty (Jane Krakowski), where Wilma is pursued by playboy Chip Rockefeller (Thomas Gibson). This is the setup for a bunch of tiring gags that also have to do with a little green space alien coming to earth to see how humans mate, or something as such.

This has to be one of the worst comedies I've seen it a while. It was actually painful for me to watch. There really are no redeeming values whatsoever, and I don't think I'd like it even if I was a five-year-old. It treats the audience like dirt, and it obviously seeing if there's any juice left in the audience to pay for another "Flintstone" flick.

Instead of trying to improve upon the first film--which was a bit underrated--this film seems to go for the bare minimum in an effort only to draw money from the audience. I have to ask myself, if they knew the first was so critically-declaimed, why release another awful flick? Try to improve and get good reviews.

But nope, no luck here. Instead we are treated to a truly awful and hard-to-watch comedy with no redeeming values whatsoever.

Avoid at all costs.

0.5/5 stars--

John Ulmer
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A Sequel That Is a Prequel That Is Not Equal to the Original
tfrizzell26 July 2000
Like its predecessor, "The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas" tries to be likeable. However, this film is not quite up to par with the original. This version deals with the way the Flintstones came into existence. Young dino-crane operators Fred Flintstone (Mark Addy) and Barney Rubble (Stephen Baldwin) find true love in fast-food waitresses Wilma (Kristen Johnston) and Betty (Jane Krakowski). They take an expense-paid trip to Rock Vegas, but the evil Chip Rockefeller (Thomas Gibson) has a plan to get rid of Fred so he can have Wilma for himself. That is about it for the near invisible plot. Once again the production values are high, but that does not save this film from being a dud. The casting is impressive, but there is nothing for the cast to work with. Basically the first film with a different situation and different actors in the key roles. 2 out of 5 stars.
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It's not that bad!
Allan-1420 May 2000
Jeez, it ain't THAT bad! 3.8? Maybe the original, MAYBE, but this is a substantial improvement over that, and the original has like a 4+ rating. I don't really give this a 10, I give it more like a 7.5, but I gave it a 10 because I found the ratings to be well, WAY OFF. This one had decent performances, really excellent art direction, and some really cool FX. I especially liked the Bronto-bridge and the Great Gazzoo. Unlike the first Flintstones, this prequel is smart, fun, and the actors truly become the characters they play. The story? LAME. The first 60% or so of the film DOES CLICK. But the rest, when they arrive in Rock Vegas, is pure dreck appealing to the lowest common denominator. But the film is so fun to look at, you really don't care. There are a lot of films to love to hate but this one really is NOT it. It's an adult Flintstones, if you can imagine that, and it's a small but cute treasure to behold.
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Mark Addy's Fred Flintstone is better than John Goodman's.
jrb180214 May 2001
I was surprised by this movie.

I hated the original, I suppose because none of the cast of the original (except Elizabeth Perkins) resembled the Cartoon cast.

I'll probably get stoned alive for saying this, but I didn't like John Goodman's Fred Flintstone. I think he played him awkwardly as though, he didn't really want to be in the movie.

But Mark Addy was a lot lot better. OK, he didn't have the voice down to a tee, but he resembles Fred, when made up, a whole lot more than Mr. Goodman.

I just wish they would have asked Elizabeth Perkins to re-create her role as Wilma. She did a great job in the original, and resembled and sounded like the cartoon character, where Kristen Johnston, didn't quite do it for me in the role. She looked far too mature to be playing Wilma, and didn't have the voice either.

But full marks to Stephen Baldwin and Jane Krakowski as Barney and Betty. They were also a lot better than Rick Moranis and Rosie O'Donnell from the original film. Mostly because, again, they sounded like the cartoon characters and Krakowski resembled Betty. (Baldwin in no way looked like Barney though - oh, well, can't be perfect, but he makes up for it with the voice and laugh).

Joan Collins is also hilarious in the film, as the Filthy Rich Mother of Wilma, and again, does a better job that Elizabeth Taylor from the original.

Also watch out for Alan Cumming. He almost steals the film with his "Mike Jagged" from the Stones, while also playing an alien in a dual role.

With great creatures (Jim Henson workshop), good gadgets and an all-round enjoyable film, I give this an 8 out of 10.
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Tiger_Mark11 September 2003
I cannot imagine in a million years how this thing got the go ahead. The first one bombed with major talent in it. So, why would you make a sequel to a bomb with lesser actors? I guess they thought kids would like it. Well, kids might be immature but they are not stupid. As foul as a dinasour terd, avoid at all costs.
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Even weaker than the mediocre 1994 movie
Electrified_Voltage26 September 2010
I saw the 1994 live action "Flintstones" movie on video for the second time in 2000, about 4 ½ years after I first saw it, and thought it was great during my second viewing. That was shortly after this prequel, featuring a different cast, came to the silver screen, and I remember hearing about this film around that time. Since I was not nearly as impressed during my last couple viewings of 1994's "The Flintstones" (both many years after my second), I was in no hurry to see "The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas", especially since I knew it had an even worse reputation than its predecessor. It's been over 2 ½ years since I last saw the first live action "Flintstones" effort, and I've finally seen this second one, which is unsurprisingly not good.

The Great Gazoo is an alien who is sent to Earth by his species to learn about human mating rituals. Back on Earth, in the prehistoric town of Bedrock, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble are two best friends who are both in search of girlfriends. They are the first ones Gazoo sees after he lands on the planet, so he decides to follow them around, even though he annoys them. Meanwhile, a rich young woman named Wilma Slaghoople is fed up with the snobbish people around her, especially her mother, and runs away. She goes to a restaurant and meets a waitress named Betty O'Shale, and they quickly become friends. Fred and Barney go to this restaurant and meet the two women. Fred gets a date with Betty and Barney gets one with Wilma. When the four of them go out together, Fred and Barney end up swapping girlfriends, but both of them are successful with their romance. Both couples are invited by Chip Rockefeller, Wilma's rich and arrogant ex-boyfriend, to his resort in Rock Vegas, but what they don't realize is that this is just a cruel scheme for Chip to win Wilma back!

The main problem with the 1994 film is that it simply isn't funny, and that's most certainly a major issue with this prequel as well. The only part of this film I couldn't keep a straight face while watching was the "I'm ignoring you" part. There's one memorably lame moment with a farting dinosaur, and most of the other gags are just mediocre. I was also not impressed with many of the performances here. Mark Addy may not be bad as Fred, and I guess Stephen Baldwin isn't that bad as Barney, though I definitely preferred Rick Moranis' portrayal of the character in the first film. These performances certainly aren't great, however, and I certainly didn't care for Kristen Johnston and Jane Krakowski as Wilma and Betty respectively. Also, Alan Cumming plays two characters, which are Gazoo and Mick Jagged (obviously based on real-life Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger), and both his performances fail, especially the former, I would say. At the beginning, showing Gazoo with other members of his species on a spaceship before he is sent to Earth, it already looks like this is going to be a very unfunny comedy movie, and unfortunately, that beginning sequence doesn't lie.

The first live action film adaptation of "The Flintstones" was a critical failure but a box office success, whereas "The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas" was both a critical AND box office flop. After watching it, that doesn't surprise me. I can't really think of anything wrong with the 1994 release other than the absence of laughs, but I would say that REALLY brings it down if quality, since it is supposed to be a comedy. Just like its predecessor, this prequel failed to make me laugh even one time, but this second film of the two also has inferior cast performances, and maybe a slightly more boring plot as well (I'm not 100% sure about that, as it's been a while since I last watched the first film), which makes it even worse. I only found it a BIT worse than the 1994 film, and don't absolutely hate it like many others clearly do, but some could find it a LOT worse, including some of those who like the first film. If you don't like 1994's "The Flintstones", you probably wouldn't like this prequel. If you do like that movie, there's probably STILL a good chance you wouldn't like "Viva Rock Vegas".
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Why all the hate towards this film?!
MartinHafer1 August 2018
When both Flintstone movies came out, my daughter wanted to see them, so we did. I was not especially impressed by the films...but I thought they weren't bad. Well, apparently I am not the typical viewer, as both films (especially "Viva Rock Vegas") have very low scores on IMDB...and "Viva Rock Vegas" now made the Bottom 100 list following the recent changes to this list (increasing the minimum number of votes greatly impacted the list....and about 2/3 of the films are new to the list). Because of this change, I decided to try seeing the film again....and perhaps I was mistaken the first time.

The first thing you'll notice is that although the look of the film is great (much like the first film), all the principal actors are different. Apparently, the studio had a hard time getting the old actors to commit to the to try to get around this, the movie is supposed to be a prequel which occurred long before the Spielberg film.

When the story begins, Gazoo is being punished for some unknown mistakes. His punishment is to be banished to Earth to observe human mating rituals. Not surprisingly, he picks Fred and Barney to the boys have not yet met Betty and Wilma. Once they do, they all fall in love but it doesn't go THAT smoothly. First, Wilma comes from a rich and snooty family...and they have no interest in low-brow Fred. Second, Wilma's old boyfriend invites the four of them to Rock Vegas....and he obviously has some underhanded scheme in mind for them. Third, once in Rock Vegas, Betty mistakenly thinks Barney is chasing another woman and she ends up being one of Mick Jagged's entourage.

So was I wrong the first time? I don't think so. While the film isn't exactly brilliant, it is what it is supposed to be...a live action version of a more, no less. And, despite me not seeing it with my daughter this time, I had a fine time watching the film. Pleasant and adequate...and not at all deserving all the hate it's received. Believe me...there are many, many, many worse kids films, such as "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians", "Baby Geniuses" (1 and 2), "Son of the Mask" and most of the "Land Before Time" films (they made 14 of them!!!). Don't be afraid to buck conventional wisdom, as I think this film is enjoyable and a decent story to watch with your kids.
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Yabba Dabba Don't
duffyboy6664 June 2005
Since the 60's/70's, Flintstones has always been one of the top cartoons. I mean all the kids love it, it's on Cartoon Network all the time and it's a true classic. It's great.

The trouble with a franchise like this is that there will be some companies that exploit a craze such as this and find ways to sneak you out of your money and rip you off. One such example is Flintstones Viva Rock Vegas.

It's released in the summer of 2000, and it's a terrible film. It's tacky, lacking in plot, miscast & just truly awful. Now I know that bad films like this are released all the time and that's nothing new. However what's so special about the Flintstones VRR more than anything else is that upon it's release over here, it cost £20.

That's right folks. Us punters in the UK had to fork out 20 notes for this prehistoric guff. Now here's the worrying part. A lot of Flintstones fans just looked at the box and said "Wow! Flintstones movie!" And they bought it and obviously they regretted it soon enough. So I now am going to show you how to have an infinitely better Flintstones experience.

1) The Flintstones series on video: If you are a Flintstones fan you probably already own one, but if you want to give it a rent now, it is priced about £1:50 tops.

2) Fred Costume: You can pick these up in just about any car boot sale for about less than a fiver.

3) Action Figures: There's plenty of them about, and they cost not even £3:50 in Toys R Us store.

So what does that bring us up to? £10 max. For £10, you have all of these three things, and you're having a great Flintstones time. But for £20, you're having an awful time with VRR.

I think I've made my point clear enough.

Don't Watch This Film.
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Words fail me...
chipbrill10 December 2006
Words fail me. I do not possess the proper powers of verbiage to fully communicate just how terrible this tripe is. If there are any saving attributes, they are masked by the thoroughly inane entirety of this mess.

There is little, if anything, that has the humor of the original cartoon. The casting of Fred and Barney is, at best, awful. I suppose the actors portraying Betty and Wilma are somewhat grace-saving and Dino, well, what can you say about Dino that hasn't been said before.

Thankfully, Pebbles and Bam-Bam were not yet around to have to endure this.
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***** A perfect 5 stars:An excellent underrated "simple-gag" comedy that slightly surpasses its original.
PJS-58 May 2000
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000)

Directed by Brian Levant (Beethoven)

Starring: Mark Addy (Full Monty), Stephen Baldwin (Fled), Kristen Johnston (3rd Rock from the Sun), Jane Krakowski (Ally McBeal),Thomas Gibson (Dharma & Greg), Alan Cumming (Goldeneye), Joan Collins (Dynasty), Harvey Korman (The Original Flintstones series)

Featuring voices of: Mel Blanc (Jetsons the movie), Rosie O'Donell (The Flintstones)

Rated PG: Light Adult Content, One swear word. (Yes, that can happen because that is the reason why the 1998 film "Madeline" got a PG rating)

Genre(s): Family, Comedy, Romance, Based on a TV show (The Flintstones animated series of the 60's)

Summary: It is basically a prequel of the 1994 underrated hit. (The Flintstones starring John Goodman). Fred (Addy) and Barney (Baldwin) just got their jobs in the rock quarry. Barney is feeling highly in content of his life although Fred is unsure of his future. Yet they'll meet "The Great Gazoo" (Cumming) for the 1st time soon enough. Meanwhile Wilma (Johnston) despite her financially wealthy life is feeling rather bored with her glamorous but rather humdrum life. After all she has her overbearing mother (Collins) her ex-boyfriend soon to be suitor for financial reasons of course Chip Rockefeller (Gibson) and who is trying to win Wilma's heart for financial reasons only, but at least she had her senile but good-hearted father (Korman). Wilma tries to escape her wealthy but unhappy life. So she runs away and gets a job at a local fifty-ish fast food place. Soon she meets with Betty (Krakowski) after trying to give a reason why she came there in the first place (but failing because Betty wouldn't let her completely explain) Betty gets Wilma a job at the fast food place. (Known as "Bronto King" gee try to guess what product plug in joke that was suppose to be.) Soon Fred and Barney meet the girls and you pretty much have an idea what's going on here.

The good: If it weren't for the fact that this was a prequel the casting would look downright absurd. (I mean c'mon a Baldwin Brother as Barney Rubble? I don't hate the Baldwins but still). The special effects are first rate. Yet despite the special effects and the gags this isn't just "eye candy with simple gags" the movie was well made as itself. The cast did well & the performances were well done too. Despite the fact that this is a PG film this is perfectly fine for the whole family. And I can easily recommend this to any Flintstone fan. (Although I am not a Flintstone fan, I did enjoy the show and the movies though). The animals were a really nice touch such as dino (Blanc) a massaging squid (O'Donell) and more. From start to finish this film plays out really well. Overall this is one of the best "gag" comedies I have seen for a while but so far the animation world is on a winning streak this year I hope the simple gag comedy world can do the same. (Although it's rather unlikely)

The bad: The humble morality element in this is a bit schmaltzy, but that is no big deal. But if you don't like comedies that its humor is mainly simple-gags then you may want be careful.

Quote: "You think you're tensed I just found out what Calimari means". -The massaging squid of the hotel in Viva Rock Vegas.
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Entertaining Family Film
Wookiee-Monster12 May 2003
Although I missed this film on the silver screen, I did happen to see it on video and was thoroughly impressed.

The sets and props alone were well done and all characters were convincingly played in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon style.

Surprisingly enough, too many have rated and criticized this film as though it were in competition for the Oscar with heavy-hitter dramas, forgetting that, to put it quite redundantly, it's The Flintstones!

Honestly now, there's no need to go overboard with the Siskel & Ebert-esque scouring of this piece and just sit back and enjoy it. Whether or not children are present, I'd easily give it "two thumbs up."
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Why a prequel?
studioAT31 July 2015
The first Flintstone film was enough of a hit to warrant a second attempt and oddly the powers that be opted for a prequel rather than a sequel.

The big problem that this then creates is that there is little or no drama to be had in this film because we all know perfectly well that Fred and Wilma will end up together.

Quite where the martian coming to earth to learn about courting came from I don't know, but it adds very little to the film.

All that remains then is a film that feels like a straight to DVD attempt and although Mark Addy and especially Kirsten Johnston do their best, this film is pretty pointless.
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Lighten up harsh reviewers.
ragman-722 October 2015
This movie is not for the uptight movie viewer. Those who need a great plot and a message and theme and all the other tenets of good cinematography. And I can be one of those at times. I can hate a movie that tries too hard to be great cinema in stead of great entertainment. The movie is not great cinema, but is great entertainment.

This is just a fun movie. Mostly pointless, except if you just want to have some fun and not think a lot. What I really enjoyed was the sets and costumes. I love bright colors and this movie was Awesome on my 40 HDTV. And because the Movie is in 1:85 aspect ratio, It wasn't panned and scanned, which I hate. Best of all, I am a huge Jane Krakowsi fan. I find her gorgeous. Her playing the brunette Betty Ruble, vavoom. I couldn't take my eyes off her when she was on screen. I give it 7 stars for plan simple fun, great sets, costumes and vibrant colors. And of course my girl Jane.
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The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas
jboothmillard15 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This prequel to the live action film based on the popular Hanna-Barbera cartoon sitcom is just as cheesy and ridiculous, and yet it does have slightly more to offer, from the same director Brian Levant (Beethoven, Jingle All The Way). Basically The Great Gazoo (Alan Cumming) has come to Earth to see how humans (or should that be Neanderthals) mate, in his case, Fred Flintstone (A Knight's Tale's Mark Addy) and Barney Rubble (Stephen Baldwin). Soon enough Fred and Barney meet and fall in love with Wilma Slaghoople (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me's Kristen Johnston) and Betty O'Shale (30 Rock's Jane Krakowski). Betty and Barney suit each other perfectly, but Wilma's mother Pearl (Joan Collins) is not impressed with Fred, she wants Wilma to marry rich bastard Chip Rockefeller (Thomas Gibson). Chip obviously plans to make Fred and Barney look like criminals by giving them some credit to gamble in Viva Rock Vegas, they obviously see the opportunity to make money to impress their girlfriends. In the end, Chip is obviously defeated, and Fred and Wilma marry, with Betty catching the flowers, oh, and Gazoo (who only Fred and Barney could see) succeeded in his "mission". Also starring Cumming as Mick Jagged, Harvey Korman as Colonel Slaghoople, American Pie's John Cho as Parking Valet, The Mask's Jim Doughan as Dinosaur Confessor and Rosie O'Donnell as the voice of the Octopus Masseuse. Addy does quite well replacing John Goodman, Baldwin is certainly stupider than Rick Moranis was, Johnston is more voluptuous and husky voiced than Elizabeth Perkins and Krakowski is definitely better than O'Donnell, all in all, a near better film than the first. Okay!
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Silly fun
Chiller718 December 2016
I had the VHS of the original live action Flintstones movie as a kid and watched it many times. But I never did see the sequel. By the time it came out years later, I was at that age where I was too old to want to see it.

Fast forward to 2016, currently I've been really into DC's great new Flintstones comics series (It's hilarious. I highly recommend it.), so since I was in the mood for all things Flintstones, I just rented this movie to watch it finally.

This movie was silly enough to keep me amused throughout. Yes, the story is dumb and all the characters are idiots, but they're lovable idiots - all the actors clearly had a good time - and it's all so bright and colorful and cheery that you can't hate it.

I laughed aloud at enough of the ridiculous scenes throughout the movie, such as Dino's big moment, or the prehistoric TV remote control, that I can't rate this movie any lower than a 10 out of 10. I enjoyed this silly movie.

Surprise cameo: Not exactly a "cameo," since he wasn't famous back then, but it was funny to see John Cho in an early tiny role as the valet who gets beat up by Fred and Barney.
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what a great movie to
michael12027411 September 2002
smoke a bowl i mean if you watch it any other way your gonna want to anyway. this is garbage everyone knows it even those of you who gave this movie a with that being said anyone who did like this movie please do yourself a favor and go get bedrock bowling for the playstation youll probably think its good too.everyone who took part in making this thing of a movie should be blacklisted from hollywood for at least the next five years as punishment for this crap called cinema ;)~~~
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Was very cute and had a good flowing storyline
isabelle1211 May 2000
Very cute movie for the whole family to go to. Had a lot of entertainment for the children audience, for it added a lot of need computer graphics that were fun to watch. They also through in a few jokes for the adults, that only the adults would understand which made it quite funny.

The cast worked really well together. Stephen Baldwin did the perfect Barney Rubble, much better then Rick Moranis played it in the 1994 Flintstones Movie. Stephen actually played the character like Barney was in the cartoon, kind of brainless but adorable, not foolish and clumsy. It was great entertainment and an altogether winner.
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Worst Movie Of All Time
micahmann2221 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is not only a bad movie based on a cartoon. This isn't even just a bad prequel. This is wrong on one two many levels. The acting is the worst I've ever seen. The story is so clichéd.You know Fred & Wilma marry in the end just like in the cartoon. And Gazoo is probably the "worst" character ever to be put in a movie. It's stupid as far as all movies go. I hated this movie. That's right. This is worse than The Last Airbender, Saving Christmas & Jack & Jill rolled into one movie. Under any standards of movies, this is definitely on an insulting level to not just me, but the movie lovers, Flintstones fans, & people that just hate movies. Don't watch this movie. You're better off with The Last Airbender, Saving Christmas & Jack & Jill. I'd give this movie a zero if that was an option. Worst Movie Ever.
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Better than expected prequel, and a decent movie
TheLittleSongbird18 November 2009
I came on here to review this movie, and I was really surprised at the rating. I didn't think the movie was that bad. It is flawed in a lot of ways, but there is some fun embedded in the film. I am stuck on whether it is better than the 1994 movie or inferior. If I were to be picky, I would say better in some areas, inferior in others. My main flaws were with the script and some of the plot. The script is weak in places, but has some funny moments, mainly with the little green alien. The plot I think is stronger than the one in the 1994 movie, but slower in pace and does suffer from one or two hasty and over-familiar subplots like Chip stealing Wilma's necklace and framing Fred. I liked it though that it detailed of how Fred and Wilma met, and the scene at the bowling area was sweet with the Nutcracker serving as background music. Mark Addy looks more the part of Fred than John Goodman, but I felt that he slightly underplayed, and I did find Stephen Baldwin too tall and too gormless as Barney. However, Kristen Johnson is wonderfully voluptuous as Wilma and Jane Krakowski, what can I say, better than Rosie O'Donnell. As much as I like O'Donnell, she wasn't quite right for Betty in the 1994 film, Krakowski was perfect. In terms of supporting actors, Alan Cumming is amusing as Mick Jagged and even better as Gazoo and Joan Collins is a sheer delight as Pearl. Thomas Gibson has his moments as Chip. The soundtrack is great, and the scenery, costumes and design of Dino were spot on. Plus that little alien is cute, and the dance routine at the end was lots of fun. All in all, has its flaws but it's a fun prequel. 6/10 Bethany Cox
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I don't care what anyone else says,I think this is better than the first live action Flinstones movie.
lesleyharris309 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas is a good movie and in my opinion I think it is better than the first live action Flinstones film in 1994,altough it is definitely not better than the original Flinstone cartoon in the 1960s.

Its about Kazoo getting sent down to Earth to help Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble with relationships and they eventually meet Wilma and Betty and in this Wilmas family is wealthy and a guy thats trying to win Wilmas heart invites the four of them to Viva Rock Vegas.

But it turns out to be a big mistake where Fred loses all his money from gambling,Betty thinks that Barney was cheating on her and Fred gets framed for robbing Wilmas pearls.

The Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas is better than the first live action Flinstones but not as good as the cartoon,you'll have a gay old time.

**** 4/5 stars
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DO NOT spend your time watching this sorry excuse for an attempt at a film
TeddSaidHi19 August 2002
I really can't say much about this travesty... but even if I could, I'd probably refuse to give this movie anything else. I'll elaborate SLIGHTLY on the sad butchering of the Hannah-Barbarah classic... THEY DIDN'T ACT LIKE THE CHARACTERS. THEY DIDN'T ACT AT ALL. THEY LOST THE FOCUS OF THE PLOT. THEY DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO EDIT EVEN....... aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! (okay, I'm done)
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