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"Buffy" Lite, but Full of Charm!
Ben Burgraff (cariart)8 February 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I couldn't say whether or not "Charmed" offered an accurate representation of witchcraft, but let me give credit where credit is due; it was consistently entertaining over much of it's eight-season run!

When it debuted in 1998, "Charmed" was heralded primarily as the return of Shannen Doherty, the temperamental star of Aaron Spelling's "Beverly Hills 90210", marking the renewed harmony between the successful producer and outspoken actress. As the eldest of the "Power of Three" Halliwell sisters, Doherty joined breakout "Picket Fences" star Holly Marie Combs (her real-life best friend), and "Dawson's Creek" alum, Lori Rom, as novice witches discovering an inherited mystic heritage. Unfortunately, after filming the pilot, Rom left for "personal reasons", replaced by "Who's the Boss?" star Alyssa Milano (a former child actress who had become nearly as notorious as Doherty, as an adult, due to an avalanche of nude photo 'captures' from her sexy film roles, flooding the Internet). The pilot was re-filmed with Milano, becoming the series' debut episode.

During the first two seasons, as much time was spent exploring the sisters' personalities as in their magical powers, as audiences embraced Prue, Piper, and Phoebe. With only a handwritten 'Book of Shadows' to guide them, confrontations with some truly frightening demons could be both spectacular and suspenseful. A wonderful supporting cast was introduced, including Jennifer Rhodes, as the very 'hip' spirit of their grandmother, James Read, as their mortal, estranged father, Finola Hughes, as the ghost of their mother, and Dorian Gregory, as their loyal, if nervous, police 'contact'. For many fans, these seasons offered the series' best episodes.

However, by Season Three, rifts had developed between Doherty, producer Brad Kern, and Milano, fueled, in part, by Milano's more interesting plot line, and greater rapport with cast, crew, and press. Piper and the Charmed Ones' angelic 'White Liter' protector, Leo Wyatt (Brian Krause) fell into an expressly forbidden love, and Phoebe embarked on a tempestuous and even more dangerous affair with half-demon Cole Turner (Julian McMahon), in a storyline that brought in huge ratings, but cost the participation of series creator, Constance Burge, who disliked a second male-oriented plot line, and departed. Doherty would leave the series at the end of the season, as Prue died, protecting an innocent.

Prue's death resulted in some of the series' best moments, as the two surviving sisters dealt with their loss, and the apparent 'end' of the "Power of Three". Then a previously unknown 'half sister', Paige (portrayed by another notorious media celebrity, Rose McGowan), arrived on the scene, the offspring of an earlier 'White Liter'/Witch union, involving their mother. Spontaneous, awkward, yet sweet-natured, Paige was embraced quickly by Phoebe, more slowly by Piper, and learned her magical skills.

The series spun off in new directions, some successful, some silly, over the next three seasons, incorporating myths, fairy tales, and legends from a variety of cultures. In the central story lines, Phoebe's affair with Cole, culminating in a demonic 'wedding', eventually ended when Cole, again corrupted by evil, was vanquished by Phoebe in an alternate future he had created; Piper and Leo, after a convoluted courtship, married, receiving a grudging 'blessing' from the Elders (Earth's magical 'protectors', and Leo's 'bosses'), and they had a son, Wyatt, who would be destined to become the most powerful witch, ever.

In Season Six, a new 'White Liter' from the future, Chris (Drew Fuller), was introduced, and it would be revealed that he was actually Leo and Piper's SECOND son (a plot device that took into account Combs' real-life pregnancy), on a suicide mission to prevent Wyatt from turning evil. In the poignant 'finale' episode, the adult Chris 'dies', just as he is being 'born'.

In Season Seven, Leo was promoted to the Elders, but was wooed away from them by a seemingly omnipotent race, the Avatars; he ultimately aided the Charmed Ones to defeat them, was demoted into becoming mortal and powerless, but 'allowed' to live in 'peace' with Piper; Phoebe had a brief, bittersweet affair with a charming 'reformed' demon (Billy Zane), sent by the spirit of long-gone Cole Turner (McMahon, in a surprise appearance), now serving penitence time in Limbo; and Paige mourned the loss of her first 'real' love, FBI agent Kyle Brody (Kerr Smith)...but a VERY public confrontation with Homeland Security, during an epic battle with demon Zankou (Oded Fehr), in the Season Seven finale, forced the sisters to stage their own 'deaths', and assume new appearances and identities.

Suffering declining ratings, "Charmed" was very nearly canceled in Season Seven, but was given a reprieve, offering loyal fans hope for a more satisfying finale to the series. Sadly, much of Season Eight was largely disappointing. Budgetary constraints forced Leo to 'disappear' for most of the season; an annoying novice witch, Billie Jenkins (Kaley Cuoco) became a 'regular'; and loose ends were tied up far too quickly and cheaply. Billie's rescue of her long-lost sister, in the Underworld, was referred to but NEVER filmed(!); Paige met, dated, and quickly married a parole officer (Ivan Sergei); and Phoebe, in an increasingly annoying "Love Quest" subplot, finally found her soul mate in a 'new' Cupid (Victor Webster).

Fortunately, everything 'jelled' in the final two episodes; Billie and her long-lost sister, Christy (Marne Patterson), who had been secretly trained by the revived evil Triad, aligned against the Sisters, resulting in the season's MAJOR confrontation, destroying nearly everything, and forcing Piper (and the returned Leo) to journey into the past and future, in the finale, to straighten things out, and provide the series a happy ending.

Despite the marked decline in quality over the last few seasons, "Charmed" will be fondly remembered for it's exceptional cast, often exciting story lines, and 'magic' it possessed, at it's peak. Setting the record as the longest-running female-lead dramatic series, it's place in television history is secure!
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The Power of Three
bigben-324 September 2002
Okay, I just watched one episode a few week ago, and that was it for me. I AM HOOKED! I admit that this show is very addicting! Now, my Sunday's night are booked.

Performances of such talented actors truly ignites the screen. Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Leo, and Cole are such great, and very talented performers. I hope this show will run for a very, very long time. I will truly recommend this show to all my friends. Thumbs up to the creator, writers and all the crew. This show rocks!!!!
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Imaginative and Engaging
AP-Project26 August 2002
This is a wonderful TV show with great episodes that, in serial fashion, depict a constant battle between good and evil. Evil, as in the Source, is very clever and wears many disguises. This is what's great about this show. Evil is never fully defeated, although the lackeys are destroyed quickly, the greater evil persists. This presents a constant challenge to the Power of Three and they must always be on their guard. Other WB shows allow the hero or heroine to win very easily and the hero or heroine is too sarcastic. Charmed, however, has the right mix of all elements and the writers appreciate that evil forces that are truly dangerous and formidable create a more rich, tense atmosphere. The fourth season was very good, and I liked Rose as Paige very much. The chemistry between the sisters also carries the show and their personalities seem real and three-dimensional, while other shows of this genre fail in that regard. This is one of the best written shows on television. It really deserves more critical recognition and respect, but if that doesn't happen, I'll still enjoy it.
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fishinbuddy224 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I love this show! Where else can you get drama, comedy, and action all rolled into one? Watching the characters since 1998 has been fascinating! Watching Cole and Phoebe had me spellbound and longing for them to again re-unite. No it does not matter that he's a demon, he loves Phoebe and they need to be together. Julian played Cole brilliantly you never knew what he was up to and it seemed so real. Does he want to kill her or kiss her. You could actually see the expressions in his face change as his demon side would suddenly go soft when Phoebe said something sweet to him.

I liked the stories better from when Prue was on the show because the stories were just better, clearer, and were fresh. I do like Paige who took over for Prue and she is the comedy for this show. I just wish the story lines were as good as they use to be. Now it has gotten a little dark.

Even the inconsistencies that they have are fun to spot. For instance: remember when Phoebe, Prue and Piper all go back in time to where their mom is working at a restaurant and the year is 1978. Phoebe mentions that and also mentions that her mom is pregnant with her. We learn in other episodes that Prue is only 5 years older than Phoebe and 2 years older than Piper. This is all blown apart tho when Piper turns into a Windigo and at the end of the show Piper ends up at Prue's headstone and we see Prue was born in 1970 that would put her 8 years older than Phoebe instead of the 5 they said earlier.

Also that 60's show where they go back in time and see Grams. The year was 1967 or 1968 and grams looks 25 years old and is a hippie. How can a 25 year old woman have a daughter who will in 2 years be old enough to give birth to Prue? (1970) They didn't do too good on the math for that one.

I thought it was neat how they play Phoebe as the youngest when actually in real life she is the oldest and Piper is the youngest. Piper also seems to be the only one that hasn't aged since the show started. I wonder how in the reunion show they will explain that Leo has aged since after all he isn't suppose to age since he's a whitelighter. He's actually 4 years older than Piper but doesn't look it. Whew the man is fine!!

I don't know when it will end and hope it never does; but the last episode should have Cole and Phoebe back together and riding off into the sunset on a fireball. We also need to see Piper and Leo back together for good before I lose my mind. Poor Paige also needs to find love, she's a hoot. I didn't think I was going to like her but I do! Greatest show ever and I'm not in their target audience age group, I'm 33!
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An entertaining show that's really good.
funky_little_angel24 July 2002
"Charmed" is pretty much your average show about witches, but if you're thinking "Sabrina", you're wrong. Here's a show about three young women that are also witches - the Charmed Ones. They are also sisters. It's all about Piper (Holly Marie Combs), Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) and their long-lost half-sister, Paige (Rose McGowan). The eldest sister is actually Prue (Shannen Doherty) but she was killed of at the end of the third series. So they brought in Paige. Sure, there have been heaps of complaints about Prue being gone and Paige being brought in, but some people actually think Paige is better.

I don't have an opinion on the characters and who's my favourite, but I really like the TV series. If you like "Charmed", then you'll probably also like "Buffy" and "Angel", and perhaps "Sabrina" but that's completely different.

Overall, I reckon "Charmed" is a really good show and recommend people to watch it if you're in that sort of thing - witches, magic and spirits.
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Huge Charmed Fan
nmorris122722 May 2006
I don't get attached to TV shows, nor collect them on DVD..... except for Charmed. The supernatural aspects of the show are fun and do not seem to be taken too seriously.

The core group of actors have a fantastic chemistry and the relationships are so well developed. I like it just as much, if not more, to see how the sisters get through situations together, both magical and non-magical.

I would dare compare the character development and interpersonal relationships as well done as in a Jane Austin novel. You see their strengths and faults.

All the actors get a round of applause. Both Holly Marie and Alyssa get a standing ovation for becoming producers of the show. Well done ladies.
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Glad the series is out on DVD...finally.
ladyhawke997316 February 2005
Very pleased to see Season One out on DVD, we've been waiting awhile for it. The quality of the shows on the DVDs is fantastic...however there are no "bonus materials" whatsoever. As I don't usually buy a DVD for the extras, I'm not that concerned over it...however I am accustomed to them being there typically.

Also, be aware the packaging is on the unusual side...thinline cases, one per disk (6-disk set for Season One), rather than the usual bulky foldout packs. I actually enjoyed this factor...I'm always struggling with the foldout packs.

If you like the show, you'll be pleased with the DVD quality...but keep in mind with the box set currently released, that's all you're getting...just the show.
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patygirl_df24 February 2000
My sister start to watch Charmed before me.

The series can make you keep your attention from the start till the end, and makes you curious about what is going to happen in the next episode. The cast is the best, besides this wonderful guy who plays Dan, Greg Vaughan, and my favourite, who plays Piper, Holly Marie Combs, the very funny and talented actress Alyssa Milano plays Phoebe and Shannen Doherty plays the powerful Prue.

The stories are always interesting, may be funny or really sad, but it always surprising, you never know what is going to come next. If you want to have some fun, start now and the only thing you'll regret is that you've lost the first episodes, like me.
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Best Ever.
icet200422 April 2009
Charmed is an American television series that originally aired from 1998 until 2006, when its network, The WB, ceased operation.The series was created in 1998 by writer Constance M. Burge and was produced by Aaron Spelling and his Spelling Television company, with the show runner being writer-director Brad Kern. The series narrative follows the four Halliwell sisters, Prue, Piper, Phoebe and, later, Paige, the culmination of the long Warren line of powerful, good witches. The sisters, despite being perceived as normal by the non-supernatural community, are known as The Charmed Ones, whose prophesied destiny is to battle against evil beings, such as demons and warlocks, in order to protect innocent lives from being endangered. Each sister possesses unique magical powers that grow and evolve, whilst they also attempt to hold normal working lives in San Francisco. Keeping their paranormal identities separate and secret from their ordinary lives forms part of the series' tension and challenges, with the exposure of magic having far-reaching consequences on relationships and has resulted in a number of police and FBI investigations throughout the series.This is my favorite show of all time.i loved it from my heart.i can't pick my favorite episode all were good. but i actually prefer these episodes where Prue was i loved her more than Paige.But Paige so damn cool too she was so perky and funny and sexier,but Prues acting was better And Of Course i loved Cole and baltazar too.Chris was interesting person. Miss this show so much.8 years a pure classic.
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Charmed is the story of 3 witches who save innocent people by day, and
jennydexplorer13 January 2008
I am a biggest fan of charmed!!! i will always remember the power of three especially now that i got all the episodes from season 1 to 8 on DVD... I am still hoping that there will be season 9 and........ Go Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige! I miss them so much

The series can make you keep your attention from the start till the end, and makes you curious about what is going to happen in the next episode. The cast is the best, besides this wonderful guy who plays Dan, Greg Vaughan, and my favourite, who plays Piper, Holly Marie Combs, the very funny and talented actress Alyssa Milano plays Phoebe and Shannen Doherty plays the powerful Prue.

The stories are always interesting, may be funny or really sad, but it always surprising, you never know what is going to come next. If you want to have some fun, start now and the only thing you'll regret is that you've lost the first episodes, like me.
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Horrible. Quite possibly the worst show to ever air for more than 3 seasons.
inferno27229 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
So lets get one thing straight, I've watched the first 7 years, many episodes more than once. Why? simple, I'm a 26 year old guy, and I like to look at the bosoms. Thats it. I'm a HUGE HUGE HUGE Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, but not because of the plethora of attractive women that appear on that show. No, because of the writing, depth, and emotional resonance. Charmed will always be known as a Buffy clone w/o any of the good writing, acting, story lines, depth, and as i mentioned, emotional resonance.

let me sum up the first 7 years, since i haven't seen the 8th one yet (but ill watch it just so i know how the story finished)

I hate being a witch I love being a witch I hate being a witch I love being a witch I hate being a witch I love being a witch "maybe this is an innocent we just cant save" i love you *insert overly attractive male stars name here*, but i cant be with you because I'm a witch. i love Cole, i hate Cole, i love Cole, i hate Cole

the insipid writing is only topped by the blatant exploitation of Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty, holly Marie combs, and rose McGowan's sexy bodies. The show was never really good, i mean, it had SOME moments, brief ones, in episodes where things seem to have been written actually well, but is just lost when the inane writing truly shows its colors.

the show, unlike buff, blatantly exposes the hot women to scenarios, and situations to use their vast sex appeal to drawn an audience. have Alyssa milano as a half naked mermaid, a half naked mummy chick, a fully naked lady Godiva, naughty nymphs anyone? the show knows what it has, and it shamelessly exploits it. Think about it, if you've ever watched Buffy, can you name one episode where the show deliberately set itself up to be a sex grabber? every time something sexual happened it was usually within the scope of the show, and important to not only the story line of the episode, but of the greater arc. NEVER can that be said for Charmed.

This show is truly a pillar for which all unambitious, poorly written shows should strive for. if you can cast VERY hot women, put them in situations mentioned before, you can be on the air for 8 years, and have an actual core fan base who collectively have the intellectual level of a turnip. Now I'm not a hypocrite, seeing as how i mentioned I've watched 7 years of it, and will watch the 8th. I'm honest to myself, i watch it because Alyssa Milano is simply a goddess to be worshiped. But those of you who actually think you're watching good television, shame on you.

allow me to take an excerpt from encyclopedia Dramatica (google it) on the show. *note, i didn't write this:

"Since all Hollywood producers are unoriginal hacks with a single brain cell among them, BTVS was ripped off by Aaron Spelling who stole Buffy's premise and plots to make the series Charmed. He claimed he actually stole the idea from a movie by the same title but no one buys that bull****. Spelling put his creative signature on the show by costuming the lead characters as trailer trash whores and, to ensure verisimilitude, by casting actual trailer trash whores in the roles.

The clone has particular appeal for young women who wish to fight the forces of evil with their supernatural powers while wearing halter tops, stiletto heels, and glitter eyeshadow. The Charmed Ones official web site has announced their budget has been cut for the next season, meaning the stars will wear no clothing at all and will substitute old copies of "Bewitched" episodes for new scripts. This is expected to increase entertainment quality and viewer ship enormously. "

Retrieved from ""

obviously a joking account of the show, but surprisingly spot on.

I wouldn't suggest ANYONE to watch this show, because it makes ME seem like a bumbling moron for even suggesting it.
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Charlie's Angels Meet Bewitched
Brian Washington12 August 2006
I recently started watching this show a few months ago (it is shown on the televisions at the gym where I workout). When it first came out I thought it would be more along the lines of "Bewitched" only with more of the single girl on her own slant of "Mary Tyler Moore". However, as I started looking at it, it really was more like another creation by the late Aaron Spelling, "Charlie's Angels". The show pretty much is one of your standard issue action series with a supernatural twist. However, the thing that saves it is the relationship between the three sisters. Also, to me the show seemed to pick up steam once Shannon Doherty quit and was replaced by Rose McGowan. That seemed to put more of a humorous element into the show that it seemed to lack due to her character Paige's lack of experience at being a witch. This definitely is one interesting show.
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Addictive and highly entertaining with some great characters and drama
Red_Identity14 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Charmed has always been seen as 'TV Fluff'. Yes, while it is not trying to make a social commentary or very important theme, it cannot be denied that it was one of the most popular shows during it's years running, and the reason is because it is a very well-written television series with entertaining story lines and characters.

During the first two years of Charmed, it was highly enjoyable. There were some really great stand-alone episodes, along with great performances from the three leads. However, it wasn't until the third season that Charmed proved it's true potential, with some amazing story lines, characters, and drama. It was in the third season that it became not just an entertaining show, but highly addictive because of it's long running story-arcs and dramatic depth. The characters felt more fleshed out, more alive, and that is what made the show more meaningful. The Season 3 finale was an amazing cliffhanger, to date one of the best episodes of any fantasy show. However, it was also the last episode that we saw one of the three leads. Shannen Doherty was removed from the show (to date it is not known if it was voluntarily or involuntarily). This seemed like a time of peril for fans everywhere, especially when the third season was as amazing as it was. Yet we got the introduction of a new character, and while Doherty was gone, the fourth season not only managed to maintain the momentum of it's previous season, but it actually surpassed it, and to me is the show's best season.

Seasons 5 is known to be the declining beginning of the show. Right off the heels of Charmed's darkest season to date, the fifth season had a lot to follow up on. I actually think it is a pretty strong season, despite it being really light, it also has a lot of great stand-alones. Season 6, on the other hand, is the show's worst season, and while there is something enjoyable here and there, it is the one that adds insult to the show's legacy the most. Season 7 was a vast improvement on the sixth, and it actually had the same tone seasons 3-4 had, with some great story lines, and I think it is in the top half of the show's seasons. Then we have season 8, which is hated by many as well. While the first half was pretty weak for the most part, the second half makes up for it and I do like Season 8, but consider it a tad inferior to Seasons 3, 4, and 7.

Another note that is the reason many people got lukewarm over this series are the three leads. When Doherty was here, she played the oldest sister- strong, independent, and the protector of her younger sisters, played by Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano. However, once she left, Combs and Milano's characters had to adjust to the fact that she was gone. They found their younger half-sister, and Milano took the role of middle child, and Combs the role of the oldest. Personally, I thought it was handled very well. losing their oldest sister made both Milano and especially Combs grow up. Whereas Combs was the shy, soft-spoken middle child in the beginning of the series, she kept changing throughout the series, and by the end she is a tough, brave, and unafraid witch. I thought Combs played both parts extremely well, but I prefer her as the oldest because it let her really shine through with performances, and she was the strongest actress even when Doherty was there. However, many fans have a complaint about that, along with Milano's character, but I certainly don't. Their sister's death was handled well, and actually very realistically, to as how real sisters would have to adapt.

Overall, Charmed was enjoyable throughout, it's prime seasons being the third and fourth. Seasons 5 and 7 are on par with the first, if not better, and the 2nd and 8th equal, and then the 6th being the only true weak season.
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Cheesy and over rated
Warning: Spoilers
I've been watching Charmed for a while now. At first, I thought the show was decent. Not brilliant, not the greatest show ever, and not even great. Just decent. The stories were rather well written, and the acting wasn't bad. Of course, I was also younger when I started watching, and my tastes have developed a good deal since then. In looking at the more recent seasons, and looking back at some of the worst parts of the older ones, I have come to this conclusion: Charmed is a rather bad show. The main reasons, I think, are:

1) The over abundance of campyness. Now, this was not as much of a problem in the earlier seasons. Back then, the episodes were rather grounded and serious. However, as time went on, the plots degraded more and more into campyness. Plots began centering around leprechauns and other such silly aspects of mythology. And they didn't even try to handle them in an interesting or original way. The leprechauns were simply short men with lucky gold. Story lines included characters' breasts enlarging several sizes or the characters turning into super heroes. All in all, things got increasingly silly, and not in any way that was funny.

2) The villains. They were the worst part of the series. All of the villains were one dimensional. They all had the same personalities. They never had any real motivation. They simply prattled on about how evil they were, laughed manically for a while, and then tried to kill people for no real reason besides the fact that they felt like it. They never gave a motivation for the characters. They never really explained why they were the way they were. They simply said "they're evil." Which brings me to another, related point. The villains openly admitted that they were evil. They gave that as their reasons for doing what they were doing. All they wanted to do was "spread evil." I heard such lines as "I'd never work with someone who was good." This, to me at least, seems like very simplistic writing. As Willem DaFoe said, everyone thinks they're righteous. No one does things because they're evil. Everyone has some sort of motivation. Even if they're so crazy that it only makes sense to them.

3) The mythology. The use of mythology in the show was just clichéd and boring. They made no attempts to put a new spin on the mythologies they were using. No attempt to make it into something at least somewhat original. Every mythological figure was a stereotype of the culture he or she originated from. Asian mythological figures all new martial arts and spoke with "zen" wisdom. Leprichauns, as I said earlier, were simply as every leprechaun has ever been portrayed. They never once tried to adapt the mythologies into something new or interesting.

4) Bad continuity. Things would happen, and never be referenced at all again when it was needed. One question that crossed my mind a few times was that, if witches can simply make something happen by speaking a rhyme, why don't they do it more often? Why go through all the trouble of hand to hand combat and psychic powers if you can kill people with bad poetry? On another, related note, there was an episode where they introduced "The Cleaners." Beings who rewrite reality so magic isn't exposed to humans (although I never understood why everyone was so afraid that humans would find out. I mean, it's not like we could hurt demons very effectively). And yet, there was a later episode where the Witches were exposed, and the cleaners were not mentioned once. Also, there was an early episode that said "blinking" (a form of teleportation) was a power a Warlock stole from a witch. And yet, in all later episodes, it said that blinking was a power inherent in all Warlocks.

All in all, the show kind of sucks. I think. But hey, if someone else likes it, that's their porogative.
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Tried to be Buffy...And failed
dushkufan24 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This TV show relies on its sex appeal rather than any storyline whatsoever.

I realize that the majority of people reading this will be die-hard Charmed fans.

Wake up!

An example of the horrendous lack of originality comes when Charmed tried to rip-off Buffy's 'Normal Again'. In this episode Buffy flashes between being in a mental institution and the show that intelligent people know and love. The next week Charmed tried to do the same thing without the intelligence to leave it open ended.

Charmed: the show for the brain dead who like to look at scantily clad women.
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The power of three will set you free...really?
Nezz27 February 2002
Charmed is ok, I really like it actually.Pretty hokey stuff at times but at least it isn't pretentious...with a subject matter like the "occult" I think they've hit a perfect blend between respect for the belief and entertainment for the masses.I have been watching it from the beginning, but I just hope that people don't take the storylines too seriously and think that people are born witches and all the other over the top stuff. It's just good entertainment, and yes the charmed sisters (even Rose Mcgowan -sp-) are pretty, something special for the guys I suppose.
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I love this show!
Kashavera Williams23 December 2007
I love this show. I own every season on DVD. I have to say that I really missed Prue. She actually was the reason why I have started watching this show. Then the hottie Leo grabbed my attention. I cannot believe that (Sam) has grown up to be so pretty. I hope to see her in more things. I really didn't know Holly (Piper) until I saw her in this Life Time movie and I love her in Charmed as well. I was also sad to see Darryl (Dorrian) leave the show and when he turned on the sisters that really bugged me. I also thought that Rose (Paige) was a good replacement and Piper has done a good job taking over as the oldest and powerful sister. I wish that Phobe would have had a more active power rather than to levitate. I liked when she was married to Cole (Julian) and was pregnant and was able to have the power of the source. Those are my favorite episodes. I am really going to miss this show and I am glad to be able to own every season. I wish that during the last show, Prue was able to come back. They brought back Older Chris and Wyatt then they also bought back Patty and Grams but not Prue. I was hoping they would do that for at least one season but since Shannon didn't get along with Alyssa I guess they couldn't. Well I hope all of you enjoy the reruns on Television. I will enjoy the shows on my DVD's. If you would like to send me a message, I believe my email is on this page so make sure you put Charmed or something like that and I will open the message.

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stayner-4-36122518 March 2011
I think you could have gone much further if you let Cole and Phoebe stay married. When Cole asked for help when the under world tried to get him at the end you could have had good conquer evil, love conquer all, and drawn Cole in the the good world so he could have helped the charmed ones. They say love conquers all and the underworld was always trying to convert the charmed ones so why couldn't they have converted Cole to their side?


I loved Charmed. Good job I loved all the cast. 10 for all of them Too bad it wouldn't come back on with new episodes
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Three Words
Vardimiss17 April 2007
Three words describe this exercise in stupidity: Worst Show Ever. Only for people who love hurting them selves or like feeling stupid. Watching this God awful show will make you wish TV was never invented so crap like this show never came into being. For those that do like this show, ask yourselves "Why am I watching this?" There is plenty of compelling quality TV on right now for your viewing pleasure. Watch Buffy or Angel or even Gilmore Girls. Shows that have thoughtful dialog and are actually story driven. Charmed only gets by because it has three hot women who unfortunately do not know how to act. The shows one saving grace was Cole and he vanished after season 4.
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Not the worst show in history, BUT comes near in its genre of supernatural shows
GothWicca31224 August 2004
Personally I have a lot of mixed views about Charmed. I've always loved Buffy and is a big hard-core fan, and I've always loved supernatural shows and movies. And when I first saw Charmed, I thought it was great. Reasonably original. However, after a few seasons I started to get bored. Because it seemed that all the episode are the same!!! I mean how many times have all the same or similar plot lines have been used? You know, especially the ones when one of the sisters turns evil or some demon has come and try to take their powers away. And the endings are always the same, you know, someone gets all emotional and start getting all heroical and says some really lame and repeated stuff that are meant to be inspiring but just dis-encourage people even more. But nevertheless, the sisters just suddenly get some new brilliant ideas or strength and vanquish the demon with some badly-rhymed spell. Seriously, every episode it's always the same routine and the characters just seem so two-dimensional.

A lot of people compare Charmed with Buffy and I really don't think the two are even in the same league. Buffy has some of the most memorable and witty lines in history while Charmed's lines are just about as dry as paper, with virtually no comedic elements. And even when they try to be funny, it just comes out real awkward.

And then there's just another thing I feel that is just too much. Have you noticed about they just always try to put Alyssa Milano in skimpy clothes or some flesh-showing dresses to attract people's attentions?

Another thing, the sisters always goes on about the countless innocents they've saved, but how many can there be considering all they do is sit at home waiting for some premonitions or a poor helpless victim staggers to their door. Whereas Buffy actually goes out to patrol every night.

Anyway, I shouldn't ramble on too much and criticize Charmed too much because in the recent eps, they've got a little better. But still, I hope they can come up with some ORIGINAL ideas and maybe develop into the Power-of-Three myth a little more.
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Charmed, I'm sure!
David, Film Freak12 March 2001
3 of the hottest female TV stars of the 90's join forces with soap-mastermind Aaron Spelling to bring to life a wickedly-awesome drama about 3 sisters who find they have witchy powers, and must save the world from zombies and warlocks!!

Shannen Doherty ('Beverly Hills, 90210') plays Prue Halliwell the eldest of the 3 Halliwell sisters. Her main power is to move objects with her mind, but has also learnt some new powers. Holly Marie Combs ('Picket Fences') plays the middle sister Piper, who can freeze time. And youngest sister Phoebe (Alyssa Milanno from 'Melrose Place') has preminitions.

And while the Halliwell Sistas must save the world from Universal Danger, they also have to keep their lives intact, and also not allow anyone to know of their special God-given talents.

And with this, comes love. While the girls have had a few boyfriends come and go, Piper has had an especially close bond with Leo, a whitelighter who works for God.

This drama is mind-blowingly awesome - much better than 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' - and Shannen, Holly and Alyssa are 3 VERY hot babes!
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Dragged out.
Made6528 July 2006
After watching Charmed's 1st season I was interested. However after the third/fourth season, It just went downhill and it became apparent that the writers started to grasp for storyline ideas. They even ripped off a few ideas from other shows (that shall go unnamed), shamelessly. Charmed just ended up plain bad entertainment by the end of the show. It should have ended when it needed to, when it should have, which was Season 4. Then many viewers wouldn't have to have been disappointed and see this show go down in flames. I close by saying that Charmed set out as a great show. It had a strong storyline, good characters, however after 4 years the writers ruined the show with cheap ideas and ripped off story lines. Shame on them.
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jenny-nathan-27-66959314 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
first of all let me start by saying this is one of the best TV show's i have seen. i own all eight seasons and i still say charmed is the best out there.

not only did every season bring new battles and demons's and adventure's but it bought us closer to the people of charmed,the actor's and directer's, they all did wonderful work.

i am a fan, and i love this show..

it's not only for young people but it's great for all ages, i gave it a 10 out of 10.

i would rate it higher if i could.

a must see show for anyone at any age.

i hope they bring a season 9 out that would be the best, the acting was great and the whole thing was done fantastic.

for now i still watch it whenever i can..
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