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Season 1

29 Sep. 1998
Cruel and Unusual
A woman is murdered by her boss upon finding proof of his money-laundering for the mob. When the mob's high-end lawyer gets him off, the victim's husband is contacted by Mr. Chapel who offers another way to bring the killer to justice.
1 Oct. 1998
Victim of Circumstance
Unwilling to admit a grievous mistake, a famous FBI profiler buries evidence exonerating an innocent man of crimes committed by a dead serial killer. Mr. Chapel then decides to taunt the profiler with the possibility that the true culprit has risen from the grave.
9 Oct. 1998
A married couple on the road is targeted by a extortion ring in a small town, led by the sheriff and the mayor, attracting the attention of KC and Mr. Chapel.
15 Oct. 1998
Bitter End
Mr. Chapel protects a young woman being stalked by the serial killer she helped put behind bars.
22 Oct. 1998
A gun manufacturer is in a legal battle and facing prison time from testimony from an under cover cop who posed as his friend, and so he has the cop's wife kidnapped to avoid the testimony.
29 Oct. 1998
A friend of K.C.'s has been having an affair for a man running for re-election as a Senator. When she has an accident, his mother decides to have the woman murdered. Now it is up to Chapel to set things right.
10 Dec. 1998
Now living in the U.S., Elena -- a survivor of a despotic South American nation -- sees and confronts a killer, Ponce, who helped massacred a small village. Mr. Chapel happens to witness Ponce attack Elena, and decides to do something about it.
17 Dec. 1998
Dishonorable Discharge
A friend of Chuck Bidally's who was raped six years ago, never fully recovers and lives in fear still, and when Chuck learns that the statue of limitations has passed after finding out who did it, he turns to Chapel for help.
24 Dec. 1998
The ex wife of a man is wrongfully convicted of murdering her husband, leading Mr. Chapel to pursue his real killers: his brother and his second wife.
7 Jan. 1999
After ten days of dating, Theresa Greco breaks up with I.R.S. agent Gifford Marshall, whom subsequently sets about using his powers to falsify evidence and ruin her life.
14 Jan. 1999
An arrogant and violent young con man whom scams people out of their money, scams a couple out of $40,000 for a house that was already sold and while being cut loose from the police, KC overhears the frustration of the couple at the station and brings the situation to Chapel's attention.
21 Jan. 1999
Whilst dealing with a crooked judge whom he has taken three million dollars from in order to make sure the judge does the right thing in a court case, Chapel is shot. Recovering with KC's help, he is tracked by an ex mob hitman working for the judge.
28 Jan. 1999
Three popular elite friends who went too far in college fraternity house party toying with an unpopular guy, leading to the guy's murder by one of the three. Ten years later when the man's skull is found during a construction site excavation, and no surviving family, Mr. Chapel and KC are the only hope to solve the crime. Chapel goes undercover as mentally deranged man claiming to have witnessed the murder in hopes to bring justice.
4 Feb. 1999
Angry his father is spending his money as he deems fit, thus dwindling his inheritance, Ben Newton murders his father. Seconds after the act, Ben's sister walks in, catching him after the crime. With the aide of his friend, Ben is found not guilty of murder. His sister is paid a visit from Mr. Chapel. With the help of a young lady next store whom has a crush on Ben, Chapel drive's Ben crazy.
11 Feb. 1999
When a company called Green Layer discovers one of its fertilizers causes respiratory illness in children and will be estimated to cause the death of over a dozen a year, Green Layer hires a fancy lawyer, Michael Dearborn, that gets them off in court. Witnessing the events in trial, KC brings it to the attention of Mr. Chapel. Chapel and Dearborn butt minds to win the lawsuit and save the life of a sick little girl.
25 Feb. 1999
Darin Carver invents a new power source that is non electric. His old friend, now a powerful businessman with a company trying to invent similar technology, Steven Jensen, is denied a partnership by Carver. Jensen steals the technology, frames Carver's invention for house fires, and Carver commits suicide. Mr. Chapel sets about bringing a happy ending to Carver's widow and baby.

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