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Season 3

22 Feb. 1964
An Eye for an Eye
Mourning the death of his fellow agent and friend Nick Craig, Miller, and new GS5 operator Peter Clarke, are sent to check out explosion at sea. Their investigations bring surprising - and to Miller - highly satisfactory results.
29 Feb. 1964
A Cast of Thousands
Working undercover, GS5 agent Sally Lomax discovers that an elusive typewriter holds the key to her investigations into 'accidents' on a film set. Suspecting sabotage, she uncovers a murder cartel.
7 Mar. 1964
Death of a Cop
Masquerading as a news reporter, Tony Miller investigates the death of a policeman suspected of being 'on the take' from gamblers. His search for the cop killer leads him into the world of high finance.
14 Mar. 1964
Party for Murder
Assigned to investigate a series of sabotage incidents involving a new machine being designed for South America. Clarke 'defects' to the Fascist party responsible for the crime - with dangerous results.
21 Mar. 1964
Dead Men Don't Drive
GS5 operative Tony Miller finds himself facing a tough problem: how could a man be seen driving a car though a village and yet, when the vehicle crashed, the man is found to have been dead for several hours?
28 Mar. 1964
Pay Up or Else
When a protection racket gang declare war on innocent people, GS5 agent Tony Miller is assigned to infiltrate the gang and force the opposing sides into a showdown. He achieves this - with startling results.
4 Apr. 1964
Dr. Ayre
Stock's disbelief that a 'master criminal' is behind a series of brilliantly executed robberies is severely shaken when operative Peter Clarke brings him conclusive proof that successful criminal Dr Ayre is masterminding further audacious crimes.
11 Apr. 1964
Scorpion Rock
The island of Baleric hides a sinister secret which GS5 operator Tony Miller must solve if he is to have any chance of locating the whereabouts of a fellow undercover agent believed kidnapped by director Zafre.
18 Apr. 1964
The Goldfish Bowl
Sent to check out the strange goings on at a secret missile base. GS5 operatives Clarke and Miller find their cover blown and the enemy awaiting their arrival - a dangerous situation when you're seeking a sadistic killer.
25 Apr. 1964
Seven Sisters of Wong
Masquerading as a dope-peddler, agent Tony Miller meets a beautiful Chinese girl and finds himself involved with a secret patriot army, who intend to use his services - whether he likes it or not.
2 May 1964
Rich Ruby Wine
Stock assigns his entire department to locate Franz Rodolph Gruber, a former Nazi chief in Hungary. Gruber is known to have in his possession the Howarth jewel collection - which Stock suspects will be used to finance a new Nazi regime.
9 May 1964
Undercover operative Sally Lomax is assigned to delve into the past of a man whom Stock believes to be a murder. The man, Dawson, is new managing a holiday camp - at which several 'accidents' have taken place. Sally books in - but her holiday is far from peaceful.
16 May 1964
It Won't Be a Stylish Marriage
After a whirlwind courtship on the French Riviera, GS5 agent, Peter Clarke, posing as a shy businessman, 'marries' Yoette, an attractive French girl - in order to discover the secret behind another French girl's mysterious death.

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