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In a word.. EXCITING!
JEAN REED25 October 1999
This was every bit as good as the trailers indicated! The role was made for Tom Berenger, but the entire cast was perfect. It's refreshing to see our Government in a good light, since bashing it seems to be the trend these days. It puts back some pride in our country. Congratulations to Showtime for producing a movie far superior to most of what Hollywood is turning out these days. This story SCREAMS FOR A SERIES. I certainly hope Showtime will do it.
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A thrilling movie...
Singary25 October 1999
I can't say enough good things about this movie, or the stand out performances by Tom Berenger and Clancy Brown.

This movie keeps you literally glued to your set, and catches you up on the intrigue and excitement of the CIA and the kinds of things they do to keep our national security safe.

Tom Berenger is cast perfectly as Kevin Jefferson. He is morally strong and determined in what he believes in. Berenger deserves these kinds of roles more often...and in these top notch kind of productions.

Clancy Brown, known more as a character bad guy, deserves much more attention from now on in Hollywood after showing this much different side of his acting.

Strong acting, great ensemble cast, first rate writing and directing.
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Cool Stuff
ACE-14419 October 1999
Excellent Title for the Movie, I think the original title was going to be called "The Agency" The final Title was more fitting for the movie. I'm used to seeing Tom Beringer, in more action packed films, although this one keeps you at the edge of your seat. The film gives the C.I.A. the credit that it deserves. Great Film.
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Fast paced action with Berenger's usual charming military style
stellar-230 November 1999
In the Company of Spies is a fast paced film that starts off with action as a CIA agent is picked up by Korean officials for questioning. While he is held, and not treated kindly, we watch on the other side of the world as tried and true actor Tom Berenger's character is brought from retirement by his former associate, played by Ron Silver. Tim Matheson did a great job directing this one. Most impressive in this film is Clancy Brown, who portrayed the very much distressed English gentleman under possible deadly pressure. As one who associates Clancy with Kurgan in the first Highlander movie (and sadly relieved Sean Connery of his head), I was pleasantly surprised at the depth and power of his character in this movie. Here's hoping to see this cast back for more!
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enjoyable but overrated
Dr.X22 November 2000
This is a nicely done action suspense film that depicts a CIA scenario involving hypothetical events in North Korea. Having read prior reviews and seeing an overall rating of 8.2 on this site before I viewed it, though, I was somewhat disappointed. There is some cool gadgetry and many good suspenseful scenes and it's certainly watchable and entertaining, and it does give some appreciation for what is at stake and the personal risks taken on by operatives. However, many of the bad guy characters and non-CIA government officials come off as self-mocking cardboard cutouts, and several of the scenes just don't hold up. Nice performances by Tom Berenger and Ron Silver and good location work. Overall, worth seeing but has some flaws.
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One of the best movies Showtime ever put out
JimmyDod8 January 2008
This was an outstanding movie - the first one I've ever watched that I literally couldn't take my eyes off the screen. It is well written, the story lines are all explained and brought together, and the cast redefined the word "terrific".

With respect to all of the actors, Clancy Brown stole the show. Playing a bitter ex-field agent, relegated to a training role, Brown's portrayal was flawless, and I hope to see him a whole lot more in the future.

I've never given a 10 out of 10 for a movie before, but I think this one deserves it. Showtime would do well to make this a series or release a sequel.
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Quite Good Actually
ilnodon29 December 2006
I very much enjoyed Clancy Brown's depiction of a burned out HUMINTER and his comments regarding the value of HUMINT over the Technological Advancements in the Intel Business today. Lots of good tidbits that lent to the enjoyment. Overall I am looking forward to purchasing this movie for my collection. Tom Berenger was good in the role of the planner and the plot, while done some time ago, certainly is credible to today's World Situation. If you like movies about Covert/Black Ops and the entire gamut of Espionage Tactics, Techniques and Procedures, you will enjoy this film. Sometimes its difficult to add more but since the rules here demand a minimum of ten lines I'll try to add more. I would be interested to know if the Michael Copeland in the film is in any way related to CIA Legend Miles Copeland (father to the drummer for the band The Police).
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This is an excellent movie, if you like thrillers.
davecoffman28 May 2002
This should have been the pilot for "The Agency". CBS would have owned Thursday! I'd very much like to see this as a weekly series. It's even good enough to over-come a "me too" reputation. Even though there were several violent scenes none were gratuitous. I agree with other comments here; The CIA is finally presented in the patriotic light it deserves/
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A nice movie in the style of Tom Clancy
avb-512 October 2000
I thought that good old tom performance was very good. The storyline is great for a Tom Clancy fan like me. So very good casting and a very good storyline of course it isnt from the master (Tom Clancy) himself, but very entertaining.
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Fun, smart, well-acted spy movie that should become a series.
ComicSutra22 October 1999
Made for cable movies keep getting better and better. In Spies, a deep cover CIA agent is grabbed in Korea before he can transmit the information he found back to the agency. Berenger is excellent as the operative who comes out of retirement to retrieve both the agent and the information. The mission is a real nail biter that deftly balances action, investigation and political intrigue. The entire cast (but particularly Berenger, Silver, Krige, Brown and Gross) have great chemistry together. The last scene begs for this to become a regular series and I hope Showtime gives them the go-head.
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