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It's a Family Affair

Grace's father and Will's mother end up making a surprising and upsetting connection. Jack rebounds from his breakup with a new love. Karen must decide between her husband and her lover.


6 Jan. 2005
Board Games
Karen is interviewed for Parade magazine. The interviewer turns out to be an old schoolmate of Karen who has some bad memories of her. Grace and Jack want to go to the movies and make a quick stop at a store where they see Vince. Jack feels insulted since he asked Vince to come along with them. It turns out that Vince got fired from his job as a cop and works in the store. A fact which he has to tell Will yet. Grace wants to confront Vince about lying but then backs out.
13 Jan. 2005
Vince finally tells Will that he got fired. While Vince basically spends all of his time hanging around at Will and Grace's apartment, Will gets the chance to become partner of his firm. Will's boss, Margot, wants Will to bring along Vince to a dinner where it is decided if Will will be partner. But Will is kind of embarrassed by Vince, who starts to annoy him. It gets worse when Vince shows up at the dinner and has just got fired from a job by Harry Winston. Margot introduces Grace to Leonard, but he is quite older than Grace expected and surprisingly he is also ...
3 Feb. 2005
Bully Woolley
Will mourns over his break-up with Vince, so Jack decides to take him on a Boy's night out to make him feel better. At first, Will has fun, but after Jack dumps him and leaves him alone at the club Will is mad at him. Scott shows up again to tell Karen that he still wants to ruin her life. After failing the last time, he promises he won't this time. Grace has an important job for a restaurant and as it turns out her client is Scott. Since Grace doesn't know who he is and that he has evil plans, she doesn't realize that Scott wants to talk her into firing Karen.
10 Feb. 2005
Dance Cards & Greeting Cards
Scott keeps sending flowers to Karen after falling in love with her. But Karen got to know someone online and is about to meet him on Valentine's Day. Will and Jack accompany Karen to her blind date with the stranger, because she promised them there would be a lot of gay men. But instead of gay men, the only people there are old and straight in Jack's and Will's opinion. Also, Beverley Leslie and Scott are there. Grace meets Nick when he accidentally comes into her office and they get along very well.
17 Feb. 2005
The Birds and the Bees
Grace meets Nick again when he picks up his phone which he forgot at her office. After passionately kissing him, Grace is scared she's moving too fast in their relationship, so she convinces Will to go with her on a date with Nick to watch over her and her actions. Karen has a Peeping Tom and she and Jack confront him. It turns out that he wasn't looking at Karen but at birds and that he is a "Hot Gay Nerd". Jack is very interested in this very rare "species" of gay men
24 Feb. 2005
The Fabulous Baker Boy
As Karen's lawyer, Will warns her that she is spending too much money - it isn't going to last forever. Karen agrees that she could let the pastry chef go. Nick is taking Grace to Union Square Café. When he learns that Jack is working for a TV network, he reveals that he has a script and he would like Grace to read it and then pass on to Jack. Will goes to tell Karen's pastry chef that Karen is letting her go, but he isn't prepared to find out that the pastry chef is fabulous...
17 Mar. 2005
Sour Balls
Jack convinces Will that they need a change of scenery and should buy a vacation home in an up-and-coming gay community.
21 Apr. 2005
The Blonde Leading the Blind
When Will convinces Grace to see his therapist, Dr. Georgia Keller, he becomes increasingly jealous when the two women form an instant friendship.
5 May 2005
It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World
It's Grace's father's birthday and since her sisters are not able to attend the birthday party, Grace is scared of being alone with her parents. She convinces Karen to accompany her and when they arrive at the parents' house, it turns out that Grace's mother is about to leave too. This means that Karen, Grace and Marty Adler are all alone. After recovering from a first shock, Grace sees this as a chance to improve her relationship with her father. In the meantime, Jack convinces Will to go on a blind date. The date turns out to be blind man who tells Will that he ...
10 May 2005
From Queer to Eternity
Jack meets an old student from his acting class, whom tells him about his successor Wendell. When Jack meets Wendell, he realizes that Wendell teaches the "McFarland method" which he stole from Jack. Jack wants to take the class over, but Wendell doesn't let him do so. After having an accident at the Jeans store, Grace is worried about dying one day. Grace decides to make a will and wants to leave some money to Will. When she confronts him about how much money he leaves to her, he doesn't want to tell. So, Grace asks Will's mother Marilyn, who is the only one who ...
19 May 2005
Friends with Benefits
After having quit his job, Will thinks is new destiny is to become a writer. When he is in the park, Will meets Malcolm. Beverley files Karen with a lawsuit for defamation of character when she publicly said that he is a homosexual. Beverley wants her to apologize for what she said publicly. If she does so, he will draw back the lawsuit. Jack has to deal with a former child star named Randall, who is supposed to host a show for Out TV. Grace meets her former boyfriend Tom and he introduces her to his wife Viv. It turns out that Tom and Viv bought a hotel and want ...
19 May 2005
Kiss and Tell
After his first day, Will becomes suspicious of his new job--especially when he finds himself in an empty office with no coworkers, a German shepherd, and a Russian-speaking thug.
29 Sep. 2005
Alive and Schticking
In this first episode of the last season, Karen finds out her dead husband, Stanley, is still alive. This is also the first of 2 live episodes in honor of the show's final season.
6 Oct. 2005
I Second That Emotion
Jack tells everyone he has a very important, famous guest. To make his show stage look better he asks Grace to help decorate. When Jack's guest doesn't show, he makes Grace his last-minute replacement and she shares some of her positive thoughts about gay men. But when the show airs, an important part of her speech is missing. Karen makes Rosario stay at Will and Grace's apartment because she's angry that Rosario knew and concealed that Stan was still alive. Will tries to help Karen with her anger about Stan lying about his death by making her tear down the ...
13 Oct. 2005
The Old Man and the Sea
Grace goes on a blind date and Jack gives Will swimming lessons.
20 Oct. 2005
Steams Like Old Times
Larry and Ellen come over to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Game Night Spectacular. Will also invites Clyde, one of his clients from the Project Angel meal-delivery service. Clyde, a behind-the-times old man, isn't very good at their games, which all involve celebrity gossip and movie knowledge. He ends up on Grace's team and she gets angrier and angrier as they keep losing. Meanwhile, Karen takes Jack on a shopping trip with Malcolm to improve the two men's relationship. Malcolm tries to win Jack over by buying him a nice Italian suit, but Jack still wants ...
3 Nov. 2005
The Hole Truth
Although she is back together with Stan, Karen hasn't broken up with Malcolm yet, and Grace is the one who breaks it to him. Since Malcolm doesn't want to go solo to the autumn carnival, he takes Grace, who tells him she's also going alone, as his date. Will tries to organize a carnival auction for Project Angel and tries to get Baby Glenn, famous for having fallen into a hole as a child, for an auction item. Jack is also an auction item.
10 Nov. 2005
Love Is in the Airplane
On a Red Eye flight to London for the weekend with Will, Grace checks for celebrities on board. She meets no stars, but she discovers that Leo is in first class. After an airplane-toilet makeover, Grace tries to act like bumping into him is a total surprise. While they talk, Will flirts with flight attendants to get food, drinks, and a better seat. Back in New York, Jack tries to convince Karen to rehire Rosario, but the new maid threatens to hurt him if he makes Karen fire her. Of course Karen doesn't believe Jack's reports of her aggressive maid.
17 Nov. 2005
Birds of a Feather Boa
Jack plans to move into a bigger place. Will helps Jack find an apartment, and then they go to the zoo to see two gay penguins. There they meet Rose, who want to file a petition against the penguins' planned separation. When she tells Will how sad they'll feel without each other, he feels like she's talking about him. Grace shops with Karen for a good dress to wear for her Christmas-card picture. During their trip they meet Beverley, who tells them that his wife Crystal passed away and invites them to her memorial service, where he shows them one of her beautiful ...
24 Nov. 2005
Swish Out of Water
Bobbi comes to Grace's for dinner. Because Grace always complains about her mother, Jack says she should learn to appreciate her and offers to help her improve their relationship, but she refuses... although his words seem to have some effect. Meanwhile, Will starts working at a non-profit organization and the first person he's supposed to file a lawsuit against is Karen, about an unfixed building. Will offers her a way out of the lawsuit by telling her about the lawsuit and ordering her to fix the building.
8 Dec. 2005
A Little Christmas Queer
Karen, Grace, Jack and Will visit Will's family over the Christmas break. Will's brother Sam and his two children are there, too. Everyone suspects that Sam's son Jordy is gay. Worried that his mother would freak out about having another homosexual in the family, Will tries to stop Jack from encouraging Jordy in his gay antics, and even forbids the boy to put on a Christmas show. Grace, who always had a thing for Sam, tries to get closer to him, but he cuts her off every time she tries to talk to him. When she confronts him about avoiding her, it turns out that he's ...

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