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British Mini Series/Two Parter
Jim-4992 September 2001
I saw this whilst living in England and recorded it off TV. It is about the wife (Maggie O'Neil) of a British pilot who dies in the Gulf War. The officer in charge of dealing with grieving widows (Eccelston), married with children himself, has an affair with her. I have not seen the show since its original airing circa 1992, and it is currently in storage, but I remember it being very well done.
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Unrepeated good story that has been canned
CatoTSR27 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Along with Civvies (Lynda La Plante') This was one of those alleged controversial BBC dramas during 92, that has disappeared of the face of the earth possibly canned, "I wonder why"? Reasonably, good emotional love story, with implications, that launched and enhanced two very good careers for Boardwalkers. Shame we cant see it again, but this is now a political hot potato, in the current climate. In hindsight, it was good to see a national institution, push the boundaries of art in various forms.The bed scenes in this tale of relationships were realistic and cultured, akin to the rubbish that is produced today. The story portrays an individual with responsibility, allowing his natural feelings to overtake, what was considered normal or acceptable judgement. Basically a tale of Human Nature, at its most raw and unpredictable state.
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