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MPAA Rated R for animated sequences of violence and nudity, and for brief language

Sex & Nudity

  • There's a scene where a group of men in a night club admire a prostitute. We hear yelling and whistling of them.
  • The plotline and underlining theme of a male murderer who removes women's skin because he "wants to be a woman"; however, this is a scene from a movie that is being film, and not a part of the actual story. This is an homage to "Silence of the Lambs".
  • There is one simulated but detailed rape that takes place during the filming of a movie. The actor rips the actress's dress (we see her breasts) and pretends to thrust into her, with her screaming and crying.
  • A woman gets naked while the photographer takes pictures of her. Not exactly sexual, but there are many close-up and graphic shots of her breasts, pubic hair and butt.
  • You see pictures of a naked woman in a magazine.
  • You see a dead, bloody body of a naked woman that's being filmed for a show.
  • Also when a man gets killed, you see brief shots of a naked woman. Not sexual but graphic. Most nude scenes are fully frontal.

Violence & Gore

  • There's a scene when a man is brutally murdered in an elevator with his eyes poked out.
  • Some scenes of dead, bloody bodies, but for a show.
  • A man punches another man in the face during Cham's concert at the beginning of the movie.
  • A man has been stabbed many, many times. He gets stabbed in the eye, the hand, the stomach, the crotch and more.
  • A man is brutally killed, with his eyes poked out, while his phone rings.
  • A woman gets stabbed by an umbrella and an ice pick.
  • A woman gets stabbed in the stomach with glass.
  • A man gets knocked out (or maybe killed) while a woman hits him in the head with a hammer.
  • There's an act going on and the Powertrons use their guns at Kingberg.
  • There's violence of a manager hitting some guys at a strip club and he falls down and a woman falls while being grabbed by the ankles, for a show.


  • Two uses of the word 'fuck', one used aggressively.
  • Other language, including 'asshole' and 'goddamn'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some of the characters smoke. One of the scenes does take place in a bar where men are drinking alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Film portrays a very severe form of psychosis that may be triggering for some.
  • Perfect Blue is a very disturbing and intense movie. There is a simulated rape that will still be found disturbing by some. The aftermaths of the murders will frighten people, and the one shown murder is very intense.
  • The ending will definitely qualify as frightening, disturbing, and very intense as well.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • There's a disturbing scene where a prostitute is held by a group of men. She tries to escape but fails as one man gets onto her, and unbelts his pants. She screams in fear and the man starts thrusting the girl while the men admire the scene. Her screaming stop as her face freezes. Very graphic and disturbing, but we don't see explicit material and it is implied that she was raped.

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