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Decent remake of "On the Waterfront"
ijzeren_jan5 September 2009
Kabzaa is a Bollywood movie from the 1980s, so don't expect subtlety, carefully elaborated characters, ambitious plots, interesting subplots, or highly consistent storytelling. But then, who said we can't enjoy a movie with a simple, straightforward story, cardboard heroes and a villain who is really BAD, if the actors manage to entertain? The movie begins with a young Sanjay Dutt (still known as "Sunjay" in those days) covered with blood, with four bullets in his chest and one in his head, trying to save himself. The rest of the movie lives up to the expectations raised by its catchy prelude.

Ravi (Sanjay Dutt) and Ranjit (Raj Babbar) are brothers. Ravi is a good-for-nothing without a job and without a purpose in life, Ranjit is a successful lawyer who works for the local don, Velji Bhai (Paresh Rawal). Velji Bhai wants to purchase a piece of land owned by Ustad Ali Mohammed (Alok Nath) at any cost, but the latter intends to use it for building a children's park instead, and thus refuses. When Ravi is sent out by Velji Bhai to persuade Ali Mohammed with violence, he is so impressed by the man's kindheartedness that he starts protecting him instead. Velji Bhai, of course, is furious...

The story is very similar to that of another movie, Ghulam, made ten years later by Mahesh Bhatt's nephew Vikram Bhatt. Both movies are based on (let's avoid the word "remake") Marlon Brando's all-time classic "On the Waterfront". Whatever one may think of Bollywood-style remakes, it means at least that we can't complain about a bad story. And indeed, unlike many other Bollywood movies from the same period, Kabzaa is a movie one can watch without ever getting bored: the tempo is decent, drama and action sequences follow each other quickly enough to keep one's thoughts from drifting away. Fortunately, Bhatt refrained from inserting obnoxious comedy elements, and the obligatory love stories are kept to a minimum. Still, it is the actors that make this movie worth watching. Sanjay Dutt, Raj Babbar, Paresh Rawal and Alok Nath all give fine performances. The two female roles, played by Amrita Singh and Dimple Kapadia, add little of value, but at least they don't spoil the movie, which is already an achievement in itself.
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Super Hit !!!!
tharenvirsawan_320 May 2005
This film i thought was a total love story when i saw a DVD cover of it so when i asked for the DVD it had a 18 cert and Sanjay Dutt with blood.I saw the film on a Saturday night between 12am-1am and the film was brilliant all it is the credits are coming and the Sanjay Dutt is walking on the streets with blood and he stars counting the minutes hes going to die.The film did well at the box office and also became a super hit but the film today in not recognised for the people because some people always talk about Sanjay Dutts all time hits?As the performers go of course Sanjay Dutt does a killer once again,the rest of the cast like Raj Babbar,Anupam Kher,Amrita Singh,Alok Nath,Avtar Gill and last but not least Paresh Rawal was a scene stealer.
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Superb film though inspired from On The Waterfront
silvan-desouza8 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Mahesh Bhatt in 80s gave several great films like ARTH, SARAANSH, After resurrecting Sanju's career with NAAM he returned with him again 2 years later with KABZAA which is inspired from ON THE WATERFRONT(1953), Surprisingly Bhatts again made a film based on it 10 years later with GHULAM(1998). Mahesh Bhatt however adds his own spin to it and indianises it superbly. The film is well handled by the maestro. The film starts off with sanjay Dutt walking on the road bleeding, which goes into a flashback wherein it's revealed that Sanjay Dutt was a guy whose brother works for Paresh Rawal a big goon. The film has several dramatic scenes like the scene in the police station where the minister bails out Alok Nath, Alok Nath- Sanjay Dutt scenes, Sanjay Dutt burning the papers or the scene where Sanjay confronts Paresh in the election scene or the climax. There are some masala elements also thrown in but none really irriate.

Direction by Mahesh Bhatt is superb Music in limited doses is good

Sanjay Dutt does his part well, though he has come a long way, those days he looked skinny yet he emotes well and acts his part well Paresh Rawal as usual is wonderful in a villain role, he always gave his best in Bhatt films Amrita Singh and Dimple Kapadia are the heroines and there do well in whatever they get. Raj Babbar does his role well, Alok Nath is superb, Mahesh Anand is as usual, Nilu Phule has 1 scene and does his SARAANSH act again. Bhatts favourites Avtar Gill, Anupam Kher make appearances in short roles, Avtar Gill is superb in his short role, Anupam Kher gets just 1 scene and is as usual. Disco Shanti makes an appearance in a song, Akash Khurana is adequate.
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Decent Old Film
superindrajit3 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Before Sanjay Dutt got Naam from 1986, he only gave low budget flops which were love stories with some retarted action at the end like Mera Faisla, Bekaraar, Jeeva, etc. Though Jeeva was an action film, it was a flop. But, Dutt started his film career with Rocky and Vidhaata which were hits. But Mahesh Bhatt was always like a last movie saviour to Dutt. Mahesh Bhatt and Sanjay Dutt were good in there early days when they gave super hits like Naam, Kabzaa, Sadak, Gumrah, and finally a hit with Kartoos. Kabzaa was a film which was right for its time because a film like this would fail if it released in a time like now. The film is not really but somewhat typical but extremely well handled. But, during the time of it's release, the film was something new and it delt with some drug use too. The film deals with Dutt's ordinary life and how his life is turned upside down when he goes against Paresh Rawal who is the main villain who was his so called friend. His brother dies, at the end he is badly wounded but he survives. His main problem was the brain tumor he had which also resolves at the end. The scenes that made me somewhat happy was when the victim who's land is wanted by the villains sings those inspiring songs. Though, his death scene is stupid and it is sort of delayed. The film slows down at the middle and becomes somewhat emotional. Though, the last 30 mins was quick and precise though one will think when will the movie end, when will Dutt take his revenge? The acting is good, though Amrita Singh gets no role, she isn't as bad as I though she would be. Sanjay Dutt is too raw at times, his acting is childish though he is slowly maturing. The rest are OK, though Paresh Rawal is brilliant. The action sequences are OK, for it's time they aren't that bad. The Music is good, some songs were huge hits. On the whole, Kabzaa isn't the perfect movie but it was a superhit and for me not a bad film.
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