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TNT RoughCut
It's clear that Schumacher has risen from the self-imposed dreck of "Batman & Robin" and has returned to Hollywood to tell a good story.
Chicago Sun-Times
More fable than slice of life, and all these people and props give Robert De Niro and Philip Seymour Hoffman their opening to create two screwy characters from opposite ends of the great personality divide
Not content to whisper its truths; it would rather flaunt its valuable lessons and its good intentions, proudly boasting its sentiments like a (rainbow-striped) badge of honor.
Flawless this Joel Schumacher film is not, but it plays so well that scarcely matters.
If you want to see an object lesson in how brilliant acting can transcend high concept, this movie's for you.
L.A. Weekly
An appallingly crude film, with dialogue lifted off bumper stickers, characters stitched together from shorthand clichés (the brassy black drag queen; the fiery little Latin number) and a plot that's on cruise control from the opening credits.
A small-scale mess.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Hoffman's turn as the drag queen has its endearing and comically catty moments, but Flawless' utter phoniness subsumes all efforts at honest acting.
Chicago Tribune
In making a movie that preaches love for odd ducks, Schumacher has turned Flawless into the oddest duck of all.
Portland Oregonian
While this film has got a good head on its shoulders and a nicely made-up face, flawless it's not.

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