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Recommended New Books on Filmmaking: The Best Movie Year Ever, Orson Welles, Sam Peckinpah & More

Winter and spring 2019 have seen a number of gorgeous art and making of books, along with some indispensable looks at Hollywood icons. Plus, we finally have the definitive look at the films of 1999, and what made that year so stellar–and so influential.

Best. Movie. Year. Ever. How 1999 Blew Up the Big Screen by Brian Raftery (Simon & Schuster)

This year has seen countless looks at the cinema 1999, and with good reason. It seems almost impossible to imagine a 12-month span that saw the release of such varied gems as The Matrix, Election, Being John Malkovich, Office Space, Fight Club, Magnolia, Boys Don’t Cry, The Limey, Rushmore, and The Virgin Suicides—not to mention Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. All of the aforementioned films are documented in Brian Raftery’s expertly crafted Best. Movie. Year. Ever. And, of course, he also includes Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace,
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Record Store Day 2019: 10 Great Exclusive Releases

  • Rolling Stone
Every April, vinyl geeks from around the world congregate at local music shops to celebrate Record Store Day. It’s a chance for them to get their hands on limited-edition LPs they can’t buy online or at chain stores and catch intimate in-store performances. The tradition began in 2008 and it’s grown bigger and better every year, playing a key role in keeping record stores alive. Ahead of Saturday’s big event, we’ve combed through the exhaustive 2019 release list and pulled out our 10 favorite exclusives. (Regrettably, Cheech & Chong have been left out.
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All 34 DC Comics Movies Ranked, Including ‘Shazam’

The DC Comics universe hasn’t quite flooded the big screen the way Marvel ones have in the past decade, but the DC brand has been hitting the big screen longer in the era of color, starting with the 1966 Adam WestBatman.” We ranked all those modern flicks, from “Batman: The Movie” to the DC Extended Universe’s “Wonder Woman,” “Justice League,” “Aquaman” and “Shazam.”

34. “Jonah Hex” (2010)

Despite the efforts of Josh Brolin and Michael Fassbender, this is one of the worst comic book movies of the modern era.

33. “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace” (1987)

Christopher Reeve is by far the best Superman. But “Superman IV” is a bomb in every sense — partly because of its heavy-handedness about bombs. Nuclear bombs. The film finds Superman trying to eliminate the world’s nuclear threat, but his best intentions run afoul of a silly, badly dated villain named Nuclear Man.

32. “Supergirl” (1984)

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Link Tank: Why David Lynch Turned Down Directing A Star Wars Film

Spencer Mullen Apr 2, 2019

David Lynch, Office Space, Jordan Peele's Us, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

Here's how a 2013 ninja movie influenced Jordan Peele's Us.

In Jordan Peele’s newest horror movie Us, murderous doppelgängers make a mundane pair of scissors their preferred weapon of terror. But what do scissors “sound” like in a horror movie? Peele’s sound editor, Trevor Gates, tells Inverse he sought a “menacing” metallic texture, not unlike that of Japanese katana swords, to make audiences “feel uneasy.”

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Here's why it's wrong to mock Milton from 1999's Office Space.

"I want to start this by saying that growing up with a lazy eye is not an easy thing. It isn’t an easy thing to explain, and I’m one of the lucky cases. I had surgery and can hide my eye, but it still exists. If I’m not wearing glasses or contacts,
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April 2nd Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot, Pledge, Rust Creek

Happy April, everyone! As we gear up for a brand new month, that means we also have a more horror and sci-fi home entertainment releases coming out this week, making for the perfect way to kick everything off. If you happened to miss it during its theatrical run, The Man Who Killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot heads home on both formats this Tuesday, and I cannot recommend it enough. Scream Factory and IFC Midnight have teamed up for the home releases of Pledge and Rust Creek, and if you’re a big Hellboy fan, two of the animated Hellboy movies are headed 4K Ultra HD as well.

Other Blu-ray and DVD releases for April 2nd include Terror 5, The Man With The Magic Box, Red Island, The Banished and Toxic Tutu.

The Man Who Killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot

Since WWII, Calvin Barr has lived with the secret
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‘Heathers’ Turns 30: Why Winona Ryder’s Agent Begged Her Not to Do the Subversive Teen Movie

  • Variety
‘Heathers’ Turns 30: Why Winona Ryder’s Agent Begged Her Not to Do the Subversive Teen Movie
Director Michael Lehmann was shocked when he looked at the New York Times and Los Angeles Times entertainment sections and saw there were no ads for the second week of dark high school comedy “Heathers.”

When the film opened on March 31, 1989, the indie film studio New World had taken out ads for the comedy that featured Winona Ryder and Christian Slater in career-defining performances.

“It had played at Sundance and had gotten a lot of attention,” he noted. “We were really looking forward to see what would happen when it hit theaters. The first weekend was great — a good screen average for a little indie movie like that. We were super happy.”

But without more ads they knew their little film would be in trouble.

“In those days, the way you decided on a movie in L.A. or New York was to look I the L.A. Times or
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Wamg Giveaway – Win The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot Starring Sam Elliott on DVD

Rlje Films (Nasdaq: Rlje) will release the action/thriller The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot on DVD and Blu-ray on April 2, 2019. Written by Robert D. Krzykowski, who is making his directorial debut, the film stars Academy Award Nominee Sam Elliott (A Star is Born, The Hero), Aidan Turner (“Poldark”), Ron Livingston (Office Space, Tully), Caitlin FitzGerald (“Masters of Sex”), Larry Miller (Pretty Woman) and Ellar Coltrane (Boyhood). Rlje Films will release The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then Thebigfoot on DVD for an Srp of $29.96 and Blu-ray for an Srp of $29.97.

Now you can win the Win the DVD of The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot. We Are Movie Geeks has two copies to give away. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling us what your favorite movie starring Sam Elliott is. (mine’s Lifeguard). It’s so easy!
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Mike Judge Renews HBO Overall Deal, Sets Up Two New Comedy Projects

  • Variety
Mike Judge Renews HBO Overall Deal, Sets Up Two New Comedy Projects
Mike Judge has signed a new two-year overall deal at HBO, Variety has learned.

The deal encompasses all forms of television except for animation. Under the new deal, Judge has set up two new comedy series projects at HBO, both of which have received production commitments.

The first project is titled “QualityLand,” based on the novel of the same name by Marc Uwe-King. The official description reads: “QualityLand is the very near future. It’s everything we have now, and more so. It’s the story of humanity’s struggle against the tyranny of convenience. But funny.”

Mike Judge and Josh Lieb serve as writers and executive producers, with Michael Rotenberg of 3 Arts Entertainment also executive producing. The series is a co-production between HBO and Lionsgate.

The other project is a limited series titled “A5.” It is centered on a bioengineer who discovers the gene that makes a person
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SXSW Film Review: ‘The Art of Self-Defense’

  • Variety
SXSW Film Review: ‘The Art of Self-Defense’
Casey Davies may be the least macho man you’ve ever met. When Casey Davies answers the phone, he is seldom surprised when the caller asks, “May I speak with Ms. Casey Davies?” Callers often assume that Casey Davies is a woman because Casey Davies is a woman’s name. When Casey Davies goes to work, his male co-workers sit around and read manly magazines and talk about manly things. When Casey Davies goes to the grocery store late at night to buy dog food, he is beaten and mugged by thugs on motorbikes. Casey Davies hardly puts up a fight.

Dark, sinister, and disarmingly hilarious, “The Art of Self-Defense” tells the story of how someone like Casey Davies learns to stand up for himself by signing up for karate classes. But it’s hardly that simple: Once enrolled, he starts to feel more confident in his personal life, even
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‘Office Space’ 20th Anniversary: Read the Full Q&A Moderated by Richard Linklater

‘Office Space’ 20th Anniversary: Read the Full Q&A Moderated by Richard Linklater
Office Space” celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and those Tps reports are still missing. To mark the occasion, Richard Linklater moderated a Q&A session with Mike Judge, Ron Livingston, Gary Cole, David Herman, and Ajay Naidu hosted by the Austin Film Society. The full transcript of their talk has been shared exclusively with IndieWire, and if you could read it by the end of the day, that’d be great:

Richard Linklater: How awesome was this, people, to watch this beautiful 35mm print with these guys here?


Richard: I just wanted to ask each of you, I’m just curious, when was the last time you saw the film with an audience in its entirety like this? And what do you make of it? You have an interesting perspective having done it, how is it aging in your perception? When did you realize what it was becoming?
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HBO Wants More Seasons of "Silicon Valley," but Mike Judge Might Be Ready to End It

HBO Wants More Seasons of
The restless entrepreneurs behind Pied Piper on HBO’s “Silicon Valley” have at least one more season of adventure around the corner, but after that, show creator Mike Judge might be ready to move on. “I think HBO is interested in more, if we come up with ideas that would turn it into something longer,” Judge said in an interview with IndieWire in Austin, a week after starting the writing process on Season 6. “But we also don’t want to run it into the ground.”

Judge has said before that he has an ending in mind for the antics of his wayward techies, but as the show prepares for its latest installments, the idea may soon come to fruition. “It’s feeling that way,” he said. “We just started writing the new season so we’re going to wait and see, make that decision after we’ve gotten a little way into it.
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Texas Film Awards to Honor ‘Office Space,’ John Lee Hancock, Brooklyn Decker

  • Variety
The Austin Film Society’s Texas Film Awards will mark their 19th iteration in the Texas capital tonight, with John Lee Hancock, Brooklyn Decker and Mike Judge’s cult classic “Office Space” as the evening’s honorees.

Co-founded by Richard Linklater in 1985, the Afs supports a variety of initiatives throughout the year, ranging from screenings to filmmaker grants, as well as operating the Austin Studios production facility. Austin filmmaker and longtime Afs supporter Judge will be on hand at tonight’s gala fundraiser as “Office Space” — his 1999 feature film debut which bombed in release, only to become an oft-quoted cultural sensation on home video — is inducted into the Texas Film Hall of Fame on its 20th anniversary.

John Lee Hancock

Star of Texas Award

Screenwriter-turned-director Hancock was born in Longview and spent most of his childhood in Texas City, yet managed to find a foothold in Los Angeles by writing
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Here’s What’s New to and Leaving Hulu in March 2019

Hulu has released its list of what is coming and going on the streaming platform in March 2019 (the future is now!) There are a slew of 90s and early 2000s classics heading our way, including the Ace Ventura movies, Office Space, Edward Scissorhands, and the seminal Batman Begins. In the documentary realm, Oscar-winner Free Solo also joins the lineup. But perhaps even more notable is Hulu's slate of original series that will launch in March, including the charming and emotionally raw comedy Shrill (which stars SNL's Aidy Bryant), as well as The Act, which stars Patricia …

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The 10 Best Quotes From Office Space

It’s been 20 years since a peculiar little comedy called Office Space graced our screens. While not initially a box office success, the movie has gone on to become a cult classic over the past two decades. It’s best known for the scene where the guys smash up the broken printer in a field, but the film as a whole is brilliant.

Related: Ron Livingston & Mark Duplass Interview: Tully

The monotony of working in an office is captured in the most hysterical way and all of the characters are lovable and real. So, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this hilarious little movie, here are The 10 Best Quotes From Office Space.
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20 Years After ‘Office Space’, We Need a New Version for the Gig Economy

The core of Office Space is the absurdity of office life. Mike Judge’s comedy wasn’t the first to seize on this, and the second-half of the 20th century is filled with examples of people feeling like meaningless drones in a corporate existence that holds considerable sway over the lives of individuals while also divorcing individuals from their individuality. Peter (Ron Livingston) chooses to meet absurdity with absurdity, becoming disconnected from a workplace that has no connection to him. But through it all, Office Space has just that—space. It’s a workplace that’s both uncaring and …
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Swingline Launches Milton’s Red Iconic Red Stapler To Celebrate 20th Anniversary Of Cult Comedy Office Space

Hold your PC load letter and put on some flair! Swingline, the leading brand in workspace tools for the business, home and mobile office for over 90 years, will give movie lovers access to a piece of pop culture history with the production of “Milton’s Swingline Red Stapler” to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 20th Century Fox cult movie classic “Office Space” on February 19. In honor of the fan-favorite comedy, 20th Century Fox Consumer Products and Swingline are partnering for a one-of-a-kind 1 million staples giveaway — giving one lucky fan the chance to win a lifetime supply of staples!

Milton, the accidental hero of “Office Space,” was obsessed with his bright red Swingline® stapler for good reason. It was far superior to any other staplers on the market and was one of the reasons people kept swiping it in the office.

A lucky “Office Space” fan will always be prepared
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O-Faces, Red Staplers and Tps Reports: The Oral History of ‘Office Space’

Before there was Beavis, Butt-head or Hank Hill, there was Milton Waddams. In 1990, a former Austin, Texas-based engineer named Mike Judge created the hand-drawn and self-produced short about a squirrelly office worker named Milton. He toils in a pitifully small office. He mumbles about his job. He’s obsessed with his stapler. His boss, a suspenders-wearing jerk named Bill Lumbergh, asks him to push his desk “as far back into that corner as possible” so they can use the rest of it for storage space. The story ends with Bill
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Office Space Turns 20: Where Are the Stars of the Hilarious Cult Classic Now?

Tps reports. Flair. The red Swingline stapler. That Pos printer. Did you get the memo? It's been 20 years since writer-director Mike Judge, then best-known for creating the animated hits Beavis and Butt-Head and King of the Hill, made his live-action debut with the wicked corporate culture satire Office Space. The film, which told the story of fed-up Initech programmer Peter Gibbons (played by Ron Livingston) as he and his equally over-it coworkers plot to take down the company that's sucking the life out of them, was born out of an animated short that Judge created and voiced, centered on mumbling office worker Milton and his condescending boss, that aired on Comedy Central in 1991. "In...
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Office Space giveaway: 20th Century Fox and Swingline host Milton Red Swingline Stapler contest where you can win a lifetime supply of staples

Swingline has released Milton’s iconic stapler for purchase plus a contest revealed. Pic credit: Swingline Monsters and Critics got the early word about a cool contest for fans of the cult comedic film, Office Space. Can you believe it, but the hilarious line: “Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler” is now #20YearsLater! Swingline has launched an homage stapler you can now own which is an exact replica of the one Milton Waddams (Stephen Root) coveted and chased around the office under the management of Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole). In a very cool tie-in to coincide with the 20th […]

The post Office Space giveaway: 20th Century Fox and Swingline host Milton Red Swingline Stapler contest where you can win a lifetime supply of staples appeared first on Monsters and Critics.
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Urban Outfitters Wants $40 for Used VHS Mystery Pack

Would you pay $40 for a random assortment of five VHS tapes? Almost certainly not, but Urban Outfitters is betting that there is a big enough nostalgia market to drive just such a venture to success. The retailer regularly sells items in its stores, to go along with its clothing selection, that prey on nostalgia seekers and lean into the idea that people will impulsively spend money on things that make them think fondly of the past. But this time they may have gone too far.

Per the official Urban Outfitters website, they are now selling, both online and in their stores, a Mystery VHS 5 Pack that will provide the purchaser with a totally random assortment of themed movies in the outdated, retro medium for $40. The specific pack featured on the website is for 90s comedy movies, with titles such as Heathers (released in 1989), The Waterboy, Office Space, Vacation (which was
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