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Feel Good Movie
Janet7 April 2005
I LOVED this movie. Not as great as "50 First Dates", but it's definitely a repeater, especially on a rainy day or with a group of girlfriends. Yes, the plot was "cute" and maybe even unbelievable, but what's so bad about a feel good movie. Drew as Josie and her romance with the teacher is so sweet and brother baseball wannabee adds to the movie's good feeling. With all the junk out there, what's so bad about a good movie the whole family can enjoy? Without being embarrassed while watching with your kids! Drew is an awesome actress that really seems to be unappreciated for the most part. This is definitely one of her best roles!
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Love this film!
wee_linziuk6 April 2005
This is a truly hilarious film and one that I have seen many times. Drew Barrymore is brilliant as Josie Geller, as is David Arquette as her brother. You cringe with embarrassment at the thought of her returning to high school as the film is a reminder of what high school was really like! Her outfits are wacky and weird, and it brings back memories of those who dressed a bit differently! The gorgeous Michael Vartan was adorable as the teacher (wish there had been teachers like that when I was at high school!) and Josie's boss is fantastic. This is a film you could watch again and again, with a fabulous sound track! One for all those at school in the 90's to watch!
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You Go Drew!!!
lollybomb9 June 2000
I think this movie more than any other shows what a great actress Drew Barrymore is because she plays a ugly duckling in high school which is something I never imagined her being. A great flick with lots of laughs . I don't usually go for those feel good movies but I really enjoyed this one.
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Under-rated Barrymore Love Story
Elswet11 April 2007
I can't say that I embrace this as a Romantic Comedy, as I found little funny about it. I did find it endearing, entertaining, heartwarming, and terminally sweet, and while there were some witty moments, I found them more bittersweet than outright comedic.

I liked this one. Barrymore has grown so much as an actress, and it's always wonderful to catch her on the big screen, but this translates well to the small screen, too. In fact, on subsequent viewings, I like this one more and more.

If you're a fan of the Romantic Comedy, then you may be a bit put off by lack of comedic effect with this one, but if you're in it for the romance, it's definitely here to be found.

It rates a 7.8/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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High School Do Over
bkoganbing12 August 2008
Never Been Kissed gives Drew Barrymore the chance to do something that maybe 70% of us would like to do. Go back to high school and make some necessary corrections. Actually the first time for me was bad enough and at my age I doubt I could pull it off the way Drew does.

Of course the reason could also be that once we leave high school it's like leaving a cocoon and we have to deal with the great big unfriendly world out there. I've known a few in my life who would go back and stay if they could. In fact there is a Law and Order episode which explores the dark side of this same situation. A girl looking young enough to pull it off, goes through high school at least three times and kills the person who stumbles on her secret.

With Drew though it's an assignment. She's a copy editor for the Chicago Sun Times who yearns to be a reporter. Publisher Garry Marshall who plays the part like Donald Trump took over the Sun Times gets this brilliant idea and just sees in Barrymore a young enough looking person to pull off the masquerade.

High School the first time was bad enough. Drew was not the most popular then and she's not doing better the second time around. That is until brother David Arquette also goes back to school and helps her over the rough patches.

Of course this raises a whole lot of issues for Drew, peer pressure from two sources, job and school. What's a girl to do?

Never Been Kissed is a light and charming comedy which to its credit skips over the opportunity to be crassly exploitive and gives us some good entertainment. Drew is very funny and sweet and her performance in moments of stress for her character moves nicely into pathos. Michael Vartan as her English teacher is the kind I wish there were more of in the education field and Leelee Sobieski and Jessica Alba play a pair of the empty headed cool kids that Drew tries so desperately to hook up with.

Still it doesn't inspire me to return to Midwood High School.
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A sweet charmer
wnterstar10 July 2004
I enjoyed this movie quite a bit. It was charming, funny, and, at times painful. I, however think it was painful to watch because I had such a hard time at high school, and I could relate to this movie.

It reminded me of "Mean Girls" a lot, although this had a softer edge to it.

It was a bit predictable, but, sometimes a good, sweet, romance with a happy ending is what you want in a movie.

The acting was good, and the story was believable-if a bit far-fetched.

The sound track was awesome!
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Can so so relate
Very sadly, I can relate to this movie, as I'm 17, and have yet to be kissed, so I really feel for Josie. It's been a while since seeing this film, but to write this review I re-watched it, and remembered everything I loved about it.

Drew Barrymore is a great actress, and this role suited her really well at the time. The chemistry between Sam and Josie was really good, and Michael Vartan was an excellent actor in this.

I loved the storyline too - as i said up there, I could relate, and it's rare you find a film you can completely relate to.

All over - I loved it. 7/10
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Thank God For Skin Tight Body Suits!!
TheAnimalMother29 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I really tried hard to like this film. After all it has the adorable Drew Barrymore, and the mesmerizingly beautiful Leelee Sobieski in it. It had promise in some scenes, but all in all it's a very lack-luster film that feels way too forced. It is chalk full of the usual overdone Hollywood stereotypes and standard formula, and there just isn't enough good laughs to make up for it. I must say that Leelee Sobieski who plays the schools 'biggest nerd', is by far the hottest nerd I've ever seen, in real life or in Hollywood film. I'd even join the math club to get next to her. I only gave this film a 5 because it was worth a watch based only on seeing Jessica Alba covered in dog food, and mostly for seeing Miss.Sobieski in a one piece skin tight body suit. Leelee's body in that skin tight suit was by far, the greatest highlight in this overly stupid and rarely funny force fed wreck.

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Can't hate anything with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Alba in the cast list...
Victor Field11 June 2001
The nice thing about Drew Barrymore - or, to paraphrase the late Douglas Adams, ONE of the nice things for there are several - is that she's willing to try almost anything from "Guncrazy" to "Ever After" (although I suspect she would draw the line at "Bad Girls 2"). In this appealing though predictable teen flick, she's an eager writer for a newspaper given a chance to prove she can do more by going undercover to see what today's teens are up to in high school, and finds that nothing's really changed.

Drew is as engaging as ever whether appearing in class way too overdressed or dancing on stage while on drugs (relax, the film's overall pretty inoffensive), and it may have been prophetic that her joke about having been named Josie after the leader of a cartoon rock band goes over the head of her best friend at school (the film version of "Josie and the Pussycats" was a box office flop in America). The movie isn't exactly surprising, and won't appeal to anyone who insists on teen films having acid in their veins - but then again, the edgier "Jawbreaker" wasn't just bad-spirited, it was BAD, period. Call me soppy, but I like a happy ending, and this does have one (even The Prettiest Girls In School don't turn out to be that horrid in the end).

If only the Seekers' "Free To Be You And Me" (which Drew and her friends sing along to in a car in one scene) and some of David Newman's sweet score had been on the soundtrack album, but that's not a problem exclusive to this film; what with this and "Charlie's Angels" (not to mention "Olive, the Other Reindeer") Barrymore's record as a producer is a lot better than, say, Michelle Pfeiffer's. And as I said in the summary, you get Drew Barrymore and Jessica Alba in the same movie (this is a Twentieth Century Fox movie in more ways than one).
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A newspaper copy editor becomes prom queen.
Michael O'Keefe12 June 2000
Warning: Spoilers
This is a very predictable little story; but the finale is the most romantic I've seen in a while. A 25 year old copy editor for a Chicago paper gets her first assignment as an undercover reporter. She ethically blows her own cover, ruining her story; but turns in an alternate story about her real experiences in high school.

I did not go out of my way to see this; but since I love Drew Barrymore, I couldn't totally pass it up. Without Barrymore this would not make the grade. Silly plot, but interesting sub-plots. The finale brings about a big happy sigh.

The other cast members include: David Arquette, LeeLee Sobieski, Molly Shannon, Michael Vartan and Garry Marshall.
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to go back to high school knowing now what one didn't know then...
triple811 July 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Never been kissed starring Drew Barymore as Reporter Josie Gellar is a sweet, extremely sappy and sometimes quite painful tale of a timid woman named Josie Gellar who though brilliant is quiet and shy and has never been kissed by a man. She is assigned her first major news story for the newspaper she works for-to go undercover as a high school student befriend the popular cool kids and get a scoop as to what really goes on in the world of high school. Only problem is Josie has never been popular. High School was in fact, a traumatizing experience for her as she was the recipient of quite a lot of teasing and cruel jokes. Josie grabs this assignment, as much to finally "fit in" as to get a scoop-what she finds is the major premise of the story.

Never been kissed is one of those movies that's so sappy and schmaltzy at times, particularly in a few scenes at the end that the limits of believability are sorely tested and many a cynic may not like this movie. It is however, very sweetly done. Drew Barymore is perfect as the bumbling yet lovely Josie-she breathes a breath of fresh air into the character and makes her appear perfectly realistic. I also enjoyed Leelee Sobiesky as the intellectual student who befriends Josie on her first day at the school.

Never been kissed has some really funny moments as Josie unravels in her frantic efforts to be cool. Example-the reggae bar scene.I also loved the appearance of Josie's brother Rob who also goes back and signs up as a high school student, the way that he helps to give Josie her "dream" of finally fitting in is just hilarious. At the same time, as Josie's woeful story of her original years in high school are shown in flashback it is extremely painful. You do not need to have had similar experiences in high school to Josie to be affected by her story-Drew is wonderful at making her character have a personal connection with the audience and we adore Josie from the beginning.

there is a lot of "mean girls" a 2004 release, in this movie but mean girls honestly was a lot grittier. Never been kissed becomes very much a romantic pic as Josie develops feelings for a certain man and the question becomes will they get together.

I liked this movie. It was really beautifully done in some areas. The movie is corny in some places yes, the last scene-realistic-no way-does this movie manipulate your emotions in the most obvious Hollywood way? Oh yeah yeah yeah baby! But it manipulates beautifully, there are some lessons to be learned here. The movie never preaches but manages to paint an accurate picture of what high school was like for a select few. I have actually met people who have had similar experiences to Josie-I've met people very much like all these characters-I think a lot of people simply don't know or can't conceive of the cruelty that can exist in the world of high school, and how hurtful it can be, but it's there. Not unrealistic at all. What struck me was Drew's speech at the prom, as she demonstrates the "sheep mentality" that can exist so prevalently -as Hollywood and manufactured as many think that may be, it was well done and very true.

I'm making never been kissed sound a lot heavier then it is, in truth this is a perfect movie to pick when one wants a sweet feel good light heartwarming picture. It's engaging, sweetly acted and just Rufus. I'd say check it out. 8 of 10.
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Fluffy, Funny, Feel-good
EllieStar15 April 2002
Warning: Spoilers

I have to admit that I am extremely biased when it comes to this film. I happen to think that Micheal Vartan is an extremely talented (okay, extremely sexy) actor, and his portrayal of Mr.Coulson is filled with sensitivity, empathy and understanding. By no means could this possibly fulfil anyone's notion of an excellent film. The plot is thin, the script cliched, and the acting (at times) stretched. However, forgetting all of the above, it is an extremely witty, poignant, easily relatable, confidence-boosting, feel-good film.

Drew Barrymore and Micheal Vartan share an incredible on-screen chemistry and their kiss at the end is one of the cutest.
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never get tired of this
jannghi21 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this when it first came out and have seen it several times since. I have the DVD. It's one of Drew Barrymore's best works and one that is worth seeing more than once.

Not being popular in high school was one f the things in the film I could relate to. I wasn't quite as tortured as Josie was (during her real high school days) or like Aldys, but I was never the go- to-the-major-party type either. The prom scene were the three popular girls fall victim to their own prank as Josie pushes way Aldys (the intended victim) is my favorite scene and I clapped when I first saw it.

I can still watch this movie today. it is excellent.
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Everybody wants to be accepted...
frenchkiss_0522 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I love this movie so much. It always makes me cry. If you appreciate Drew Barrymore half as much as I do, you'll love this movie. It's got all the essentials I look for in a movie. It has good actors, good characters, good humor...a lot of heart-warming moments too. The flash-back moments when we see Josie in high school make me cry though. Every single time. I'm sure you'll like this one, don't judge based on the fact that it looks like a teen movie, even though it is, in a way, a teen movie. Sure, if you're a guy, and all you watch are hardcore special effect movies only in the top 250 movies of all time, then this isn't for you. But if you like romantic comedies you will not forget after seeing it, pick it up at a video store and enjoy: Drew Barrymore is great in this one!
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Second half was better
vchimpanzee22 January 2004
I thought my one-line summary was going to be 'this was a very bad idea', a line spoken by Drew Barrymore's character. At that point in the movie, there were no likeable characters to speak of, except maybe Drew's brother. But Drew's character grew on me. And her brother played a bigger role in the movie's second half. Overall, things started getting better as time went on. And the best acting performance, to me, was that of the actress playing a nerdy kid who became Drew's friend. I was pleasantly surprised to find the name Leelee Sobieski in the credits. She has impressed me before, without my knowing who she was, and she did it again. By the end of the movie, I was feeling pretty good. It didn't have to be quite so dirty, though.
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A poor comedy, but a cute Barrymore romance
napierslogs24 August 2010
Josie has never been kissed, she was just an unpopular, ridiculed nerd in high school. But now Josie is 25, working for a newspaper when she gets a chance to go undercover and report on the high school scene. Drew Barrymore stars as Josie, and as usual, she is very cute and charming.

This movie is a comedy, but unfortunately, it's not very funny. They tried to show a clash with the differences between 80s and 90s teenagers, but they did it with very little thought. As a consequence, very little humour came through, mostly coming across as forced and superficial. They did a better job with the "losers" vs. "popular" clash, but that has been way over done in many movies.

Despite their poor attempts at comedy, the movie is saved by Barrymore's heart and the sweet romance. Michael Vartan plays Sam, a high school teacher, who sees all of Josie's potential. Some of which she has already reached, and for the rest, well, you'll just have to watch "Never Been Kissed".
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Really good movie
atinder7 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Josie is a reporter from a newspaper is set a task to go back to high school as she is going to be 17 again. .

As she is there, she remembers some really awful stuff thats happened to her the first time she was in Highschool as we see in flashback scenes.

In the flashback they show that (little spoiler) Josie was kind of a nerd in high school and was picked on a lot and one day the cool guy tells her that he is taking her to the prom, only on the prom night as she leaves her house she gets egged by the ass hole and his bitch. what a horrible thing to do (some will find this hard to watch as it so nasty and it will make you feel warmer to Josie).

I did not find this movie that funny but there was some really funny stuff in the office scenes a lot more funnier then anything that happened in the school.

This movie did have the perfect happy ending, as it did bring tears to my mum and sister eyes. The acting in this movie was not outstanding, it was good for the most part of the movie, there is some poor acting in some parts of the movie.

I going to give this movie 7 out 10.
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Very Good Movie
mlmrjforever2 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this movie was really awesome! One of Drew's best. I am also a fan of Michael Vartan so I thought he was so hot in this movie. Why all the bad reviews. I would want to watch this movie over and over again if I could. I also loved the ending. This movie clearly has shown a smile on my face! I was also surprised that James Franco and Jessica Alba were in it. I love them both so I also highlighted this movie. At the end, when Drew is making the huge comment about the truth it really told the truth of what sometimes happens in High School. Again, the movie was amazing. Defiantly a 10/10. Hope this comment was very useful to any IMDb readers.
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Good movie, but there is space for "but"
Aurelija31 October 2005
I saw this movie for a first time years ago, when it was still new and I was satisfied. It's a great Hollywood make-belief story for teenagers. However, it's not lifelike. As much as you would want to believe it, these stories never happen. That's why it is irritating to watch movies like that. They play with teenagers' minds, just imagine how many girls still in high schools believed in that magic and got disappointed. I wouldn't recommend this movie to my little sister or my cousin. The director should have spent some more time thinking about the plot instead of thinking about actors. Yes, they (actors) were good, but the idea isn't worth a 10. There are a lot of films about teenagers. So why don't we make a better one?
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I wish I'd watched it 4 years ago.
Liquid-Snake19 May 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not a fan of teen "comedies" but this was on ITV at the weekend so I thought I'd give it a go. I didn't know much about the film except that Drew Barrymore (I'm not a big fan) was in it and what genre it was classed in.


About an hour into the film, I considered switching off because the plot was too outrageous and the characters so 2-D and typically American, but I watched it through and although the ending was a bit too over the top and predictable, I found Drew's speech about high school never changing hit the mark. It was true for me particularly as it is my last week at college - that's UK college, like high-school in the US - and I saw her stereotypes of school. It made me realise I wasn't gonna be in school any longer (sniff) and that school is probably the best time in life.

Personal thoughts aside, this isn't as good as She's All That but fun to watch anyway. 6/10.
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Doesn't matter
kizme_4925 December 1999
it doesn't matter whether drew or leelee are total babes, but there are a lot of girls who are so pretty and hot but they appear to be so nerdy. This movie is not oscar type of movie but it has at least a good point of view of what life is like for young people or for "real" people. It made us laugh and learn to accept others for who they really are. this movie represents the real world and that what really matters.
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Good film that's very funny, romantic, and touching
Catherine_Grace_Zeh17 November 2005
To me, NEVER BEEN KISSED is a good film that's very funny, romantic, and touching. I thought that Drew (Barrymore) and the entire cast did an outstanding job. Even though I've only seen a few of her films, I think she's a good actress. I felt sorry for Josie (Drew Barrymore) because she was tortured in high school. You poor thing. Each time that happened, I wanted to cry. This was because I could sort of relate to how she was tortured. Even so, this film made me laugh at times. Mainly, it made me feel good. To all you Drew Barrymore fans that have not seen this film, I highly recommend it. When you see it, prepare to have a good time and be touched.
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Nothing in this movie rings true
PorkRibs26 April 1999
This film looks like it was written by people who never went to high school, who instead formed their impression of human experience by watching TV shows. Watching this film, you'll learn:

* If a nerd tries to buy a ticket to the high school prom, she'll be turned away.

* The prom queen can instantly lose all her friends at the prom by putting a stop to a prank.

* If you are a reporter writing a story and you get scooped, you'll be fired immediately.

* If a male high school teacher rides on a ferris wheel with a female student, and tells her that men will chase after her when she's older, he'll be the subject of an expose in the local newspaper.

* If you're a nerd, and a cute guy asks you to the prom, say no: if you say yes, he'll pass you by in the limo and throw eggs at you.

* If you're a newspaper reporter working on an undercover story, you'll wear a little camera in a pin on your shirt, and your exploits will be beamed back to the paper where you work, where all your co-workers will watch everything that happens to you.

* A 25-year-old woman who's never been kissed, and who dreams of falling in love with the right guy, will, once she meets the right guy, advertise in the paper that she'll be waiting for him to kiss her in front of an audience of a few thousand people.

I don't think I can think of one authentic human moment in the whole movie. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.
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This movie is so Rufus!
Cristian20 May 2007
In today movies, is very hard to found good teens comedies, but famous "Mean Girls" (2004) proves that this genre is not death. And i think that films like "Never Been Kissed" (Althoug its 8 years of been realized) are another great teen comedy with successful characters that don't fall in an awful cliché, as its plot.

"Never Been Kissed" told us the story of Josie Geller, a young reporter who has a big job to do. She has to return to High School to do an impressive report about life of its students. But she don't want do it ... she remember all the pain that she passed when she was in it. She remember that horrible prom night... but now she took a risk and return to school, where she going to learn not only about the typical life of high-school students ... she is going to learn about true friendship and true love. Starring by Drew Barrymore (Fantastic, maybe in one of her best as Josie Geller), Michael Vartan, David Arquette, Leelee Sobiesky, Molly Shannon, Jeremy Jordan and John C. Reilly, "Never Been Kissed" is a beautiful nostalgic romantic comedy, with amazing performances, cool music and a funny and entertaining story.

Is good to found films like "Never Been Kissed" (Or its Spanish title "Jamas Besada"). A film for all ages. No matter if you pass that years, its time to remind them. And learn to appreciate them if you are in them. Highly recommended.

*Sorry for the mistakes ... well, if there any.
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EA14 June 2006
Wonder how old most of the reviewers, here in, are? Read a few pages and most are raving... about?

Whole thing was unbelievable, no plausibility whatever and a one dimensional caricature. What a waste of time, money and celluloid.

So the nerds win... They win all the time where it really matters by being society's innovators. They just don't win by being empty prom queens. If one 9 to 15 or so, this might be an enjoyable afternoon. Though I'm not sure I'd want to put such trash into a young brain. But if you're reading reviews, you might think at least twice.

Drew is Drew. She was extremely cute in ET & here she's still being "cute" and Drew - zip depth or growth. I'd expect some at 25 but she doesn't have to. With Spielberg as her godfather and the Barrymore name behind her she can be cute for ever. She'll always have work and money. It's her birth right. She's capitalizing on the name, her money & social position but not the acting. She can't act at least not in this film.

So: No acting from anyone one; absurd story line; a caricature of a film.

You decide how to your precious time.
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