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Non-traditional markets have been neglected

According to the founders of the upcoming Australian Film Festival in India, Australia is yet to benefit from a relationship with non-traditional markets such as India, the Middle East and Latin America.

“I believe Australia is yet to properly benefit from its relationship with the world’s biggest film industry –India – and other non-traditional markest. This was the fundamental principle behind an Australian Film Initiative and it has been most encouraging to see the Australian Film Festival in India receive support from Australian government and industry alike within hours and days of the announcement. I hope this initiative grows in the coming years providing loads of commercial and creative benefit to our film industry in Australia,” said festival co-director Anupam Sharma.

The festival will feature an industry element, with invitation-only roundtables on investment and distribution and industry speakers at various sessions. It’s been conceived as a “much needed platform
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A Not Entirely Uninhabited Island Awakens Nightmares

Uninhabited is releasing in theatres during the month of May throughout Austalia and for North American fans there is a new poster for the film, with a synopsis here. The film is directed by Bill Bennett (In a Savage Land) and stars Geraldine Hakewill (first film), Bob Baines (U-Turn), Billy Milionis (Death's Requiem), and Henry James (first film). This mostly amateur cast will be pitted against
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Gemini looks to seed a deal with Blue Tulip

COLOGNE, Germany -- German production house Gemini Film is eyeing Blue Tulip, Jan de Bont's production banner, as Gemini searches for projects to finance through a new €150 million ($163.5 million) film fund. Gemini head Gerhard Schmidt said the Cologne-based production house is in negotiations with Blue Tulip on several projects that could be bankrolled through the fund, called Living Pictures, which would be operated by Gemini and German film-fund veteran Rudolf Wiesmeier. Wiesmeier has set up a number of German tax-shelter film funds in the past, including Hollywood Partners, which backed such films as Quills, Obsession and In a Savage Land.

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