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  • Woody Woodpecker lives in a slum, and is fed up with his bills, wishing aloud that he were rich. At that moment, a four-leaf clover appears in the floorboards, and transforms into a leprechaun woodpecker, which grants Woody three wishes. Woody immediately wishes for immense wealth, and he gets it-- by robbing a bank without realizing it. A police chase follows; will Woody escape, and what will his other two wishes be?

  • Woody, exasperated at continually having to pay rent, encounters a leprechaun woodpecker who grants him three wishes.


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  • Woody lives in a slum on the edge of the city, and is exasperated at his bills. He wishes aloud that he were rich. At that moment, a four-leaf clover appears in the floorboards. Woody takes it, hoping it will bring him good luck. To his surprise, it transforms into a leprechaun woodpecker. Speaking with an Irish brogue, it names itself as O'Toole, and demonstrates its seemingly endless magical abilities to Woody. It then grants him three wishes. An excited Woody immediately wishes for immense wealth.

    The leprechaun takes Woody to "the end of the rainbow", where Woody indeed finds himself swimming in money. He takes a bag of cash and runs out. At that moment, an alarm goes off. He turns around, and realizes he has just robbed from the First National Bank. He is immediately confronted by a police officer with an Irish brogue. While Woody attempts to deflect the blame onto the leprechaun, the police officer does not believe him. At that moment, the leprechaun woodpecker jumps in and saves Woody by bashing the officer over the head with a club.

    A lengthy chase ensues between the officer and Woody. The leprechaun continually helps Woody to escape from tight situations, until Woody is finally caught and handcuffed to two other officers. The leprechaun appears, and Woody tells it his second wish-- to be transported home safely. The leprechaun frees Woody, and replaces him with a skunk. The horrified officers run off down the street, trying to break away from the handcuffs without luck.

    Once Woody is back home, the leprechaun reminds him that "a wish is not what pays the rent", and goes to leave. However, Woody reminds the leprechaun that he still has one wish left, and angrily screams at it, "GO TO BLAZES!" The leprechaun, having no choice, jumps and plummets through the floor into Hell, where he came from. The Devil, also a woodpecker with an Irish brogue, laughs and welcomes the leprechaun back. Iris out.

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