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Emily Browning: total control

She turned down the lead in Twilight and now stars in a film about sex work. Emily Browning tells Maddy Costa that yes, she knows exactly what she's doing

Emily Browning spent the spring of 2011 ricocheting from one controversy to another. Sucker Punch, a hyperactive video game-influenced fantasia in which she starred as the scantily clad Baby Doll, was released at the end of March to a barrage of dreadful reviews deriding its "rancid lucubrations" (Observer), "chaotic and nonsensical" battles (the Independent) and "pervasive ugliness" (the New York Times). Then in May, she went to Cannes for the premiere of Sleeping Beauty, to hear a ruffled audience greet the film with as many boos as muted cheers. Reviews were similarly divided, between those who thought its stately depiction of fetishistic prostitution amounted to "psychosexual twaddle" (the Hollywood Reporter) and those who found it a "strange, ensnaring achievement" (Daily Telegraph).

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