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Quirky but very funny movie; I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Mr Skoooooter7 August 1999
I liked this movie because, having seen Wendel Meldrum as "Miss White" in The Wonder Years", I wondered (pardon the pun) if her acting ability was a one shot deal. This movie show that it most definitely is Not! She is good; Very good, and I recommend this movie highly.
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The Divine Postlethwaite
Python Hyena24 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The Divine Ryans (1999): Dir: Stephen Reynolds / Cast: Pete Postlethwaite, Jordan Harvey, Robert Joy, Wendel Meldrum, Mary Walsh: Drama about companionship and the strength of bonds. A young widow and her son move into a convent run by Priests and nuns. Her son is traumatized by his father's suicide and the horror that he would discover when attempting to surprise him on his birthday. His mother tries to reassure him on his father's spirituality but the headmistress sends him to a gym run by a Priest who inflicts heavy discipline. Strong performance by Pete Postlethwaite runs a funeral parlour and agrees to counsel the boy once a week. Elements involving the supernatural are distracting as when the boy reflects upon the story of myths that his father use to read to him. This places the film in a struggle to what it is trying to represent or to what audience. Director Stephen Reynolds delivers an intriguing and visually appealing film. Postlethwaite holds strong as he attempts to bring reason and joy back into a life shattered with confusion. Jordan Harvey plays the boy full of questions and wonder yet scarred by one image. Robert Joy plays his father whom is seen in flashbacks but his dismiss brings spiritual discussion needing discernment. Wendel Meldrum plays Harvey's mother struggling with the strict beliefs in the Church. Mary Walsh also appears as an aunt. Truly divine film about pulling through a crises. Score: 9 / 10
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