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17 May 2008
Episode #15.37
Jens, Frank and Nelly play Jokke and his wife's dirty tricks against each-other, so they end up being forced to dance the selection tango together to get into the Paris competition both crave, but then she hurts her foot seriously... Peter comes to realize forgiveness is the price to have a change left at family happiness... Lotte's financial incompetence and abuses are maliciously exposed, ending up to drive dad Jean-Paul to a serious cardiac arrest... Jasper was heart too badly to forgive Keira for not only not supporting him but even betraying his mate, so she ...
24 May 2008
Episode #15.38
Jean-Paul Derdeyn's manipulative younger wife Kathleen eagerly blames his daughter Lotte for his potentially fatal cardiac condition, but he recovers well enough to pull rank as director and overrule his own regulations. Jasper's trauma with disloyal Veerle has turned him off blonds altogether, yet he won't dump a girl as cruelly, but visits an erotic restaurant with his roomy Jens, only they're not amused to land in the gay section, where they can't even see the girls strip-show; next day, the boys even try a bordello. When two Down patients turn up in hospital eager...
7 Jun. 2008
Episode #15.40
Hospital director Jean-Paul Derdeyn is now even firmer against her idea of 'right to procreation' for the Down patients couple, but nurse Elke braves them all, even a refusal from the girl's guardian-sister to reverse an operative sterilization doesn't daunt her... Meanwhile Kyra is spending money living the luxury hotel life before she even starts earning at the website, where the manager has grave doubts if the flippant girl is suitably reliable, sensible and discrete...
12 Jun. 2008
Episode #15.42
To Jasper's delight, Lotte enjoyed their night out enough to come help him in the surf club and accepts no payment: she just wants to spend the rest of the night together. Elke has had her triumph, the Down syndrome-couple's fake 'wedding', in unamused Jean-Paul Derdeyn's bar, and set them up in a social services-owned house in his street, but when the girl simply steals a baby from the maternity ward, which only gets found by less retarded partner Jelle's doing after the police was called in, she's obviously fired and likely to be charged later. Kyra is now ...
17 Jun. 2008
Episode #15.43
At a reception Lotte bumps in, first time since childhood, to her far niece Alexandra, who invites her to assist the next day at her low-key wedding to Bert Tanghe. Lotte takes them to Jasper and convinces him to throw a surprise reception for the couple, although they told her they planned the honeymoon straight after the city hall ceremony. Jens "E.T." returns to the cyber sex-site, but only to talk innocently. Alas his superiors discover and forbid his police computer use. When he goes to see Kira, she brushes him off because she has another- E.T.!
19 Jun. 2008
Episode #15.44
'Truant School-slut' Kira was stood up at the date with Jens alias "E.T.", sniffs cocaine and refuses to chat with him anymore; worried sick, Jens convinces Leen to open her hotel door, but she's gone. Mayor Peter Dehaene weds Alexandra and Bert, Jasper and Lotte bring them blindfolded to the surprise party, where Jokke is DJ. Jasper felt neglected, but now Lotte agrees to move in with him. Jean-Paul is back home but wants his work-load reduced, so snake-wife Kathleen takes over the management of pub-hotel Den Anker, which never made a quarterly profit because of ...
26 Jun. 2008
Episode #15.45
Alexandra enjoys her honeymoon, but at a desolate picnic husband Bert snaps her head and stages a car ravine accident. Amateur cyclist Alain revives Frank's taste for bike-strolling; Nelly gets him an outfit, waxes his legs to his agony and pushes his macho pride to join the younger team, above his abilities. Tender happiness between Jasper and Lote is disturbed by the news from France, Bert's 'sister' asks them along to his sickbed to arrange her funeral. Jokke hesitates to accept Kathleen's offer to take care of her two Arabian race horses, with a pay increase; Leen...
3 Jul. 2008
Episode #15.47
Pub Den Anker becomes the center of intrigue. Jean-Paul is s furious about Leen's insolent decision to sponsor local cycling club De Stampers, which is fun but atrociously slow -Dr. Frank being worst of all-, that he not only cancels that deal but instead sponsors their rivals, Het Groot Verzet. Kathleen stirs Jokke to accept becoming manager of the pub instead of her horse trainer, which would be taking the job of his bossy wife Leen, and shares his bed intimately. Leen strikes back, convincing former cycling champion Roger De Vlaeminck to become the Stampers's coach...
8 Jul. 2008
Episode #15.48
Jean-Paul heard about Kathleen kissing Jokke. Arne convinces Jokke to co-invest with him and Leen if the pub is for sale. Lotte's ma Karen tells incredulous Max about non-mourning Bert kissing his 'sister' and suspicion Alexandra's death wasn't just an accident. Roger De Vlaeminck's training scheme daunts senior Frank, yet max is the one not selected for the race quintet. Bert's dirty martyr game convinces Lotte, now his cask is already removed she throws a party, where neglected Jasper sweetly proposes- and is publicly left on bended knee, later asks more time.
10 Jul. 2008
Episode #15.49
Derdeyn's 2,000,000 Euro asking price for pub Den Anker daunts Lien and Jokke -secretly rooting for his lover Kathleen- but Arne is prepared to lend them what they need on top of his investment half. Jasper sweetly forgives Lotte after breakfast on bed, but snake Bert pulls another seduction trick: he just bought a yacht, which she may help him baptize the Alexandra. Celebrity trainer Roger hands the cycling team captainship to Frank, who actually only performs thanks to secret self-injections. Kathleen suggests to Jean-Paul to sell the pub to her; however there's ...
15 Jul. 2008
Episode #15.50
Con-artist Bert sumptuously has his just-bought yacht baptized 'Alexandra' and manages to get an ever better grip on Lotte, who waves her ma Karen's objection such a party is hardly fitting for a husband in morning, and invites his potential next prey to join him on the though trans-continental rally 'Paris-Dakar', which would mean weeks alone in the wilderness, where accidents are common, and away from her side-tracked fiancé Jasper.
17 Jul. 2008
Episode #15.51
Bert tells his 'sister' in bed he hasn't decided yet how to handle Lotte in the South American version of Paris-Dakar. After Frank's doping confession, the cycling team-mates are disgusted, only coach Devlaeminck inclined to give him a last chance. Leen packs her bags, Jokke is furious and has to tell co-investor Arne.
22 Jul. 2008
Episode #15.52
When Jasper scolds Lotte's incessant lies and smooching with Bert, she haughtily walks out, back to her ma. When Jasper gives Bert a light slap, he's nearly choked by a single throat-grip. The action 'Leen must stay' continues to hand out free drinks to everybody. Kathleen's theft-complaint is waved by constable Jens, with superior Max's silent approval, because she isn't yet notarized as new owner. When Jean-Paul sees Arne's article ridicules him, he steps in: Leen can stay on as manager; later he sneakily sabotages Arne's bicycle just before the race starts, causing...
24 Jul. 2008
Episode #15.53
Jasper shows Karen the bad bruises from Bert's deadly grip, yet refuses to file a complaint or believe her suspicion Bert murdered Lotte's cousin Alexandra. Jean-Paul prefers to believe the better 'provider', even offers to take care of their Dakar rally sponsoring; Bert convinces Lotte to wed in Paris, so the race is to become their honeymoon. Fiancés Jens and Kira get wild picnicking in the wild. When youngster Bjorn passes with his girl-friend, Jens hides skinny-diving; she cruelly makes sure he must brave the cold water starkers over half an hour, yet once dried ...
29 Jul. 2008
Episode #15.54
Jens's proposal to Kira with house is finally accepted, they even plan offspring; tenant Jasper is cheerful, Evy Skeptic. Max rebukes Karen for obsessing with Bert without hard evidence, at the expense of their official police work, but she discovers that his first wife died in a Tanzania rally after a month of marriage. After hearing his Elke is HIV positive, Max takes a test and worries it came from that one time with Karen, but it's negative: she was unfaithful with some Austrian, stoned in South America.
31 Jul. 2008
Episode #15.55
Now Jens has bought the house far above his means, he learns from Max a raise isn't possible, there are no promotion exams in the near future, so he must raise the rent -Jasper sighs, Evi nearly moves out- and take an after hours job, in the pub, Jokke consents. Cocky teenager Bjorn comes home with a bloody nose after a row and dad Max carefully avoids Elke coming near the wound, the clever boy senses the marital tension and makes step-ma confess her fatal infidelity. He runs away disgusted, pa finds him but can't explain what nobody truly understands. Karen has ...
5 Aug. 2008
Episode #15.56
Jasper insists on an autopsy, as he and Karen suspected Bert to be a murderer, but the family is against, like the authorities. Kira publicly embarrasses Jens by refusing him to shout drinks, so now he questions the extravagant wedding expense she craves. Yet Jens takes extra shifts, cleaning the pub's rooms, and is deadbeat at home. Elke's sero-positive HIV-test spreads gloom. Lotte going on with Dakar rally preparations scandalizes the entire family, so she cancels to Bert's silent anger, too late to avoid scolding as insensitive ingrate daughter by Peter. One ...
7 Aug. 2008
Episode #15.57
Jasper finally gets the mayor's help to investigate Karen's files on the deaths around Bert, who not only accepts to cancel the Dakar rally but also to move in with Lotte and her dad, with a bonus: a pharmaceutics contract. Kira realizes she shouldn't keep fiancé Jens so short and tries to make up, but he has already succumbed to police colleague Evy's amorous approaches, and boss Max won't have that in the office. Elke is happy to be allowed back on the nursing staff and with Max's forgiving attitude, but step-son Bjorn treats her, who cheated on his pa, like a leper.
12 Aug. 2008
Episode #15.58
Jens tells colleague and lover Evy he wants her, but can't bring himself ti burst bride Kyra's bubble, only during the preparation for her 'Lord of the Ring's theme wedding does he switch brides, Kyra moves out- only to hear Evy secretly saw another, Dr. Chris who is coming to Wittekerke hospital. Jasper keeps closing in on Alexandra and Karen's fatal 'accidents'. After Bert tells Britt who wants to abandon their plan and marry Lotte for the Derdeyn fortune, she drugs him and traitorously denounces him to Jasper... Max feels beleaguered by Jasper, the precinct tension...
21 Aug. 2008
Episode #15.61
Now his secret (to have had a sex operation) made Evy break up with Dr. Chris as well, she moves out of Jens's place and demands a police transfer or dismissal. In prison, Lotte actually marries Bert. After paying off her neighbor Roland for his silence, Britt gets him to take more for a false alibi for Bert. Arne's ex-Lesbian girl Moesj not only proves understanding for Chris, they secretly land in bed. Arne catches them frolicking and is furious.
26 Aug. 2008
Final Episode
Lotte is optimistic about newly-wed husband Bert's release, he's loosing faith. Dr. Chris Stevens finds Arne snooping, finding out and scolding his transsexual secret; once it's passed to his bigot boss Derdeyn, Chris decides grudgingly to leave. During interrogation at the precinct, while Jens is away for a car-accident which also causes a power-cut, Bert escapes, in time to save Lotte, who was caught on the yacht by his Britt, whom he throws overboard; when she still doubts his innocence, he jumps in the sea...

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