De collega's Poster

(1978– )

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Season 1

14 Oct. 1978
De brief
The colleagues read the carbon copy of a love letter that Betty left in her machine. While jesting about the naughty language they come to realize it's about a Theo who sounds suspiciously like director Thienpondt's son. The dad also finds out and is nearly sure, but even his wife can't verify their only child's intimate anatomy. Neither is told the other knows by the time Theo arrives to see both dad and girl-friend as both scolded love-birds are missing.
28 Oct. 1978
De ideeënbus
During the usual whining and bickering before work, Persez enjoys moving into Tienpondt's office as the temporary director while the incumbent is a week in Spain, where his apartment has been inundated by the leaking roof-pool. Jomme's 'lack of a chair' is temporarily solved by a -legal- round of temporary promotions. Typist Betty is back, but as ingrate to Persez, who arranged it, as is Jomme, who refuses to welcome his desk back although that's lasting. Persez's foxy but haughty wife Angèle drops by. His ideas box is almost generally scorned, yet the only idea, judo...
4 Nov. 1978
De liefde
Director Tienpondt assembles the staff to tell them all at the same time about his Spanish apartment inundation crisis, hoping to limit the gossip. Mireille convinces her 'platonic soul-mate' Philemon Persez to stay late and check out for her a blind date, Odiel Turelure, whose announcement by the dating agency gets intercepted by Baconfoy. Bachelors Verastenhoven and Jomme sympathize with her, the boss even suggests his only son, student Theo, but he's too boyish for her. Now Jomme knows his forbidden 'shop' was ratted on by Arabelle, and she he discussed that with ...
11 Nov. 1978
De diefstal
On a grim winter day the central heating in their half of the building is down, so the colleagues hope to get the day off. However, repair men are ordered and the director's office is still heated, so they must wait there for news until clumsy Jomme gets on the director's nerves and everybody is thrown out. Then both coffee lady Arabelle and Jomme's 'black' strong box have been plundered. Versatenhoven conducts the official inquiry, while suspicions generally turn on doorkeeper Baconfoy, known to be in financial misery. After hours he, Jomme, Arabelle and Persez stay ...
18 Nov. 1978
De stembriefjes
Although the atmosphere is poisoned by grudges such as Baconfoy insisting after the theft suspicion to be formally addressed as Mr. (with his full name), Persez and Verastenhoven decide, against the director's advice, to throw a party, together, for their recent promotions, on Friday evening. In no time the office is buzzing with rumors and rows about where to hold the feast, who to ask, with or without Baconfoy/ Arabelle -neither is part of the department as such- and/or the spouses/lovers, till even the hosts come near fighting. It comes to a secret vote, in itself ...

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