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A Misunderstood Series
justinprime29 September 2004
Futurama is the whipping boy of modern prime time cartoons. Since it was made by the creator of the Simpsons it was expected to be exactly like it. Futurama had its own brand of comedic flair, which is absolutely hilarious. Bender, Fry, Leela, Hermes, Zoidberg, all of these characters are well thought out and work incredibly well together, on top of the fact that situations and anecdotes from previous episodes are brought up all the time, adding continuity to an already excellent series. I'll admit that I too was among the people crying foul when Futurama first came out, I didn't grow to truly appreciate it until it was put in syndication on adult swim, and more so later as I bought all the episodes on DVD. I don't think the world was ready for what futurama had to offer when it first came out, and everyone should give it another shot through adult swim or by DVD rental. It has solid entertainment value, and a unique comedic style.

4.5 out of 5 stars
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"Now Zoidberg is the popular one!"
lakenstein8 November 2004
man, this show was freaking awesome, so of course it got canned. it was funny, had great characters, wonderful dialouge and was way too good for TV. In fact, at times I find myself enjoying this show more then the simpsons. I find myself enjoying the antics of the characters more. so if i had to choose i would say this is more entertaining then the simpsons. although the simpsons had more better side characters (although zapp brannagin and his alien sidekick are friggin hilarious) in the end, i would advise anyone looking for a laugh to catch reruns whenever you can or buy the dvds. I don't think you'll be disappointed. a wonderful show canned way too soon.
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Futurama - One of God's Gift to Animation.
DarkAwakening8 December 2004
Looking for the a comedy cartoon with perfectly timed humor and characters that you actually want to meet and/or grope? Then Futurama is for you.

Whether you're looking for Science, Fiction, or Science Fiction, you're in for a treat as Fry, Leela, Bender, the Professor, Amy, Hermes, and to a much lesser extent Dr. Zoidberg travel through time and space to deliver/battle/mate with creatures/aliens/humanoid alien creatures from the past/future.

Let's just say that if I had the choice between living and watching Futurama repeatedly for an eternity in purgatory, you would never see me again.

10/10, 5/5, 1/1, *****/*****
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The best cartoon series on TV ever
Baldrick4413 October 2004
I loved Futurama when it was TV and I always find myself watching it on my DVD player ( I have all 4 series ). I think the thing that carries it above other cartoons ( and it's not like I don't like the Simpsons or Family Guy ) is the wonderful mix of characters. Dimwitted Phillip J. Fry, who has trouble constructing a coherent sentence and whenever he attempts to say something profound it invariably ends up flying back in his face. Turanga Leela, a outcast amongst outcasts, who when not brushing off Fry is captaining the ship between planets while wondering about her own origins. Bender, a wisecracking, gambling chain-smoking robot that is on the crew of the ship for no apparent reason apart from bumming around. Dr Zoidberg, a penniless joke of a medical practionioner that has no friends and seems to ignite hostility for just being him. Hermes Conrad, a Rastafarian bureaucrat who when not limboing for his nation is filing and shredding with an obsessive fever. Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, whose wonderous inventions are perhaps only eclipsed by his seemingly growing amorality towards almost all living things. Amy Wong, the daughter of the rich Wong family and as such finds herself slightly naive about things that are deeper than hair gel and nail polish. Add to this the military hijinks of Zapp Brannigan and his long-suffering lieutenant Kif Croker as well as thespian robot Calculon, Warlord alien Lur and President Nixon as well as others and I think you have a group of characters that all have their own quirks and flaws to add to a very funny show.

I only hope that they have enough sense to put it back on again.
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Grade A Hilarity
JessK91628 February 2003
I disagree with those who hate Futurama with a passion. On the contrary, I find the show so completely funny and original. Let me explain what I mean:

The plot of having a crude, broke pizza delivery-kid wander into a cryogenics lab and fall into a freezer shell for a thousand years is so creative...I'll expand further; He befriends a very well voiced "cyclops" mutant named Leela (Katey Sagal), a trash talking robot named Bender, his great, great,great (etc.) nephew Prof. Farnsworth, an alien-crab that sounds remarkably Jewish, Dr. Zoidberg, the list of imaginative characters and plot situations just doesn't stop! The humor is just awesome. I have never sat through Futurama once without laughing until I cried about something. I find it incredible that one could hold such disdain for the comedy. It really is so entertaining. But to each his own, I say.

Fry: Wait you're the only friend I have... Bender: You really want a robot for a friend? Fry: Yeah ever since I was six. Bender: Well, ok but I don't want people thinking we're robosexuals, so if anyone asks, you're my debugger.

Leela: Hey, he stole my ring! Bender: Sorry. Well, that solves the mystery of the missing ring. This calls for a drink.

Farnsworth: Let me show you around. That's my lab table and this is my work-stool. And over there is my intergalactic spaceship. And here's where I keep assorted lengths of wire. Fry: Whoa! A real live spaceship! Farnsworth: I designed it myself, let me show you some of the different lengths of wire I used.

Just a sampling of the amusing lines in the show. Thanks all!
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Can be watched till the end of time..
grimdodger30 September 2004
Futurama is the second series by Matt Groening. Now when I was watching The Simpsons one idea was that why we can't see this guy more, why he is only behind a widely known TV series while poking some other people. But with Futurama I say he is (OK, was) unleashed.

Futurama deals with moron pizza delivery boy Fry being accidentally frozen and wake up 1000 years after into a whole new world. Strangely this is not the story of the Fry's adaptation, because he is not. He is still the same stupid guy back in 20th century.. Maybe a little improvement but that's all.. Then we meet Leela, who is the only cyclops alien in the whole galaxy (as far as she knows), orphan, different from others. Last but not least the main cast includes Bending Unit Bender which is a robot. Nice thing about him is that the general idea of a robot is that they are always serving and helping and supporting, but Bender does not. He lies, cheats, steals...

Then the supporting cast has the cute and horny Chinese (or Japanese?) Amy, Fry's great^20 nephew professor Farnsworth with crazy inventions but an unstable mind, doctor Zoidberg that mastered on human medical but not a human itself, Jamaican manager who is a qualified limbo master and denying machine...

I like Futurama because it creates an unexpected, yet tempting future and combines it with cunning references and a strange comedy style. It's range of poking is 'wider'..

Futurama can turn any depressed mood to a happy mood if just the watcher accepts the fact that show does not require a deep concentration for the whole concept, but likes to catch it slowly by using trivial extras and nicely planted sci-fi references.

This show was one of the best. Ever. It's a pity that it was canceled an I pity the fool who canceled it. Such things should continue till the end of time.. Thanks to the makers of DVD, they partially do.

Futurama is mandatory for all sci-fi and comedy lovers, and highly recommended for everyone else.
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I actually like it better than The Simpsons
Aaron137510 March 2003
Don't get me wrong, I like the Simpsons, but there is just something about Futurama that I like more. It irks me to see people who hate this show and are glad it is cancelled. If you don't like a show just don't watch it...to many shows have gotten a premature axe these days mainly cause television networks haven't realized no show is going to have the ratings of shows from the past. I am sure to all those who hated the show, there have been shows you liked that have been cancelled as well. This one about a pizza boy frozen and waking up in the future was for me quite enjoyable. Which is the kiss of death right there, because if I like a show, it usually does get cancelled and it usually does have a pretty good following, but for some reason the networks still somehow think all shows should average 20 or more million viewers or its a failure.
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FUTURAMA is a great show that might come back...and should!
mamamiasweetpeaches27 September 2004
I am a huge fan of THE SIMPSONS, the funniest show to ever be on television. When I heard Matt Groening was behind FUTURAMA I was excited...but not TOO excited because I didn't think it would be as good as THE SIMPSONS (I mean...what COULD be?) The first episode of FUTURAMA I was not all that impressed. But by the fourth episode (LOVES LABOURS LOST IN SPACE where Leela sleeps with Zap Brannigan) they had me: I was hooked.

This show may not be as laugh-out-loud funny as THE SIMPSONS but it is funny, clever, well-written and well "acted". The cast does a great job, especially those who have to do multiple voices (I will make special mention of Billy West here who does the voice of main character Fry. I was surprised to find out he does a lot of other characters too: Zoidberg and Farnsworth to mention just a few).

If your not familiar the story goes like this: Philip Fry is a pizza delivery boy (or should I say "pizza delivery Man"...he's in his 20's although at times acts more like a teen than a grown-up) who is sort of a Born Loser type. He's working on New Years Eve (he runs into his girlfriend Michelle going to a New Years Eve party with another guy and "begins to suspect she's cheating") and ends up making a delivery to a cryogenic freezing lab. He accidentally freezes himself and when he's found and thawed out its New Years Eve 3000. In a way this sucks because everyone he knows is long dead. But in a way its good because its a second chance for him to start life new and maybe be not such a loser this time around. Apparently after they thaw you out and probe you they insert a chip in your hand that helps place you in your field of expertise for a job. His chip is "Delivery Boy" and he doesn't want it so he is trying to avoid the sexy one-eyed alien woman Leela whose job it is to make sure he gets his chip put in. When he's notified he has a great-great-great-great (keep going) nephew named Professor Farnsworth he goes to seek him out. He goes to what he thinks is a pay phone booth and its actually a suicide machine...thats where he meets Bender a wise-ass,drinking,smoking robot who wants to kill himself because his main purpose is to aid in the making of suicide machines. The two of them try to escape Leela and when she finally catches up to them she admits she doesn't like her job either so now the three of them seek out Professor Farnsworth to see if they can work for him.He runs an intergalactic delivery service and works with once-limbo champion Hermes, a rich girl intern named Amy,and a lobster-man doctor named Zoidberg. I feel funny pointing this out, but I will anyway: There's always a big to do about shows today not having interracial characters as friends working together and FUTURAMA definitely goes beyond the call of duty in that area. We have single white male Fry, white Cyclops alien/mutant female Leela, Asian female Amy, Senior citizen white male Farnsworth, African American male Hermes, male robot Bender as well as male crustacean Zoideberg! And they all work together wonderfully (and although they make a lot of rude jokes at each others expense you can tell they all really love each other! And this is a cartoon, folks!)A lesson to be learned: if these people can get along, cant we?)

This show isn't on FOX Sundays anymore although there is rumor that it might come back. A cable station shows re-runs and they have Seasons One, Two, Three and Four on DVD box sets. I bought myself the first season and my six year old daughter stole it from me! I quickly bought her the other three seasons and she's a real devotee now: watches an hour of FUTURAMA every night before she goes to sleep. We watch it together...which is a nice summary...FUTURAMA is a show both adults and children can enjoy. Here's hoping it makes a return.

Out of 5 stars: ***** 5 stars
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Equal parts clever, hilarious, and moving, Futurama is the greatest animated series ever.
Li-125 October 2004
Reviews of Volume 3 and 4

Volume 3: 10/10

Futurama was even funnier than The Simpsons in its heyday (which, to my eyes, was seasons 8-10), and much of what made the series so great was perfectly exemplified by the DVD collection volume 3. There's an equal mix of cool sci-fi tales, brilliantly creative humor, and the addition of genuine heart that made this show unbeatable.

Favorite Episodes: Time Keeps on Slipping, Amazon Women in the Mood, Parasites Lost, The Luck of the Fryfish, That's Lobstertainment

Volume 4: 10/10

Probably my favorite volume, this last collection of episodes has all the humor, heart, and beautiful animation of the previous seasons. As the show wound to a close, the series satisfyingly touched on many emotional levels that most shows, animated or otherwise, wouldn't even dare approach with a ten-foot pole (most exemplified by Jurassic Bark). Special mention must definitely go out to the final episode, The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings, which is one of the series' best episodes (the only flaw being the lack of screen time given to Farnsworth), full of big laughs (Dan Castallaneta's guest role as the Robot Devil is priceless) and a strong emotional climax, capping off with a touching final scene that provides a sense of closure between the love and burgeoning romance of heroes Fry and Leela, while still keeping an open door for future possibilities. Fry, Leela, Bender, Farnsworth, Zapp, Kif, Calculon, Chicken Lawyer, Robot Devil, Morbo; I'm gonna miss you all. No doubt, it's been a great four seasons.

Favorite episodes: The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings, The Farnsworth Parabox, Where No Fan Has Gone Before, Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch
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Much Better Than the Simpsons. Smart and Hilarious.
eragonshades15 October 2013
This show has always been ignored, or passed over by some old Simpson's fans, simply because it isn't the Simpsons.

Futurama and the Simpsons share little in common, aside from one thing...they are both extremely funny. Futurama however, continues to push the envelope of what is entertaining. With an extremely amusing cast of characters, plot lines, laugh out loud jokes and even some emotional moments, this show has everything. Adventure, Comedy and Romance can all be found within the cornucopia of episodes this show has to offer.

In the Simpson, the quality has gone downhill and has kept going further and further down. In Futurama it is the exact opposite. It just gets better and better and better.

Anyone can enjoy Futurama as it is full of smart laughs, slapstick humour, and great characters. I give this show ten out of ten. If you enjoy The Simpson's, Star Wars, or anything else, this show is perfect for you.
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Thanks, Mr. Groening!
atomius19 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This marvelous animation, from the creator of my all time favourite motion picture, The Simpsons, uses a subtle integration of cgi graphics with a more flashy version of Groenings style of animation to produce half hours of non stop gags (quite intelligent in some cases) and fun adventure. The pop culture references so great in The Simpsons only go farther and wider here in this story of Fry, a pizza delivery boy sent through suspended animation to the year 3000 from the year 1999.

Phillip J. Fry, better known simply as 'Fry', was a pizza delivery boy in the late nineties. The first episode deals with his being frozen in a cryogenic capsule for a thousand years, in the background through the window we see the changing of New York, which has become New New York, and remains the central setting for the series after this episode. Fry soon meets Turanga Leela, a one eyed girl who believes she is an alien, who was raised at an orphanage. (we later find out she is in fact a mutant and her parents live underground) Fry runs from Leela after being assigned work as a delivery boy (for he wished for a fresh start) and meets Bender the robot, who is programmed to bend, and has a selfish and indulgent persona, enjoying cigars and alcohol (incidentally the fuel of all robots). Leela then turns to Fry's side and the three find Fry's only living relative, Professor Farnsworth, who employs them in his delivery company, Planet Express. Other members of the crew are Zoidberg, a alien lobster like creature, and Amy Wong, a wealthy martian, as well as Scruffy the janitor (often ignored despite caring for the company deeply) and a Jamaican businessman who is good at financial operations. The series generally follows adventures on different planets, or Earth, involving a variety of recurring characters like Zapp Brannigan, who admires Leela, and many 'heads', famous personalities in the form of heads inside glass containers filled with fluid, such as Richard Nixon. The series' style shares much with The Simpsons, but is cleaner animated and uses cgi for spacecraft and other objects to some degree. Also of note is the colour of skin, pink rather than Simpsons yellow.

The characters are great, and the humour and dialogue are very worthy of the corner box's schedule. If you only allowed programs of this quality on the TV guide would be almost empty. This series is very amusing and enjoyable, and is almost as good as The Simpsons for entertainment. The characters have interesting personalities and the plots are, considering it's setting, quite extraordinary. Quite an enjoyable show.

So, all in all, thanks Matt Groening for another brilliant series, and may there be more episodes!
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One of the best animated series EVER
FistOfNoRemorse13 February 2014
Futurama is an absolutely hilarious show. The jokes are great and the characters are unique. Fry's stupidity is hilarious. Bender is great. The professor says some really funny stuff, especially the insults he comes up with. The whole show is an entertaining, comic masterpiece. I was actually pretty surprised at how good the last season was. My girlfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm deeply saddened that this show is canceled.. Again!! It's better than a couple of the adult animated series that are still running on Sunday nights. The last season was so funny that it made us even more confused that it's being canceled. How is this happening when some other terrible junk is still on the air?? It's a brilliant show. The creators did an excellent job and I'd love to thank them for this. It's worth watching again and again! I will miss seeing new episodes.
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All hail, the NEW king of animated series.
Covey-320 September 2000
While the later episodes of The Simpson's have suffered, Futurama has matured, far more quickly than the Simpson's did, into a fantastic work of animation.

The similarities between the Simpson's are obvious and not to be ignored. A show as good as The Simpson's was is ripe for theft and Futurama, the brainchild of Matt Groening, borrows well from the former show. Bender is the Homer Simpson, devoid of responsibility, yet, as this lack of responsibility is placed in a robot, we do not have to feel anger at his wayward ways.

Leela is the far less annoying Marge. Less annoying for the simple facts. A) She has something resembling a personality, something that Marge definitely suffered from. and B) You can listen to her speak without wanting to kill yourself.

Fry however grounds the show with the emotional base that made the Simpson's great. A Pizza delivery boy from the 20th century transported forwards in time 1000 years into a world that he knows nothing about. While our imaginations might find it a little too easy coming to terms with the future and all the few new inventions that go with it (Perhaps a nod to how poor an inventor Farnsworth is that there seems nothing overly unusual about this future), we forgive this minor blip and embrace Groening new world vision.

As with The Simpson's, Groening has given us a host of superb background characters. Zoidberg the lobster Doctor, Amy daughter of money, Hermes the Jamaican limbo champion who keeps the business together and of course Zap Brannigan, the genius of lacklustre. All of these characters are easily the match of Chief Wiggum, Smithers, Krusty, Frink, etc.

Groening, clearly by taking the best writers from the Simpson's with him when he jumped ship, has done the impossible and found an animated series that is superior to the unsurpassable Simpson's. Groening's world is a good one. And so is his show.
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One of the best cartoons around!
TorontoLiver25 June 2010
As most of us know, Futurama is a really, really funny show, and every character has something special about them. There is nothing wrong with this show at all! I don't see any flaws, and I don't care if there are any. This is a show with a truly touching and hilarious story line.

The show is about Phillip J. Fry, a 25 year old pizza man who gets frozen in a test tube in a New York City lab on December 31, 1999. Poor Fry accidentally falls into the tube and can't get out. He is finally unthawed on December 31, 2999, exactly 1000 years later. He gets out of the tube and is mortified with what he sees, and at the same time, ecstatic. He hated his job as a pizza boy, which is what he did that for a living. When he came out of the tube, he meets Turanga Leela, another major character. Leela is quite obnoxious and has a quick temper, but some good comes out of her. Then Fry meets Bender, the slam-bang funniest character on the show! His trademark quote used in almost all episodes is 'Bite my shiny metal ass.', and no one says anything. Fry then becomes enrolled in Planet Express, a delivery crew in the year 3000 with Leela and Bender. The head of the Planet Express is Hubert J. Farnsworth, a 160 year old man. Well, it is a cartoon. At times, he's unbearable. Hubert is Fry's great x30 (the word great is used 30 times) nephew, making Fry actually older than his 160 year old nephew. The other three people who work at the Planet Express are Hermes Conrad, Amy Wong, a woman actually from the planet Mars, and then John Zoidberg, a hilarious human sized lobster. He has two giant claws that are sharp and used a lot to open food. Fry, Leela, and Bender are the crew who go on hilarious missions in outer space with the company spaceship. This show is anything but bad!

Futurama has a truly touching and hilarious storyline. I cried tears of joy in one episode, I remember. If you don't like the show, that's sort of okay with me, but here's what bender will have to say: "People who hate this show can bite my shiny metal ass." And the show kicks ass! Be sure to look for it on DVD and Blu-ray today.
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"Another science fiction show cancelled before it's time."
GarethJThomas6 June 2003
It's such a shame that Futurama has been cancelled, for I feel the producers and cast had a lot more episodes planned and a lot more stories to tell.

I don't know why FOX cancelled Futurama, other than:

1) It's funny - much funnier than most other programmes on the network.

2) It's intelligent - the science fiction references for instance (some of the writers have PhDs!).

3) You care about the characters, each one is different and interesting in their own ways. Unlike many other cartoons, there has been a lot of character development.

4) There is a sense of continuity (the characters age, unusual in a cartoon, and there are various stories that spread out throughout different episodes, such as the Fry/Nibbler one).

5) The show has something for everyone - comedy, drama, romance, sci-fi, farce.

6) It is entirely original.

7) The animation is amazing.


Yep, I can see why FOX cancelled it.

Start watching Futurama and you'll be hooked. Episodes to look out for in particual are the pilot, "Space Pilot 3000"; "Luck Of The Ftyrish", "Roswell That Ends Well" (this one won an Emmy!), "The Why Of Fry", "Anthology Of Interest I" and "Xmas Story".
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Why did they ever cancel Futurama?
librabrat786 January 2008
Futurama is one of my all time favorite cartoon series. Never gets old. This show is so smart and funny. Why FOX ever canceled this show is beyond me.

Instead they have crappy programs like that lie detector game show and other lame junk.

Adult Swim was dumb for no longer having Futurama in its nightly line up. It is the only reason I watched it. As far as it being on Comedy Central, at least it is still on the air. As much as I love The Simpsons I can actually say I like Futurama more. Looking at all the nominations and wins the series received while on the air with FOX just proves how dumb FOX was to cancel the show.


They brought back Family Guy. Why doesn't FOX and Matt Groening bring back Futurama?
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Perhaps The Greatest Animated Show Ever On Television
jdjudge24 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The title may be blunt and probably wrong, but that's how I feel about this show! It may have only lasted only four seasons, but realize this: That proves it's excellent. Some of the greatest shows in TV history have lasted incredibly short times. Freeks and Geeks, My So-Called Life, Arrested Development, hell, even Family Guy (when it wasn't popular!) And there are countless more causalities of the flawed system they rely on. I hate you, Nielsen Ratings!!!!

Some of the greatest things I've ever seen are somewhere on this show. One of my favorite episodes would have to be "Godfellas". What happens is that the ship is being attacked by Space Pirates (you know - Pirates, but in space!) Long story short, Bender is shot out of a cannon into space, and is unreachable since he was shot at full speed plus the speed of being shot out of a cannon. He floats through space endlessly, until he goes through an asteroid field and a small meteor lodges into him. The meteor contains a group of near-microscopic organisms whom begin to worship Bender as their god. Bender is flattered, and he does anything he can to exploit this. And then, every time he does something to try and help them, he only makes thing worse (ex. The crops are not getting enough light, so Bender uses a magnifying attachment to give more light. The fields, and the people, burn to death.) Well, the people grow disbelieving of him, and the 'radicals' find his nuclear stockpile and everyone dies. He floats on more, until he finds a galaxy that is speaking in binary...

In the B-Plot, Fry goes crazy with the loss of Bender, goes to a Tibetan monastery, and locks monks up in a closet. But that's not important.

The binary-speaking galaxy is actually God. Or a space probe that collided with God. Either way, it's God. Bender can't believe it. As God says:

BENDER: You know, I was God once.

GOD: I saw. You did good until everyone died.

From here in, it becomes the most theological and brilliantly crafted thing about God in modern TV, or even film, history.

GOD: Bender, being God isn't easy. If you do too much, people get dependent on you. And if you do nothing, they lose hope. You have to use a light touch, like a safe cracker or a pickpocket.

BENDER: Or a guy who burns down a bar for the insurance money.

GOD: Yes, if he makes it look like an electrical thing. If you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.


It ends up that monastery Fry and Leela go to is a group that uses a telescope to search for God in space. Fry realizes that it is futile, so he, without thinking (LOL), spins the telescope ball, and it lands exactly on God. It is a high-frequency microphone, and God hears Fry's prayer to get Bender home. God then sends, now knowing where Earth in, Bender speeding faster than the speed of light (with a parachute) to Earth. And, as Leela states:

"This is, by far, the most unlikely thing that has ever happened."

I'd say. This episode outlines the general brilliance of an underrated series.

I maybe a HUGE fan of The Simpsons, South Park, and Family Guy, but I'll take Futurama over them any day.

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Absolutely Brilliant- the best TV series ever!
BigBirdtheBum26 February 2008
The television series Futurama is nothing short of brilliant and in my opinion is the best television series ever. I personally do not actually like science fiction movies or series aside from this one show which i give an exception too.

Futurama is easily leaps and bounds above the rest as it focuses substantially on character development and does avoid the common stereotype of "a family" as the focus. Instead the focuses of Futurama is simply several unique and hilarious work colleagues and there many adventures across the universe. What also is very unique is the characters are all different and each have there own opinions which provide an excellent contrast in the series. Another aspect of Futurama which surpasses other animation shows is the quality of the visuals. Futurama is notorious for having excellent visuals and has won several Emmy's for its animation achievement. The positives do not stop there; Futurama is amazing at portraying an amazing amount of emotion into the episodes that at some times had my holding back tears. This level of emotion is not even present in the Simpson's.

One final positive thing worth saying is that the show is able to appeal to all audiences, not just sci-fi lovers. For example by 50-year old mother can't stand sci-fi and she absolutely loves the show. The series itself does however contain some sexual humor that is structured rather uniquely to simply pass over young children's heads. Essentially all the sex jokes made will not be understood by the younger viewers.

Of course the show is not perfect as at it does of course have flaws. But thankfully these flaws are out shined by the brilliance of the series.

All I have to say is the biggest mistake in television history was to cancel this show, and put Family Guy back on instead of this. Conversely I am glad there are several more movies coming out which will provide the shows many fans with much more laughs. Overall I give the series a 10. One of the two television series I have ever given this too. The other being the Simpson's.
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Can I be honest? I think Futurama is better than the Simpsons!
TheLittleSongbird27 April 2010
Now that is not to say the Simpsons is bad or anything, I really like it, but it has jumped the shark for a few years now. Futurama is everything I love an animated series to be, funny, original and witty. I seriously don't know where to begin praising the show. Well for one thing the animation is amazing. The characters are really well drawn, the backgrounds are audacious and the visual effects are eye-popping. And the music is brilliant, it is cleverly composed with some funky songs featuring such as "Conga" and "Sunshine of Your Love" and the theme tune is definitely memorable. The writing is outstanding, the comedy works brilliantly and the more touching and subtle parts work just as well. The episode ideas springing from a brilliant concept are really original and fun, and the pacing is great. And the characters with the help of a truly talented voice cast are really unique and endearing, especially Fry, Bender and Zoidberg, and Leela is a feisty and headstrong character that I related to immediately. Overall, a truly wonderful show, with all the fun and originality that are lacking in the later episodes of the Simpsons. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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Best series ever
thundar55331 December 2007
I am a fan of Family Guy, at least for the first 3 1/2 seasons. What they are doing now is just completely opposite of what Futurama has done in all of its seasons. This series has one thing that most shows nowadays don't really have anymore. Consistency. Normally in a series, there's quite a few episodes that I wouldn't want to watch. Futurama, however, is the rare series that I wouldn't mind watching any episode at any time.

I could easily watch reruns of this show forever, and have been watching them on adult swim for the past few years. I felt that Futurama was taken off-air in its prime.

Just recently I learned that new episodes have been in the works since mid 07. It is my sincere hope that they continue producing quality episodes for years to come.
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How many shows can say they're better than the Simpsons and get away with it?
kitteh_harbls26 January 2007
Not many, mind you. Not many at all. Since its debut in 1989, The Simpsons has been a blessing: comedic work of extremely high quality. The Simpsons has had some of the best double entendres, sly shots at celebrities, tappings into pop culture personalities and events, genuinely funny and creative material and some of the most recognizable and lovable characters TV has ever produced.

Wanna know what Futurama is? Take those factors and double them. No, triple them.

I'm not kidding. It's really that good. Matt Groening is a certified genius, and his magic touch turns anything into comedy gold. He can take the most sinister and disturbing of subjects and have you split your sides laughing at them. Not many people can do that.

Futurama is one of my all time favorite shows. I rank it right up there with Scrubs, Arrested Development, Andy Richter Controls the Universe and Da Ali G Show. Again, it really *is* that good. Groening's work focuses a lot on building the characters of his shows, and where the Simpsons were one yellow family with distinct personalities and demeanors, the differences in Futurama are much greater, transcending not only gender and ethnicity, but even species and (heck) time itself! Let's take a look at the characters:

Professor Farnsworth: old and wrinkled. REALLY old and wrinkled. Unofficially trademarked the phrase "Good news everyone!" in his own trembling old man's voice, in a reference to some random invention he came up with in just about every episode. Morally ambiguous at times, and clearly immoral at others, he lives to invent lots and lots of weird, random stuff (to give you an idea: the smell-o-scope) that serves to be some of the episodes' background story.

Bender: one of the most popular TV characters of all time - an amazing feat since Futurama was mostly a cult favorite rather than mainstream. He's a robot that doesn't give a crap about you, anyone or anything. He's got attitude coming out his shiny metal wazoo. And speaking of that, search for the phrase "bite my shiny metal ass" and see how many results come up. (Great line at that)

Leila: one-eyed, purple-haired, sexy-in-a-tank-top, ass-kickin', human-lookin' alien. The leader and the brains of the group that Professor Farnsworth sends out to do some missions.

Fry: Beavis and Butthead's long lost cousin. Not really, but seeing how big of a dumbass he is, one might conjure up that guess. A lovable idiot.

Dr. Zoidberg: a big blobby crab, obviously the group's own doctor, even though he knows as much about medicine as much as Fry knows about...anything.

Captain Zapp Brannigan: ahh, here we go! Aside of Family Guy's Quagmire, I can't think of a funnier character on an animated sitcom. No, ANY sitcom at all, actually. One of the most HILARIOUS characters you'll ever see. This guy is just insanely funny. He's arrogant, he's self-absorbed, extremely egotistical, oblivious to his own failings and glaring incompetence, indulgent in pampering himself with metrosexual treatment every now and then, has an eternal (1) grin and (2) crush on Leila, and never stops torturing his poor alien subordinate Kif who (1) does the real work all the time, (2) gets credit none of the time and (3) takes the blame every time Zapp screws things up (which happens quite often). One of my all time favorites, and once you see this show, he'll be one of yours too. I GUARANTEE this! Too bad he's not a main character.

This show is pure quality. It's creative every way a show *can* be creative, and it's funny as much as any show CAN be funny. Sadly there are no more than 10 stars in IMDb's rating system, so I have to rate it verbally: I give it the highest possible recommendation.
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A shining beacon in a sea of crap TV
richard_wright16 May 2003
Well it's official. Futurama is cancelled. I can't say I'm that upset as I have been anticipating it for a while now, but it still hurts that a show with so much potential has been flushed down the crapper the way it has. Only Cartoon Network, who brought the show from Fox and shows all the earlier episodes, seems to have treated it with the respect it deserves.

Futurama was conceived in 1999 as a potential successor to that long-running animated classic, The Simpsons. The same creator, Matt Groening had created a show which seemed simple on the outset, but overflowed with sci-fi references and highbrow gags, as well as being superbly animated and with a cast of characters the viewer could genuinely care about. Things looked up from the start with high-ratings and much critical acclaim, but it didn't take long for the initial success to turn sour thanks to an argument between Groening and Fox considering the content of the show, which resulted in a spate of pre-emptions and re-scheduling. Ratings soon fell as people didn't know what time their favourite show came on or whether it was still on at all, and Fox took advantage of that by announcing in 2002 that the show was on definite hiatus with no new episodes being made for the time being. This position might have been justified if the programs that replaced Futurama in it's timeslot had garnered superior ratings, but those pretenders barely fared better than the show they had desposed. The only possible explanation is that the replacements were cheaper to produce than an animated show, or maybe they were worried that it wouldn't have the staying power of a brand name like The Simpsons. However, our yellow skinned family has been on the slide for a while now, and Futurama only being four years old still feels relatively fresh and perhaps would have been a contender for the crown with a bit more advertising, but Fox again didn't seem remotely bothered and just hung out the show to die. Another quality program, Family Guy suffered the same fate while another undeserved survivor, King Of The Hill, stumbles on like a dead duck. What a crazy, sad world we live in.

With the event of reality TV providing an inexpensive easy ratings winner, the future for decent programming looks even bleaker as intelligent, funny shows such as this get swept aside for another attempt to make a star out of some talent-less wannabe. Fortunately, Futurama will never die, the availability of all 72 episodes on DVD will see to that, but you can't help but feel that they barely scratched the surface of this universe: there were more stories to tell, more adventures to be lived, but that will never be now, thanks to TV executives after a quick buck. What will happen to Fry, Leela, Bender etc? Only a million fanfics and the imagination of the Futurama-loving nation can answer that. On TV I'm afraid this space voyage has come to an end, and there is nothing left to do but to say goodbye and hope that the unaired 8 or so episodes will be shown sooner rather than later. What a waste of a brilliant concept.
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Futurama is the best animated show behind The Simpsons.
dobbin-41 December 2007
Well 2 days ago making a review for the Futurama movie I realized I have not put a review down for the show that started it all. The show is about Fry a 21 year old pizza delivery boy who always wanted to be an astronaut and when he accidentally gets himself chrogenically frozen and wakes up in the year 3000. The show is hilarious from the start of the first episode till the end of the last. I think that if you love The Simpsons then you will definitely like Futurama as Matt Groening has done a brilliant job changing from series to series which is a very difficult thing to do. Overall the show is a must watch for everyone and despite the fact the idiots a Fox canceled it after 72 episodes. I rate this 97%.
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Pure Genius
wildanimals14 September 2007
10 stars is almost too little for this show. Futurama has all the humour and heart of The Simpsons, yet it is so excitingly different. Sci-Fi tends to be a creative genre, and Futurama is no exception.

The jokes vary from being very 'Simpsons-esque' to simply laugh out loud funny. There's lots of sight-gags and hidden jokes, as well colourful and funny characters. The animation is very impressive for a television show. It's a real mix of CGI effects and cell animation. Since Futurama contains a lot of explosions and what not, the animation really does it justice. The characters range from super-cute (Nibbler) to down-right stupid (Fry). Everyone gets their funny moments, and even the background characters have their share of the fun. Now that's how I'd describe Futurama - fun.

For some bizarre reason, Fox absolutely hates this show. They cancelled it, which is a real shame because this show still had tons of potential left in it. But it's being revived, and I hope the next few seasons are as good as the last ones.
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Better Then the Simpsons!! It's True!
naughton0213014 October 2005
OOOOOOOOH MAN!!! I love this show!! It's great! Great episodes, characters, scripts, and Jokes!!! The best part is it is nothing like the Simpson's. No offense the Simpsons are a great show but this is Amazing! I can't believe it was canceled. It's currently airing on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block and i doubt it but it would be the best thing since Palmer was elected president on 24 if they got the original cast, writers and artists to bring the show back! i mean it's wonderful! Zoidbeg & Bender are hilarious! Fry trying to get Lila to go out Hilarious! The professor's inventions. Hermis the Jamaican Limbo champ. Amy and Kiff. The Capitan. and who can forget the "SNO SNO" episode! Scruffy the plant express janitor all just absolutely hilarious! I love it! Great Cartoon!!! I leave you with this one saying... Bite My Shiny Metal Ass!!!

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