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Syfy Will Run A Futurama Hypnotoad Inspired Marathon On 4/20

4/20 is unofficially officially known as a national weed smoking holiday, and Syfy is celebrating the day with a Futurama marathon. Officially the Syfy marathon will be in honor of the Hypnotoad, with some of the series trippiest episodes that are guaranteed to make even the sober folks feel "far out." Here's the lineup of what will be aired that day (via Destructoid):

8/7c – Bender’s Big Score Part 1: Earth is taken over by email-scamming aliens while Hermes loses his head and Leela falls in love.8:30/7:30c – Bender’s Big Score Part 2: While Lars and Leela's romance takes off, Bender helps aliens pillage history for its treasures.9/8c – Bender’s Big Score Part 3: Leela and Lars prepare to get married, and we learn what happened to Fry when he returned to the 21st Century.9:30/10:30c – Bender’s Big Score Part 4: Lars reveals
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Syfy to Air Hypnotoad-Centric Futurama Marathon on 4/20

All Glory To The Hypnotoad. Syfy has announced plans to celebrate the unofficial holiday known as 4/20 with a Futurama marathon that’s all about celebrating that lovable, charismatic, handsome and all-powerful creature known as the Hypnotoad.

Created by Matt Groening (of The Simpsons fame), Futurama ran for a total of seven seasons between 1999 and 2013 – with the first four seasons airing on Fox, and the latter three on Comedy Central.
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Check Out This Interview On Phil Lamarr, Who's Basically Done A Voice For Most Shows You Love

If you've watched or played any form of geeky media in the past couple decades, you've heard Phil Lamarr's voice. The actor has voiced Hermes from Futurama, Samurai Jack, Ollie Williams on Family Guy, Justice League's John Stewart...the list is literally endless. Check out his IMDb if you're looking for more prominent roles (and there are a lot), and check out the video below for more information on one of voice acting's biggest names:
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‘Our Cartoon President’ on Showtime: Stephen Colbert’s animated program hopes to shake up Emmys … bigly

“Our Cartoon President,” Showtime’s animated comedy that skewers Donald Trump‘s White House, is hoping to shake up the 2018 Emmys … bigly. Best Animated Program has seen its fair share of repeat winners over the years, with 10-time champ “The Simpsons” being the granddaddy of all. “South Park” is next at three wins, followed by “Bob’s Burgers,” “Futurama” and “Star Wars: Clone Wars” with two apiece. But “Our Cartoon President” has a secret weapon that could help it break through with Emmy voters: co-creator Stephen Colbert.

SEE2018 Emmy predictions slugfest: ‘Ozark,’ ‘Mindhunter,’ ‘The Chi’ and more hope to break into Best Drama Series [Video & Podcast]

Colbert is an Emmy favorite, winning nine trophies over the years for writing and producing both “The Colbert Report” and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” As the star of CBS’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” he was tasked with hosting last year’s Emmy ceremony to great fanfare.
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TV Encore Tributes Set For Stephen Hawking; CuriosityStream Offers Previously Unreleased ‘Favorite Places’

The legacy and genius of Stephen Hawking will be celebrated with special encore presentations of his appearances and programs, from Discovery Channel’s Into the Universe to Syfy’s Futurama. The streaming site CuriosityStream even has a previously unreleased episode of Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places, made temporarily available free of charge. See below for a full schedule. The various episodes will air over the next several days and evenings this week, beginning with…
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Stephen Hawking’s 4 Best Hollywood Cameos, From ‘Star Trek’ to ‘The Big Bang Theory’ (Videos)

  • The Wrap
Stephen Hawking’s 4 Best Hollywood Cameos, From ‘Star Trek’ to ‘The Big Bang Theory’ (Videos)
Stephen Hawking was famously portrayed by Eddie Redmayne in his Oscar-winning role in “The Theory of Everything.” But Hawking has a pretty impressive list of acting credits too… as himself. See below for the scientist’s best moments on-screen. Star Trek: The Next Generation In 1993, Hawking played himself in the episode “Descent,” in a scene where the android Data uses a holodeck simulation to play poker with three of the most important scientists of all time. (Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein were of course portrayed by actors.) Futurama Hawking has lent his voice to Fox’s “Futurama” a few times over the show’s run,...
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Stephen Hawking, Renowned Scientist, Dies at 76

Stephen Hawking, Renowned Scientist, Dies at 76
Stephen Hawking, world-renowned astrophysicist, has died at the age of 76 at his home. Hawking was one of the world's best known and most highly-regarded scientists. His children confirmed his passing in a statement. Here's what they had to say.

"We are deeply saddened that our beloved father passed away today. He was a great scientist and an extraordinary man whose work and legacy will live on for many years. His courage and persistence with his brilliance and humour inspired people across the world. He once said, 'It would not be much of a universe if it wasn't home to the people you love.' We will miss him forever."

In the 60s, Stephen Hawking fell victim to a motor neuron disease that put him in a wheelchair. This never held him back and, as he wrote in a 1984 essay, "My disabilities have not been a significant handicap in my field,
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R.I.P. Stephen Hawking (1942-2018)

Stephen Hawking, arguable the greatest of minds in physics, has passed away at the age of 76. Hawking, who has suffered from Motor Neurone Disease, also known as Als, for the past 50 years, passed away peacefully at his home in Cambridge, England in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Hawking’s children, Lucy, Robert and Tim issued a joint statement.

“We are deeply saddened that our beloved father passed away today. He was a great scientist and an extraordinary man whose work and legacy will live on for many years. His courage and persistence with his brilliance and humour inspired people across the world. He once said, ‘It would not be much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people you love’. We will miss him forever.”

As well as his remarkable achievements in the academic and science worlds, Hawking also made a huge stamp on popular culture throughout the decades.
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Stephen Hawking, Physicist and ‘A Brief History of Time’ Author, Dead at 76

Stephen Hawking, Physicist and ‘A Brief History of Time’ Author, Dead at 76
British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking died on Tuesday, March 14 at the age of 76, a spokesman for his family has said, according to the BBC.

A family statement released by his children Lucy, Robert, and Tim, said, “We are deeply saddened that our beloved father passed away today. He was a great scientist and an extraordinary man whose work and legacy will live on for many years. His courage and persistence with his brilliance and humor inspired people across the world. He once said, ‘It would not be much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people you love.’ We will miss him forever.”

The decorated cosmologist had worked on theorems in general relativity and the theoretical prediction that black holes emit radiation, named Hawking radiation after himself. He’s also a supporter of the idea of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics and has proposed a theory
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Apple Orders Animated Comedy ‘Central Park’ From ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Creator

Apple continues to grow it series-programming slate, adding its first animated show.

The digital giant has given a two-season series order to “Central Park,” a musical comedy from “Bob’s Burgers” creator Loren Bouchard and 20th Century Fox Television. Written by Bouchard, Josh Gad, and Nora Smith, the series is described as telling the story of how a family of caretakers, who live and work in Central Park, end up saving the park, and basically the world.

Produced by 20th Century Fox Television — where Bouchard is under an overall deal — “Central Park” stars Gad, Leslie Odom Jr., Titus Burgess, Kristen Bell,
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Final Space Premiere Review: An Enjoyably Silly Space-Faring Comedy

One of the first questions to come to mind when watching Final Space, the new sci-fi animated comedy on TBS from executive producer Conan O’Brien, is: Just who is this show supposed to be for? It’s a good question, as the series, created by Olan Rogers, is a curious mishmash of science fiction tropes and elements familiar to other animated series, like The Simpsons and, more obviously, Futurama. Case in point: the series’ main character, Gary, is another staggeringly dimwitted dude who is prone to making incredibly poor life decisions that inevitably send him tumbling down a path to self-actualization (maybe). In essence, he’s an amalgam of Homer Simpson and Fry, but one who’s draped himself in the unearned swagger of a man aching to be Han Solo.
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Animation Exec Katie Krentz Signs Overall Deal With CBS TV Studios (Exclusive)

Animation Exec Katie Krentz Signs Overall Deal With CBS TV Studios (Exclusive)
Veteran animation executive Katie Krentz has signed an overall deal with CBS Television Studios. It is the first such agreement for Krentz, who recently wrapped a five-year tenure at Cartoon Network, where she was senior director of development.

“Making the transition from executive to producer felt like the natural next step for me, and I’m so excited,” said Krentz. “I look forward to working with CBS Television Studios to build an animation pipeline where we can create and showcase innovative animated content from the most unique voices in the space.”

Krentz developed 35 pilots and over 15 series during her time at Cartoon Network. There she earned a reputation for shepherding artist-driven programming such as the Emmy-winning limited series, “Over the Garden Wall.” Among the other shows she developed are “Steven Universe,” “We Bare Bears,” “Uncle Grandpa,” “Clarence,” and “Ok K.O! Let’s Be Heroes,” as well as the upcoming “Apple and Onion,” “Summer Camp Island
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‘South Park’ and ‘Law & Order: Svu’ Were Hulu’s Most-Watched Shows In 2017

  • Indiewire
Hulu may be part of the new digital streaming revolution, but both of its most-popular series have been airing for two decades. According to the service, “Law & Order: Svu” was the most-watched drama on Hulu in 2017, while “South Park” was the top comedy.

Based on hours watched, all three of Hulu’s top comedies in 2017 were animated: “Family Guy” and “Bob’s Burgers” were right behind “South Park.” On the drama side, right behind “Svu” was another NBC series, “This Is Us,” and Hulu’s Emmy-winning original, “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

The Hulu tally was revealed just days after it picked up more kudos for “Handmaid’s” at the Golden Globes, where the show won for Best TV Drama Series and Best Actress in a TV Drama Series (Elisabeth Moss).

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It was a transformative year for Hulu, and not just because
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Hulu Tops 17 Million Subscribers for On-Demand, Live TV Plans

Hulu is touting subscriber momentum, revealing that the streaming service ended 2017 with more than 17 million U.S. subscribers for its subscription on-demand and live TV packages.

That’s up 40% over the last year and a half: Hulu last revealed Svod subscriber numbers in May 2016, announcing 12 million customers at the time. Also Tuesday, the company announced that its total audience grew to 54 million total unique viewers, up from 47 million in May 2017 — and said 2017 ad revenue reached $1 billion for the first time in the company’s history (but didn’t provide an indication of how much of an increase that represented).

However, Hulu still trails category leader Netflix by a wide margin. Even with the added skinny bundle TV offering, Hulu is about one-third the size of Netflix in the U.S. Netflix reported 52.8 million domestic streaming subscribers as of the end of Q3 2017. It’s also unclear what portion of Hulu’s subscribers are on the live-tv plan (which
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Star Trek: Discovery episode 10 review: Despite Yourself

James Hunt Jan 9, 2018

Jonathan Frakes directs Star Trek: Discovery's first episode of 2018, Despite Yourself. Spoilers ahead in our review...

This review contains spoilers.

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1.10 Despite Yourself

Star Trek is back! And do you know what I was thinking during this episode of Discovery? I was thinking “Man, I wish I could be listening to the Hamilton soundtrack instead of watching Star Trek” because I went to the Actual Theatre on Saturday to see the London production of Hamilton and it’s So Good and it makes me Sick that Lin Manuel-Miranda wrote that whole show by himself. What a guy.

Anyway, that’s just a hot tip from me, recommending the well-kept secret that is the most popular musical on the Internet. Do you think Alexander Hamilton would have liked
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The 18 Netflix Original Series to Be Excited About in 2018

If you have a Netflix account, odds are you aren’t short on things to watch. The streaming giant has been putting out unprecedented content week-in and week-out, whether it’s Netflix original series like “Ozark,” foreign acquisitions like “Peaky Blinders,” original movies like “Bright,” festival pick-ups like “Mudbound,” comedy specials, documentaries, and more, more, more.

Well, in 2018, Netflix is not slowing down. With nearly $8 billion to spend on original content and a mission to make half its library Netflix originals, there’s plenty of exciting options heading to subscribers’ queues this year. Below, IndieWire has rounded up a preview of 18 new shows, with an eye toward proven creators and exciting properties that are trying to craft the next big show.

Read More:18 HBO Original Programs To Be Excited About in 2018 — ‘Sharp Objects,’ ‘Paterno,’ and More “Altered Carbon”

Release Date: February 2, 2018

Length: 10 hourlong episodes

Creator: Laeta Kalogridis

Cast: Joel Kinnaman,
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The ‘Futurama’-esque Space Delivery Absurdity of ‘JohnnyExpress’

By Jacob Oller

Just when you thought Fry had a monopoly on sci-fi laziness. he wonders of space travel and the limitlessness of the universe will make tracking packages even more frustrating than it is now. That’s the premise behind JohnnyExpress, a short film from Kyungmin Woo. The animation, created through Alfred Imageworks, is rubbery yet static, like […]

The article The ‘Futurama’-esque Space Delivery Absurdity of ‘JohnnyExpress’ appeared first on Film School Rejects.
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Titan & Statix Press announce ‘Factory’ from Elgo

Titan Comics and Statix Press have announced a brand-new comic series, Factory, from Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius collaborator – Yacine ‘Elgo’ Elghorri (Character designer on Matt Groening’s Futurama).

Arriving March 2018, Factory is part of Titan Comics’ new Statix Press imprint, which showcases the best comics from Europe and around the globe, introducing audiences to fresh new creators & titles.

In the new Factory comic series, Mad Max meets Fallout in a nightmarish vision of life on a dystopian planet. A band of mutants slog through the harsh deserts of a dystopian planet in search of The Factory – the last semblance of civilization left among the wasteland. Said series creator Elgo:

The first time I was published in the USA was in the magazine Heavy Metal. I was 22 years old… Years later and after working on movies and TV shows in Los Angeles I briefly worked for Marvel and Idw,” However, my
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TV Animators Tooned Up for Big Screen Features

TV Animators Tooned Up for Big Screen Features
The creative lines between film and television are blurring ever more frequently these days, with many live-action directors, writers and other talent moving with increasing ease between the two media. But in the animation industry, only a handful of directors and writers have made the transition.

One of those is Rich Moore, who is directing Disney’s “Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2” alongside Phil Johnston and who earlier this year won the animated feature Oscar for Disney’s 2016 hit “Zootopia” with director Byron Howard. Moore has an extensive background in TV animation, working on “The Simpsons,” “The Critic” and “Futurama” for many years before making his feature directing debut on the first “Wreck-It Ralph” film in 2012.

Moore himself realizes he’s part of a rare breed.

“I’ve noticed that, too, and it’s a shame because there are some amazing TV directors out there who should be making features,” says Moore. “If
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NBC Developing ‘Natural History’ Museum Comedy From Chris Hardwick & David X. Cohen

NBC has put in development comedy Natural History from Chris Hardwick’s Fish Ladder Production, Futurama co-creator David X. Cohen, Brillstein Entertainment Partners and Universal TV. Written by Hardwick and Cohen, Natural History focuses on a young woman who returns home to become director of a beloved local natural history museum, only to find it has gone to hell in her absence. She must wrangle her well-intentioned but less-than-reliable staff while battling slashed…
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