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Season 3

25 Apr. 1987
Twelve Bar Blues
Who is behind a series of arms raids at military establishments? To find out, Tessa goes undercover as a barmaid, Fred poses as an innocent young lady and Maggie finds herself singing the blues to impress Jethro Blackstock, a man suspected of arms smuggling.
2 May 1987
Carrier Pigeon
Visiting Amsterdam for a few days's break, Fred recognised Sara, an old school chum. They arrange to meet, but their reunion is cut short when Sara is arrested for smuggling drugs through British customs. Convinced that her friend is innocent, Fred puts her own life at risk to prove it.
9 May 1987
Country Weekend
Tessa's plans to spend a quiet weekend at her mother's home accompanied by Fred take on nightmare proportions when three men arrive and hold them hostage. With Maggie back at the office, the girls must handle the crisis alone.
16 May 1987
The Big Burn
The discovery of electronic listening 'bugs' on some valuable antiques stolen from a country house leads the Eyes team into the world of espionage. The bugs are 'foreign' in design, but why have they been placed in the home of a jailed forger McCrewer.
23 May 1987
A Naval Affair
When ship designer Alan Moss's house burns down and all his work on a revolutionary design concept for warships is destroyed, the Eyes team find themselves assigned to prevent further attempts on his life. Then a bomb explodes in Maggie's flat.
30 May 1987
Family Tradition
Following an annual lunch with close friend Sir Edward Jordan - who recruited Nigel - the Eyes team are asked to investigate Sir Edward's son Howard, a civil servant with access to secrets, who is 'acting strangely'. When Howard tries to take his own life, Maggie discovers more than she, or Nigel, bargained for.
6 Jun. 1987
Ordered to take a fortnight's holiday, Maggie looks up an old schoolfriends. Within hours they both narrowly escape two attempts on their lives. When her friends Penny is shot, a guilty Maggie leaves no stone unturned to find who is responsible.

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