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Fascinating, yet repulsive.
brett-6112 June 2002
I watched a few episodes out of morbid curiosity while in the US. Never before have I seen a programme which so overtly tells its audience what to think, how to feel, how to respond and what to do. Pat Robertson can barely disguise his personal loathing for Europeans, single mothers, gays and lesbians, atheists, humanists, and a virtual pantheon of non-American, non-fundamentalist-Christian, non-rightwing spooks, demons and bugbears that populate his (and indeed his audience's) paranoid delusion.
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Fascist TV
Kaiketsu22 December 2002
Since I'm a European I didn't get the chance to see it until it went online at the CBN site. Anyway, this is a great show if you are a fascist or if you can't think for yourself. Lucky enough we don't have this kind a crap in Europe.

Robertson and his fundy christian pal Jerry Falwell blamed the socialists, the liberals, the atheists, the abortionists etc. for "allowing" the attack on the WTC(9/11) to happen. Tells you a lot about the IQ level of the most prominent figures of the extreme christian right(read: fascist).

Watch for it for a laugh.
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Meaningless patrio-religious group think
Lady-of-Rohan19 March 2005
Before I start, I just need to something straight: I have absolutely nothing against Jesus. And I have absolutely no problem with anyone who has faith. Any questions? Good. Let's move on.

Have you ever watched someone on TV so incredibly grating and annoying you wish they would just shrivel up and die? If not, welcome to the colorful world of The 700 Club; a news show where earth shattering topics such as school prayer, army chaplains, Christian music, and age-defying milkshakes are delivered into the hungry hands of red-state America.

Three of the most painfully looking news anchors in the history of television host a 30 minute show about the Christian life. While that may sound uplifting, don't be fooled. This show targets and destroys (much like a heat seeking missile) Muslims, Jews, Hindus, non- Christian "cults", gays, feminists, democrats, Christian liberals, and everything else under the sun for the world's problems. This makes the show about as comfortable as sitting on a long plane flight next to someone who asks you if you've heard the good news about Jesus.

But the worst of this show can be said in two words: Gordon Robertson. This idiot stands in front of the camera as if he's the salt of the earth, permanently portraying his smug smile and ghastly hair to the masses. Not only that but his forehead is so monstrously big, it actually distracts you from listening to what he has to say.

The 700 Club is a show that's entertaining if you're looking for a laugh but case in point: if you're looking for uplifting spiritual guidance, The 700 Club will do nothing for help.
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This show makes FOX news look like Martin Sheen
I'm sorry but from what I've seen with this show they've had the most inaccurate Polls they've been wanting to censor Ernie and Bert from Sesame Street and have Will and Grace Cancelled and I've heard Fox occasionally say that the Liberals dislike America (whis is false) but never had I ever heard a broadcasting network belive that the Democrats are all against God that explains enough. Weird as it may seem they've aired this show on many of the same networks that play Movies with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz and Johnny Depp which we all know are anything but Conservative Hacks Even my very christian Grandmother dislike's this show because she comes from a more liberal Branch of Christianity that belives that Jesus wanted to bring peace among his people not ahve the whole world worship him and if you did not than you would go to Hell
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Pure garbage
DrSamba7 April 2003
If you believe that the earth was created in only six days, that there really was a flood that wiped out almost all human life on earth except for a drunk and a few family members, that a big fish swallowed a man alive and spat him out just as alive three days later, and that the God who could do all of these amazing deeds needs YOUR money to keep doing them, this is the show for you!

Or maybe you want to watch this smarmy weasel just for laughs, to see what outrageous idiocy is going to come out of his mouth next. Whatever you do, don't send him money.
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700 Club is a Cult of hate
nacoran24 April 2007
It's interesting to see that all the posts are negative at first, and then apparently a 700 Club fan saw the listing and got the propaganda machine running.

The 700 Club preaches hate and intolerance under the guise of religion. Either Pat Robertson is truly unbalanced, or a brilliant genius who has created a cult of personality to reap great financial rewards, or both. There are a lot of posts where people say they watch to get angry. I just hope none of them are Nielsen families.

This man and his ilk are the only things that ever makes me doubt the wisdom of free speech.
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It would be funny, except...
Chromium_526 June 2006
Except people apparently buy into this garbage! As shows like "Moral Orel" have shown, even if you tried to make the most outrageous, over-the-top parody of evangelism you could possibly think of, it wouldn't come close to the hilarity of this show. It's hard to tell what's even going on when you're watching it. Is it a news show? A talk show? Who knows!? They start out by reporting on various international news stories, but at seemingly random points, the news is interrupted by this odd, troll-like little man with a forehead bigger than his entire face, mumbling and laughing and generally being creepy.

Pat Robertson doesn't even seem like such a bad guy at first glance. He just seems like a senile, yet harmless old coot stuck in his archaic beliefs (like most of our grandparents). But this is a man who has called for an assassination, who has befriended and offered aid to not one, but TWO murderous dictators, who has illegally used donation money to run diamond mines, who has SUPPORTED forced abortions in China, and who regularly implies that Caucasians (straight American male Caucasians in particular) are superior to all other races.

Still, this would all be funny, except that he apparently has a large enough fan base to keep his little show on the air 40 years later (either that, or enough money to bribe some TV executives who don't give a damn what they show). The idiocy of the show becomes alarming when you realize that some people, somewhere, must be watching it and hanging onto every word. Even when Robertson has repeatedly shown how corrupt he is, people still listen to him. I don't know if it's funny or scary. I guess a healthy mixture of both.
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This show is pure wickedness. It is evil incarnate.
HoldenSpark11 July 2004
I don't believe there has ever been a more evil or wicked television program to air in the United States as The 700 Club. They are today's equivalent to the Ku Klux Klan of the 20th century. Their hatred of all that is good and sweet and human and pure is beyond all ability to understand. Their daily constant attacks upon millions and millions of Americans, as well as billions of humans the world over, who don't happen to share their bigoted, cruel, monstrous, and utterly insane view of humanity is beyond anything television has ever seen. The lies they spout and the ridiculous lies they try to pass off as truth, such as the idea of "life after death" or "god" or "sin" or "the devil" is so preposterous that they actually seem mentally ill, so lost are they in their fantasy. Sane people know that religion is a drug and shouldn't let themselves get addicted to that type of fantasy. However, The 700 Club is in a class by itself. They are truly a cult. While I believe in freedom of speech, they way they spread hatred, lies, disinformation, and such fantastic ideas is beyond all limits. I hope that one day the American Psychiatric Association will finally take up the study of those people who delude themselves in this way, people who let themselves sink so deeply into the fantasy land of religion that they no longer have any real concept of reality at all. Treatment for such afflicted individuals is sorely needed in this country, as so many people have completely lost their minds to the fantasy of religion. The 700 Club though, is even more horrible as it rises to the legal definition of 'cult' but due to The 700 Club's vast wealth (conned daily from the millions of Americans locked in their deceitful grip) they are above the law in this country. For those of you who have seen the movie "The Matrix" you know that movie was a metaphor for religion on earth: the evil ones who are at the top of each of the religions who drain the ones they have trapped and cruelly abuse for their own selfish purposes, and those millions who are held in a death sleep and slowly being drained of their life force represent those many people who belong to religions and who have lost all ability to perceive what is really going on around them.

In less civil times, the good townsfolk would have run such monsters as those associated with The 700 Club out of town with torches and pitchforks. But in today's world where people have lost all choice in their choices of television that is presented to them, we have no way to rid ourselves of the 700 Club plague.

The television ratings system and the "V" chip on TV's should also have a rating called "R" for religion, so that rational people and concerned parents could easily screen such vile intellectual and brutal emotional rape, such as presented by The 700 Club every day all over our country, from themselves and their children.
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The type of show that makes you wanna poke your eye's out
degeorgetitanic5 December 2007
Before I start...let me say that I fully believe in God. I believe in Heaven and in Hell. Kay now that thats out of the way, I just wanna say that What in the world do these morons that call themselves "hosts" think they are doing?? The last time I checked a host doesn't discriminate, spew hatred filled rants on TV, or try to shove their own beliefs down every unfortunate soul that ventures onto the channel. ALl of these that crazy, idiotic, conservitive, bible thumping, Fred Phelps lover Pat Robertson does daily. I am all for free speech, but since when does that cover a guy who pretty much says that if you venture off his ideal way of life you are right away sent to hell? This is just a perfect example of why religion is the cause of SOOOO many problems. One day in my class room we had a substitute teacher in so we decided to watch some TV since the teach didn't give us any work. And we (against many of us's will) watched 700's Club, and of course that jerk Pat was on ranting and raving about the bible, and he said Simon along the lines of "God says Homosexuality is a sin" and I actually heard a kid go "Hmm I guess he's right." WTF??? Seriously, if the host is trying to make people think that someone else's sexual orientation is a huge sin, then they seriously need to take that host, duct tape them, and throw them off of a cruise liner in the middle of the arctic.
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A history of ridiculous predictions and lies
aenima683 September 2007
Here are some examples of Pat Robertsons dubiously claimed "relatively good track record" on predictions

In his widely reported comments from the January 2 edition of the Christian Broadcasting Network's The 700 Club, during which he predicted that there would be "very serious terrorist attacks" and "mass killing" in the United States in the "second half" of 2007, host Pat Robertson boasted that he had "a relatively good track record" on earlier predictions. But a review of Robertson's 2006 New Year's predictions undermines that claim. He predicted, for example, that:

* "President Bush is going to strengthen." WRONG

* "The fall elections will be inconclusive, but the outcome of the war and the success of the economy will leave the Republicans in charge." WRONG

* "The war in Iraq is going to come to a successful conclusion. We'll begin withdrawing troops before the end of this year." WAY WRONG

Further, as a January 3 Associated Press article reported, Robertson has a history of making dubious predictions:

The broadcaster predicted in January 2004 that President Bush would easily win re-election. Bush won 51% of the vote that fall, beating Democratic Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts. WRONG

In 2005, Robertson predicted that Bush would have victory after victory in his second term. He said Social Security reform proposals would be approved WRONG YET AGAIN!

He claims to speak directly with god... If so god has quite the sense of humor watching Pat make a fool of himself again and again..
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And this whole time, I thought the Number of the Beast was thirty-four less...
Htom_Sirveaux15 June 2007
"The 700 Club" has to be the single most bigoted television program in the history of television itself. To make matters worse, it's been on the air since 1966, implying that thousands if not millions of people are buying into its hate and lies. Headed by Pat Robertson, the unscrupulous, megalomaniacal founder and leader of the Christian Coalition, "The 700 Club" takes us from misinformation to misunderstanding, broadcasting "news" as they like to think of it and trying to convince its audience that all of the world's problems are to blame on homosexuals, Wiccans, New Age spiritualists, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, non-Fundamentalist Christians, Democrats, single mothers, foreigners, feminists, evolutionists, environmentalists, NASA scientists, and anyone else who doesn't share their fanatical religious views. It's actually the best fake news since "The Daily Show" or the "Weekend Update" segment of "Saturday Night Live," or since "Fox News," for that matter. Of course, Pat's always the one who makes each of the decisions, saying whatever comes to mind and not giving a damn who it offends or hurts. In the meantime, he continues his part in the struggle to transform the United States into a militarized police state by having the Religious Wrong stick their noses in everything they can and asking for one donation after another - no less than a measly $100 to become a member, by the way - to fund Pat's African diamond mines and buy oil from companies reprimanded by the government in the past for their abuse of the environment. No, never mind that Pat was good friends with the genocidal dictators of Zaire and Zimbabwe in order to help him acquire such wealth; it's all for the greater glory of God, don't you know? Funny thing, too, but I can't seem to recall any instance during which Jesus actually advocated the acquisition of wealth.

And of course, the hosts of "The 700 Club" are always willing to read letters "written by viewers" as they like to put it, coincidentally each typed in the same format and all on the same color of paper by "viewers" supposedly healed of various afflictions by the said hosts (they claim to have "words of knowledge" come to them) but who NEVER APPEAR on the program to say what happened to them. Honestly, how can anyone take a show seriously when they're using a poor applause recording? It should make people wonder why there's no studio audience. Speaking of which, did any of the loyal viewers of this show wonder why Pat went to a surgeon for his colon cancer instead of putting trust in the faith of his fellow snake oil salesmen?

The sad thing that Pat's cronies and viewers don't realize or just don't even want to realize are the horrible things he's done and said. This is a guy who agreed with Jerry Falwell that the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States were the result of God punishing us for our acceptance of homosexuality and feminism. Ironic, considering that Pat has twice publicly referred to the implementation of a nuclear weapon in the State Department; I have little doubt it was his wealth that kept him from getting arrested for such statements. His rants against homosexuals, single mothers, and any number of sexual practices he considers "sinful" are interesting, considering he was known to frequent a number of brothels during the Korean War. As the Bible says, be fruitful and multiply, so congratulations, Pat - thanks to you, there's probably a number of children born to single Korean mothers. Then, of course, there was the time he called for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a man who led his nation successfully in the conquering of a dictatorship. Oh, yes, and let's not soon forget the time this "crusader for human life" supported forced abortions in China. Very "Christian" of him, wouldn't you say?

And just in case Pat has forgotten, I haven't forgotten his little speech that evangelical Christians today are "being treated exactly as the Jews were in Nazi Germany." Honestly, to compare his "plight" to the horrors of the Holocaust is almost unforgivable. Speaking of which, need I mention about how he blatantly lied that homosexuality ran rampant among the Nazi party in a pathetic attempt to discredit homosexuals? Of course, history shows us that the Nazis acted toward homosexuals the same way they acted toward Jews. Pat Robertson is one of the biggest liars in history. If he was Pinocchio, his nose would encircle the Earth.

Unfortunately, more and more people continue to believe him every day. This is your wake-up call, people; "The 700 Club" is one of the most if not the single most vile program in television history. It's evil masquerading as good; it's a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing. It's bigoted filth that tries to look clean, pretty, and loving. It's living proof that hateful, dangerous religious views aren't confined to certain groups in the Middle East. Even those who are not of the Christian faith know that it goes against everything Jesus taught, and if Jesus was to appear to this "club," He wouldn't be emulating them. Instead, He'd be chastising them as He did the Pharisees of His time and overturning the money bins of their telethons as He did in front of the synagogue in His time. All I can say is thank God that Pat had no chance of becoming President; if he did, he'd be the harbinger of Armageddon - and not on the side of the good guys.
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aa right wing news program with christian influence
LONESOLO12 August 2004
A talk show in which christian views, right wing political views, and the agenda of the republican party are brought forth in a one hour news and interview style format. Pat Robertson is truly a media master mind as he lays out his media message and supports his political agenda in a show that is one hour of religious propaganda. (yes I would say that to his face) I recommend this show to those who enjoy this sort of of programming. I dont recommend this program to liberals or people offended by heavy attacks on liberal lifestyles and liberal media. I believe this man to be a polite man but gone is the shows original format of no news and more ministry. His endorsement of the republican party lays it out as a party of god so to speak when there are just as many christians who are libererals or democrates .....yet he never acknowledges that.
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The 700 Club is one of the most un-Christian shows on television.
earthmom-934-21342116 May 2013
I have watched "The 700 Club" for as long as I can stand it, from time-to-time. The bigotry, hatred and message-serving facts spewed by the very un-reverend Robertson are extremely un-Christian. The FCC should be ashamed of allowing this source of vitriol to continue to broadcast to those easily influenced by heresy because the source is a "Christian" minister. If Jesus Christ were to see what kind of behavior is being advocated in his name, what could his reaction be? Would the followers of Robertson leave him and follow Christ? Would they stay with Robertson and refuse the messages of love and inclusion of Jesus? They could not possibly follow both of them.
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700 Club (Crusading Liars Unclean Busybodies.)
HermanSchafer3 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Hear are some of the interesting things our combat hero faith healer Pat, his son Gordon (T.V. ministry seems like a family business.) and Terry Meeuwsen (Won Miss America in 1973 by wearing a swimsuit and showing her legs. Oh my goodness gracious!) say when our poor viewers are sick and need help.

1. Someone with an "abscessed right tooth"has just now been healed.2. Someone with "twisted intestines" has been healed.3.Then Terry said there was a person with a "strange condition",(You mean God doesn't know?) a burning in the legs,who has just been healed.4. Then Gordon said there's a man(That narrows it down!) with swelling of the sinuses in his right cheek, with much pain behind the right eye,but he is now healed.5.Someone with a problematic right hip,limited mobility from a stroke, is now able to walk. 6. Terry said she saw someone with severe with severe stiffness in the neck bone, but didn't know the exact ailment(God doesn't know?)-that the person is now healed. 7. Someone paralyzed on the right side, particularly(Not exactly?!) the right side of the face has now been healed.8. A man (That narrows the world population down again.) with a plate in his skull is having a continual problems, and the doctors just don't know what to do. Terry said she saw the bone reforming around the plate(The funny bone?!)and the mans pain is gone,he was now healed.

Hers how our war hero Pat helps our sick and poor people. 1. There's a woman in Kansas City (Missouri or Kansas but that narrows it way down.) who has a sinus the lord is drying it up now thank you Jesus. 2. There's a man with a financial need- I think a hundred thousand dollars.(I think their god needs to go to school or something!) That need is being met met right now,and within three days,the money will be supplied through the miraculous power of the holy spirit.Thank you Jesus. 3.There is a woman in Cincinnati with cancer of the lymph nodes.

I don't know whether its been diagnosed yet (Ask your vengeful god Pat!) but you haven't been feeling well, and the lord is dissolving that cancer right now!(What?!)4. There is a lady in Saskatoon(I assume Canada.) in a wheelchair-curvature of the spine, The lord is straightening that our right now, and you can stand up and walk!(If you have this condition ignore Pat!) Just claim it and it's yours. Thank you Jesus! Amen, Amen!

When Pat Robertson had prostate cancer did he go to Peter Popoff?, Oral Roberts?,Benny Hinn?,Terry or Gordon? No! On February 17,2003 Pat went to a REAL DOCTOR to have his surgery! (You mean he doesn't trust his faith healing friends, Terry or his own son Gordon?!)

When LT Pat Robertson was in the Marines during the Korean war He was a liquor officer, responsible for keeping the officers supplied with liquor. He was known to drink himself and frequent prostitutes and he feared he contacted gonorrhea.(Should of asked a faith healer for help!)

The reason Pat got out of combat was because his daddy Absalom Willis Robertson (D Va from 1946-66) was Chairman of the Senate Military Appropriations Committee.

Terrorist Attacks, September 11, 2001 We have imagined ourselves invulnerable and been consumed by the pursuit of health, wealth,(Pats worth between 150 and 200 million dollars folks!) material pleasures(A mansion in Virginia beach Virginia with a helicopter launching pad!) and sexuality(He had had sex with his future wife before marriage which they had a son!). It (terrorism) is happening because god is lifting his protection from us.( Statement released on September 13, 2001.) Pat Robertson reminds me of Burgermeister on Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and his evil vengeful god reminds me of Venger on Dungeons And Dragons.

Spoiled brat Gordon does what daddy Pat tells him to and Terry is a paid yes woman who neither have minds of their own!

This will really grab you! The September 5 2005 edition of The 700 Club included a report Christian Broadcasting Network correspondent Gary Lane from outside New Orleans Convention Center which has housed mostly impoverished black disaster victims throughout the weekend."A number of possessions left behind suggest the mindset of some of the evacuees"Lane said"they include this voodoo cup with the saying"May the curse be with you." A shot of a plastic cup souvenir cup from one of the New Orleans countless trinket shops appeared on the screen. "Also music CDs with the title Guerrilla Warfare and Thugs 'R' Us." Lane stated, pointing out a pile or rap CDs strewn on the ground.( His bigoted daddy Absalom has taught Pat racism well!)

If any of you good people ever think of donating to these sexist bigoted people please in the name of God don't! Sponsor a softball or basketball team,give to a food shelf, be a big brother or sister to a child but please don't give to these people because they have been around for over 40 years and solved nothing.

If you still don't believe me type Pat Robertson overheard during commercial break on the web and hit search and once you hear what hes really like, I know for sure that you will not give one cent to these conning liars! And by the way Terry once had a divorce and Pat has talked against divorce many times on his shows.

I like to say hello to the folks in Dover Pennsylvania, Orlando Florida, and to the nice folks who got hit by hurricane Katrina and I hope its a pleasant day. Has Operation Blessing been helpful to New Orleans?(I doubt it!) Please let our readers know! I do! By the way folks if your sick, go to a real doctor and lets everybody laugh at these liars and someday Burgermeister Pat,Gordon and Terry can go someplace else and take their angry god Venger with them!
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who watches this show
jpdcincy6 June 2006
does anyone think that this show actually helps some people, or does it only anger the people who watch it? when i am flipping through the channels and come upon this show i half to watch out of morbid curiosity. i understand that pat Roberson is not all together. what i do not know is if his viewers are like him or if they are good people and think they will have a better life if they listening to what he has to say. pat Roberson is of little consequence. he is an old man who thinks in an old way. fear of damnation no longer has the same affects as it once did (thank god). now if someone will please answer my question i will be dodging lightning bolts for the rest of eternity.
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Ridicule Pat if you must, but please think before rejecting Jesus
flaxsnax4 April 2007
"Jesus answered and said unto Him, 'Truly, truly, I say unto you, unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.'"-John 3:3

Either this statement is true, or Jesus is a liar. Think about it.

The 700 Club is a high quality Christian broadcast with excellent production values. Pat has made a few controversial statements that he has regretted & apologized for over the years, plus I can understand how the healing prayer at the end of the show may seem a little hokey to a non-believer. That being said, in general, the show does a fine job of disseminating the Gospel of Jesus Christ and reporting & commenting on current events using the Bible and the person of Jesus Christ as the measure of truth.

Theologically the show tends to lean a little too far "Word of Faith Movement" for my taste, but this a minor concern. The testimonials and re-enactment stories of how individuals were delivered from drugs, alcohol, sexual sins, and other trials through the power of Christ, are very inspiring and help many people watching who know someone who is struggling with that same issue.
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I Had To Say Something
skylarkjv1 March 2008
Now, although I am a Christian and a conservative, there are points that I do not agree with Pat Robertson on. Actually there are quite a few. The major point being, I believe in spreading the Gospel of Christ through love, instead of fear. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Common sense. But even though I do not agree with Pat on the majority of what he says, I do believe that he is a well-intentioned man. At no point have I ever heard him endorse abortions, or dictators. Many of the people who have posted are making things up as they go along to suit their own ill-formed frame of mind. Which is very sad, and quite disturbing. At no point in time has Pat Robertson ever been accused of embezzling money, or having something to do with diamond mines, etc. If certain people claim he has, they still have yet to back it up with real proof. Not rumors that they are creating off the top of their head.

Second, there are points that I agree with Pat on. I do not believe that you can be a liberal and a Christian. It is utterly impossible. You cannot be homosexual and be a Christian, it is utterly impossible as well. Now do not misunderstand, if someone wants to be gay or liberal, that is their choice. But for those of you believing that you can be a Christian AND something contrary to what the Bible says, its like saying your a Communist Capitalist. There is no such thing...the two cancel each other out.

1) To abort a baby is murder to the Christian religion. The Bible speaks specifically about it. You cannot be a Christian and support abortions. Its like supporting Charles Manson.

2) God actually says that society, not the government, should take upon itself the welfare of the people.

3) Quit bashing the gays and liberals, there is no use in hating them. That means that they can have their civil rights groups. As long as they don't infringe upon OUR civil rights. (Yes, Christian have civil rights too, we did invent the idea after all, or at least our Father did.)

4) The Bible says that it is a mortal sin for a man to sleep with another man, or for a woman to sleep with another woman. It also says that sex outside of marriage is a sin as well. So if your not married, don't do it. And if you are homosexuals that are married, sorry, according to the Christian faith, it is a sin. It is mentioned in there right along with having sex with animals.

5) Being a communist is against Christianity as well. One of the major factors behind communism is the belief in atheism. You cannot be a Christian communist. Just like you cannot be a Christian atheist. No such thing. However, I do admire the utopian idea.

6) The Jews are a great, and ancient race of people. End of story. Anyone who is anti-semitic and claims to be a Christian is self-deceived. You cannot be a Christian and an anti-semite. The Bible explicitly says so. The Jews are God's chosen people. Jesus Himself was a Jew, as well as the full congregation (all 5,000 or so) of the first church. It wasn't until Paul went to the Gentiles that Christianity attracted non-Jewish followers. So sorry for all you anti-semites. But, deal with it. (P.S. We still love you though.)

7) Last, but definitely not least, at lucky number seven. For those of you debating the fact with Pat Robertson about America being a Christian nation, take a look at your history books and money. Our national motto is "In God We Trust", Massachusetts was founded by Puritans fleeing religious persecution in England. (I know, my ancestor owned the Charter). When the Constitution was signed, 52 of the 55 signers were active members of their congregations. When John Quincy Adams would address the people, his presidential speeches, were often extemporaneous sermons on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thomas Jefferson made frequent references to God and the the Bible in the Declaration of Independence (over 3000 of them says a study done by Rice, and another 5,000 indirect references, same study). For more such information go to it'll inform you on Christian America.
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How do you know evil if you don't know God?
Marie Schryver19 January 2007
The person's comment that said that Pat Robertson is evil and his program is evil has nothing to compare what evil and righteous is. His definition of evil is the opposite of evil. The Bible itself says that in the last days people will call good evil and evil good! He doesn't even know that he fulfilled Bible prophecy! If you don't know God and refuse to know him now, that's okay. He still loves you but when you do finally bow your knee to Him, and you will, it will be too late for you. God sends no one to hell, not even you! You will go there of your own decision and your spewing defines it! May God have mercy on you and give you a Damascus Road experience. The 700 Club and Pat Robertson's ministry is one of the reasons I'm still here. On the edge of alcoholism, adultery, and probably death, God reached through the TV screen and used Pat Robertson to do it, and thank God He did! You have a right to say what you said but you don't have a right to curse with your words. God have mercy on you.
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great show
jf8317520 December 2006
The 700 Club gives a great perspective on world events. Some have described it as disingenuous or cheesy. I find the program to be informative and inspirational. It is only natural for many to throw mud on a program that has proved to be so successful. There are very few shows that can point to a 40 year track record of success in the world of television media and The 700 Club is one of them. While Mr. Robertson may have been wrong to say that someone should be assassinated, I find it curious that so many people will literally trip over themselves to hop on the bandwagon of criticism. I have certainly said some foolish things in my life. I would certainly be willing to forgive Mr. Robertson since he puts out a great show.
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wow- lots of negative comments here-
tattered7712 March 2008
I turn on 700 Club once in awhile and only agree with some of the statements made- I'm one of many believers that is considered liberal by most Christians and conservative by most non-Christians. I vote my mind, and its usually not rep. or dem. - i don't believe 700 club tells people what to believe, but that it represents many older christians that grew up in very conservative backgrounds. i think many folks misunderstand what is said on 700 club. it bums me out to hear name calling either direction. i think 700 club folks really do love Jesus but are so busy trying to get people to vote conservatively that they've forgotten to show love to certain people and promote peace like Jesus did. Please don't judge Jesus based on ignorant individuals that believe on Him and let's also not be as ignorant with our comments about them. Why ARE people so mean to each other?
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A show worth watching
angell-watts13 January 2003
The Christian Broadcasting Network's flagship program, "The 700 Club," is an inspirational show that is truly making a difference in our world. There are approximately one million viewers per day. It is an exciting show with celebrity guests and segments I can relate to. They have a national prayer counseling center that takes calls 24/7. Approximately 10,000 people call a day, over 60 million have called since inception. It is nice to see a show with uplifting content and know that if you need prayer you can call them at anytime.
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700 Club
Patrick James McKenna15 September 2008
Contrary to what those who hate Christianity, the 700 Club provides real answers as well as inspiration. It also provides reliable news, logical commentary and a different view than what ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS thinks is best. Unlike other programs, which provide social and faith-related commentary, those who are behind the 700 Club provide help for those in need, such as feeding the hungry with Operation Blessing, providing medical help to those living in poverty-stricken communities and giving hope to those who need hope. It's not at all hateful. If the 700 Club offends you, I suggest reaching for the remote control and turning the channel on your TV set. I do the same thing when I find CNN Headline News or for that matter, programs which I find biased or offensive. What I find offensive is the way that the ABC Family inserts the disclaimer that the views of the 700 Club do not reflect those of ABC Family.
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About the above user's comments...
rickyfan395617 December 2005
The above user makes this comment: "I don't believe there has ever been a more evil or wicked television program to air in the United States as The 700 Club. They are today's equivalent to the Ku Klux Klan of the 20th century. Their hatred of all that is good and sweet and human and pure is beyond all ability to understand." And then he goes on to state how ALL people who believe in any religion are deluding themselves. "Drugging" themselves, he says. He failed to understand in using his words above that words like "evil", "good", "sweet", "human", and "pure" are words whose meanings were derived based upon some understanding of a form of deity and what he expects of us. Ask and I will explain. But by his very argument that all persons who believe in a religion are deluded, he nullifies his above argument in which he uses the words "evil", "good", "sweet", and "pure".
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Hardcore Christian Rebpublican
emma8298425 February 2013
I can't believe the hateful news on this program. He talks bad about Obama all the time, yet he can receive "donations", which i think is a load of crock, and be a billionaire or whatever he is. It pains me when he talks about struggling people who have no money... yet he wants you to give him all that you have practically and pray for a miracle. For instance, one episode showed a woman struggling, lost her job, had $200 left to her name, watched this show, and gave it all away to the donation box, then miraculously she got a job and started getting on her feet more and more, and continued to donate. For me, this reminds me of Heaven's Gate; brainwashing. The only thing i listen to are his prayers and his talk about God, which is only 4 stars out of 10.
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Casey3488017 June 2002
The 700 Club is terrific. This probably is my favorite TV show. Not only does it tell the REAL truth about things, it gives a Biblical view of everything. The 700 Club not only gives spiritual guidance, they pray for people, help people; the even help people who aren't Christian. Pat Robertson tells it like it is. He isn't choosy about his words, but these days you can't be.

It's nice to see something clean and honest on TV. After all, lifes too short to watch trash.
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