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Swiss Tease is a funny Warner Bros.-flavored cartoon made by Columbia
tavm29 July 2008
Just discovered on Thad's Animation Blog this rare Columbia cartoon that happens to actually be GOOD. Maybe that's because it has a story by Michael Maltese, Tedd Pierce, and Bob Clampett. Clampett didn't direct this one, that credit goes to a Sid Marcus. It's basically about a St. Benard dog who's thrown off the rescue team because he ACTUALLY drinks his medication! So the canine, still in his stupor, keeps trying to rescue this mountain climber (he actually sees more than one and always picks the one that's actually there!) but always gets him falling off the cliff while the dog thinks he's carrying him down! There's a few more outrageous gags after that and a neat twist at the end making Swiss Tease sort of a Warner Bros. cartoon made by some moonlighting members of that studio but also giving Columbia some class in the animation department before they gave up and started distributing UPA product. And the music by Darrell Calker is almost worthy of Carl Stalling. So in summation, I highly recommend Swiss Tease. It's available on YouTube.
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