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Your kidding, right?
spfi20 December 2001
I remember seeing the once gorgeous Marilyn Chambers in the classic adult film 'Behind The Green Door.' Now older and fatter, we have been blessed with the straight to cable 'Little Shop of Erotica.' Similar to Bo Dereks forgettable 'Bolero' the "steamy sex" scenes aren't even a thrill. The only hope is to watch the movie on video and use the fast forward button on the remote, something this trash of a film truly needs.
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Citizen Kane for the 90's!!!
neilperry_dps15 December 2002
I must say, though limited by budget cuts, this money shines through a cloud of badluck.

How one could ask for anymore in a movie is beyond me. Marilyn Chambers is once again brilliant in this slightly noir drama, of a lingerie shop owner trying to find her place in a town that doesn't want her.

But, her luck changes while she discovers a anicent druid spell book, and she uses it in attempts to help herself and others find out how they truly are.

I won't give away the major plot points, but this coming-of-age tale should be placed in the ranks of the greats of all time. Move over Citizen Kane, The Godfather, and North By Northwest, and make room for, The Little Shop Of Erotica. You'll laugh, you'll cry, but mostly you'll cry, you also might vomit, but that should clear after Marilyn Chambers puts her clothes back on. Go out and rent this today, it should be in the classics section.
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