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The way of living
Arvind Vyas18 March 2004
Possibly the best movie of Jeetendra!


Jeetendra, a village boy just out of college, is married to Anjali. He is in city in search of a job but there isn't any! Tanuja is a wheel chair bound girl! Whose father hires Jeetendra on condition that Jeetendra should not be married. Tanuja falls in love with Jeetendra and the feelings seems to be mutual. Tanuja recovers with Jeetendra's encouragement. What will be next? Will she discover that he is married? Or will he come out of his marriage? Is he a lier?


Everyone is competent and does job well. Frankly, there are flaws in script an plot, but one does not notice while watching movie, not until one starts analyzing the flaws would surface. This is because the direction and acting is good and so the editing, leaving very little scope for audience to think while watching the movie. The run time is to enjoy and thats what this movie precisely does.

As a matter of fact, when you discover in the opening scene that Jeetendra is married to an unknown face and Tanuja is yet to come

SONGS AND MUSIC Music is very good the songs "Aane se jiske aaye bahaar, jaane se jiske jaaye bahaar...", "Chanda ko dhundane sabhi taare nikal pare...", "Ek banjara gaaye..." are very good.

Overall the movie is enjoyable - my rating is 9.5/10 as I could see it again and again....
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Family Morals
gurdeepmann5931 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Jeetendra and Sanjeev Kumar were first paired in this film and came later in KHILONA(1970)

Tanuja plays a wheel-chair bound girl who is soon out of her wheelchair after the arrival of Jeetendra She wants to marry Jeetendra as she has fallen in love with him But Jeetu can't marry her

Because Jeetu has a wife, mother, sister and a flock of children Now Jeetu finds himself living two lives at the same time

Jeetu is restrained His pairing with Tanuja is icing on cake. Tanuja is young, bubbly and vibrant Jagdeep is hilarious Sanjeev Kumar is okay in a small role
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