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Funny, lively and enjoyable despite being a little predictable
bob the moo13 October 2002
On his first day at a new school, Cameron falls for Bianca Stratford. However not only is she popular and beautiful but her father has forbidden her to date until her older sister does too. The problem is her sister, Kat, is negative, bad tempered and unfriendly and certainly undateable. Cameron seeks the services of school bad boy Pat who he arranges to be paid to date Kat and thus allow him to go out with Bianca - but things never go smoothly when it comes to love.

I'm not a big fan of teen comedies. They mostly are lame, trading on the same old plots and clichés that have been around since Animal House and Porkies. The recent trend has just seen classical texts adapted giving rise to some poor films like `She's all that'. The plot for this is basically `The Taming of the Shrew' updated - most of it bares little resemblance to the play but that doesn't matter - the core is interesting enough to stand on it's own. It may not surprise you in terms of who gets which girl and it's fairly predictable in a romantic comedy type way but that's not it.

No - the film is funny, lively and pretty enjoyable. The comedy is built around the central plot with lots of nice touches and characters that are genuinely funny, such Mr Morgan and the erotic drama writing headmistress. The jokes happily never stoop to the gross-out type and this helps it feel fresh and lively, rather than just scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

Another strength is that the cast are all very likeable and give good performances all round. Compared to the horror or Prince and Lillard in `She's all that' this was a dream cast. Ledger is a real up and comer and he does well here - he doesn't over-egg his bad boy cake and his fall into love is believable. Stiles is very cool and better than the teen roles she has had of late. Here she rises above the `outsider' cliché given to her and does good work - again being a likeable and believable character.. Gordon-Levitt is OK but quite characterless compared to the main two roles, likewise Oleynik. The bets roles are those on the edges and the three adult support roles really do well and are very funny - Janney, Mitchell and especially Miller on good form. Gabrielle Union is once again given a side role that doesn't play to her strength. I like her and want to see her in bigger roles but here she is a `minority face' in a predominately white film, just as she was in She's All That - maybe I'm being a little paranoid but that's what it feels like.

Overall I was taken by surprise as to how funny and lively this film was. It didn't sink to the gross out comedy of so many teen movies and had characters and actors who brought spark and energy to the screen. It may be predictable but it works and the jokes and side characters just add to the sense of fun. Not brilliant but compared to the mediocre bunch of teen comedies you COULD watch, this is fantastic!
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I can't stop watching this movie!
sirokai27 November 2004
I wanted to see this movie when it first came out but never did. I didn't get a copy until a week ago and finally watched it with my girlfriend. I have to admit, I've seen it five times in the past week. A lot of teen movies have very basic or clichéd plots, but not this one. It's based on "The Taming of the Shrew" and it has a lot of interesting twists. The music is awesome, every song actually fits the moment, and the two love stories are actually interesting to watch. Even all the actors did a really great job. The only bad thing is the occasional dirty jokes. If you don't care for teen movies, don't worry, you are just like me, this movie is still worth watching. I'm giving it a 10 to bring those ratings up!
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Sweet *teenage love, lies, & consequences* flick!
ILoveDMB5 April 1999
I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Granted I'm just 15 years old, and also a huge fan of Shakespeare, but it was really a great film. I would have to say it's definitely more directed towards the teenage/GenX generations, but it was awesome. The tongue-and-cheek Shakespeare references were great (the "Stratford" girls, etc.) Julia Stiles & Larisa Oleynik were convincing in their roles, and not to be shallow but the guys of the movie just all looked really good. =) I recommend this to most teenage girls, although it's not totally a "chick flick" because my brother enjoyed it too. In any case, the scene with the "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" ballad at the soccer practice is a can't-miss for all you love saps. =) I will tell you right now, the ending IS predictable, but not hackneyed. It leaves you with a happy bubbly feeling about teenage love. Excellent movie, that is. (P.S. When watching this in the theaters-- DON'T leave as soon as the credits roll. There are some hilarious out-takes afterwards.)
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It was very good
Boyo-21 May 2000
A movie like this doesn't exactly hit you over the head with its originality, and can only be as good as the actors. They must convince you that you've never seen anything like this before. In this case every single member of the cast is so good that they sold me on the movie from minute one. Heath Ledger & Julia Stiles make a great couple and his rendition of "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" was one of the highlights. When Julia listed the "10 Things" she was crying and I was, too - extremely unusual for me in a movie like this. Everyone else was just as good and this movie is a keeper.
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One of the best teen movies of all time...
Pookyiscute6 March 2004
I can't say enough good things about this movie. I do remember the first time I saw it, coming away thinking that I wanted to be just like Julia Stiles' character in it, though. She was so cool and did such an excellent job in her role, that still to this day I consider her to be the coolest teen in any 'teen movie'.

Basic Plot: Cameron (Levitt), a new student at Pagua high school, falls in love with a sophomore named Bianca Stradford (Oleynik).

However, Bianca has a flirtatious crush on the most popular senior at school named, Joey (Keegan). Cameron's sidekick Michael (Krumholtz)tells him, that Bianca is looking for someone to help her with French and Cameron decides that's how he'll ask her out on a date.

Kat Stradford (Stiles) is Bianca's sister. Totally opposite of Bianca, she is anti-social and is the most feminist high school senior you could ever meet. Against boys, dances, and anything having to do with prepiness and silly fun, she swears off dating and finds herself being accepted to Sarah Lawrence a college across the country in hopes to get away from her father and the city she lives in.

Bianca desperately wanting to date, is told by her father (Miller) that she will be allowed to date when her sister Kat does. Desperate and not knowing how to get her sister to 'date for her', ends up asking Cameron, her new French tutor, to help her with her predicament. Enter Patrick (Ledger). An outcast and rumored to have sold his kidneys on the black market for a new set of speakers, also attends Padgua high, and is unsuspecting of what will happen soon in his future.

Cameron and Micheal decide that in order to make this work, they need a backer. "Someone who's stupid, but has money." So they go to Joey, telling him that they know he likes Bianca, and they need him to pay Patrick a tidy sum, to have him date Kat, in order for him to date Bianca. What Joey doesn't know, is that Cameron secretly plans to date Bianca, while he pays Patrick to take out Kat.

It may sound like a very confusing movie. But it is so funny, cleverly written, and not entirely true of American teenage culture, but pretty close. The acting is wonderful and in my opinion nothing in the movie would have worked as well, without the people who played their characters. As I said before I think that Stiles' portration of Kat Stradford was right on, and no one could have done it better. Her best role, more than certainly, and I love this movie so much! I would have to say it's my favorite teen comedy next to The Breakfast Club. One the best movies, and a great watch!

I give it a 10 out of 10. Go rent it, or better yet go buy it! You won't regret it!
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A masterpiece that leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling! 10 out of 10 for 10 Things
BettieTeese12 March 2005
All the praise in the world goes to every individual involved in the production of 10 Things I Hate About You,a film that rarely leaves my DVD player.I'm not a fan of Shakespeare's traditional plays,but the modern day screen adaptions are brilliant,and 10 Things I Hate About You is no exception.The highschool stereotypes of the cool kids nobody messes with,the wannabe's that try too hard to be something they're not,the geeks everyone picks on and the rebels everyone is afraid of,mean there's a character in this film everyone can relate to.The stand out performances are Heath Ledger as Patrick,the rebellious,feared and elusive bad guy who wins the heart of Kat Stratford played to perfection by fine actress Julia Stiles who has no interest in the opposite sex and is perceived to come from the planet 'Loser' while her more sociable,boy crazy sister Bianca (Larissa Oleynik)hails from planet 'Look at Me,Look at Me'.Her good looks catch the eye of the smooth,suave and egotistical Joey Donner (Andrew Keegan) who is a male model,and fights for the affections of the prettiest Stratford sister with Cameron (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) the highschool geek,with a big heart and a big crush on Bianca.The hilarious Larry Miller stars as Walter Stratford-the kind of father who puts his girls on a short leash and desperately tries to shield them from the horrors of sex,drugs and rock and roll,and of course,boys.A typical teenage comedy,but its witty dialogue,goofy,sexy,cool and bad ass characters,and enjoyable storyline set it apart from all the rest.There's plenty of memorable moments,romance,and clever and classic lines,all leading up to a predictable but perfectly good ending that leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling about teenage love.
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the coolest teenage movie ever!
buseoana26 February 2006
i know that teenage movies are extremely worn out, but this one will stay hip for ever! i think i will re watch it a hundred times and i will never get bored! why? because it's super cool!! you have the adolescents in your normal high-school, and you have the prom and this cute all-adored babe and this very hot and hip guy is after her but of course something is in their way: her sister! and we have our normal constant fight and arguing. but....there is Heath Ledger who is the ultimate babe and the perfect guy in this movie, and seriously gets you thinking 'why didn't this happen to me when i was in high school?'.the story is extremely cute and i think i can say original, anyways more exciting than the other movies that are in this category. there are some extremely funny scenes and you will never ever get bored! a must-see!!!!! and a perfect 10 score!!!!
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Pretty good overall
MovieAddict20168 December 2004
Based on Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew," "10 Things I Hate About You" offers a refreshing revival of the "good" teen films, as compared to the "typical" teen films.

It's based on Shakespeare's story somewhat loosely. It's about a teenaged girl whose father will not allow her to date. Finally he comes up with a clever idea - if she can convince her older sister (who is a strict, boring "b***") to date someone, the younger sibling can as well. Her father knows this is as realistic as saying "When pigs begin to fly" but then he can't be accused of being unfair.

"10 Things..." is overall pretty good. It's better than I thought it would be. It has some funny moments, it's got a talented cast with some older actors popping up in various humorous roles, etc. It's not as refreshing or unique as a John Hughes teen comedy but it certainly plays upon some of the clichés of the genre (invented by Hughes no less) to good effect.

Overall, I was impressed with the movie, and the actors, and that's saying a lot considering it's a teen film (a genre I have come to loathe recently with entries such as "Slackers" etc.).
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You can't fault this one, it just aint typical.
Darth_Stat4 March 2001
When hiring this movie was first suggested I turned up my nose at it. I thought, another teenagers flick where the hottest guy in school has to appreciate a lesser unpopular chick etc etc etc. Since seeing it it has enterred my all time favourites list. Any old somebody can take the formula of The Taming of the Shrue and put it into a school yard, and any old somebody can avoid cle she's in the finer details, coming up with decent alternatives is the hard part, whatever they did here works like clockwork. I would easily give it the best teen flick mantle.

Firstly, the acting is perfect, the roles are not overly demanding but Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger play this to perfection. The supporting cast is great aswell, there is not a soul that doesn't contribute to the perfection of it all. Realism is neither what they were really going for nor what makes the movie. The language and vocabulary of these kids is phenominal, words like, Vapid, Pensive, Hanus, Tempestuous, Miscreants. There are lots of words like these throughout the movie. It is the thing that does the most to enable adult enjoyment.

For once they avoided the school bully theme, the bad guy in this is just a model who the chicks like and some of the guys hang with and alot of others just realise he is a fool. The recessive geek role is this time given alot more credibility, he is given the majority of the genuinely witty one liners and finds a soul mate for himself, instead of them just making it a joke that he stays a joke. There are a few parts you can really cheer in, you have to watch it to appreciate them. There is truly never a dull moment.

The best quote of the whole movie would have to be "it's just an excuse for all the nerds at our school to rub up against each other to distract themselves from the pathetic emptiness of thier meaningless consumer driven lives" that pretty much sums up the purpose of teen parties these days. For once you actually identify with the "bitch" role in this, both she and the guy that is falsely pursuing her take a backward step, usually when it comes time for the leading man to apolagise for his deceit you really cant believe him after they have focused for so long on his efforts, this time for some reason you do, it fits straight into the story. There is another half to that situation here aswell but I wont disclose, it is probably the best bit of the movie.

And the last major point is that this time the father character is a hell of alot stronger than before, if that had been weak so would the rest of the movie have been, but he is not. He has a reason for being there and you identify with him aswell. It is clear to see they were making the characters all strong in thier own right and stronger than the actual story.

To sum it all up the characters, story and acting are all perfect, adults can enjoy this one aswell, also because the main relationships are more stable and adult than the unpredictability of true teenage relationships, if they can be called such. So here is the count.

Production Values 2/2, Acting 2/2, Quality and Meaning 1.5/2, Screenplay 2/2, Originality 1/2

Anyone can get something from this movie and most can get alot. This is a must. For the movie it is I would give it 10 but going by the main qualities listed above which all movies can be measured by it would get

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The best teen movie.. ever ; - )
jENNA00717 July 2001
I loved this movie to death, it has the BEST teen cast I've ever seen. Hot talent, excellent writing, good direction, and a kiss-azz music score makes this movie able to be watched over and over again. I was so amazed at how talented the actors were, I just have to tell you what I thought of them ~

First off, I love Julia Stiles as Kat Stratford, Julia is the only blonde I have ever seen who could probably not pull off a clueless valley girl act (which is a good thing, trust me, black-haired, brown-eyed girls like me don't wanna watch dumb blondes.) Joseph Gordon-Levitt is adorably sweet and lovable here, I just wanted to kiss him. Heath Ledger, i can explain in one word : hot. And last but not least, Larisa Oleynick was great, very pretty, and not annoying although some of her dialouge wasn't my style.

Buy it, rent it.. i don't care, just SEE iT !!! But do keep in mind that I said best "teen" movie, not best movie. Now SEE iT !!!
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They don't make movies like this anymore
manishasc30 July 2015
Love love LOVE this movie. It is a classic, story is great, the actors are amazing, and the comedy is funny! There is something to laugh at every minute, and all the elements marry together perfectly to make a feel good movie, with depth and humour that isn't seen very often these days.

The cast are brilliant, Heath Ledger is awesome and brings an honesty to his character, Julia stiles is authentic and someone every girl can identify with. Has a lot of actors who made it big after the film - great cast.

An old school movie, they don't make them like this anymore!
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The Teen Flick of My Generation
marlyly4 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'm 19 now (so was only 9 when '10 Things I Hate About You' came out) and I have seen this film way too many times to count. There have been countless sleep-overs, film days, random get-togethers and quite evenings alone that have all featured this film, so much so that I can now pretty much recite the entire script off by heart. Yet it is a mark of just how great this film is that, despite knowing it inside out I can still sit down and watch it and thoroughly enjoy doing so - it is and always will remain one of my favourite films.

When I was younger I never questioned anything in the films I watched - it is only as I have grown up that I have learnt to be critical of films, books and music, and even now, I can't fault any of the acting in '10 Things I hate About You'. Heath Ledger gives a dazzling performance as usual (which is surprising considering how reluctant Ledger was to take the part in case he became typecast) but the real breath-taking performance for me was by Julia Stiles - it is only now I am older that I can appreciate just how believably she managed to pull off her character that you do not for an instance question whether she is the 'rude, aggressive, bitter older sister of the most popular girl at school who only behaves in this way as a defence mechanism'. The remainder of the cast, Jospeh Gordon-Levitt, Larisa Oleynik, David Krumholtz etc all play their parts perfectly, and with a true 90's script and killer soundtrack this film couldn't fail to be anything but a success.

I guess that part of the appeal of this film for me is the fact that I grew up through my teenage years constantly watching it. If I was to be introduced to this film for the first time today, I am not sure whether I would like it anywhere near as much as I do now, but it has a certain sentimental value for me, and brings back many, many memories. And I have to say, in this genre of film, '10 Things I hate About You' will always come out on top. I guess that this film is my generations High School Musical, however, there is one key difference in my opinion - although this may be a teen chick flick it is in a class of it's own quality wise, and definitely should not be disregarded as anything less. Love it!!
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Hardymaster200117 July 2006
Great movie for the teenage girls in us. This is my most favourite film ever! It appeals to the romantic in me as well as the (i hope) strongly minded woman in me. I love the character of Kat i think she's amazing and Heath Ledger is just so amazingly hot!! Some may see this movie as cheesy but i've seen worse cheese in a movie, you seen the wedding singer? that one is covered in brie!! I recommend it, i love it and atm i can't stop watching it!!

Honestly, during Kat's poem at the end I did get tearful and I love the scene where they go paintballing, that scene makes my stomach tingle every time i watch it! I really don't want to put any spoilers in here so I hope what i've written so i hope what i have written has aided in your decision whether or not to watch it. At least give it a little watch, it's only 93 minutes long! My only criticism is that it should be longer because i loved it so much!!

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So much Fun!
piperchan23 April 2006
This movie makes me want to be a kid again. I loved it. Julia Stiles and Heather Ledger are just coming out of the gates. Julia is a perfect Cat to Ledger's Patrick. And I love the father in this movie, and his fixation on his girls avoiding teen pregnancy.

The fact that it is based on Taming of the Shrew, well, my kids are amazed that Shakespeare can be so much fun!

The lessons taught in this movie are classic. Don't judge people before you know them.

The music and the soundtrack are a lot of fun, too. We have worn out our VHS copy of this movie. I highly recommend it.
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Good Flick But Far Yet From Being A 10
meeza9 May 2000
To see or not to see? That is the question isn't it? Although simplistic at times, I do recommend everyone to see " The 10 Things I Hate About You." The movie is yet another one of those adolescent modern stories that are based on old shakespearean plays. The difference with this one is that it does work. Why? I will give well what about 10 reasons for you: 1) Humorous screenplay 2) Well-ensembled acting 3) Julia Stiles 4) Adequate duration time 5) Julia Stiles 6) Larry Miller's obsessive parental performance 7) Julia Stiles 8) Nifty soundtrack 9) Julia Stiles 10) Feel good movie

Did i forget to say Julia Stiles? Ms. Stiles demonstrates that she does have a promising future in the acting business. It might not be a perfect 10, but " The 10 Things I Hate About You" gets high marks. **** Good
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This was a story by Shakespeare?
Smells_Like_Cheese28 November 2003
It's kinda weird that people say this story was based off of a Shakespeare story, yet no one ever mentions what this was based on. But 10 Things I Hate About You is one of the classic teen movies that came out of the 90's that was actually pretty good. It had a great cast, the story was original and a lot of fun, and the whole movie made you laugh and feel good. This was the movie that really sky rocketed Heath Ledger's career in America and I remember in school how all the girls were just drooling over him. Also all the guys fell in love with Julia Styles, she was also just awesome in this movie and made for a good strong female lead. This movie captured a great amount of what most teens go through in their world, wither it's just wanting to be different, popular, having an over protective parent, dealing with sex and rejection, this movie just worked on so many levels.

Cameron James, the new kid at Padua High School, is given a tour of the school by Michael, who is an audio-visual geek. Michael provides Cameron with information on the school's various cliques. During the tour, Cameron spots the beautiful and popular Bianca and is immediately smitten with her. Michael warns that Bianca is shallow, conceited, and worst of all, not allowed to date. Michael does, however, inform Cameron that Bianca is looking for a French tutor. Bianca's outcast sister Kat is another problem of hers' as well as her protective father, Walter, as he wants Kat to attend college nearby and wants Bianca to not date thinking it will lead to pre-marital pregnancy. Bianca begs her father to allow her to date, but is rejected, Kat's aversion to dating prompts the father to come up with a new rule: Bianca can only date if Kat is dating. Cameron starts tutoring Bianca, and she informs him of her father's rule. This news motivates Cameron and Michael to set out to find a boy who is willing to date Kat. Patrick Verona, an outcast who is just as ill-tempered as Kat. Cameron tries asking Patrick for his assistance, Cameron pays Patrick to take Kat out. Patrick agrees, but Kat, however, wants nothing to do with Patrick. Leading into Dawson's Creek drama.

If you do have the opportunity to see 10 Things I Hate About You I do recommend that you take the chance. It's a good movie and doesn't push you around or play games with you, and that's why everyone loved it, because it was just honest. Plus you just have to love the adorable scene where Heath Ledger sang to Julia Styles on the bleachers and got chased around by security, if that's not love and commitment, then I don't know what is. It has a great happy ending and just makes you feel good.

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Typical Teen Movie About 10 Things
Chrysanthepop7 August 2008
'10 Things I Hate About You' is pretty much a typical teen movie that has nothing new to offer. It follows all those clichés about girl not liking guy in the beginning, guy woos her, girl likes him, there's a conflict, guy and girl split and then girl likes him again. Said to be based on 'The Taming Of The Shrew', this adaptation is fairly week and it would easily be lost among the dozens of forgettable teen films. However, it does have its funny moments. Plus, the chemistry between the actors makes some scenes work. The cast does work in favour. Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt do quite well. Larisa Oleynik and Julia Stiles irritate a lot in the beginning but in the latter half of the film, they improve. Allison Janney is a scene stealer as the principal/aspiring erotic novel writer. It is not a bad movie by any means, just not a very good one.
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The best teen flick, like, ever
Whosaidthatreally25 December 2014
You know how teen flicks are usually shallow, stereotypical, poorly written tripe? And you know how most romantic comedies are shallow, stereotypical, chick flicks?

Well, this film will forever put those films to shame. Brilliantly written, funny and warm this film deserves a spot on everyone's Watched list. And anybody with a teenager should buy a hard copy, because they will love it.

I feel that I am fairly well qualified to write a review of this film, as I have been conducting an unofficial study of teenage behaviour for the last 25 years as a high school teacher, and I have been showing this film to my classes every year since about 2000. All up, I have probably watched this film about 5 times a year for the last 15 years. And I still enjoy it!

The writers are to be commended for this film - rarely do you see a film that can blend comedy with true human experience. This is a film where every scene and every shot has been carefully crafted - and the meaning is not lost on a younger audience.

I could write about the storyline here, or give you a few of the many really funny one liners or tell you about the brilliant casting (the actors really are perfect). But instead I will just leave you with this - nearly 2 decades on and this film is STILL enthralling teenage audiences. For that alone it deserves a spot in the list of greatest teen flicks of all time. Students, today, have stills of this film on their smart phones and they tell me it's their favourite film, like, ever. Do you know how nearly impossible that is? To create a teenage flick that both guys and girls will love? Or a film with a PG rating but young adult humour? Or to make a film about teenage angst where every viewer walks away identifying with the characters and feeling empowered? Lets not hold back here, a film that can win over audience after audience, for nearly two decades deserves 10 stars - even if it is just a light hearted, teen comedy. I'm bringing out my green pen and giving this a great big tick and smiley face, well done.
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10 times in a row
raulfaust21 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
After hearing lots of good commentaries involving this movie, I thought maybe it would be a refreshing teenager comedy. Its title doesn't fit with the plot or story-- actually it makes sense only in a fast scene in the end. Several moments of this picture are similar to the controversial "Not Another Teen Movie", the difference is that "10 things" doesn't make jokes or references to other films. Heath Ledger doesn't show any differential in his acting-- people would never imagine him as the unbeatable Joker in "The Dark Knight" years later. Rest of the cast is just okay and the plot is the classic American stereotypical, just like in the other teen pictures. Don't expect too much from "10 Things I Hate About You".
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Film is dying...
charlotte-yonge27 January 2011
...for a refreshing movie like 10 things I hate about you. Let's be honest, maybe back in the day when this movie first came out people thought it was only so-so... but having just watched it again after all these years, well I bloody well loved it. There was just something about the 90s. There was less technology to hide behind, feelings were more true, movies were more original and actually funny. And who would of thought the underdogs like Joseph Gordon-Levitt would of turned out as handsome as he has today? What I'm basically trying to say is give this film another chance because it definitely deserves more than 6.9/10 rating! It has everything: real visions of high school, crazy cliques, teenage angst, HEATH LEDGER IN GLITTERY TIGHT PANTS, real chemistry & etc. It was just a really cute, cute movie I don't know how else to put it. Instead of just everyone sleeping with each other throughout (ahem, seems to be a popular storyboard these days) 10 things had the works: Pretty boys aiming for the fresh meat, caring but somewhat psychotic parents (can relate), misconstrued images of one another, I mean the last one in particular DEFINED high school for me. No one was who you thought they were, in fact they were better.

So in conclusion, I demand thee to give this another go, it doesn't take much effort (I watched it on Youtube :) and please, this message goes out to all IMDb members and movie watchers alike: stop being so darn critical! Especially about the 90s, leave them alone. They will forever remain pure nostalgia for me and I'm sure many others.
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Not just the best teen movie but the best movie full stop
sahmraw-123 May 2007
I'd give this film 11 out of 10 if I could. It is so faithful to the original Shakespeare play whilst being hip and up to date. I fell in love with Heath Ledger and in fact I began to watch other Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger films off the back of this. From the opening to the close this film grabs you.

I have watched it too many times to count and it is on TV right now and I'm watching it again. Every time is like the first. It has classic lines: "Mr Stratford, it's just a party!" "And Hell is just a sauna!" I even bought the soundtrack. It is laugh out loud from beginning to end and I just love it. My all-time favourite film ever!!
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Taming of the Shrew Meets Bad Teen Acting and Hoaky Story
requiem189631 August 2003
There is a growing library of films that re-make, revision, re-do, and otherwise re-show many of Shakespeare's plays. In this case, Taming of the Shrew is

done as a 1990's love story between a not so interested "Shrew" and a boy

equally uninterested in her. It has its moments with some good one-liners but that is about it. Regardless of the fact that it gains its inspiration from a Shakespeare classic, this is no different from the many Teen-love comedies

released as films and television series.

It is still worth the cost of a rental but don't expect anything great. Of the Shakespeare-to-film movies, this is likely the worst or very close to it.
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obstacles to true love knows no time era
saimahuq25 November 2002
One thing about the Bard -- he knew the plots that touches everyone's lives, no matter where on the social strata or when in history they may be. It is made apparent in the case of Cameron James, new kid in school, as he falls for the lovely Bianca, who cannot date until her older shrewish sister Kat will date. But Kat doesn't WANT to date, and thus Cameron must scheme to find a suitable guy for this harpy-with-the-heart-of-gold if he is to win the fair Bianca.

Julia Stiles may be no Elizabeth Taylor, but then, she doesn't have to be. This flick relays the same message to a brand-new audience and is fun and entertaining to boot (plus I don't think Taylor could dance on a table quite like Stiles does in one of the more memorable scenes.)

In the end, this is a charming movie that will entertain and educate high-schoolers as well as those several years past graduating. After all, Shakespeare knew what he was writing about -- there is no age limit when it comes to matters of the heart!
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If you've not seen it yet, go...
manu251017 January 2002
I adore this movie. I've seen it about 10 times, and I'm sure I'll be watching it again! It's cute, it's funny, it's smart and definitely enjoyable. The first time I saw this movie I was 23, and even though I was skeptical (another one of those boring and predictable teen flicks?), I was blown away. The actors are all great - even the guy who portrays Joey, the underwear model, is somehow cute. I mean, he's kind of the "bad guy" of the movie, but I like him anyway, he's just funny. The best character was Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles) in my opinion, Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger) a close second. Julia got to show a whole lot of emotions onscreen, and she's bloody good! I hadn't seen Heath Ledger in any movie before 10 things, and I have to admit I developed a soft spot for him afterwards. But hey, I'm just a girl! Anyway, a very enjoyable film. Good fun.
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Surprisingly funny romantic comedy
zedex18 June 2001
When I went to see 10 Things I Hate About You, I expected the usual boring, pointless romantic comedy, where the romance is unbelievable and the comedy part seriously lacking. Instead I got an excellent plot and funny jokes with actual chemistry between the leads. As it is a modern remake of Shakespeare's The Taming Of The Shrew, you might think you need to know all about the play, but in reality the plot of the film is different and only the occasional bit of name-dropping has any connection to the play. Julia Stiles as Kat is undoubtedly the best actress, with Larisa Oleynik as her sister Bianca (an airhead eerily similar to Clueless' Cher) is also funny and believable. Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are also good as their eventual boyfriends. The dialogue is hilarious and while the romantic plot is corny, it is entertaining (although the happily ever after ending is a bit too routine). The soundtrack and in particular the main title song (by Letters to Cleo) are catchy and the outakes at the end are good, although including outakes of scene that were taken out of the end movie is kind of confusing. I would recommend 10 Things I Hate About You to absolutely anyone as it is hilarious and without doubt the best romantic comedy I have ever seen.

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