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Better than the movie sequels.
Huffy21 April 1999
I enjoyed this more than the movie sequels (II, III and IV) and Raven. The cartoon had better character development and more plot depth. Set in a post apocalyptic earth. (After the other Highlander series and movies.)

In the story Ramirez takes under his wing a young boy named Quentin MacLeod and his little sister. Together they scour the land looking for Jettators (Highlanders that have taken an oath not to fight) that will pass on their knowledge to the young Highlander so he may finally confront his arch nemesis Kortan and bring peace to a land in turmoil.

Although a kid show, people actually die from time to time in it. This makes it more similar to anime' I suppose, without the dinner plate eyes.
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I surprisingly enjoyed it
kryptangel21 February 2002
theres a load of Highlander fans who see this series as a travesty but I found it kinda fun. In its own right it introduced the highlander mythos to an audience who might not know about the highlander movies. If you look at it as a seperate body its quite enjoyable and I was amused to see the main villain followed the formula of the main bad guy's name starting with K. All things being equal if yer a fan of the mythos then the series is at least worth a look tho HL purists my find it sort of lacking
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Non-stop 'animated' fun!
Christopher Smith14 April 2001
This fun animated TV series may not be as good as the HIGHLANDER movies starring Christopher Lambert, but it's still very enjoyable. Each episode is non-stop animated fun. The show is like the movies except less violent because it is aimed at kids who watch the USA network. It follows the adventures of young Quentin MacLeod who I guess is somehow related to Duncan MacLeod in some way, but I don't know how. Just like in the movies, MacLeod always manages to save the day except this time there isn't any bloodshed. Sure, it mocks the violence of the movies, but that is why it's so enjoyable. It's good fun without too much violence and no blood or gore. Too bad it was canceled so quickly, it was one of the best shows during the 1994-1995 TV season.
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Ineresting but has problems.
dimadick22 June 2001
This cartoon continues the highlander movies and series.Quentin McLeod and his sister are interesting charachters.Immortals here supposed to gather and pass knowledge through the centuries.Quentin has to face Kortan an immortal ruler,Kortan,who has already killed Konnor McLeod.Quentin is destined to become the last of the immortals. Although interesting,it has lot's of continuity problems.Quentin's teacher is Ramirez who,in the 1986 film,was killed back on 1542.A reincarnation of him died in the 1991 movie.So how could he be alive? In the first,second and third film Konnor was supposed to be the last of the immortals.So how could all of this immortals have survived? Quickenings here pass knowledge not power.Kortan beheads immortals.Quentin is passed the knowledge of immortals who willingly quit of their immortality.If there was such kind of a trick wouldn't it have happened before. Asside all thought this series is interesting.An alternative look on immortals.Recommended to all highlander fans.
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There can be only one, this wasn't it though
David Brailsford15 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Once upon a time, it was popular to make everything made for adults a kid friendly version. This extended to Conan, Beetlejuice, Robocop, Police Academy, even Highlander.

While hardly the worst kid friendly adaption of a movie for adults, this one was a tedious series to get through with adding an obnoxious forerunner for Jade Chan from Jackie Chan adventures, a stereotypical teacher character who looks like a younger knock off Sean Connery and a villain who looks like he is on his way to some kind of renaissance fair.

The show removes most of the epic fighting and all of the decapitation and mostly replaces with ultra preachy lessons the protagonist is supposed to learn.

If you don't mind how boring it is or whiny little girl characters who serve no other purpose then to be annoying, this show may be for you.
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Don't waste your time
DarthBill21 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Set in a post apocalyptic future, the new highlander is an effeminate little twerp named Quentin MacLeod, who is being mentored by a new Ramirez while his little sister tags along on their quest to thwart an evil immortal overlord. To do so, Quentin must absorb all the knowledge of other immortals before this overlord, Korton, does.

In short, this is pure crap, much like the Highlander sequels. Quentin is a fairly stupid character, constantly whining and moaning and bitching in a "woe is me for I am a reluctant hero" kind of way, and he never catches on to the fact that he's an immortal and can't be killed, at least not easily. Ramirez would have done better to ditch him and thwart Korton himself.
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