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Season 1

5 Sep. 1984
Mark of the Devil
A desperate gambler in debt with a gangster robs a Chinese tattoo artist, getting stabbed and killing the man in the process. A black spot appears on his chest and begins to spread and turn into a condemning tattoo.
12 Sep. 1984
Last Video and Testament
Rich old businessman suspects his much younger wife of cheating on him. When his weak heart forces him to have a risky surgery he leaves a videotaped last will and testament - with a sadistic twist.
2 Mar. 1985
Czech Mate
Vicky's ex-husband, John, invites her on a trip to communist Prague. First John disappears, then her passport. Vicky finds herself alone and penniless in Prague and becomes a tragic pawn caught in a web of espionage and murder.
5 Nov. 1984
A Distant Scream
Lying on his deathbed, an elderly man who has spent most of his life in prison for the murder of the woman he loved is granted a supernatural chance to go back to that fateful weekend and attempt to discover what really happened...
2 Mar. 1985
The Late Nancy Irving
A famous US golfer with an extremely rare blood type is taken to a private hospital after falling ill. Her recovery prolongs and she befriends the people there. One day, she sees a TV news report on her death and realizes she's trapped.
12 Jan. 1985
In Possession
A terrified couple becomes trapped in what seems to be a replay of a sinister event that happened in their apartment in the past.
12 Nov. 1984
Black Carrion
Two journalists search for a rock band that was popular 20 years ago but just seemed to have vanished and was never heard from again. Their investigation leads them to discover more about the band than they bargained for.
17 Dec. 1984
The Sweet Scent of Death
An overworked American ambassador working in the UK attempts to spend more time with his wife by visiting a countryside mansion, but soon the trip turns into a nightmare with his wife haunted by a stalker seemingly from her past.
9 Mar. 1985
Paint Me a Murder
Luke Lorenz is a artist whose paintings don't sell. His imaginative wife Sandra reasons that sales of his works would increase tenfold if he were to die, so they fake his death.
8 Jun. 1985
The Corvini Inheritance
Unstable security chief of an auction house becomes increasingly obsessed with his female neighbor, who's being stalked, and a supposedly cursed jewel that's being auctioned. Is he losing his mind or is the curse real?
5 Jan. 1985
And the Wall Came Tumbling Down
Workmen digging in a building discover the remains of a 300-+year-old devil cult.
8 Oct. 1984
Child's Play
A family awakens to find themselves trapped in their own home, all windows and doors sealed by impenetrable walls. They desperately try to escape but everything fails. Then the wife notices a bizarre pattern.
9 Mar. 1985
Tennis Court
A WWII fighter plane crashes and although the pilot escapes, his partner burns. Years later, Maggie and Harry Dowl arrive in England to inspect a house left to Maggie by her mother. The house has a dilapidated tennis court, but this seems to have some force which takes over the daughter of John Bray, the local holy man, as well as causing tennis balls to gush blood and kill people with animated nets.

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