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27 Jan. 2001
The British Grenadier
Detective Superintendent Andy Dalziel goes to The British Grenadier to console the pub's owner Stella, who has just had a serious fight with her husband. Suspecting her of infidelity, Stella's husband returns with a gun, and takes his wife, Andy, and a number of patrons hostage.
29 Oct. 2001
Walls of Silence
Dalziel and Pascoe investigate a suspicious death when 16 year-old Alec Jordan is found dead, floating in a lake. The post-mortem reveals a low level of alcohol in his system, but a high level of a tranquilizer known as ruffies, the date rape drug. For Dalziel, the case is particularly difficult. Ten years previously while in pursuit of suspect, Dalziel struck and killed Alec's mother with his car. Although Dalziel was found not to be responsible, the incident has always haunted him. The police focus on Alec's school mates, particularly Sophie Caine who is ...
5 Nov. 2001
Home Truths
The murder of a young Asian woman brings Dalziel and Pascoe into the inner city right in the middle of a racially sensitive situation. With drugs, unemployment and the closure of the only teenage community project added to the mix this rapidly becomes an explosive situation for Dalziel to handle. As the rioting gets worse and the body count increases Dalziel comes under pressure to accept the racial motivation for the murders but he refuses and continues to dig deeper into the background of the local inhabitants. When a witness comes forward with some vital ...
12 Nov. 2001
Secrets of the Dead
With DI Peter Pascoe away visiting his daughter and ex-wife in Florida, Det. Supt. Andy Dalziel investigates the murder of local solicitor David Brewer. At the request of an old friend, Sgt. Ted Lock, Andy makes his son, DS Mark Lock acting DI in Pascoe's absence. Brewer was found tied to a chair in his ransacked office and was severely beaten. The circumstances are virtually identical to a murder five years previously, one that Mark Lock had worked on. Brewer's wife Gillian was having an affair with local butcher Tom Piper and Andy is suspicious of a local doctor, ...
19 Nov. 2001
Truth and Consequences
When the excavation at a construction site unearths a skeleton, Det. Supt. Dalziel and DI Pascoe have a murder to solve. The construction is at an abandoned coal mine that was the site of a major incident during the coal miner's strike in 1984. It also brings back memories for Andy who had been posted there early in his career. It also brings him into contact with his his sister, Harriet Clifford, from whom he has been estranged for several years. Many in the community know Andy and his return is anything but welcome. The skeletal remains are identified as those of ...

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