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refreshing twist on the bat mythos
headfulofghosts12628 April 2002
I know many a hard core fan that resent this series based simply on the fact that Bruce Wayne is not Batman. Get over it. I find this to be a very well written, interesting show. The show is great looking, improving upon the stlyized animation of its predecessor. The only real flaws are the lack of memorable villains and the silly looking new batsuit. The show is still young, though and if given the chance to blossom further this could be a fantastic series. There have been many "what if" stories regarding what happens to the mantle of the bat after Bruce Wayne is no longer able to carry on. I think Batman Beyond handles the concept better than any other attempts that have been made thus far. So to all you purists who NEED Bruce Wayne in the batsuit, try and look beyond that one dimensional thinking and take the show for what it is. There's plenty to be enjoyed here.
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At first glance it seemed silly but now I think it's great.
Rob Can20 January 2006
Picture the scene. Young teenager enters a video rental shop. Suddenly his eyes fall on the video "Batman of the future (as it's called in the UK) Rebirth a batman movie. First thought: "What the?" I thought I might as well try it. Used to watch the old animated series. When I first watched it I just didn't know what to make of it. A strange futuristic world and stuff. And the title sequence seemed well odd.

I didn't really think much of it then.

It was when I found out that it was part of a TV series I have to say that my curiosity got the better of me. After seeing several episodes I began to understand it more. It was more of a teenagey show when compared to the original cartoons yet good.

I don't know why but the show just grew on me. Just something about it made me want to watch it. I also like the references to the past series and seeing the old characters no longer young and answering the question I'm sure many have been asking: he can't stay batman forever so how will it all end? Well if you're a fan of the older cartoon series or the comics (which I've never read) I think you may not enjoy this show.

To the people who hate this show I just say "well I liked it, maybe you should give it a chance mainly because the different style takes a little getting used to."
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Fred M. Hung24 January 2000
Cartoons have come a long a way since I was a kid. Back then Batman and Superman were always 2-dimensional cardboard cutouts with interchangeable personalities. Depsite some commercial success, horribly retrograde filth like Pokemon do nothing but propagate this lack of imagination on the part of animators.

Now we have Warner Bros., whose Batman and Superman animated revivals challenge the long-held belief that cartoons are plot-wise inferior to their big screen and big budget brethren. The Batman and Superman cartoons of the early 90s have shown us a deeper, more tortured and angst-ridden side to our comic book heros while at the same time remaining firm to their virtue and nobility. This is the stuff that real dreams are made of.

Batman Beyond is just as ambitious. In the new world of technological revolution there is still need for a protector of justice. Like the original Batman, this one was again forged out of the victimology of social corruption and decadence.

By combining complex plot, intelligent dialogue, great Japanimation, an incredible cast of voices that at times have included Stockard Channing, Paul Winfield, James Sikking, Michael Gross, and Kevin Conroy, Warner Bros. has recapitalized the Batman myth for yet another generation. This new series is so smart and so edgy that I am constantly amazed by the levels of irony and metaphor. This is definitely entertaining for both kids and adults.

But don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself. You won't be disappointed.
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Batman Akira style!
drjykll18 January 1999
This is so good! i ate this show up with a gold spoon..i love batman (except batman and robin), and was blown away. Part blade runner..part Akira, part spiderman 2099 (if anyone remembers that comic). this is a great way to give batman a twist and i welcome it on saturday mornings...just wish i'd get up for it! I'm so glad the shows branching off and being true to the comics it's like an animated "Elseworlds" issuse...terrific.
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Some good insights into Bruce Wayne, but that's it.
Matt_In_The_Hat5 November 2002
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** This is a good kids show, and that's exactly what it is. It's a show that's good but aimed at kids who simply know the surface details about Batman. I have always found the most interesting thing about Batman is that the main character *is* Batman, whose alter ego is Bruce Wayne, not the other way around. I've been fascinated with the 'psychology' of Batman and all this show offers me are a few insights into Bruce Wayne's psyche. The best being in the first episode when we find out why he stopped being Batman. Go to the next paragraph if you don't want to know what it is. When rescuing a kidnapped girl he collapses because of his heart and in order to save his life from the crook he picks up a gun and threatens him with it. Brilliant. There are a few other good insights into Bruce Wayne but most of those are in the spin-off movie "Return of the Joker".

But you've got to love the bit in the first episode where a punk dressed up as a joker tries to scare Bruce Wayne.
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The best Batman ever.
Figaro-822 May 2000
I don't know why it has taken me so long to comment on this one because it is one of my favorite series. It has very intriguing stories, awesome music, and a collection of some of the best villains ever, like Blight, Shriek, Inque and the Royal Flush Gang. But at the heart of the series is the relationship between Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne. Will Friedle and Kevin Conroy are excellent in their respective roles.

I said this in my review of "SubZero," and I'll say it again here. After the disappointing "Batman and Robin," WB needs to study these animated products and see just how Batman should be done. I would very much like to see "Batman Beyond" make it to the big screen in ANIMATED format. Until then, keep producing great episodes.
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Best Batman Series Ever!
HenshinHero30 December 2005
Yep. That's right! I absolutely loved it.

Oh man! I can't believe it has been canceled a long time ago! Why did it has been canceled?!! I looooooved it. Best Batman series ever along with 4 previous Batman The Animated Series and Gotham Knight.

I actually liked the idea of the Future of Batman. The helmet and suit with red bat logo, those were amazing. I loved them. It was completely different and excellent unique.

Even though, I'm so excited to get Batman Beyond The First complete Season which it will be releases on March, 2006 along with Justice League. It's about time, huh? :) I'm so excited.

This series deserves to have 10/10. Best series ever.
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Very Interesting and Cool!
SonicStuart13 April 2004
I kind of liked Batman Beyond a little better than Batman: The Animated Series. I also liked the really cool new Batman costume! It was a shame that my favorite Batman villain, Poison Ivy wasn't in this cartoon. She was my favorite because I had this huge crush on her! This series starts off in the future days of Gotham City where Bruce Wayne was retired and created this high-tech batman suit which was the last superhero suit he ever used. Terry McGinnis, a teenager whose father was killed because he was going to expose criminal activities at the company that he works for which just happens to be Wayne Enterprises. So then when Terry and Bruce meet with each other, Bruce trains him to become the new Batman! This show was really cool and had a lot of episodes. I wish another show that was like this, Spider-Man: Unlimited had the same number of episodes as this show did. I remember when this show first aired on Kids WB in early 1999 and then after it was canceled off of Kids WB, then Cartoon Network picked it up after Kids WB canceled it and showed reruns for a while and then canceled it again. I thought it was really cool with the new Batman costume and having a teenaged Batman do all the crime fighting and we also get to see a returning Batman villain, The Joker. Another villain I liked who I had a crush on was Inque. The action in this show was pretty neat and same with the animation! Pretty cool overall.
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Great Animation...
Pat197321 January 2000
I really love this great animated series. It has everything from great plots to great characters. It's the first episode of this show and it very exciting. It's a whole new Batman! Bruce Wayne retires and then come a cocky young kid named Terry. He tries to be the best Batman he can, so Bruce takes him under is wing and treaches him the ropes. Exciting fight sceens and a great story. Out of 4 stars I give it 4! Let your kids watch this great video, or is o DVD too. With 4 extra episodes.
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A slick look for a futuristic Dark Knight
4-Kane14 February 2001
For a cartoon set in the future, 'Batman Beyond' appears slick and glossy. It is fun to watch, and is well-made. Considering his fine voice work as Batman/Bruce Wayne in 'Batman: The Animated Series,' Kevin Conroy was a perfect choice for the elderly version of our hero in 'Batman Beyond.'

Here he is about 40 years into the future. He may walking with a cane now, and unable to continue being Batman, but he can still give someone a good slug or two.

It's been 20 years since Bruce Wayne retired from his life as Batman (due to a mild heart attack). Because of this, Gotham City had spent these two long decades without the Dark Knight. But that changes when a teenager named Terry McGinnis enters the picture and makes the connection that Batman was really Bruce Wayne. McGinnis becomes the new Dark Knight to avenge the murder of his father.

Bruce Wayne may be too old to be Batman anymore, but it's good that the persona has been reborn in Terry McGinnis. Besides, without Batman (any Batman), Gotham City would fall apart.
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Really strong first season.
saxonsky00010 March 2014
The first season opened with with new-age jokers and a focus on our hero, Terry McGinnis, dismantling government corruption. The characters were engaging and interesting, and each episode is packed with fun action sequences. I couldn't get enough of this show after watching the first few episodes, I finished the entire series in a matter of 3 days.

That said, the following seasons, 2 and 3, did not live up to the events that were set up in the first season. The episodes focused more on Terry's life in high school, and the villains were also more teen based. That didn't make the series bad, but it did make way for some extremely terrible episodes and a side kick who was more grating than helpful.

I still wish the show hadn't ended so soon, there were a few villains who I don't feel got appropriate closure. Overall, it is a very memorable series that I highly recommend.
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A Worthy Continuation to a Legendary Series
NightwingSK29 September 2013
While only running a short 52 episodes, Batman Beyond makes its mark in the DCAU time-line with memorable villains, chilling plot twists, and meaningful character development. It is set 20 years after TNBA series, and can be thought of as a direct sequel. While featuring the same animation style as the series before it, it adds a Gothic, gritty, and at the same time epic coat of paint to both Gotham and the environments Batman finds himself in. Batman Beyond also features a different musical theme than the previous series with powerful guitars, interspersed with pumping dance vibes, and even some fresh remixes of classic themes. Even though this show aired in 1999, some of the comedy is timeless, the jokes are laugh out loud funny and don't detract from the serious butt kicking that occurs when Batman has to deal with his rogue gallery. It's a shame that the series hasn't received a reboot or more than one feature length film, but DC Comics has breathed some life into it with a new comic series.

In summary, Batman Beyond is a definite must watch in my opinion; It makes no difference if you have been following the series from the start or if you are just getting into the universe of the Dark Knight, Batman Beyond is truly a worthy continuation to a legendary series.
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Not as good as the Original but way better than the second show
TheMan305128 June 2002
This show is awesome! It's not as good as the original though but it is much more entertaining than the second show. I really liked this show even though it doesn't have to do with any of the Batman story lines. It kind of runs into the same category as "The Dark Knight Returns" by Frank Miller which has to do with what might happen in the future of Batman.
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if you like Batman with Bruce Wayne as Batman, avoid this. Plain and simple.
fjustice20 August 2002
Plain and simple, if you like the Batman from the 90's and 80's, please avoid this futuristic mockery. I beg you to leave it alone if you are a batman fan period, but, definantly if you like the cartoons and movies of the 90s and 80s.
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A Good Series
Ginger874 August 2004
"Batman Beyond" was a good series. I used to watch it Saturday mornings on Kids WB. The series occurred after Bruce Wayne retired from his Batman career. It tells the story of Terry McGinnis, a teen who has taken over the Batman career. It was interesting and clever.

My favorite character was Terry. He was hot for a cartoon character and he was brave. I also liked Terry's younger brother Matt., he was cute. My favorite episode was "Bloodsport". I liked this episode because it had a lot of action and the enemy he was against was cool.

Overall I really enjoyed this series and I was sad to see it go. "Batman Beyond" deserves 10/10 stars.
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great great show
t-a-q12 November 2013
This is the best batman and superhero they need to make a real movie on this show its awesome must watch! The cool thing about batman beyond is he's a young cooler batman that goes to clubs and is in high school. If they make a movie I think they should make him in college though because he seems older then they make him out to be on the show. One more thing I think would be cool is if they got Val Kilmer to play Bruce Wayne because he was the best batman in my opinion and he's older now and they could age him a little more to make him look really old. Batman beyond should be played by me ;) I really think this movie will be made one day because its to great of a movie idea to pass up! It would make a ton of money on the box office.
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My Review of Batman Beyond (Contains spoilers on plot)
Rated Vicious Blaise18 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
What can I say great batman series. In my personal opinion my favorite batman series and one of my favorite TV series of all time. It's just a good as the original 1990's series and it follows after the original batman series very well. It's starts with Bruce Wayne a few years after the new batman adventures, he retires and ends his role as batman once and for all and then get a new character named Terry Mcginnis who saves Bruce life from a gang called the Jokers (obviously a tribute to the Joker, accept no where near as good). Terry gets a job from Bruce Wayne however he discovers the batcave as well as the bat-suit and from then on he becomes the new batman. What I like about this series is the art design, the great voice acting, the music, as well as the new villains. Most of the villains are like the modern equivalent of the original villains but aren't tribute's to the original villains accept for the Jokers and the original Mr. Freeze makes an appearance in 1 episode. I love this series so much, I grew up with it, but when I watch it today, it still has a great impact on me. I recommend it to batman fans and non fans a like. Give this series a watch it kicks ass.
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An interesting and impressive animated show about Batman
Criticman126 November 2011
During the 90's, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment made some classic animated show's such as, "Batman: The Animated Series" and "Superman: The Animated Series". But in 1999, they released, "Batman Beyond".

Set in a futuristic Gotham City, the show is about a a 16-year old trouble maker named, Terry McGinnis. When his father get's killed, he get's help from Bruce Wayne, who use to be Batman, to get revenge. After when Terry get's his revenge, Bruce want's Terry to protect Gotham City from evil criminal's including familiar face's like Mr. Freeze.

I use to watch this show on Cartoon Network when I was little and it did impress me.

Pro's: The character's were interesting. Terry is a rebellious teenager who end's up being a good person in the end. Bruce is old and still has that tough attitude of his. Also, the villain's were pretty interesting including the teenager who has telekinetic power's (Forgot what his name is). The animation was amazing because it has a nice, "Blade Runner", feel to it and it stay's true to how dark the setting is.

Overall, "Batman Beyond", is a great animated show for any Batman fan or anyone looking for a good animated show to watch.
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Batman of the Future
Angelus211 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Bruce Wayne has retired from the life of crime fighting, alone in his mansion on the outskirts of the city, he ponders of what was. And then Terry Mcginnis arrives on his door step and thus a new age of Batman begins.

At the time when this show first arrived, I was Twelve, and I was totally blown away. The story lines were complex and, the action was just as brilliant; the characters were all interesting and intriguing. It was a brilliant show.

Today, I caught a couple of episodes on syndication and I found myself picking up on innuendo's that I missed as a twelve year old, and how 'saucy' certain scenes were in the show. Something, I think you would definitely not see in today's terrible animation.

Honestly, this show has not aged in my opinion; the animation is, dare; I say it...better than the stuff today, its realistic and gritty. Amazing cartoon.
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Ambitious, but also intelligent and smart
TheLittleSongbird18 April 2010
Okay, I don't think it is as good as Batman:The Animated Series, which is a perfect example of how an animated series should be made. But it is better than The Batman, that was okay, but this is better. Batman Beyond is not as dark, as complex or as edgy as any Batman I have seen, but it is intelligent, interesting and smart. The animation is well above average, the music is wonderful, the characters especially the villains and Bruce Wayne are interesting, the stories are well-woven, the writing is intelligent and the voice acting particularly that of Kevin Conroy is dynamic. Will Friedle slightly lacks the edge and grit of Conroy, but he is appealing in a way. Overall, this is a good show, ambitious, but surprisingly intelligent and smart, it is a shame though it didn't last longer. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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style over substance
imayne23 June 2000
A real letdown compared to the original series. This is a classic case of style over substance. The future Gotham is an Akira-Blade Runner hack of a city filled with so many Chinese billboards it starts looking like future Hong Kong or Tokyo. The old Bruce Wayne is a tragic and powerful character, but the new Batman lacks zing, and so do the new villains, the Joker's successors are a lame-o motorcycle gang that act more like menaces to public transport. There are none of those truly menacing villains who rely on panache, zing, energy and the ability to play a high-speed mental chess game with the hero and then disappear with style upon defeat. In the classic series, as well as in the Tim Burton movies, you got an unflinching look into the demented psyches of the villains as well as the troubled mind of Batman, this one has none of these insights aside from what we already know from classic Bat-mythos. Thus what the classic series and the movies created was a magnificently haunting world that could also be palpably tragic, where the thin line between sanity and insanity threatened both the forces of good and evil. This one has none of that haunting feel. Thus both the sides feel insubstantial and are unable to draw you in deeply. All in all a waste of good artwork and a cyberpunky soundtrack. It's turning a legendary series into fare for the "Buffy" crowd. Not to mention the writers are also those who work on shows like "Young Hercules".
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Great New Take on an Iconic Character!
mitchell595430 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Batman Beyond is a sequel to the popular Batman the animated series. Batman beyond is a surprisingly good and original follow-up to a great show like Batman. Batman Beyond does not mainly follow Bruce Wayne, but a new Batman named Terry McGinnis. Bruce Wayne has a big role in the show, but in mainly focuses on Terry and his problems, and how he deals with being the new Batman.

Many times with sequels like this, it is basically is either just the same character wearing the costume, just with a different name, or the new person is lame in comparison to the old hero. However neither of those things are the case with Batman Beyond. Terry is nothing like Bruce. He is his own man and, as Batman, is nothing like Bruce's Batman. Terry gives a fresh new take on Batman. The style of the series itself is nothing like Batman the animated series. The setting of the show is more cyber-punk. The villains and Batman himself have very futuristic designs and abilities, to compliment the futuristic setting.

Terry himself is a very likable and relatable character. If the audience does not initially like him at first they can at least relate to him. He has a similar past as Bruce where his parents are killed, though in Terry's case it is only one parent. Bruce is also a very relatable character. I really like what is done with Bruce in this. Instead of him only being in a couple episodes or merely referenced, they made him a secondary main character. Bruce is more of a mentor to Terry and helps him out a lot. The other characters are not really worth discussing.

The villains are pretty decent. They are not as memorable as Batman the animated series' villains, but good nonetheless. I like how most of the villains are new and not rehashes from the animated series. The ones that are carried over from that series are updated with futuristic technology. This cements this series as a different Batman from the animated series.

The animation is top-notch. It is even better than Batman the animated series. The action scenes are also very well done.

Overall, if you are a fan of batman the animated series, I seriously recommend this series.
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Batman Beyond
raghu-nightcrawler6 July 2008
This was one of my favorite shows of all time especially in the Batman Franchise. I also liked the way they continued the show making sure that it is connected to the 90's animated series. Another thing I liked is that it brought a new edge and also since it takes place in the future Gotham City would require a new batman. The Bat Suit looked really amazing and very unique since it takes place 20 years in the future change does require. What I liked more about the show is that it made a lot of great connections to its predecessors such as Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Batman TAS, Superman TAS, Static Shock, and finally the Zeta Project. The storyline takes place in the same continuity by going to the past and future. The reason the show was really good for me is because it basically showed a possible future not just for Batman but also newer members of the justice league and also showing how the legacy of the justice league is till not over since the world does need protection.
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One of the best Cartoon Series' of the 90's
oldbondsie8 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
It's an absolute tragedy that they discontinued this series. I am now 17 and would put a lot of money down that plenty of other late teens or even early 20's kids loved nothing more than sitting with a blanket on Saturday mornings watching this show.

While, at times, overly intense for the probable audience, the show was different, and great, because of this.

The story begins in a way that hooks everyone in. Terry McGinnis is a 17 year old high-schooler. With divorced parents and an overly-aggressive attitude, Terry seems to be struggling, like many teenagers, to find his place in the world. Little does he know that that place will be as the next Dark Knight.

Advice to people who are interested in beginning to view this series:

The best episodes:

"Dead Man's Hand" Season 1, Episode 8 "Spellbound" Season 1, Episode 10 "Earth Mover" Season 2, Episode 2 "Bloodsport" Season 2, Episode 6 "Once Burned" Season 2, Episode 7 "Eyewitness" Season 2, Episode 14 "Plague" Season 2, Episode 21 "King's Ransom" Season 3, Episode 1 "The Call: Part 1" Season 3, Episode 7 "The Call: Part 2" Season 3, Episode 8

The episodes that COULD be disturbing/frightening to younger children (10 and under):

"Shriek" Season 1, Episode 7 (Simply for a few scenes with creepy voices) "Earth Mover" Season 2, Episode 2 (For frightening images and a frightening/intense storyline) "Eyewitness" Season 2, Episode 14 (Purely for the intensity of the episode) "Plague" Season 2, Episode 21 (For frightening images)
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Not As Great As Batman: The Animated Series But A Great Improvement Over "The Batman" series
voicemaster7121 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Being a purist fan of Batman: The Animated Series, I was not as much into Batman Beyond, but I did enjoy it. I have now obtained and viewed the first two seasons on DVD and I await the final season.

I remember watching the Rebirth episode on prime time when it was originally previewed. If there could be a Batman to succeed Bruce Wayne, they came up with a great character in the form of Terry McGinnis. I like how this teen came from a broken home (divorced parents) and was so bad at one point, he had to spend some time in juvenile hall. He is a youth with a chip on his shoulder and his chance meeting with Bruce Wayne, his accidental discovery of who Bruce once was, and Terry's ultimate destiny of suiting up and taking flight as the new Batman was priceless.

The only episodes of this series that I don't like are the ones without Bruce Wayne in it. Sorry, but without Bruce, it just doesn't seem like Batman at all. Bruce Wayne is the actual reason I watched this show. I liked the he has a dog named Ace since Batman had a BatHound named Ace in the comics at one time.

Other than Bruce, the only other original character is Commissioner Barbara Gordon, the former Batgirl, whose relationship with Bruce ended bitterly (as did Dick Grayson and Tim Drake's associations with him) and now she is against any costumed vigilantes in Gotham.

Other than Rebirth, my favorite episodes were the ones that had tie ins to the original series, like the ones that returned Mr. Freeze and Bane as well as Talia and Ras Al Ghul in Out of the Past and the two part episode, the Call, which returned a slightly older Superman and the introduction of the future Justice League. I am thankful for that episode for paving the way to animating the Justice League.

I haven't seen all the third season yet, but I await its DVD release, so I can see the final episode, Unmasked.

As for villains, give me the Joker, Penguin, Two Face, the Riddler, and Catwoman any day over the likes of Spellbinder, Shriek, Stalker,Curare, and Inque. I also hated that Derek Powers/Blight did not return beyond season one. I do get a kick out of the Jokerz street gang trying to keep the Joker's legacy alive.

All in all, this was a fun show, but I prefer the original Batman: The Animated Series any day. But I will say that I consider Batman Beyond far more superior to the new cartoon "The Batman" any day.
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