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  • The opening title card reads:FORWARD

    Down through the ages has rushed a menace more dangerous than the worst criminal. Syphilis. Let us seize this monster and stamp out forever its horrible influence. Syphilis must no longer play its deadly part in our lives preventing marriages. . . breaking up families. . . and resulting in innocent offspring born blind _ diseased _ and maimed. . . doomed to a life of misery. The subject of syphilis must no longer be hushed, but must be fought in the open like any other dangerous[,] contagious disease. . . humanity must be enlightened! Ignorance must be abolished! Young and old_ _ _ rich and poor _ _ _ _ _

  • Several small companies specializing in public domain movies have released it. Beware. Some small distributors market copies of both public domain and copyrighted films with poor picture and sound. Others are more reputable and deliver good transfers of the best available prints. Shop around.

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