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MPAA Rated PG-13 for action violence and some sensuality

Sex & Nudity

  • The main character is shown from the shoulders up in a dark and steamy shower. She departs the shower with only a bath towel, then, when her back is turned, drops the towel and is shown nude from the small of the back upward. She turns and a side view of the left breast is shown briefly. Since the character's breasts are augmented throughout the film, this is likely a CGI enhanced shot or a body double.
  • A male character who is entirely nude is surprised by the lead female character and they have a face to face conversation. He moves about the scene with strategically placed objects blocking any potential view of his genitalia.
  • In the opening scene, Lara wear very tight and very short shorts, along with a form-fitting top that shows off her accentuated and large breasts beneath it. During that, the soundtrack that plays along with the action scene includes the sound of a woman's sensuous moan (although nothing sexual is occurring in the scene).

Violence & Gore

  • A group of heavily armed men crash through the skylights of a house and fire at a woman.
  • A woman attached to a tether flies through the air (as she is being shot at) with a knife in her hand, slashing men and sending them crashing to the ground (we see one dangling from his rope).
  • A woman wraps the rope she is attached to around a man, slams into him and slashes him with a knife.
  • A man is shot several times and falls to the ground dead, a man is shot in the head, two men are stabbed in the chest, and a man is punched in the throat and falls to the ground (presumably dead).
  • We see a knife come out of a man's chest, a man pulls a knife out of his chest.
  • A woman grabs a knife by the blade and her hand drips blood.
  • A woman shoots several men with a tool of some sort, and a woman is shot at several times.
  • Stone statues become animated and they fight with huge swords killing several people.
  • A man is crushed between two arms of a spinning planetary map
  • A man is caught under water and we see him drown.
  • A huge, six-armed statue throws six swords at a woman.
  • A flying statue chases a woman, grabs her and carries her some distance before dropping her to the ground.
  • A man and woman fight with kicks, punches and headbutts and they each end up with bloody wounds, and a woman fights with a group of men punching and kicking them.
  • A woman battles a big robot which is fitted with deadly tools and weapons; they kick and punch each other and throw each other around (lots of stone ruins crumble and tumble in the process); she fires her guns at it several times and it pins her to the ground and threatens her with the spinning blade of a saw attachment.
  • A woman cuts the arm of a robot off and then tears some of its wiring out.
  • A robot is pinned under a stone column.
  • A man and woman are thrown through the air by a blast of light.
  • A woman is threatened with guns and knives several times.
  • A woman has a dream and awakens with a start drawing a knife from under her pillow.
  • Animated statues are shot at, kicked and punched and they crumble when they are hit.
  • The story of the destruction of an ancient city is depicted showing its stone walls exploding into powder.
  • A woman breaks down a wall and breaks a clock with a hammer, and a woman jumps on top of a swinging battering ram, swings with it and pokes a liquid-filled globe.
  • A woman riding a motorcycle jumps over a car (while being shot at), and a car flips over and lands on top of another car.
  • A hole opens underneath a woman and she falls and dangles from a vine, a woman dives into a huge waterfall, and a woman jumps off a balcony but is tied to bungee cords; she falls but continues to float and spin.
  • A tomb crumbles shakes and explodes with water crashing through it.
  • A dog barks at and jumps through a light beam, it turns into a skeleton while in the beam, and then turns back to normal.
  • A woman glows and is sucked into a model of the sun.
  • Reckless driving.


  • Two scatological terms (one is interrupted mid-word), a couple of anatomical references, several mild profanities.
  • A few religious exclamations, six British slang exclamations of "bugger."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drinking and smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Lara suddenly falls a great distance through a hole in the ground, eventually stopping her fall by grabbing ahold of some vines in a large, underground temple.
  • Some gunshots can frighten children.

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