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  • No, this is an entirely original story with the same main character and basics of the video game. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In order to obtain the BBFC 12 rating, three scenes were cut or altered. In the scene where Powell and Lara meet and discuss the Illuminati, the glamorising sound effect of Powell's flick knife opening and the metallic ringing sound is missing on the soundtrack. Later on, just before Powell throws his knife at Alex, the metallic sound of his flick knife being opened has again been removed from the soundtrack. During the fight with Lara, Powell picking up his blood-stained knife and twirling it in a glamorous fashion around his finger has been removed from the scene. Finally, Lara headbutting Powell has been removed right before the throat chop, and replaced with a punch to the head instead. The UK DVD remains cut, but the UK Blu-ray is uncut and rated 15. Edit (Coming Soon)


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