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Funny Stuff
zhijajic11 July 2020
So exaggerated that you will laugh

Then there are the nubile super thin chicks in minis and boots SCHWING!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!
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Mr. Mojo rising
mic check11 May 2000
Austin Powers is one of those movies that has become MORE popular as time wears on. Austin's slang has worked its way into the lexicon and everything from the redhot video to the Austin Powers Penis Enlarger is on sale and raking in meeeeeelions. When news of a sequel hit the streets, fans freaked. It's safe to say that AP2 is rivaled only by The Phantom Menace as 1999's must see.

The wait is over.

The second-most anticipated movie of 1999 finally comes to theaters. We're ecstatic to report that AP is a friggin' laugh riot, as Myers and crew have strung together another brilliant collection of one-liners and over the top, sometimes horribly disgusting, sight gags. The follow-up to 1997's video hit has Austin heading back to the 60s to track down his mojo, stolen by one of Dr. Evil's comically evil hapless henchmen. What's mojo? A multi-colored, stringy looking mess that makes Austin irresistible to the ladies. But the plot isn't so important. This is the Austin you know and love, only this time he's even more raw and hardcore.

It's clear that Myers was given a much larger budget to bring his vision to the screen after the runaway success of Austin Powers on video. The sets in Spy are much more vibrant and huge, the effects (yes, effects) are top-notch, and the pacing is completely nonstop. I had a perma-grin stuck on my face through the whole thing and will need to see it again just because the audience drowned out some lines with laughter.

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty Spy picks up with Austin taking a trip in a time machine back to the smashing 60s where, as we all know, he is a sexual dynamo. The time travel bits can get confusing, but as Basil Exposition of British Intelligence says, "Just sit back and enjoy yourself." Back in the 60s, Austin quickly draws the attention of his nemesis Dr. Evil. The hilarity begins as a patchwork parade of moronic henchmen attempt to wipe out Austin.

Still, the best reason to shell out your cash is that AP2 is clearly Dr. Evil's movie. If he's your favorite, you're in luck. Most important, we see him get some.

The film does lean a bit too heavily on gags from the first flick and some of the "Yeah, baby" schtick grows old fast. (When your Mammy starts saying "Yeah, baby," it's clearly tired, right?) Still, fans of the original will feel right at home with the budget destructo devices, the horrid teeth, and the clumsy bumblings of Austin himself. In a summer full of high concepts and big budget, AP2 is just the ticket.
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Slightly better than the first
MinorityReporter24 September 2005
I believe that the general consensus is that the first Austin Powers movie is the best of the bunch. I happen to disagree (as you can probably tell from my one-line-summary). I feel that the second film actually improves on the first film by adding a few new characters and generally cutting loose on the humor making it even more bizarre and funny than in the first film. I don't expect people to agree but at least hear me out as to why I think the second film is better.

As I said a few new characters have been added to the roster and we get to see some older characters in new and exiting ways. The best addition to the character rooster is Mini-Me, Doctor Evil's clone, played brilliantly by Verne Troyer. Not only is he hilariously funny but he also brings out a different side to Doctor Evil which I found to be extremely funny. On a related note I found Doctor Evil to be much more interesting as a character in the second film than in the first. Probably because the Austin character had to be established in the first film. Second there is the addition of Fat Bastard, played by Myers himself. A lot of people have responded negatively to Fat Bastard but I found him quite funny in a very weird way. Mike Myers definitely took a step up the weird ladder when he came up with him. Elizabeth Hurley is written out of the script very early in the film and instead Heather Graham is introduced as Felicity Shagwell. Heather Graham is not as strong as Hurley was as Austin's love interest but she remains nice as eye-candy and what can you expect more than that. Seth Green pretty much reprises his role from the first film. Nothing much to come after there. The supporting cast is pretty much the same as in the first film except this time we get to see Number Two in a young version played by Rob Lowe who does an uncanny imitation of Robert Wagner. Mindy Sterling and Michael York returns in their respective parts as well. There are also quite a few cameos in the film. Including Tim Robbins, Woody Harrelson, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and many more.

The film still spoofs Bond obviously and the title in itself is of course a reference to The Spy Who Loved Me and once again I find that no-one does it better than Myers. After the success of the first I think they gave Myers free reigns because a lot of the stuff in this film is pretty far out. An example could be the hilarious fight between Austin and Mini-Me and an equally funny scene in a tent. I won't reveal any more than that. Another thing is that the overall effects seem much more polished this time around which is probably also caused by the success of the previous film.

The story is pretty much non-existent which I found to be an improvement over the previous film which actually attempted to incorporate a story rather than just be all out fun.

All in all I think it is a matter of taste. Either you prefer the first or you prefer the second but you should definitely give this film a try just for the heck of it.

All in all

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Recycles old humor, but still fun...
Cephyran4 October 2004
The Spy who Shagged Me - not a title you'd expect to garner much respect, but this movie does okay. With Austin Powers 2 we see the arrival of such characters as Mini-Me and Fat Bastard, who inevitably help steer the sequel way from completely recycling every joke used in the first film. However, there is still that overlap, so a lot of the humor comes off a bit stale and tacky. There is virtually no end to the plot holes, inconsistencies, and various irregularities, but that is often a big part of the humor of the Austin Powers movies - making direct fun of the spy genre, as well as themselves.

And, on a personal note, Heather Graham is by far more attractive than Liz Hurley, and she flaunts it with great respect for us, the juvenile minded male audience. Overall, I'd consider this sequel about on par with the original, not in any specific details, but in all-around entertainment value.
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Superior sequel
masonsaul16 October 2020
While it suffers from a few of the problems most sequels do, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me is the rare superior sequel. Mike Myers is fantastic in all of his roles. Heather Graham, Seth Green and Verne Troyer are all great. It's way funnier than it's predecessor with more consistently funny jokes. Jay Roach's direction is also great, it's well filmed and extremely well paced. The soundtrack and the music by George S. Clinton are both good.
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dockerykelli29 June 2019
The first Austin Powers fell flat for me, however, the sequel WAS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! It's has the same exact cast as the first one along with additional new characters!!! It's HILARIOUS, love blossoming and lightly action packed!!! A+++ Film.
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Yeah, Baby!!! This is one of the funniest friggin' movies of all time
Smells_Like_Cheese28 July 2002
I know it sounds silly, but I just think this is one of the funniest movies I had ever seen. Maybe I was just in a good mood or something, but I was a little surprised by the rating of just 6.5 because I knew a lot of people who enjoyed the movie as well as I did.

We have Austin Powers and he's back and funnier and nakeder than ever! Despite some recycled jokes, they still get a laugh when he's walking through the hotel butt naked and only certain objects cover him. When Dr. Evil escapes the giant dummy in space and heads back to Earth, Austin alone must go on his mission alone since we find out Venessa was a fembot. We have a new addition to the family with a miniature replica that is 1/8 the size of Dr. Evil he calls "Mini Me". Mini Me is just so cute and he wants to kill Scott. Scott and Mini Me just steal the movie from this point on. Dr.Evil decides to go back into the 60's and take over the world by aiming a "lazer" at the moon.

Austin must now go back in time back to the 60's and finds his sexy assistant, Felicity played by a very beautiful but pretty bad actress Heather Grahm. Together they must find and fight Dr. Evil before he makes over a trillion... oops! I mean a billion dollars! There is another addition of a villain, Fat Bastard, despite most of his gross jokes, you except him into the Austin family.

Like I said, there are recycled jokes, but that doesn't keep you from laughing and having a good time. Just let go and learn to have fun with the movie. Come on, you have got to admit that #2's death was just great and so funny! Let's get the rating up, it deserves better than a 6.5! I think Austin fans will enjoy this shagadelic movie!

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Better than the first one!
Xophianic12 February 2000
Some people don't think AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY was worthy of a sequel. Some think there should be a large series of AUSTIN POWERS movies, like the infamous Bond movies. Trust me, I'm kinda sick of everyone doing impressions of Austin Powers and Dr. Evil, (and I do one fine Dr. Evil if I do say so myself, even though both are easy to impersonate), but I thought AUSTIN POWERS: THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME was even better than the first one. So if you asked me if there should be a series of AUSTIN POWERS movies, and I wasn't so sick of all those impersonations, I might say "Yeah baby!"

Austin Powers (Mike Myers) is sent back to 1969 by Basil Exposition (Michael York) to stop Dr. Evil (Mike Myers) who has stolen Austin Powers' "mojo" and plans to build a giant laser on the movie and destroy all major cities on Earth. In the sixties, Austin Powers meets Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham), who is just as sexy and hip as Austin is. Scott Evil (Seth Green) is still trying to work out things with his father, even though Dr. Evil has turned his attention to his clone in 1/10 size, Mini-Me (Verne Troyer). Number Two (Robert Wagner, then Rob Lowe), Frau Farbissina (Mindy Sterling) and Mustafa (Will Ferrell) all return to help Dr. Evil, in addition to Fat Bastard (Mike Myers), the disgusting, overweight, Scottish henchman.

Let's face is, Austin Powers has never been about plot. Considering that this movie is basically a spoof of OUR MAN FLINT and the JAMES BOND movies, the plot is pretty entertaining and funny. The giant laser on the moon was great, obviously spoofing MOONRAKER, in addition to many other movies of its type.

The acting in this movie is all very good. Mike Myers does a great job playing three very different characters. Heather Graham beats the crap out of Elizabeth Hurley (not literally in this movie, but how cool would that be) and is way sexier in my book. Seth Green and Mindy Sterling are great, especially when together. Will Ferrell was one of my favorite performers and characters in this movie. Robert Wagner is good, but his role is taken over by Rob Lowe after they go back in time. Lowe does an unbelievable job and is almost exactly like Wagner was as the character. Michael York does a fairly good job too. There are some great cameos by names like Clint Howard, Tim Robbins, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Kristen Johnston and Jerry Springer.

Unlike in AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY, there is great character development. This first AUSTIN POWERS movie did a good job laying a foundation for these characters, but this movie really set them off. Dr. Evil stole the show, which is great because he is obviously the best character. Austin Powers, Number Two and Basil are about the same as in the first one. Felicity is way more interesting and sexier than Hurley was. Frau is much more interesting in this movie, as is Scott who is still saying "Why don't you just kill them?" to his father. Mustafa, who you might not even remember from the first one, is hilarious in this movie. Mini-Me was fun, but in the next AUSTIN POWERS movie, it shouldn't revolve around him as much. Fat Bastard is my least favorite character and I hope he isn't in the next AUSTIN POWERS movie.

Go see this one, you won't regret it. It sure won't win any Oscars, but it's one of the funniest movies of the year. Turn your brain off and enjoy it!
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More inevitable cheekiness from Myers
KUAlum2621 April 2007
The follow-up to 1997's Austin Powers:International Man of Mystery was probably not a certainty form the get-go:if I recall correctly,the first Austin Powers was NOT the smashing success of a box-office film that many involved initially imagined,and had it not been for a strong reaction from video and DVD renters,the franchise may've stopped at one. Since I happened to enjoy the first one(saw it on video BTW),I can honestly say that while the sequels seemed to have depreciating value,I'm still glad that Myers and company went ahead with the follow-ups.

Now acclimated to the '90s,Austin(Myers,who else?)is about to settle into wedded bliss when he's attacked in his honeymoon suite by a legion of Fembots,given marching orders by a refugeed Dr.Evil(Myers,see previous ref). It seems that Evil's back trying to destroy the free world,this time with the aid of a time machine of his own making. Of course,the British secret service ALSO has a time machine(of course),and Austin races through time to stop Evil's plans,this time with the help of one Felicity Shagwell(Heather Graham,beautiful,sexy,game,and yet somehow out of her element here),an American NOC agent from the year 1969.

A whole series,moving almost in waves,of sight-gags,verbal plays and yet more homages to Bond and Bond-type movies of the '60s,basically keeps the continuity of the original going seamlessly. Much of the cast from the last movie-- particularly Robert Wagner as the chief Hench,Seth Green as sullen son Scott Evil,Mindy Sterling as Frau FArbissima,Michael York as Basil Exposition and Will Ferrell as Mustafa the Assassin(who must be asked the same question THREE times in order to get information. One of my favorite gags from the movie)--are back,supplemented by Rob Lowe as the younger Number Two,Verne Troyer as Evil's identical clone,one-tenth his size and Myers again as Fat Bastard,a Scotish assassin with a violent temper who weighs a metric ton(I think I'm paraphrasing there),among others. Cameos by(among others) Burt Bacharach(as from the previous film)and Elvis Costello are added to give the film it's small slice of romanticism. Jay Roach returns to direct this one,and he,as usual,is near transparent in allowing Myers(not only star and co-producer but also screenwriter)to pretty much take this film as high,low,far,close,loud,soft and whatever as he fancies. While the original's flavor seems to be getting steadily diluted by the "franchise effect" of sequels(in other words,the effect that kind of makes a movie more of a "product" than a piece of entertainment),it still has the same sass,cheeky humor and fun to keep it quite enjoyable.
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Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Coxer9915 June 1999
Hilarious return to the international man of mystery with this non stop laugh ride of a film with Myers doing it again as Austin, Dr. Evil and a new character named Fat Bastard. There are many funny moments in the film especially the Scott/Dr. Evil episode of Jerry Springer and the emergence of Mini-Me, perfectly played by Verne Troyer. The laughs are constant. You'll laugh so hard, you'll have a headache when you leave the theater.
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Will Film Buffs Like This ? ...
Theo Robertson23 May 2004
... Yeah baby yeah

I didn't watch the original Austin Powers INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY down to the fact that there's been more than enough Bond spoofs made over the years like those movies in the 1980s that starred Roger Moore . What ? they were actually official Bond movies ! Oh dear , I honestly thought they were spoofs and how do you spoof a spoof ? CASINO ROYALE tried it and failed while those movies that featured THE MAN FROM UNCLE are so dated they're almost unwatchable and lets not forget those awful Matt Helm movies . Come to think of it a comedy like THE PARTY that pokes fun at 1960s youth counter culture also feel very dated a surrogate Bond figure transported from the 1960s doesn't hold much appeal to me baby

However I was very surprised as to how much I enjoyed THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME down to the fact it's far more sophisticated than I expected . There's umpteen references to other TV shows and movies that IMDb die hards can enjoy . There's an edition of THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW ( Complete with bouncers Todd and Steve ) which could have easily have been a proper edition than a send up , there's a set stolen from crap 60s series THE TIME TUNNEL , a scene stolen from THE ISLAND OF DOCTOR MOREAU , a fight scene very reminiscent of the dog attack from THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY . I could go on listing all the movie and TV connections but I won't bother except to say that the plot of this movie is merged with the plots of YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE and MOONRAKER

The aforementioned elements will certainly appeal to the film buffs while the bad taste jokes will appeal to the teenage market . I wasn't all that taken with the character of Fat Bastard or the fart jokes or the scene with " This coffee tastes like sh*t " but it's refreshing to see a movie comedy that does try to mix post modernist sophistication with gross out humour , JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK probably tried this but totally failed . Also naming characters with double entrede names like Felicity Shagwell and Robin Spitz Swallows might be crass but film fans will remember the Bond movies also had similarly named characters like Miss Goodthighs ( " So I can see " ) and Plenty O Toole ( " Of course you do " ) so I guess this is also an amalgamation between schoolboy humour and sophistication

THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME is hardly Oscar material but is very entertaining
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It's shagadelic baby, yeah! Oh behave!
Rognar17 June 1999
I am a big fan of Austin Powers, the DVD being the first movie I bought when I got my player. Let me tell you, the sequel does not disappoint. It is laugh out loud hysterical! A LOT more jokes than the first one. A bit rauchier than the first one also, but who am I to complain? :)

I can't wait for the DVD release!

It's groovy baby yeah!
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A Hilarious Time-Waster
johnnythegreaserboy11 February 2019
Picture this: you're home with your friends or family and you have to pick a film. Nothing's really looking good and you just want to stick something on to have a good laugh. Here comes, the Austin Powers trilogy! Out of the three films, this one is one of the funnier instalments. Mike Myers gives a great performance as always, and Rob Lowe gives a great performance (although a very short one). I love the British 60's vibe, since I'm a big vintage fan. It's a good film to put on when you're having a bad day and just need a laugh. No wonder Austin Powers is such an icon nowadays!
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Saw it when you it first came to theaters and still watch it today.
knightkp5 July 2018
Contrary to some reviews, this is funnier than the first, some jokes where typical of the first but worked better in this sequel. The addition of Minnie-me was so creative as was the performance of Seth Green as Scott, as a silly comedy, it is what it is silly and entertaining, it just does not get old.
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mostly good, but one scene was unnecessary
lee_eisenberg25 May 2006
"Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" was mostly really funny - with Austin continuing his face-off with Dr. Evil - but the stool sample scene was unnecessary. Still, the rest of the movie was a hoot, especially all the slang names for the spaceship. Some of the things in these movies, I wonder how they're able to come up with, especially some of Mini-Me's gags. All in all, it's a movie that you're sure to love, particularly with the Jerry Springer scene and all the associations with world events.

Fat Bastard. What a name! And of course, the character in the next movie had an even wackier name.
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Dr. Evil and Mini Me Are the Best
view_and_review14 December 2020
I remember when "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" came out in '99. The movie tried to use "Star Wars" fame to promote itself as it was being released around the same time.

Austin Powers (Mike Myers) is back and so is Number Two (Robert Wagner) and so is Mustafa (Will Ferrell). Austin is single again because his wife ended up being a fembot. Go figure. Dr. Evil (also Mike Myers) has a new scheme in mind. This time he wants to travel back in time to 1969, when Powers was frozen, and steal his mojo. For that task he uses a new henchman, Fat B_____d (IMDb won't allow me to write it).

I actually liked "Spy Who Shagged Me" more than "International Man." The addition of Mini Me (Verne Troyer) was hilarious and as I said about part one, I much prefer to see more Dr. Evil. The back and forth between him and his son Scott (Seth Green) is priceless.

The absence of Vanessa Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley) meant that Austin would need another female partner fawning over him. When he followed Dr. Evil back to 1969 he was partnered up with Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham) who, much like Vanessa, was a sex symbol with a gun.

The movie suffered a little with one of its run on jokes (the rocket ship shaped like a phallus). There were a few more stars which didn't help much, but we got a tad more Dr. Evil which was a big bonus.
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A lot better than the first movie.
marco-4782617 October 2020
Just like everyone else said, it's one of those rare cases where the sequel is better than the original. It's nostalgic to both late 90s and what we imagine of what the 60s were. Mike Myers shines in the movie, that is extremely silly, but fun to watch. And laugh at all the stupid jokes. Heather Graham is a good female lead, even better than Elizabeth Hurley, in my opinion. And the rest of the colorful cast is hilarious in equal measures. True some of the humor is heavy-handed, but never off putting. And would be deemed so offensive these days, it's like it was green lit on a fluke. It's small scale blockbuster comedy, but still far superior to anything theaters/TV has to offer these days. Cool cameos and guest stars, by the way.
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I need more speed
patriotiron7 October 2020
This is a good stupid movie!Dirty jokes are awesome!
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oh behave baby ...
thewalkingpuns11 January 2019
Just as good as the first. Austin still has it even if he lost it. Dr evil and austin are just as fun. With now the inclusion of fat b also played by myers who makes for more added laughs. Heather graham as the beautiful ms shagwell like an american version of austin himself plays the role well and was the right choice same goes for mini-me played by Verne troyer who also was the best choice for this role. Guests stars as well as other scenes make for a great follow up thgwts still groovy baby. 8/10
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The Man With The Golden Pun
slokes20 October 2007
The first Austin Powers movie was a shot-in-the-dark comedy Michael Myers pretty much made for himself and a few friends, little imagining the fuss it would spawn. This time, Myers and his alter egos set out to build a middle-brow entertainment franchise. At least they got the money part right.

After spending the first movie adjusting to life in the 1990s, superspy Austin Powers (Myers) is pulled back into his native 1960s to save his mojo from the evil Dr. Evil (Myers), who has stolen it with the help of traitorous Scot Fat Bastard (Myers). Will Austin save his mojo, and not incidentally, the world?

While not as satisfying or clever as the first Powers film, "Spy Who Shagged Me" does make you laugh, especially the first time you see it. Fat Bastard is a terrific new addition to the Powers tribe, a nasty self-worshipping slob who wears a metric ton and has an appetite that is boundless, morally as well as physically.

"Listen up, Sonny Jim, I ate a baby!" FB declares. "Baby: The other, other white meat!"

Also great is Verne Troyer as Dr. Evil's stunted replicant, Mini-Me. Troyer's tiny stature makes for a good initial guilty laugh, but Troyer throws himself into the role with the same kind of abandon and hidden talent Myers employed in the first film. Mini-Me's confrontations with Dr. Evil's biological son Scott (Seth Green) is an entertaining subplot throughout.

Myers himself is a bit of a mix. As Fat Bastard, he is about as funny as he's ever been on screen. As Austin and Dr. Evil, he's a little too much too often. Dr. Evil seems to be after laughs from the MTV Music Awards crowd, mocking rap videos and repeating old gags like telling Scott to be quiet (this time with the catch phrase "Zip it" rather than "Shh...") Austin is a grab bag of catch phrases, interspersed with the occasional double entendre, like when his latest lady, Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham), notices he activates his apartment lights by clapping his hands.

"When did you get the clapper?" she asks.

"November, 1964, Dutch East Indies, shore leave," he replies.

Graham is beautiful to look at but a bit of a damp noodle otherwise, which goes for much of "The Spy Who Shagged Me." Sure, you have the clever set design, costumes, and music that the original "Austin Powers" had in spades, but the heart of the enterprise is missing here. Austin throws off one after another of his merchandise-ready puns, and it's hard not to enjoy it in fitful bursts. But it doesn't linger like the first film.
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I haven't laughed this hard in a long time!! Make sure you stay 'til the credits are over!!
MLFILMS12 June 1999
Boy was this a funny movie. I am sure I missed a lot more of the funny lines because I was laughing so hard!! Mike Myers sure loves to be naked in his movies as proven by the hysterical opening sequence. Mini Me, Scott Evil and references to pivate parts make this movie so much fun. Some of the jokes that were in the first are back in this and are still as funny. It's not "shh", it's "zip it" in a great scene with Dr., Evil and he son. The Jerry Springer part is perfect for this film! Enjoy it! I did!
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Funny But Nasty 'R-Rated' Look At The Stupid '60s
ccthemovieman-127 February 2006
I get a perverse kick out of the other deliberately-stupid humor of these "Austin Powers" movies. They are extremely bright and colorful - photography- wise, but full of dark comedy moments as well as light-hearted slapstick. Best of all, they poke fun at the ludicrous 1960s lifestyle, particularly in England. Many people may think they glorifying the hedonism of the period, and maybe that's the case, but find it more of a satire and see it that way.

What I don't like, however, is the rating of this film and the others as PG-13. How typical of sick Hollywood, pandering these and the other Powers movies to the teen crowd. They are filled with nothing but sex, sex, and more sex. Even the term "shag," is British for "f--k." I mean, they don't even try to be subtle anymore. Rate it R, stick to it, and let the adults have fun with all the innuendos, puns, cleavage, penis jokes, and general pagan lifestyles of the 1960s.

Mike Myers does a good job playing several over-the-top roles. Sometimes he's better off saying nothing, just opening up his mouth with that stupid grin and horrible teeth. That usually gets a laugh. The other two Powers were better because this was too mean-edged and too profane.

I would imagine that Myers and the Austin Powers films in general were either loved or hated by whomever is viewing it. I get a lot of humor out of these because I don't take them seriously and look at it more as making fun of the moronic attitudes of the late '60s more than anything else. Great fun....for adults.
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It's shagadelic baby
SRVHS17 September 1999
This is one great movie. To me, to make a good comedy movie you need to make it very funny, and have a cast of lovable zany characters. If you have all that then you got a great comedic movie on your hands.

A main thing you need is slapstick humor. In a scene from the movie Austin and his trusty sidekick Felicity Shagwell are in a tent being watched by Dr. Evil's guards. Austen is down on his hands and knees doing exercises while Felicity is checking their inventory. Since there is a light in the tent it sends their shadows to the outside of the tent where it looks to Dr. Evil's guards that Felicity is reaching in and taking things out of Austin's derriere. The funniest part is when accidently sets of a smoke bomb (if you understand what they were trying to show). Meanwhile, any scene with Fat B@#$%&d is a laugh riot. Especially the scene where he explains that babies are the other other white meat.

Another good aspect to a great comedy is a cast of crazy characters. Mike Meyers is great as the swingin' Austin Powers, The maniacal Dr. Evil, and as Fat B@#$%&d the one metric ton Scotsman. Other great characters in the movie include the pint-sized maniacal Mini-Me Dr. Evil's 1/8 sized clone, and Scott Evil the punk son of Dr. Evil. They all are incredibly cartoonish players who are great when they interact with each other.

From this Frickin' rotating chair that I sit in I can definatly approve of this movie. They have fantastically funny jokes that leave you rolling in the aisles. Along with side-splitting off-the-wall characters. This movie has everything you could ever ask for. It's sp funny that you will want to see it as many times as you probobly saw Titanic.

by, A.J SRHigh
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Well Below Average
gcs-226 July 1999
A movie not worth seeing. Truly a waste of scarce resources. A sad commentary on the current state of the cinéma, and, perhaps more so, on its patrons.

The character known as "Fat Bastard", is a disgusting character who serves no plot function other than to remind us that it was we who chose to see this film, and for that choice we should be punished.
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Same tired old jokes recycled
Kneumsi17 January 2001
Did you like the first Austin Powers movie with it's rip off belaboured jokes and simplistic humour? Did you? Do you want a complete rehash of the first movie lacking any originality and recycling the same tired old jokes for a second go-round? If so, then this is the movie for you! Although your time might be better spent studying for your GED or something, many Genetic Defectives and complete idiots who don't recognise a beaten dead horse when they see it have flocked to this horrible movie, and have laughed because they felt they were supposed to. Be a part of the many faceless Austin Powers imitators out there, and say goodbye to the opposite sex. You are pitied!
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