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Way better than the recent reboots
ronbell-2398427 October 2020
Really good movie, I enjoyed the whole Trilogy with Toby Maguire but this was the best of the 3. Willem Dafoe made an excellent villain as the Green Goblin. Excellent super hero movie.
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Spider-Man (2002) - With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!
nickmesafilms19 May 2012
Considered as one of the most successful superhero movies ever made, "Spider-Man" is a superhero film adaptation of one of Stan Lee's most popular Marvel comics, and becoming one of the first movies to score the highest opening weekend in the box office. There's no wonder, because this is an exciting and enjoyable motion picture. One of my childhood favorites, to be exact! This movie tells the origin story of Peter Parker, or Spider-Man, portrayed by Tobey Maguire, whom after being bit by a radioactive spider, he has gained extraordinary powers to climb walls, shoot web, and beat bad guys. But all that must be put to the test when Parker has to defeat one of the first villains of the Spider-Man universe, the Green Goblin, portrayed by Willem Dafoe. Although Maguire is somewhat bland in a few of his movies, I respected that he fit the role of Peter Parker perfectly, playing a shy kid, with no powers to either beat the bad guy or win the girl. Although given some of the corniest lines of dialouge in this movie, Kirsten Dunst makes an adorable portrayal as Mary Jane Watson, while giving a great chemistry with her co-star. But, Willem Dafoe seems a little miscast playing the deadly Green Goblin, feeling more like he's suitable for drama, instead of action. Rosemary Harris, James Franco, Cliff Robertson, and J.K. Simmons, round up the supporting cast, bringing some memorable performances on-screen, especially Simmons, who steals every scene he's in as J. Jonah Jameson, the angry editor chief of the Daily Bugle. There are few corny and goofy moments from here and there, but that doesn't stop the exciting momentum that this movie brings. Filled with impressive visual effects and a wonderful music score by Danny Elfman, director Sam Raimi perfectly stays true to the original Spider-Man concept, and delivers plenty of exciting action sequences that are both fun to watch, and stay true to the plot. Behind "The Dark Knight" and "The Avengers", "Spider-Man" is probably my third favorite superhero movie. I can watch this movie over and over again, and it's still a fun time. I was easily impressed with this movie, and it never disappoints to entertain. Everyone will find something to enjoy for sure. "Spider-Man", in my review, "a refreshing story, and exciting action".
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A really great comic book adaptation
MaxBorg898 October 2005
"With great power comes great responsibility".These words, spoken by Peter Parker's uncle Ben(Cliff Robertson)during their last conversation and which have become Spider-Man's motto, also perfectly represent the challenge Sam Raimi was facing when asked to bring one of America's most loved superheroes to the screen.

You can relax, fellas: Raimi's movie is definitely worth a look.Loosely based on the origin story and the Stan Lee/John Romita Sr. run, it's a fascinating mix of spectacular action and powerful drama, as it chronicles Peter Parker's(Tobey Maguire) transformation into a superhuman and the responsibilities deriving from said metamorphosis: while fighting crime to avenge his uncle's death, he also has to deal with his feelings for Mary Jane Watson(Kirsten Dunst) and his friendship with Harry Osborn(James Franco); add Harry's father Norman(Willem Dafoe), who's become schizophrenic psycho Green Goblin, and you've got a quite complicated situation.

Raimi's excellent at showing us the hero's pain, as well as the one he causes to others, and he gets terrific performances from the entire cast, particularly Maguire, Dafoe and Robertson.

On its own, it's a very good superhero flick, alongside the sequel, it's an absolute masterpiece.

Recommended even if you don't care about the comics.
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Toby Maguire spins a mean web...excellent fun movie...
Doylenf15 December 2002
One of the most successful translations of "comic book to screen" has fine results in SPIDER-MAN, a handsomely produced version of the comic book classic with a sprightly score by Danny Elfman and some incredibly realistic looking CGI effects.

The simple plot of good vs. evil begins when Peter Parker is bitten by a spider while touring a local museum with his high school class. The plot thickens when he develops webs and the ability to soar over rooftops and vehicles with ease--as well as climbing walls. Toby Maguire plays the nerdy teen-ager with a wholesome air of innocent charm, his open-eyed expression never concealing the delight he takes in the role. As his girlfriend, Mary Jane, Kirsten Dunst does a likable enough job even if the costume department decided to dress her like a teen hooker.

Everyone else is in fine form. William Dafoe deserves top praise for his Green Goblin--evil enough to frighten the wits out of the faint-hearted. J. Jonah Jameson is excellent as the bombastic newspaper editor who takes advantage of his most famous client. Rosemary Harris and Cliff Robertson, in quieter roles, are warm and human. James Franco is believable as Peter's best friend.

Admirers of the comic book tales should have no trouble liking the movie with its amazing CGI effects. It's heart-warming and funny, with some terror thrown in for good measure. Good escapist entertainment even if the message seems a little vague. Message??
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What I was hoping for and more.
Aaron13752 September 2005
Usually when there is a big summer movie I am looking forward to, I wait and wait and then the movie comes out and it is a big disappointment. I really looked forward to the American Godzilla movie and by golly it was a huge disappointment. Then I really looked forward to Star Wars episode 1 and although it was not the disappointment Godzilla was, it was still a disappointment. Spider-man however was everything I was hoping it to be. In fact, it has to be considered one of the best comic book adaptations ever. It actually took parts of the comic book and incorporated it into the movie. Unlike most comic book movies where the story doesn't come from any of the comic books. Sure there are some departures such as the organic web shooters, but this is acceptable seeing as how watching Peter Parker learning he has them makes for some humorous scenes. The entire cast did a great job capturing the characters they were playing and there are some great fights as well. This is also a departure from most comic book movies where there is really no good fight at all between the heroes and villains.
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It's Got Magic
Hitchcoc28 February 2006
I remember Spider-man from my youth. I never got into the comics, so I apologize to the true web driven literati. I know the story. And I've watches and read about a lot of superheroes. My son came back from seeing the film, angry and hurt because they took liberties with one of his real loves. I went to it to watch a movie, not to pay homage. I think it's a heck of a good film. To start with, the vertiginous special effects are wonderful. His leaps from building to building are breathtaking. The best part is that Tobey Maguire has a vulnerability that the alter ego needs to have . Like so many, he is reluctant, but forces beyond his control dump him into the middle of things over which he has not control.

I'm told the villain is not kosher. The they should have chosen one of his more formidable adversaries. I thought the guy was pretty spooky and set up more of the same. Peter Parker has some unburned bridges heading into the sequel, and that's always fun. There's just a niceness that connects the characters and a bitter world to fight against, including the newsman who has no respect for Peter's talents. I think this movie is thoughtful as well as really exciting.
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safenoe25 February 2022
Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe was launched, I was entranced by Spider-Man and I can't believe it doesn't even rate an 8 on IMDb. Say what? Spider-Man has heart, it has feeling, the emotion, it has it all. Willem Dafoe was born to play the Green Goblin for sure.
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DVD review - yep, definitely a fun movie, and a great DVD to own.
TxMike1 November 2002
Breaking with usual tradition, the "Spider-Man" DVD was released today, a Friday. At around $15 almost everywhere, for the 2 disk set, it was too good a bargain to pass up. I hadn't seen the film in theaters so this was my first viewing. Definitely entertaining, with a good mix of action and budding romance, the film of the beginnings of Spider-Man. Although I was a bigger fan of Superman as a kid, I also have good memories of the Spider-Man comics, and this film is very faithful.

no SPOILERS here - The 2 disk DVD set is one of the better ones. The picture itself is extremely sharp, and very colorful, with a very clear and dynamic Dolby 5.1 sound track. Surround sound complements the picture masterfully, so that the viewer seems right in the middle of the action. **POINT** - As I have explained in other reviews, anyone still watching movies at home on VHS needs to get rid of it now! It is a different movie on DVD, the quality of the picture, the quality of the sound, not to mention all the extras. With a widescreen TV it is almost like being in a theater.

The EXTRAS - In addition to the movie, disk one has a feature that pops up a spider icon at certain spots that, when "clicked", jumps you to a brief "making of" segment for that scene, then jumps you back to the movie. Plus there are two different, selectable commentaries for anyone who likes the re-watch a movie and hear what went into its making.

Disk two is completely devoted to "extras", like screen tests, an HBO special, and other aspects of making "Spider-Man." Also included is an archive of Spider-Man comics covers from the 1960s to now, grouped by decade, and written script to summarize the basic story of each issue. A "must have" for all Spider Man comics fans.

There have been a few user reviews on IMDb, usually very short, which trash this movie, and may even say something like "avoid this movie". Be certain those are "bogus" reviews, written for some deceptive purpose, I know not why. For anyone who enjoys any kind of fantasy action movie with a good message, "Spider-Man" is a definite "must-see."
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An Honest Review
generationofswine16 November 2016
It is clearly a Sam Raimi film. You see that right away in the sense of humor. Make it cheesy and cheap enough and the audience will laugh at it sort of humor...and it works.

You laugh when you see the cheap jokes, the low-budget moments in a high budget film, it all adds to the appeal, it makes it fun to watch.

Plus, Peter Parker is the Dork we all know him to be. He's the nerd, the dweeb, and the smart alack that has to keep cracking jokes so he doesn't have to face the life and death reality of what he's actually doing.

Tobey Maguire excels at bringing Peter Parker to the big screen in a way that stays true to the character and the source material. He is far better than the travesty of Andrew Garfield's Spider Bully.

You get the sense with Maguire that Spider Man is a hero and not Garfield's excuse to mock and bully people while pretending to be a good guy.

Maguire is a great fit for Raimi's vision of Spider Man and between the two of them the film delivers as much in action as it does in comedy.

Sit back and enjoy it, no matter how old you are it's worth the ride.
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I enjoyed this movie
MR-ODIN24 February 2020
That movie starts the string of the spider man that I'm grown with and raise the bar really high for the next super hero movie which comes soon after it. This part is really good synthesized. I can tell much more good thing abouy the movie but you can make them on your own.
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Best spiderman movie
pratham04811 May 2019
Now, there are so many spiderman movies out there but this movie holds a good place in my heart becoz i just watched it when i was a kid and i had so many memories with it. And now when i rewatched it , it is really good the acting , story and vfx ,cgi is really on point. U should watch this movie if u haven't becoz it worth it.
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Definitely exceeded my expectations!
TheLittleSongbird8 May 2009
I am not into action films particularly,(I'm 17) but this was a really pleasant surprise. This is a well-designed, well-acted and well-directed film, that is close to the comics, which my younger brother used to collect. I loved the music score by Danny Elfman, very like Batman. The special effects were excellent, especially with the scene on the bridge, and the direction from Sam Raimi was fast-paced and secure. But for me, the acting was the best aspect of the movie. Tobey Maguire was the biggest surprise. Usually actors playing comic book heroes are bland, but Maguire was not that at all. If anything he was very charming. Kirsten Dunst portrays the thankless role of the damsel in distress, and I must say, she is very impressive. J.K Simmons gets the most laughs as Jameson, but the best actor was Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn aka the Green Goblin. He not only looked the part of the Green Goblin, but brought some welcome gravitas to the role. The story is sweet and sometimes poignant towards the beginning, though the only real complaints I have of this movie is that the script at times is a little uneven, and the film is a bit long. All in all, a satisfying take on the comic book hero. 8/10 Bethany Cox.
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Raimi and Maguire weave a magical web in this excellent comic adaptation
clydestuff9 April 2004
Studios lately have been known to spend almost $200 million dollars bringing a comic book super hero to life on the silver screen. With $200 million dollars you can buy many state of the art special effects for the director to full around with to his hearts content. If in the process, though, he decides to fore-go an entertaining story and script, characters that we can get to know and sympathize with, and good actors to bring those characters to life, all the special effects in the world isn't going to amount to a hill of beans. Fortunately for us, in bringing Marvel Comic's Spiderman to life, Sam Raimi did care about those little details and the audience is richly rewarded because of it.

One of the trickier tasks when transferring a film such as Spiderman to film is in giving us enough background story. If a writer and director spend too much time on the origins of the character, it has a tendency to bog the rest of the film down. Likewise, if it is given short thrift, we never have a chance to become involved emotionally with the super-hero. In Spiderman, Raimi, aided immeasurably by Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spiderman strikes just the right note. Maguire is such an accomplished actor, that he immediately establishes Peter Parker as someone we will care about throughout the film. He has a crush on the beautiful girl next door, Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst), is constantly harassed by the school jerk, and has a best friend, Harry (James Franco), who's relationship with his father Norman (Willem Dafoe)is far from perfect. As for Peter, he has an exceptional home life with his Uncle Ben (Cliff Robertson) and Aunt May (Rosemary Harris) which is probably one of the reasons Harry develops an early kinship with him. That and the fact that Harry's father seems to think more of Peter than he does of his own son at times.

After having been bitten by a mutated spider, Peter awakens one morning to find himself with some exceptional super powers. He develops muscles that he didn't have before, has reflexes Michael Jordan would be proud of, and can shoot a web like nobody's business. It is during these early scenes of discovery by Peter that the film truly excels. Maguire is like a child whom after taking his first steps, learns he can motor about the house quite nicely, thank you very much. We can't help but have as much fun watching Peter Parker hone his skills as he seems to have in being able to do these magnificent feats.

Another fine aspect of Spiderman is the love story that develops between Parker and Mary Jane. As Peter Parker, he is never able to quite overcome his inability to tell Mary Jane of his true feelings. Later, as Spiderman, there is a wonderful scene between him and Mary Jane in a drenching downpour that any romantic film would envy.

Whereas some have not been too enamored of Dafoe's portrayal as Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, I found both to be right on the mark. As Norman, we see how his continuous drive to control his company alienates and spoils the relationship he has with his son Harry. It's not that Norman is an evil person, his quest for power has led him to more or less take his son for granted. Later, when after a lab accident, it is the schizophrenic battle between the normal Harry and the Evil Harry that brings the Green Goblin to life. It would have been easy for Raimi to have the lab accident just turn Harry instantly into the Green Goblin, but instead we get a richer more dramatic story that we wouldn't have had otherwise.

Likewise James Franco, who looks enough like Dafoe that they could be father and son, is a youth who seems tormented by the fact that no matter what success he achieves, his father never gives him his just due. Kirsten Dunst is also beautiful and charming as Mary Jane. Her romantic scenes with Spiderman are wonderfully played, and she has an especially moving scene with Peter Parker as the film draws to a close.

As for the special effects, they are indeed spectacular. As Spiderman swoops between buildings on his web, you won't think once that it's not really him doing so. When reading IMDB reviews of this film or any other film that depends heavily on special effects, one must keep in mind that it has become more or less a hobby among some to downgrade the effects of any film so my advice is to just ignore the criticism in that regard. The effects here are fine.

Two years ago, it was with quite a bit of eagerness that I anticipated Raimi's Spiderman film and it lived up to my hopes in every aspect. If the impending sequel comes even close to being as good as the original, it'll be a job well done. And if a film such as Spiderman can have me counting the days until Spiderman II, than I have no choice but to give it my grade, which for Spiderman is an A.
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A real film
PedroPires9018 December 2021
This film is so good! Like a real film, not as an amusement park.

From a time when superhero films could be made without jokes every 20 seconds. From a time when they cared about great scores (epic this one!), adapting the music to each moment (even horror vibes in some scenes, like the attempted rape). From a time when they cared about relationships, real feelings and they looked like real people with big character development. Raimi was not rushing anything. He was not afraid to use silence when it was necessary. He knows what pace is and the visual effects are here to support something, not to be the main star.

All these people could belong to the real world. I think that is what I love the most about this film. They are not joking about shagging the aunt in the middle of an epic fight. They could be us. In our world. I really miss this feeling instead of travelling every time to a fake and childish universe.
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Amazingly Spectacularly Great
to_kill_better26 June 2002
Having seen the trailers for this film I have to say that I didn't walk into the cinema with high hopes. The computer effects looked badly integrated, the Green Goblin's costume looked awful and comic book adaptations usually have such painful scripting and plotting. Thankfully I was wrong on most counts (The Goblin still looks rubbish).

As it turns out, this is probably the best super-hero film I've yet seen - certainly up there with Superman and Batman. People seem to automatically comment that the script and acting was bad because they expect it to be the case in these films; and indeed it usually is. But if you go into Spider-man without this prejudicial attitude you'll be pleasently suprised. The acting is generally great - there is never a time when anyone is not believable as their character and you think "Hey, that's an actor, not Peter Parker". The effects do look artificial but the pace of the movie means you don't have time to dwell on this and the script is fine! What do people want, Shakespearian soliloquies? That would sound incredibly out-of-place in modern day New York. There are few of the painful cliches or dreadful dialogue that plague films like The Phantom Menace and the catchphrases like "friendly neighbourhood spider-man" are fully in-keeping with the character.

The comic turns from J.J. Jameson hit the mark, the snarling facial contortions of Willem Defoe were suitably evil-looking (and the conversation with his mirror-image was a great touch). My only gripe was with the Green Goblin's costume. Very monotone green and not very scary.

All-in-all a great film that I wouldn't hesitate for a second in recommending.
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This one is a winner!
mm-393 May 2002
This is the best comic character since Batman. In fact, I liked this a lot better than Batman. It did not have any slow spots. The acting was well and the characters fitted the comic book characters to a tee. I can not wait for the sequel. I wonder who the villain will be. The special affects were good, but you could tell some was computer graphics. A must see. 10/10
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A great comic adaptation
abstractthinker27 April 2002
I saw this movie last night at a preview, and I must say I was impressed. The acting of all the cast was good, especially William Dafoe. I must admit that I wans't quite sure about Tobey Maguire as Peter Paker, but after watching it, I cannot think of anyone who would be better suited to the role.

The only places where it changes the orginal comicbook story are when the comicbook is not very believable. So these changes don't harm the story in anyway, but might even make it better.

On the whole, I would have to say this movie is definately worth seeing, especially if you are a fan of the comic/cartoon series or just a general comic fan.
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Great power comes with great responsibilities
Misss2513 February 2022
I have watched this earlier and I'm rewatching this again. I can't easily get over from the spiderman character. This movie has everything to keep you hooked til end.
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A perfect, classic, epic superhero film.
Prashast_Singh2 June 2018
SPIDER-MAN is a stupendous masterpiece of the superhero cinema. It blends action, adventure, humour, emotions, thrills and science fiction in a perfect way. Tobey Maguire's whole-hearted portrayal of SPIDER-MAN is flawless. I remember watching this movie as a very young child and loved every bit of it. Just few weeks ago, I re-watched the film in high quality to recall the old good memories of the film as well to enjoy it in the best picture quality. I felt more enthralled and intrigued than earlier.

Each and every actor in this film has given an explosive performance. Tobey is undoubtedly very relatable as Peter Parker, with whom you won't mind sharing his tears. The way the film's mood turns to a very intense one towards the end, his act intensifies. You see him breathe the roles of Peter and Spidey. Willem Dafoe plays an easily menacing antagonist whose actions make him very entertaining. Kirsten Dunst leaves a strong impression as Mary Jane, while James Franco too impresses with his cool performance. Rosemary Harris portrays Aunt May very well, while it's Cliff Robertson, whose portrayal of Ben Parker is very emotional and instantly makes you care and cry for him. And J.K. Simmons: do I need to say how great both his acting and comic timing are?

The film's action is brilliantly executed and innovative in many ways. Each and every action sequence is explosive and gels perfectly with the screenplay. The film has a lot of classic moments which are still remembered as one of the best ones in a superhero film. The visual effects are phenomenal, as is the editing. Sam Raimi's direction makes it a flawless film which feels like one's own story.

Finally, it's the film's action packed climax and an emotionally resonant ending which proves how every superhero who has superpowers, has also many great responsibilities to handle. Seriously, a SPIDER-MAN movie couldn't have been any better than this.
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auuwws28 December 2020
The best single movie for the superhero, Toby Maguire, the best actor in the role of Spider-Man, the villain of the film was excellent, the character of Mj in the film was the closest to Mj in the comics The film embodied the world of Spiderman greatly and all other series failed to approach the level of the Tobey Maguire trilogy
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Oh yeah !
zoran_kamen18 June 2016
I truly don't know what to say about this movie, which got already all

possible praises and all possible critics ! But I will write what I can

from my heart, cause my post cannot match any reviews from grammatical

super humans and ultra intelligent movie critics ! OK lets start :

This movie is directed by one of my favorite film directors Sam Raimi who directed and produced so many good movies and one I love the most is TV series adaptation of Evil Dead (also directed by him) movie, Ash vs Evil Dead which also have mostly positive reviews by top critics. I think ratings go well over 90% on rotten tomatoes !

Spider-Man is supremely made from beginning till end. Every scene is so fresh, playful, innocent and there is no second of boredom in this one ! I think its the best movie of all movies about Spider- Man and they surely knew why Sam Raimi would be perfect man for directing it ! Special effects are just right amount and they don't look artificial at all ! You really have feeling like being part of this world of super heroes and super villains ! So if you wanna movie to look good give it to Spielberg, Peter Jackson or Sam Raimi ! In all three cases you cannot miss ! Acting could be flawed but movie will look good ! Cause I really love movies about super heroes, with Superman first part being one of my favorite movies ever, but I love also Batman and actually all marvel produced world of super heroes, including X-men franchise (Nine movies until 2016, Deadpool is really great, as well as all others, yup I like also those three banned by critics) Why I wrote this review in 2016 if movie was made 2002 ? I always loved this movie,I guess I would like to support its ratings to go for tiny bit higher ! So for me everything is perfect in this movie - acting, effects, story, scenery for me all this is 10/10 ! On of rare movies I can say that without least doubt ! Just one more thing- 3rd part of Spider Man from 2007(also directed by Sam Raimi) was little bit over criticized by movie critics ! I know they know what to write, they are not stupid of course, but still maybe we became little to spoiled by both mega successful and genius parts before that one (2002 and 2004) cause they said ; in this 3rd part problem is there is too much of everything, but I think Sam Raimi just wanted to conclude franchise with spectacular finish, so in my eyes it was unjustly rated and my rate for all three parts is 10/10 without any doubt ! Thank You Sam for so many excellent movies and to make our life more fun !!
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Tobey the goat
youssufnano8 April 2022
I really wonder how many haters in Tobey's universe The best spiderman movie live action Better than NWH, this Movie not for anyone and in my opinion ROTTEN TOMATES wronged this franchise so badly specially the last one in Maguire's movies, Bully Maguire> MCU easy don't be burned💀
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Poignant, fun and a faithful adaptation to the original comic book
Sean_Thorniley1 May 2002
Poignant, fun and a faithful adaptation to the original comic book. I am very critical of comic book movies since I am a huge fan of the medium and was tremendously disappointed in the Superman and Batman movies (all of them, some greatly!). This film however has again demonstrated that an adaptation of a comic book story can be fun and faithful to the story, yet be a film for all ages and those who may not have ever even read a comic book. The Crow was the only other good comic book movie in my opinion, but it was not an all ages fun ride as this is!

I had the privilege of seeing the film last night, 4-30-02, in SF with the press and 300+ other folks for its "Bay Area Premiere".

The acting is the finest portion of the film with the leads giving us depth that I was unsure would be allowed by the style of story chosen. Maguire was outstanding at being a guy who can rarely catch a break, but attract difficulty with ease and aplomb. He is awkward with the woman he loves, but eloquent when dealing with the familiar, just as most teenagers are even today. He gave us wonderful joy at the prospect of "web swinging" and kicking some much deserved ass! Dafoe is wonderfully scary as the man who has succumbed to the power games of the corporate world that drives a decent man mad striving for perfection in himself while trying to hard to please all the wrong people to no avail and then being consumed by guilt that has built over the years of family neglect which finally helps to push him over the edge when an opportunity to make a huge mistake presents itself.

The rest of cast is nearly as spectacular with the J.K. Simmons turning in the best performance in the film as J. Jonah Jamason. When he appeared on screen things lite up even more and he was on fire making everyone in the audience laugh and myself nearly p** my pants. Harris as Aunt May and Robertson as Uncle Ben were excellent choices and gave the film a great deal of its credibility and finesse. Letting what happens to Ben and Peter (I am not telling) was wonderful and the best punctuation to what makes Peter do what he does and brings complete credibility to the story. I am not a huge Dunst fan, but she was just fine as the love of Peter Parker's life and a person much like Peter only neither was conscious of the fact. This to me is a more real version of "true love".

The script was far stronger than I expected with some wonderful dialog; verbal exchanges, solid plot points and pacing. Many a good parenting lesson can be found in this film as well as interesting thoughts about the choices that we make in life that we might think are no big deal when in the heat of passion, but may well come back to haunt us if we don't think before we act/speak: which is the trust of the film in my humble opinion.

The direction from Raimi was also much better than I anticipated coming from someone who is known (and loved) for his over the top camp and action. Many of the fight and action sequences where more "over done" than I like, but they were solid and much like a comic of the Silver Age from whence the story comes so it fit the film fine. Nice cinematography without the CGI taking over and detracting from the realism, in fact it made much of the web swinging truly believable. A few points made things a bit hard to "believe", but over all I think most folks will be able to suspend their disbelief.

Danny Elfman. Need I say more? He is the man when it comes to "super hero" music and is the closest thing to John Willams and the late great Bernard Herman there is today. He subtly sets the mood and most of the audience probably doesn't even realize it. Tomorrow is my day off and I will be purchasing the score to add to my collection!
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Truly emotional and original!
ciobanualin-9402026 February 2022
Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy it's going to be my favourite one. It has a sad and emotional storyline, great special effects for their time, great acting and nice action. This trilogy it's also a little bit darker and more realistic than the actual Spider-Man trilogy, starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker. It's maybe the third or fourth time that I am watching this one and I have to say that it has such an enormous sentimental value, because it's one of the trilogies that I have grew up with.
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The real and only beginning of Spiderman
dannyclyde2 March 2022
The true story of Spiderman, the only true beginning of the one and original Spiderman in my opinion. Despite the year it is a screaming film with its special effects.
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