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MPAA Rated PG-13 for stylized violence and action

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman's nipples are noticeable trough her wet top during a raining scene, it's not sexualized but it's pretty noticeable.
  • Main characters kiss passionately

Violence & Gore

  • In the final fight scene, The Goblin throws a pumpkin bomb toward Spiderman, we see how his face and his body are violently damaged from the blast, we can also see some blood content over his battle damaged suit.
  • Peter is bitten by a spider which leaves him with a big bite mark on his hand. The close-up shot of the escaped spider when it comes down, crawling on Peter's hand and finally giving him the bite shows the spider's front view. This small shot can unsettle those who have arachnophobia.
  • A man experiments on himself with an enhancing chemical vapor, after that he proceeds to go insane and throw a colleague through a glass window to his death, then he jumps toward him.
  • A man is shot and killed (offscreen) and we see him with a brief bloody wound in his chest.
  • A man's wrist is broke and he falls backwards out of a window implying that he dies.
  • The Green Goblin flying his glider shoots a missile at man in a spacecraft which explodes and kills him. In the same scene, the character on the glider shoots two men from outside a structure which explodes and kills them also.
  • Green Goblin kills some people by throwing a pumpkin bomb at them which turns them into skeletons. The Green Goblin then stops to threaten Mary Jane, but Spider-Man arrives to stop him. The resulting fight involves hand-to-hand combat and machinegun shots from the Goblin's glider.
  • Some fighting is seen throughout this movie between two characters. They include no or sometimes mild amounts of blood.
  • A man is cut with a throwing object which causes him to bleed a bit.
  • Green Goblin his glider attacks two people at different times by firing and crashing through the windows behind them, causing one to have a trauma attack. some Blood is on her face.
  • Spider-Man is battling with the Goblin nearby the film's ending, the fight between them is very violent; we can hear how Spiderman beats the Goblin's helmet.


  • "Ass", "My Lord", and "Oh my god" are used several times, plus some of "hell", "pissed", and "crap".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The Goblin's appearance might fright some younger viewers, especially when he attacks May Parker in her house, where his yellow glassed eyes are seen very bright.
  • There is a sudden unexpected jump scare as Willem Dafoe's character quickly flashes on the screen (with a loud, ear-piercing sound) while he is trying to remember how he got to his current location.
  • After being attacked, May is yelling in the hospital that she saw very big scary yellow eyes, this moment can be some disturbing. The last fight scene of Spidey and The Goblin is very intense and violent.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • In the scene where Peter gets cheated by the fight promotor, there are some pictures of naked ladies in the wall.

Violence & Gore

  • When the green goblin tries to kill Spider-Man with his glider, Spider-Man's senses kick in warning him of the glider, the glider misses Spider-Man but gets green goblin in the crotch which you can see there is blood coming from his mouth, when he dies you can see blood pouring out of his mouth.
  • Green Goblin is killed when his glider impailes him in the gut by accident in a last ditch effort to kill Spider-Man. We see his burial, and Harry insists that Spider-Man will pay.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Uncle Ben's death can be emotional for some viewers.

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