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I have a copy on VHS!
MarkyMark2419787 April 2003
This has to be the most emotionally packed musical I have ever seen. . . The story of a little matchgirl (morse) who lives with her alcoholic dad (daltrey) and his piece of stuff (twiggy). She spends all day living on the streets selling matches when one day she meets a gorgeous guy (nash). They have this sort-of friendship that she would like to take further. . . Until one night, she lights one of her matches to find that it takes her into a different world. . . I won't spoil the ending but it's extremely emotional. There are some great tunes including "Mistletoe & Wine" (pre cliff richard!!!), "Me 'ome ain't nothin' like yours" and "Arthur's me name". . . It is a fantastic musical that would be great for an amatuer company to put on as it is fantastically basic. Natalie Morse is very powerful to the storyline; playing the lead and making me cry over the whole ending!!! This is a must!
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winney_jc31 October 2006
one of my favourite movies it made me cry at the end and through the whole movie, the songs are catchy and the plot is great with god casts. in short its about a little girl who is basically raising herself, she has to fend for herself by selling matches, she has a broad imagination and keeps herself active with them, there basically what keeps her going, he life is really sad but you can see how brave she is and how she tries to get on with her life no matter whats thrown at her. Its a great seasonal movie and for the rest of the year...10/10 for me, but you should see it for yourself, my favourite song in the movie has got to be 'me own 'ome' because it shows her feelings in a sarcastic way, or 'are you an angel' that song is the saddest though.
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This makes me feel Christmassy in the middle of August!
karenratcliffetiggr122 August 2006
It's a beautifully made Christmas treat.

It's lovely to see a film without needless violence or profanity for a change.

The Little Match Girl was put on for me each and every Christmas as a child and I will be doing the same for my children when the time comes.

It's so easy to watch and you'll get a warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach... which is always a good thing! I defy anyone who doesn't have a lump in their throat at the end.

Everyone should put this on their Christmas 'Must Watch' list.

I need this on DVD!
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Saddest movie I've ever seen
jordanrb199616 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I am a guy. I think that should be established because guys usually aren't moved like I was when they see this kind of stuff. But I first found out about this movie when I was watching the movie Air Bud on the computer. (It's one of those movies from my childhood, Air Bud.) The coach for the basketball team looked familiar to me, so I looked him up. One of the movies he was in was The Little Match Girl, a 1987 movie. I thought to myself, "I remember that story." so I decided to check it out. I looked it up on YouTube, but found only the 1986 one. (the basketball coach must have looked like somebody else because i didn't find any movie that i knew him in.) Anyway, I looked up the movie on Youtube, and i found it in parts. There is another vid on Youtube that is the full movie, but it's a cut version, and sadly, the parts I found aren't on Youtube anymore, so if you want to watch the full movie, try getting it on DVD, because the VHS version is the cut version. Either get it on DVD or pray someone uploads the full version to Youtube. ( i actually have uploaded the full version here , while I was watching the first part of The Little Matchgirl on youtube, and when I saw the little girl singing, I thought, "This is a musical? Oh I'm definitely watching it now." (I'm a really big fan of musicals. I like how it seems that everyone's in a world of music. I saw that especially displayed in this movie.) And all through the movie, I knew that she was going to die in the end, but there was one scene, several scenes for that matter, where she seemed so happy that it didn't seem like it could ever lead to her dying. The songs make it much more emotional than if they weren't there, and the actors are just perfect. I noticed it didn't really follow the story because the original story was short, and they had to flesh it out into a movie. But it was worth it. The matchgirl is just brilliantly portrayed as well as her father. When she started striking her matches, I knew that her death was coming, which made me more emotional. I was wondering how it was going to show it. When she strikes her final match, she sees a vision of her mother and sings a song called "Are You an Angel?". That's probably the best song I've ever heard in any musical.

Overall, I really recommend this movie to anyone who knows the story. I also recommend it to anyone who is a fan of musicals. This musical ranks number 3 on my list of favorite musicals. Here is my list:

10.Fiddler on the Roof (1971)

9. West Side Story (1961)

8. White Christmas (1954)

7. Oliver! (1968)

6. Annie (1982)

5. The Sound of Music (1965)

4. The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

3. The Little Matchgirl (1986)

2. Mary Poppins (1964)

1. Les Misérables (2012)
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