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All around great horror film!
macgill3-13 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Katt Shea is a brilliant director. She has a way of making even the goriest, disturbing and often mundane things look beautiful and interesting. Katt's style is hypnotic but at the same time she uses this to her advantage. The scary parts are that much more jarring when they do happen because she rips you out of a trance!! I'm not the type to get scared in films but I must admit I jumped a few times! There's no director that can make a woman falling off a building look more glamorous than Katt Shea! I didn't expect to enjoy this film as much as I did. The script didn't have the greatest/most realistic dialog or serious character development but it was campy fun! However, I found the character of Rachael much more realistic than the original Carrie. I thought it was tremendously well cast. Moreover the set decoration was very clever and added a deeper understanding of the characters. Bonus points for having Danny B. Harvey and Billie Holiday music in it! It's hard for a sequel to really be taken seriously because people get so damn nostalgic for the first- but you should really check this one out! I actually enjoyed it more than the first Carrie. The Rage: Carrie 2 is highly entertaining!!
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Its greatest asset is also its greatest drawback.
bkosse15 June 1999
Yes, you read that right.

Emily Bergl is this films greatest asset. She can actually act and looks sincere. The only problem is that she's far too good looking for the role. That may sound shallow, but throughout the movie, we're supposed to get the impression that she's "ugly" and because of that, she's an outcast. Contrast this to Sissy Spacek in the original who looked plain enough to carry out the role of "ugly duckling". It was only her talent that let Bergl carry (pun not intended) out the role convincingly.

The antoganists are unusually shallow, especially when presented against the more modern bad guys in horror films, at least where you can see the bad guy. Though at least one of the bad girls is convincing as Rachel's new friend.

Jason Landon does an amiable job as Rachel's boyfriend and lends a lot of credibility to the final scene which, I must say, is a refreshing change from the hand coming out of the ground scenes popularized by the original Carrie.

All in all, a refreshingly entertaining and, dare I say, well done show.
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This movie is very, very, very, very, very, very, very underrated!
Robert Redmond1 May 2005
I watched this late last night on Channel 7. I first noticed that that was this hot goth-like chick playing the title role and there were people I'd seen before like Jason London, that idiot form Home Improvement Zachary Ty Bryan and Mena Suvari who had a busy year in 1999 with American Pie and American Beauty.

I think critics had a go at this film, but in my opinion this was a very worthy sequel to the original. For starters, it stayed true to the idea of having actors who are in their 20s playing teenagers (that was a joke) because Sizzy Spacek was 26 when she played Carrie in the original and we've got a 24 year old playing Rachel Long in this film here as well as a few 27 year old people playing some of the jocks.

I just loved seeing those jocks and back-stabbers getting what they deserved. They acted so well to get you to hate them. You could feel Rachel's pain and the evil within her and what she was doing... although it was so brutal and Satan-like... it was something you could somewhat cheer for. It's an amazing scene with all the glass shattering. Incredible!

But never mind that - the acting is very good in this film. The storyline is a little bit thin at times but on top of all of that it still is rather original. Some good special effects, some pretty good comedy from that American Pie nerd guy (you know who I am talking about) and it's a lot better than most modern day teen horror schlock! I put this film alongside Freddy vs. Jason as one of the most surprisingly good teen horror films of the last decade. All those Halloween sequels, and Scream if you know what I did last summer crap as well as those films that try to take the mickey out of teen horror films are worthy of more than enough Razzies when compared to this film.

I'm so glad this film wasn't nominated for Razzies.

I can't believe Emily Bergl is 30 now! She deserves more roles in movies because she is a bloody good actress with an original and unique look about her.

The Rage: Carrie 2 deserves so much more respect than it has been given.
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A Belated Comment on one of my favorite films of all time...
joker207200113 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I know this movie's almost a decade old, but I only just became a member here at IMDb, so I wanted to drop a comment on this amazing horror flick.

This movie has quite a bit to offer fans of just about any kind of movie: horror, suspense, drama, a couple of laughs, and some romance all set within the template of the modern age teen movie - and it works out beautifully. Emily Bergl and Jason London star as Rachel Lang and Jesse Ryan, respectively. Making her cameo/return from the first film is Amy Irving in the role of Sue Snell, the sole survivor of the original massacre. Amy Irving, while not seen very often in the film, does a fantastic job of showing that the character is indeed still very tormented by that fateful night (it all just comes flooding back to her when Rachel breaks the snow globe).

One of the best scenes in the movie is when Sue Snell takes Rachel (very distraught over the suicide of her best friend) back to the location of the original massacre, where the remnants of the desecrated high school still stand. It is also this scene that tells us how Rachel got her powers - she's Carrie's half-sister by way of a shared father.

That brings us back to Rachel and Jesse. These two become attracted to one another as the film progresses and eventually go out on a couple of dates. Let me just say something here. The romance between these two was done amazingly well, aided by the on-screen chemistry between Bergl and London. I was so taken by it all that I actually hurt for Jesse when Rachel died.

In the end, they end up getting a little too close for the comfort (and over-inflated ego) of Jesse's ex-girlfriend, who subsequently plots revenge with her friends, as well as the other football players that Jesse rightfully dissed earlier in the film, completely unaware of the grizzly fate that awaits them all. It all goes down at the post game party at the rich football player, Mark's house. Inevitably, they go too far and end up pushing Rachel off the deep end...and into a seething ocean of rage. The party-goers all die in particularly gory fashion - to include a girl being riddled with CDs and a jock being pinned to a door (and Ms. Snell) by a fireplace poker. The jock, Eric (played by Zachary Ty Brian) - also the guy responsible for the death of Rachel's best friend - certainly gets it worse then anyone when he is castrated with a harpoon gun.

In the end, mirroring the first film, Rachel exacts her revenge and kills herself in the process, leaving a very heartbroken Jesse the sole survivor.

This was such a great movie for so many reasons, and I truly recommend it to any fan of the horror genre.
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Not bad - good, clean entertainment for horror-freaks
Tsathoggua13 January 2002
The Rage: Carrie 2 - being more a remake than a sequel of the 70ies classic - is a good film for chilling out after a week of work or something like that. The creators were able to transport the basic ideas of the Stephen King novel (teenage problems)into this sequel. Only this is a reason to call this a good movie - because I think that Stephen King fans had to see much bad adaptions of the master´s work in the past. Another reason is that this movie is much better than all the other teen-horror-movies of the last years like I Know What You Did Last Summer (of course I could never say something bad about the first two Scream movies - seriously!). Carrie 2 handles teenager´s problems and conflict much better than other films and I think that it is a much better film to identificate with for young people. The "new Carrie" is - once again - a true outsider and not one of these upper class all-american teens like the ones in I Know...etc. The movie shows its sympathy for this outsider (a nice detail: in some scenes you can see the Marilyn Manson-poster at the wall of Rachel´s room - the icon of all angry outsiders). Another point: the horror violence is much harder than in the other teen movies, too. Everyone who likes gory horror should like this movie All in all, I could not say anything bad about this movie. Just take a look. 8 out of 10
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"Carrie" forth the good and so-so news
Lee Eisenberg4 March 2007
Admittedly, "The Rage: Carrie 2" can't equal the quality established by its predecessor. But it's better than I expected it to be. Portraying an outcast high school student (Emily Bergl) discovering that she has telekinetic powers - don't worry; it gets explained - and using them to get revenge on her tormentors, it mostly repeats everything from the original. But the good aspect comes from how they set up some scenes and shock you (I really liked the shattering ball). Finally, the party at the end just might make your blood freeze.

Overall, this is a movie worth seeing, if only once. Of course, you'll have to see the original first, so as to understand everything that happens in this one. Also starring Amy Irving and Mena Suvari (right before she played Kevin Spacey's sexual fantasy in "American Beauty").
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Blood is thicker than water
Angel-5414 March 1999
Carrie 2 - The Rage, was nothing like I expected. I went into the theatre expecting to see a cheap imitation of the first Carrie...but I was wrong! The Rage was excellent! Although the first Carrie is a classic cult horror movie and can never be topped, The Rage did a good job living up to the standards set by the first. Newcomer Emily Bergl did an excellent job as the enraged Rachel. Amy Irving returns as Sue Snell, and this allows the The Rage to be connected to Carrie. A series of flashbacks and many connections to the first Carrie, help The Rage succeed. Everything is well explained and you leave the theatre very satisfied. There is some gore and scary parts that may not be suitable for younger viewers that have watched the first (and much tamer) Carrie. Overall I believe this film was an excellent sequel to Carrie and although not a Stephen King novel, as the first was, I think the King of horror would have been impressed. A must see for horror fanatics or anyone looking for a good scare!! Boo!!

On a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being yawn! and 10 being bed-wetting nightmares......I give THE RAGE - CARRIE 2 an 8!!
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A more than good sequel.
Eltredor18 April 2001
The Rage: Carrie 2 was a great sequel at my opinion. Emily Bergl played her role excellent, and Amy Irving (Sue Snell) is back at her old character from Carrie.

Unfortunately this film has been undervoted. There is a good storyline in it, which most people probably don't like, there had to be more action??, well, the way it is makes it a real sequel to Carrie.

I really don't know what makes Carrie 2 so poor for most people.

Carrie 2, 7/10
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Will I ever learn?
SILENCEikillyou6 July 2002
What 'will I ever learn'? Never judge a book by its cover, a film by its trailer, a story by the 'critics'. Well, some of them anyway.

The trailer to this movie did NOT appeal to me. Some of the critics trashed it. Even the box to the actual tape/DVD looked 'cookie-cutter' to the first Carrie. I hate redone classics, therefore, I avoided this movie like the plague for the longest time. Indeed, I ran the opposite direction when this movie came near me. Well, maybe thats going a bit far.

LOW AND BEHOLD!! Last night (7/5/2002) USA network showed this movie, and nothing else was on. I had a bottle of Jose Quervo on hand; just in case. I sat down and got ready to laugh at, tear apart and rag on this flick. After all, its my job as a film buff to see even the 'bad' films in order to better appreciate the 'good'.

I was utterly surprised by this film. There was a character played by Mena Suvari... a pleasant surprise to me- that I thought surely would be the 'new and improved Carrie'. Oops, now I've gone too far. ANYWAY! I actually enjoyed this film. I felt very bad for the character's treatment by others, as well as, herself.

That's all I'll say on the content of the movie since there may be those out there who've avoided this film like I did. DON'T!! This movie put me in my place on pre-judging films. I felt entertained and the piece was well-done. I can't think of anything wrong with this movie; right now. Perhaps, it was a bit on the teen-film stereotypical side, but I just really enjoyed watching this film. Thank you for your time o<;O) Skot
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Eyjo12 July 2001
As far as modern horror flicks go I think "Carrie 2" is probably one of the very best. The film steals a large chunk of the original Carries´ storyline essentially making the original story available to a whole new audience who never saw the original all the while trying to make it agreeable to the older audiences by making Rachel (the main character) Carries half sister. Emily Bergl and Jason London do an excellent job portraying their characters. The music and storyline are quite good considering the age we live in (an age of countless Screams and I know.... crap). All in all i´d have to say that Carrie 2: The Rage is well worth the viewing and might even surprise many people.
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Actually a really great horror film...
GUYVER-613 March 1999
When I first decided to go see this movie, I said to myself, "This is gonna be another worthless sequel." Of course the curiosity got to me, and I had to go see it on the night that it opened. To my surprise, THE RAGE: Carrie II was a great movie. Although it was not as good as the first film, I must say that it was well worth the $6.00 I payed for the ticket. You should definitely see this movie. Hell, I might even go see it again.
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On it's own it's an average teen/slasher movie – but the alliance with the original Carrie shows up just how bad Carrie 2 is
bob the moo29 November 2002
Rachael Lang has grown up in foster care because her mother was taken to a mental institution while Rachael was still young. When Rachael's best friend kills herself after being seduced and dumped by a member of the football team, strange things happen which are noticed by the school counsellor Susan Snell – in particular it reminds her of Carrie who had the powers to move things with her mind. Snell tries to help Rachael get help before she shares Carrie's fate, but Rachael is busy falling in love with one of the football team – but is he all that he seems?

Surely this film must feature on any list of unnecessary sequels made many years after the fact. That the film bears the name `Carrie' must have made the studio hope that some of the good features of that film would be carried (sorry) over and redeem this. The plot tries to keep the essence of Carrie but it tries to mix in all the clichés of the modern teen movie as well – and the two don't mix. So for the majority of the film we have the normal `jocks bothering weird girl' plot and the odd scene of something breaking.

The problem is that suddenly the end scene happens – with little build up or trail. From a girl ignoring her powers Rachael suddenly becomes some sort of pumped killing machine in full control of her mind. The change is too sudden and is lazy writing. The actual film itself is too much an average teen movie and the ending is full of deliberate gore for the audience that measures horror in those terms. I personally found it overdone like the special effects guys were trying too hard.

The director also feels like he's working too hard. He tries to freak us out and make everything seem exciting by having tonnes of zooming cameras, changes in film stock and changes from colour to black and white. But it all felt like a gimmick because of the material. The film pales beside the original and just fails trying to steal bits from it – even the ending is spoilt because we know to expect a `shock' ending because it's trying to do a Carrie moment.

Bergl is average as Rachael – she basically plays your typical Goth stereotype from all these movies. London is OK and it's funny to see two stars of American Pie in small roles. Irving reprises her role (with a logical crowbaring of facts) but she is wasted and is only there to provide the link to the whole mind-power stuff.. Is she this desperate for work?

Overall this isn't as bad as many reviews made it sound on release. It's an average (at best) teen/horror movie. However the fact that it relates itself to Carrie makes it look worse by comparison – not helped by showing clips. I'd avoid this unless your idea of a great movie is American Pie 2 or Friday the 13th Part 6.
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As a sequel, it's really bad. As a teen movie, it's really good.
LizardKingBey3 April 2007
Now.. The idea of a sequel was wrong all the way. And as a sequel, this movie's really bad. As a horror movie's, it's an okay film.. As a teen movie, it's really good. it could be kind of a Carrie meets Clueless. The horror scenes aren't very well done, but the script is well written and the story ends up being pretty good and catchy. It does NOT stand up to the first film, so don't expect anything big out of it, but you definitely should give it a chance. The characters are very believable, the soundtrack is very good, and the acting's excellent. Of course, the ending is pretty similar the first one, but I don't see any other way this kind of movie could end.
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What part of this was scary? or thrilling?
Ysman28 April 2000
The only partially amusing portion of this film was the last 15 minutes when the new Carrie started killing her classmates. This sequel had none of the inventiveness or spookiness of the the first film. Nothing was scary about this film except how painfully boring and out of touch the movie was. Like Sam Jackson in Deep Blue Sea, I am sure Mena Suvari was more than glad to exit the film early. In the period of particularly bad teen horror films, Carrie 2 out does them all.
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Substance Below the Surface
halo8024 March 1999
When I decided to see The Rage, it was a spur of the moment deal. I didn't know quite what to expect. Never a fan of horror movies, I went with a curious mind and didn't expect much. However, I got my money's worth by far!

What worked the most for me in the this movie was the degree of sincerity and intelligence portrayed in the script. This wasn't a typical blood 'n guts gore film about some girl who gets her feelings hurt and knocks off the entire student body. There's much more beneath the surface than that.

I would dearly love to see this movie again while it's still playing on the big screen. There's something different about this movie which is a cut above many of the recent teen-scream movies which have come out over the past 2 years. I'm not sure what it is. It might be truer-to-life characterisations, or terrific performance by newcomer Emily Bergl, or the well-written story which unfolds at the perfect pace, and sets you up for the (somewhat) typical finale. I think it's most likely the empathy you feel for Rachel, and the sadness which prevails. And where true love is concerned, like Romeo & Juliet, true lovers can only be together forever in death. That is the definitive nature of happy endings, as illustrated early on in this film.

This movie - however - does not end this way.

The Rage is rated R for mild language, brief sexuality, and - naturally - horror violence and gore. Although there isn't that much throughout the movie, you get your fill at the end. There's not much of that creative blood-letting many horror films delve into, which is a refreshing change.
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The long awaited sequel to Carrie? Anything is possible. The Rage: Carrie 2 was mostly the weirdest thing I've ever saw. Knowing what Carrie started and Rachel left off. It was fair enough to see one of the survivors of Carrie's wrath working at the new high school. And a new outcast Rachel(Emily Bergl) whose friend commits suicide at the school. This character didn't quite fit in with her foster family. Because her mother is a nutshell. And the jocks were the real heels of the movie. The plot kinda mirrors the first movie, but unlike the first "Carrie" with Sissy Spacek, Emily Bergl's Rachel was meaner looking. And there was no blood spatter in this one. Although RACHEL'S WRATH was much MUCH worse than Carrie's. Her tattoo comes alive, her powers is unleashed and everyone is in deep trouble, including the last survivor of the first movie. She really defined the term "pokerface". CDs and flying glass were effective on everyone who crossed and deceived her. Rachel was indeed deadlier than Carrie. But one question left me to wonder, did she perish? Only time will tell. This movie was weird compared to the first, and I out of all people would think twice on making her mad! Rating 2.5 out 5 stars.
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Carrie White's Legacy Continues!!!
Pumpkin_Man18 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
After the 2013 Carrie remake was released, I wanted to re-watch the original and its sequel. It had been years since I've watched this and it holds up and much better than I remembered. It has a great nostalgic vibe to it with having Amy Irving return as Sue Snell 23 years later and giving us some great flashback scenes from the original classic. It also brings the original story to the modern world with Carrie's half sister Rachel Lang having the telekinetic disease.

This movie almost seems like it'd be a great Lifetime film rather than a sequel to Carrie because of the teenage drama and suicide over love. After Rachel's friend commits suicide because of being rejected by a jock, guidance counselor Sue Snell tries to help Rachel with the loss and soon the realization that she has powers.

Rachel begins to fall in love with a sweet-hearted jock named Jesse. The jocks begin to taunt her and humiliate her at a party after the big football game. This is the best part of the film because you always wanna see how these hot telekinetic chicks get their revenge. There is one part that I absolutely hated. Even as a child, it brought me to tears. I won't spoil it for you, but someone beloved gets caught in the crossfire. It's a good and decent sequel but will never beat the original. I'd recommend THE RAGE: CARRIE 2!!!
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The Rage : Carrie 2 is just the type of blood you need in a Horror flick!!!
SlayerBoi19925 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The Rage : Carrie 2 is unique because it has things you wouldn't normally see in a classic horror film. Such as when Lisa Parker (Mena Suvari) commits suicide when she jumps off the school building and lands on top of a windshield car. Now that is some cool gore. The Music in this film is very sad and very good. The actors are popular and they perform great. And the title says it all when it says THE RAGE. The original Carrie i didn't care for much (I guess because i don't really care for old flicks of any kind) But the remake of the first Carrie in 2002 was cool. This Horror flick brings class to the screen in a new and interesting way. I suggest any horror movie freak go to there local BlockBuster and pick the very hip movie up!!!
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Sequels Are All "THE RAGE" - Not Such Good News For CARRIE...
Christopher T. Chase17 August 2008
The title more aptly describes the seething audiences who should've stormed the United Artists offices at the time of its release, and demanded the heads of everyone involved with the making of this highly unnecessary sequel, starting with late producer Paul Monash, who brought us the original and should've known better.

When Lisa (AMERICAN BEAUTY ingénue Mena Suvari) is set up and dumped by a "Spur Posse"- like club of jocks form Bates High School's football team, she kills herself as a result of the humiliation (or maybe she was smart enough to bail out early after reading the script!)

Goth-influenced BFF Rachel (Emily Bergl) investigates, falling for one of the more ethical members of the group (Jason London). Why we should care about any of this is revealed by school guidance counselor Sue Snell (a jittery Amy Irving reprising her role from the original, and collecting a quick payday to boot), who discovers that Rachel is...wait for it...the 'half- sister' of Carrie White. Yep, a blood relative of the girl who telekinetically whipped up the infamous Prom Night Massacre at the old, burned-site of Bates High School's original campus. Which, if you remember, left poor Sue as the sole survivor of the fried student body. (And I don't mean 'fried' as in one Jello-shot too many.)

Her constant flashbacks to that fateful night, (using clips from the Brian de Palma classic) not only serve to undermine a sequel that's already in the toilet from jump street, but provide painful reminders that we've seen this all done before, and much, MUCH better.

Gore fans may be able to hold out for the obligatory "Party From Hell" sequence at the climax, but even with its spectacular blood-and-brains denouement, THE RAGE still can't hold a candle (or a flamethrower) to CARRIE'S creepy prom.

No contest here, folks. "Dance with the one that brung ya" and stick to the original.
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Okay, so seeing it the second time around (after nearly 2 years), it's much better...weird
jwtrox0870618 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
So I commented on this title on a previous occasion after having seen it once. Apparently, I didn't like this film after seeing it for the first time. So, it's a Friday Night, I'm home from school (which is 100 miles away) all of the movies that I wanted to see I left in my dorm room. I came across The Rage: Carrie 2 on the shelf, looking for something to take me back to the late '90s nostalgia I've been feeling lately. Hey, anything is better than this decade we're living in, right? I popped The Rage: Carrie 2 in, and watched it for the second time ever. I've had this movie almost 2 years, and I've only watched it twice. I guess second chances are good, because this time around, I don't know what it was, this movie touched me. Maybe it's because I have a girlfriend whom I really love, I dunno. Anyway, the performances were excellent. Emily Bergl really did a great job of playing Rachel; she really made me sympathetic and empathize with Rachel. The part where Rachel begs and pleads with God to take her life because she has been so humiliated and is finally at the end of her rope emotionally, really broke my heart. Any movie that can bring me to tears earns points in my book. Jason London takes on a different role from the one he had in Dazed and Confused, although he still manages to be on the football team. I was really hoping for him to save Rachel in the end, but of course we all were, I'm sure. The other cast members of this film, including Amy Irving (why did she have to die so horribly!!??, I guess keeping up with the tradition of the one sympathetic adult getting killed in a gruesome and violent way, kind of like Miss Collins in Carrie). I really hated the other jocks, so therefore the performers who were portraying them did their jobs well, as did the other popular people. Eddie Kaye Thomas was kind of off in left field, but I guess so was his character. The shatter effect really got me to jump. So, a shout out to Katt Shea for directing this film. Sorry I was so critical of this film after the first time I saw it.
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This was an all around good movie
a-braves22 December 1999
This movie was just an all around great movie. It contained a lot of suspense along with plenty of gore and violence. You can tell from the first 10 minutes if you're going to like this movie or not. Even though this was a good movie, it wasn't as thrilling as the original Carrie(which was a tough act to follow)it did have just the right touch of disgustingly gut-wrenching special effects, especially of the "Rage".
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Strangely enjoyable
troutman23 November 1999
Warning: Spoilers
I went into the cinema not expecting much and at the start of the film when you see some crusty old bag paint the inside of her house with red paint I thought this was a mistake.

After the first 10 or 15 minutes the films started to grow on me and I actually enjoyed it. We could have seen less clips of the attractive girl from American Pie jumping of the building which is shown about a trillion times throughout the film. The new "Carrie" got annoying at times but was mostly okay.

***************spoilers ahead

The main thing about this film that made it weird was Amy Irving's surviving character from the first one. She wasn't really given much to do and what happened to her when she went to the house to stop Rachel was really shocking. I though was going to be H20 where she would come to the rescue and stop her not get butchered like the extras.

********************************end spolier

Overall I enjoyed this film much more than the first. Don't expect to much and Carrie 2 is an enjoyable film. If you regard Carrie as a classic chances are you may not like the sequel.
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Carrie 2 is the RAGE among teenagers!
SAM-17312 March 1999
"The Rage: Carrie 2" was engaging to watch. It moved along at a steady pace with no slow or boring parts. Although the plot was predictable, the hour and forty-five minute movie was enjoyable to watch. Emily Bergl, in the lead role as Rachel, carries off the telekinetic, monster teenager well. With the special effects, she is very convincing as the powerful psychic teenager who avenges her classmates by ruthlessly destroying their predators. Although, the script is weak and lacks closure in certain scenes, Emily Bergl does a nice job in holding it together. I recommend this film for the younger theater goers, who will enjoy this better than their elders.
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