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The best thing on UK tv
marcus_peerman8 May 2000
Whilst not as good as the old series this is considerably better than anything currently showing on British tv.The scripts vary in quality but when they work they are superb.The new CI5 is far more in the mode of the CIA and the new cast and characters are more plausible and free of the "loose cannon" attitudes that reduced the old series to caricature. The cast work hard to breathe life into their characters and the action sequences are superior to most movies(although they were needlessly cut for UK transmission).
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Not Bad
zorro2a8 January 2006
I cannot agree with Jack Yan, l have just seen the New Professionals 2006, and l thought that the stories were good, strong, and very much for the 90's/00. Edward Woodward was very good and was always in command (originally Lewis Collins was earmarked for this role pity it did not happen) Collin Wells and Kal Webber did a great job, a very difficult job as well as everyone compared them to Bodie & Doyle, l think had the series ran longer they would have got better, Miss Backus (Backup in the series) was excellent and had many great parts as did Adrian Irvine... The Storys as l have said were very much for present day, Germ Warfare, Body Parts, Terrorists, and l think on the whole if you look at it in the light of day it stands up very well compared with the original, it's just a pity that they only made such a small number of episodes, but l give it an 8 out of 10
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entertaining remake
sammyb20 March 1999
This Nineties update of a Seventies show is very enjoyable, although not as good as the original.The new cast take a few episodes to fit into their characters and Edward Woodward,excellent as he is, never matches the inventiveness of Gordon Jackson's Cowley.The first few episodes are very similar to the old series but the new crew develop a different and original style as the series progresses.Later episodes are more in the James Bond mould but boast impressive action sequences and an excellent score by Hywel Maggs and Chris Winter.As with the old series no one watches the Professionals for the writing but the spectacular action and the enjoyable interplay between the characters.
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Has anybody got good copies of this series for trading?
mh_fan5 August 2007
Hello I am a fan of this series and as they are not releasing it on DVD, was wondering if anyone has copies of all the episodes they produced and are willing to trade for something? I am based in the UK.

I briefly got a glimpse of an episode in the UK but sadly missed all the others, can somebody help please?

I love Lexa Doig and think the other characters are cool.

The 70's series was good for it's time but we live in the modern world and time/technology has moved on and its seems very dated to me today.

Thanks in advance.

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A bit of a letdown
Big S-220 September 1999
The original late 70s / early 80s "Professionals" was all British, politically incorrect, often mindless and frequently placed more emphasis on gunfights and loud explosions than it did on character development. Yet strangely this was part of its appeal and it was (and still is) hugely popular all over the world. The "New Professionals" tries to be a more international and more politically correct show than its predecessor, and that's its main downfall. Two of the main four characters are Americans - one can only assume that these characters were cast with one eye on the American export market. We also now have the male head of CI5 reporting to a female minister and a young and savvy "anything the boys can do I can do too" female sidekick on hand to get the two main (male) leads out of assorted sticky situations. In short, like so many other modern series, pandering to the politically correct lobby. This wouldn't be so bad if the plots weren't so thin and the dialog so weak and corny. "Who are CI5?" asks an FBI man in the pilot episode. "They're the best", replies his colleague, sounding suitably impressed. And so it goes on. A shame - the idea of continuing the CI5 story was a good one. Shame that the end result was such a let-down.
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Not a patch on the original
Jack_Yan17 March 1999
CI5: The New Professionals was a series which most fans waited for since the original's demise in the early 1980s.

While audiences have become more sophisticated in the last 18 years, the new series takes a backward step, with writing and scoring that are childish at best. The show's creator, Brian Clemens, fails to take into account numerous developments in the original, and the new 37 and 45, Curtis and Keel, lack the initiative of their predecessors. To the seasoned Professionals fan the pair appear stupid in Clemens's scripts. The only able agent, Backus, is forever stuck at headquarters (much like Ruth being Cowley's chauffeur). The performances are also weak: at times Edward Woodward, as Malone, is dictating, and not acting, his lines: this is his worst performance since that crimes documentary he did a few years back. Curtis and Keel are simply too soft-looking; remember that Bodie and Doyle were hard men who had seen plenty of action as a mercenary and a top police officer.

Of the first three Clemens stories, the plots are tolerable, but their execution is marred. (I have yet to see one not scripted by Clemens, so I hope they get better.) The new electronic score fails to build any of the tension of Laurie Johnson's original (which was edited to fit the scene, and not composed for each episode). Even the titles look silly (the same size of type used for both name and role or position).

For a series that was promised to be as streetwise and gritty as the 1970s originals, it fails miserably and is on the verge of a parody. Fans will be disappointed.
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rob.smith15 December 1999
I had the misfortune of coming across this one boring evening. The two leading characters are totally characterless, Edward Woodward is not much better, and having a pretty gun toting female cannot save it. Very disappointing. The 'old' Professionals worked well because the two leading characters were interesting, they were likeable, they had some depth, and that's why it worked. This doesn't.
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Not professional acting
quinlivan19 January 2007
Oh dear, what an extravaganza in over acting. The characters have a depth a puddle wouldn't envy, and the cringe factor was of the chart. There was no interaction between the characters other than the lines they had been given. The opening scene started with the FBI saying that the CI 5 boys were the best. When has the FBI ever said such a thing, I could only imagine their bravado shrinking into non-existence. I am not comparing this series to the old professionals as I don't think that is fair. My recollection of the old Pro's could be tainted with the passage of 25 years. However I fear that the great writing of Brian Clemens has been turned into a poor directorial debut of someone who should go back to children's programming. The chief then ended the scene with a pathetic excuse for a salute to George Cowley, well you might as well carry the unbelievably to the end. Don't waste your time if you want to be entertained.
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Weak plots, weak dialogue
Tobie15 January 1999
This series probably tries to capture some of the spark that BUGS had - two beefcake male leads, a spunky female sidekick, hi-tec gadgetry, and an added bonus of around-the-world locations. Well, the scripts were weak, the leads had to struggle with piss-poor dialogue and ludicrous situations - and the worst of it is - they were expected to take themselves seriously. Something that should have been a seventies send-up that ended up like a seventies remake.
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A weak, silly mess
henny-430 April 2000
Apparently, CI5 is no longer hiring members from the police or armed forces, and has started recruiting at modelling agencies. The plot-lines are ludicrous, the scripts are laughable and the cast, supposedly portraying the dangerous, highly-trained peak of global law enforcement, have all the menace of rice pudding and are about as attractive. A pathetic attempt to relive the original series of "The Professionals", this latest series is totally lacking any drama, suspense, wit or talent. George Cowley would eat this bunch for breakfast.
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The Original Is Still The Best
barmy_swami21 July 2018
Circa 1978 a TV show arrived and was well written, well acted and well directed called The Professionals I implore anyone interested in this show, not to judge this reboot as credible. Please do your own due diligence and invest effort on the classic BBC version. As a small voice in the crowd I couldn't connect with the characters or digest the inferior writing of the one season reboot.
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