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Season 1

2 Mar. 1989
Bestaat ze echt?
Jacques and Beppie are killed in a car crash but are not allowed to enter heaven together unless Jacques performs a good deed back on earth. He is send back to their former home to put the failing marriage of the new inhabitants, Norbert and Maddy back on track.
9 Mar. 1989
De bel
Jacques tries to fix the doorbell and asks to stay in the spare room. Norbert objects to this and eventually decides to call the cops to get rid of him.
16 Mar. 1989
When Pips sneaks her 19 year old boyfriend Robert into the house, Jacques alerts her parents who immediately suspect the worst of their 15 year old girl.
23 Mar. 1989
Norbert suspects his wife Maddy of having an affair with unwanted house guest Jacques van de Broek right under his own roof.
30 Mar. 1989
De detective
Norbert hires a private detective to find out who Jaques is and what he wants in Norbert's home. Jacques is upset because Beppie doesn't answer him any more. He suspects she may have found another man up in heaven.
6 Apr. 1989
De minnaar van Beppie
Norbert is sick and tired of his entire household continuously talking about the ghostly Beppie, whom he doesn't believe is real. By pure coincidence one of his patients turns out to be a former lover of Beppie's.
13 Apr. 1989
Norbert has an after hours visit from Evelien, a hyperactive patient who has lost the love of her life. Beppie finds a way to reunite them, but that doesn't mean Evelien will leave the family alone.
20 Apr. 1989
Norbert and Maddy are going to a lecture and Johan Sebastian Bach concert, so Jacques makes use of the situation to invite his old flame Monique over, despite Beppie's objections.
27 Apr. 1989
Norbert is concerned about a female patient, Leonore, who continuously threatens to throw herself off a bridge. Maddy becomes convinced they are having an affair. Jacques tries to ask Beppie for clarity, but is having trouble getting through. It's as if their lines are crossed.
11 May 1989
De kogel door de kerk
Maddy and Norbert have decided to get a divorce. Beppie stops answering Jacques because he has failed in his mission. Both Norbert and Maddy want custody of Pips, however she would rather have Jacques as her guardian.
18 May 1989
Hogere sferen
While arranging to split up their possessions for the divorce, Maddy & Norbert reminisce about how they first met.
25 May 1989
Happy End
Norbert and Maddy are finally back together again, so the time has come for Jacques to join Beppie and enter heaven together. Jacques hastily tries to tie up all his loose ends on Earth. He comes to the conclusion that the only way for him to get more time on earth, is to split Norbert & Maddy up again.

 Season 1 

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