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7 Sep. 2009
Bienvenido, Barney: Mexico
Baby Bop's friend Monty the butterfly passes through the park with a flock of friends on their way to Mexico. When Monty gets left behind, Barney takes everyone on a visit to Mexico to return Monty to his insect friends and family and give Baby Bop the chance to say goodbye to her butterfly friend.
8 Sep. 2009
Big Brother Rusty: China
Rusty's family is adopting a new baby girl from China. Everyone is excited, except Rusty. He's not sure if he'll be a good brother and he doesn't know much about China. Barney and friends take him on an adventure to China where Rusty can learn more about his sister's heritage. By the time he returns to the park, Rusty can't wait to be a big brother to his new little sister!
9 Sep. 2009
¡Ahora Mismo!: Spain
Ben's always wanted to ride a horse, but when he arrives late to the park for a pony ride it looks as if he's missed his opportunity. Barney takes him to Spain to meet Regalo, a dancing horse! When Ben and Barney return to the park, Ben is just in time to get his pony ride after all!
10 Sep. 2009
Venice, Anyone?: Italy
Emma can't play with her friends because she has to complete a school project about her family. Barney brings Emma on a trip to Venice to learn more about her great grandfather. Emma learns that a big task can be made simpler and lots more fun if you break it down into smaller tasks and take them one at a time. By the time she gets home, Emma is eager to tackle her big school project.
11 Sep. 2009
Sweeter Than Candy: Greece
Barney and his friends are getting ready for a school play. When Barney tells everyone that putting on shows began in Greece, they want to go visit! While there, they decide to put on a play in an amphitheater. Barney knows a great story that originated in Greece called "King Midas." Before long, everyone has experienced another country and learned that wanting too much is not a good thing!
14 Sep. 2009
The Music Box: Switzerland
When Ben accidentally includes Kioko's prized music box from Switzerland in a cardboard box of yard sale items-the music box is sold! Kioko is sad and Ben wants to make things right, so he and Barney travel to Switzerland in search of a replacement gift. While there, they sample Swiss food, customs and games-but no music box! Luckily when Ben returns the music box is returned!
15 Sep. 2009
The Good Egg: Kenya
When the kids find a mysterious, colorful egg in the park, Barney takes them on a trip to Kenya to try to find out what kind of animal could have laid the egg. While in Kenya, they meet Ayira who introduces them to many people, cultures and animals of Kenya!
16 Sep. 2009
A Bird of a Different Feather: Hawaii
Barney takes the kids to Hawaii on a quest for a bird of paradise. While there, they meet some friends, learn new Hawaiian words, make Hawaiian leis, and dance a hula! Eventually, Barney and his friends find a bird of paradise, but it's not quite the bird they were expecting to see!
17 Sep. 2009
Bonjour, Barney!: France
Emma wants to paint an award-winning painting for the "Art In The Park Show," but she isn't satisfied with her artwork. Barney takes her to France to learn how to paint from his friend Pierre. While there, they learn about France. And Emma learns how to paint by following her heart!
18 Sep. 2009
Home Sweet Earth: The Rainforest
It's Earth Day, a great time for everyone to learn how to help take care of our world, but Ben is wasting paper while BJ isn't too concerned about cutting down a tree to make room for a new playground. After a trip to the rainforest and a meeting with Mother Nature, everyone learns the importance of taking care of our world.

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