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Season 9

6 Sep. 2004
Everybody's Got Feelings
Happy, sad, or mad, Barney and his friends discover that feelings aren't bad. The children have fun making masks to show what they're feeling on the inside. While Baby Bop and BJ learn how to talk about their feelings after an argument. Everyone finds their feelings change while singing, dancing, exercising, and being with friends.
7 Sep. 2004
Caring Hearts
A special project provides the perfect opportunity for Barney, Baby Bop and BJ to learn about love and relationships the "heart" way as they make a "Friends and Family Tree." Songs and games provide a fun way to remind them that playing together, being helpful and showing kindness are all ways of being nice to those we love and care about. With Barney's help, Baby Bop and BJ discover there are many people we love and care for and who care for us!
8 Sep. 2004
Let's Make Music!
Barney brings the music! Making their own musical instruments, Barney and his friends enjoy the thrill of becoming a real marching band! They learn about many different instruments that bring music to your ears!
9 Sep. 2004
Movin' Along
"Simon Says" Barney has a fun time playing with the children in the park. As Baby Bop, BJ, and the children learn ways to move their bodies through dancing, playing games, and acting out "The Tortoise and the Hare." Get moving and grooving with Barney and his friends!
10 Sep. 2004
Let Your Creativity Fly!
Barney takes to the skies! After finding a paper airplane and pretending to fly like airplanes, Barney and his friends use their imaginations to build an airplane. When they find just the right costumes to wear, they're ready to let their creativity fly!
13 Sep. 2004
Imagine That!
Imagine that! After Laura draws a special picture, Barney and his friends use their imaginations to bring her picture to life. A treasure trove of fun is shared on their stu-u-pendous island adventure.
14 Sep. 2004
All About Me
Celebrate the things that make us special! Barney and his friends discover that trying something new can be fun. Jackson treats everyone to his healthy but unusual snack, while Baby Bop has a special picnic for BJ consisting mostly of her favorite foods.
15 Sep. 2004
My Baby Brother
Oh baby! Oh baby! Barney and his friends help David learn about new babies and how to be a big brother after David's baby brother arrives.
16 Sep. 2004
Keep on Truckin'
Barney and his friends keep on truckin'! BJ enjoys helping with his tow truck, while Barney shows everyone what it's like to be behind the wheel of a real truck. When Jackson's special truck loses a tire, Barney wheels in to the rescue!
17 Sep. 2004
I'm a Builder
After seeing some big construction machines roll by, Barney and his friends are inspired to build a castle made of boxes. Exploring the ways things are built and the big machines and tools used to build them, Barney builds in the fun!
2 May 2005
Coming on Strong
Exercise is good for everybody and every body! From running to touching toes to jumping jacks to some favorite songs and games, Barney and his friends grow strong while having fun with exercise.
3 May 2005
Let's Play Games!
It's fun and games with Barney and his friends! BJ's favorite way of getting exercise is by playing sports and games. When Baby Bop is shy about trying new games, Barney and his friends show her how tee-rific trying something new can be.
4 May 2005
You Can Count on Me!
Barney helps his friends discover just how fun numbers can be by taking them on a number hunt in the park. Baby Bop delights in sharing her favorite number and the kids discover that numbers can be found everywhere. With Barney and his friends, you can always count on a fun day!
5 May 2005
A Wonderful World of Colors and Shapes
Picture this! When Barney shows off his new painting, his friends are inspired to create their own art show. Discovering how to create new colors and draw shapes, Barney and his friends put on a super-dee-duper art show
6 May 2005
Easy as ABC
When Baby Bop uses the caboose mailbox to deliver a special invitation to her tea party, she discovers that no one can read her handwriting. Barney and his friends find creative ways to help her learn her ABCs!
9 May 2005
Look What I Can Do!
Barney's friends are playing a fun game of "I Can Do" where they each share something they can do. When BJ suggests having an "I Can Do" show, Baby Bop becomes worried. Barney shows Baby Bop that while trying something new can sometimes be scary, with help from family and friends, it can also be fun!
10 May 2005
Making a Move!
Welcome to the neighborhood! Anna has just moved to the neighborhood and is missing her old friends. Barney and his friends help her discover that moving is an adventure with new places to explore and new friends to meet.
11 May 2005
Home, Safe Home
Safety first! After learning about fire safety when a firefighter visits the caboose, Barney and his friends are inspired to do a little "safety inspection" of their own. Baby Bop helps her teddy bear take a bath, BJ's accident shows why you should only skate outside, and saying "be careful" is a good way to tell someone how much you love them!
12 May 2005
On the Road Again
Barney and his friends have a "wheel good fun" day learning about cars. Barney creates a colorful, kid-size car, the dinos learn about seatbelt safety, and everyone discovers there are many different styles of cars.
13 May 2005
My Friends, the Doctor and the Dentist
Time for a check-up! Barney helps his friends discover the world of doctors and dentists as they learn about healthy habits like brushing teeth, getting checkups, eating healthy foods and getting exercise.

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