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  • Although the film never explicitly states it, it's pretty clear that Agent Smecker is gay. The fact that he is intimate with another man in the film is pretty clear evidence. He also attends a gay bar for his drinking binge. However, this doesn't stop him from being rather belligerent towards other gay men and calling them 'fag' or 'fairy'.

  • To put it simply the Unrated version features several extended action sequences and bloody shootouts that are missing in the R-rated version of the movie. You can find a detailed comparison between both versions with pictures here.

  • Yes, he is their father. He knows the prayer that was passed down to them from their father and their father's father. He takes the 'In nómine Patris' part of the prayer, which means 'In the name of the Father.' The benediction he gives them (raising his hands in the sign of the cross over Murphy and Connor) is only appropriate for a priest...or a parent. Also, at the very end (after the courtroom scene), Connor calls him 'Da'.

  • Il Duce was hired to kill the vigilantes, however, he didn't realize that they were his children, nor did Connor and Murphy realize that Il Duce was their father. It wasn't until Il Duce was about to ambush them at the end, when he overheard them saying their family prayer, that he obviously realized would be too much of a coincidence for someone else to know. Also, he knew he fathered twin sons; they just haven't seen each other for about 25 years.

  • In the opening of the film, the brothers are in church praying when the priest begins talking about a victim named Kitty Genovese who was killed a long time ago in the middle of day and everyone watched but did not respond and about the indifference of good men towards evil. After hearing this, Connor states, "I do believe the monseigneur's finally got the point", to which Murphy responds, "Aye." Later on, its Saint Patrick's day and the brothers are at a bar drinking when three Russian gangsters come in and state that they will close the bar, but the brothers don't allow them, to which a fight begins between them, to which the Russians are left badly wounded. As the brothers rest in their apartment, the Russians come back and threaten the brothers. Connor is handcuffed to a toilet while Murphy is taken outside to be shot in the head. Connor, out of rage, breaks the toilet apart and throws it down the complex and hits the Russian, killing him. Connor jumps on the other Russian, to which Murphy finishes him off. The brothers go to the police station to prove that it was self-defense. Meanwhile, the police let them stay in a holding cell to avoid the media. While sleeping, water falls from the crack of the ceiling onto their bodies, symbolizing baptism and forgiven sin. The brothers realize this and say to each other, "Destroy that which is evil so that which is good may flourish." The brothers take the money and jewelry they took from the Russians they encountered and buy guns. Seeing all the sin that has went on, violence, drug use, rape, thievery, they swear that they will execute all evil men who have done sin in order that peace and goodness can be restored and evil can be stopped.

  • On Murphy's hand it says "Veritas" meaning Truth and on Conner's hand it says "Aequitas" meaning Justice


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