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A great show
Redmans26 March 2002
Already in its fifth series, this great German show has had a long running success, and not without good reason. Although only two of the original crew members remain (Biggi and Peter), the replacements have become integral parts of the programme. Some of the original character has been lost, only to be replaced by an exuberant flamboyance not found in other similar action shows, in which a multitude of cars are blown into even more pieces, followed by the odd painful chase and the death of at least one of the characters. I wish this show a long successful future. Great work! (RTL, Dienstags, 20:15)
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Great action drama show with best German talented actors
cobra11-614-7860229 July 2013
The series goes about rescue operations. The plot off the series is very simply mountain rescues, hostage Situations A lot of action and drama scenes. that is the job what Medicopter 117 does. The series has 6 leading actors who each play a different character. In the series we ghat one male pilot and one female pilot, 2 medics and 2 doctors. This is really a great action show. With great German and Austrian talented actors. The original team consisted off pilot Thomas Wächter (Manfred Stücklschwaiger) the actor quit with the role in 2002 5th season. The character is in the 5th season killed in a explosion in a quarry, the body of Thomas Wächter is never found. Thomas Wächter was always befriended with

his colleague Doctor Michael Lüdwitz (Rainer Grenkowitz) The actor who plays Docter Lüdwitz (Rainer Grenkowitz) was in the 4th season out of the series, because he apparently became too old for the role. he was eye witness off a homicide in a hospital committed by the mafia, the character is in witness protection.

Medic man Peter Berger is in all 7 seasons the only guy who played in all episodes of Medicopter 117.

That where the best actors in Medicopter 117. And we getting also the succeeder's. But that is too much too right this down.
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Awesome series!
rune_play31 July 2005
I haven't seen all that much of it (or at least not as much as I would like) but Medicopter is an awesome TV series! It's about two teams of three that belong to Medicopter 117. They go out in their helicopter to save people. I know, it sounds very simple and basic but the truth is that it's very exciting and the characters are very lovable and credible. They also go to great lengths to come up with new and interesting plots for the episodes which range from the expected "let's save the kid that fell in the pit" to "the Mafia is after Michael" and on and on. Each episode presents two or three parallel plots that echo each other in some way to show the two sides of the coin. I am hooked to this series and will, somehow, acquire the whole series for myself ;) I'm not sure how since I live in Canada...
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