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Don't watch it. Just don't.
Warning: Spoilers
I wish I'd never watched the Pocahontas sequel. Seriously. I've watched most of the Disney sequels, and while, yes, most of them are awful (though there are some rare exceptions - Bambi II is adorable), but that movie is just...beyond awful.

You can't mess with history in the original movie and then change your mind and try to set it right in a direct-to-video sequel.

Yes, in reality she ended up with John Rolfe, but -bleep- reality. I don't want reality. When I sit down to watch a Disney movie I want to get lost in a world where every princess gets her (ORIGINAL) Disney hero. I REALLY don't like new dudes with ZERO personality coming in and nabbing the princess just because "that's how it REALLY happened".

Likewise, when I read the original "The Little Mermaid" by the great Hans Christan Anderson I adore the tragic ending, but when I'm watching Disney I wouldn't want to see Ariel go ahead and toy with the idea of making a Prince-Kebab out of Eric. Do you follow? Yes, John Smith was far older and Pocahontas was years shy of puberty. I know in reality their relationship was platonic, but dude, making Disney!Smith out to be a complete arse just so that they could justify her waltzing off with Rolfe was a crappy move.

Who have we to thank for this? The history buffs who -beeped- and moaned when the original was released. I wonder if the same history buffs -beeped- and moaned when Ariel didn't die at the end of "The Little Mermaid".

I digress.

What happened to "I'd rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you"? What happened to "no matter what happens, I'll always be with you, forever"?

"We walked the same path once. Now I know where I belong."

Just stamp on my childhood a little more, Disney. :(

There are enough horrendously complex and painful things in the real world without kids movies (yes, I do know that's what they are) getting corrupted by "how things REALLY are". Little girls will soon realise that not everybody gets their prince charming. Do we really have to let them in on this early?

Thank goodness "The Little Mermaid III" is going to be the last direct-to-vid sequel.
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Crushed the favorite romance of my childhood
irahru2 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Pocahontas 1 was and still is my very favorite Disney cartoon and one of my favorite movies ever - a bit more adult than other Disney works, especially due to its most beautiful love story - Pocahontas and John Smith.

For those who know the real story of Pocahontas it is clear that the cartoon was simply inspired by the real story: it has never been proved she had any romantic involvement with John Smith, John Smith did have to leave the land due to an injury, then she thought he was dead, married John Rolfe, had a son with him and only THEN went to England, where she fell ill with smallpox and died, never seeing her home again. So Disney decided not to make speculations on the story but make it more or less how it really was.. omitting the marrying and having a child part..

So here is what I can tell you Disney: I do not CARE how it was in reality. I wanted to see how John Smith and Pocahontas get together again.

No.. They decided to follow reality. So their task was to make Pocahontas' choice for a new boyfriend justified. So they decided to show off Smith as a complete moron, a terribly selfish Narcissus, who does not approve of her ideas, does not understand and does not support her. The epic moment was the last part when he says "I got a ship" and then corrects I to we - and this is the moment when Pocahontas realizes that John Rolfe is better: he was the one who always believed in her. Just discard the "love you forever" part from the ORIGINAL movie. Well, thank you Disney for killing the best fictional couple for the sake of making it look historical.

I wish I never watched it. I will try to erase this heresy from my memory.
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Erase this movie from your mind
cey_252522 August 2007
My sister and I deny the existence of this movie.

Please do not watch it, it'll only ruin your memory of the original Pocahontas. The animation is sub-par and the musical numbers are dreadful. I sat there asking myself why characters in the movie suddenly burst into song, which is not something that you are supposed to do while watching a musical. It's supposed to be a seamless transition which in this movie, it definitely is not. The dialogue is silly and the movie contains absolutely none of the magic and romance found in the first movie. I wish I could unwatch this movie, so if you have not yet seen it, count your blessings and forget it exists.

A 0 out of 10.
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Typical animated sequel
BuNNeE5 March 1999
As most animated sequels, one cannot expect much from the plotline, the music, or the animation. But, even with this in mind, I found Pocahontas 2, although having its moments, was quite disappointing, and a major contradiction to the original feature film. Most of the characters were two dimensional, and the depth and feeling of the first film was non-existent. The movie's short length also prevented the movie from going any further and explaining all the abrupt changes in character, especially the romance between Pocahontas and John Smith, as well as between Pocahontas and John Rolfe. For anyone who liked the original film, the sequel could be hazardous to your health.
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This movie SUCKED.
acidiclemons14 September 2008
x___X Why did I ruin everything I knew when I watched this today?! This was absurd! They made John Smith out to be the a-hole! That's totally out-of-character, compared to the first movie. Pocahontas (in Disney la-la land) would have definitely stayed with John Smith when she found out that he was alive. And I agree with everyone else on the general aspects of the movie--the music wasn't all that great, the animation was less than desired... I'm going to watch the original Pocahontas for the fourth time this week. Because even though I watched it three times straight, I can't even remember it. THIS MOVIE SUCKED. Sorry Disney. I call for a re-remake!
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A Disgrace of a Sequel.
rinoa-heartilly27 January 2007
I saw Pocahontas when I was little and to this day it is still my favourite Disney film. So when I saw Pocahontas II on the TV, I had to see it. Now I wish I hadn't.

The animation is so much poorer, the plot is okay but a bit pointless, and the songs and music is terrible. It's a disgrace for this to be called Pocahontas II in my opinion. They didn't even fully revive Pocahontas's personality for this film, as soon as you see her she acts much different than she did in the original but with the same basic values. The script undoes everything that Pocahontas did and completely changes the characters.

They should have left it at the end of Pocahontas instead of making such a terrible film. I prefer to think of the whole Pocahontas story ending at the end of the first film. If you loved the Pocahontas story and do not want to be disappointed by a poor follow-up that cannot possibly match the splendour of the original, then avoid this movie at all costs! They should attach a warning label saying "Watch at your own risk" in my opinion.
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Let's pretend this doesn't exist.
Lauh27 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Seriously, I don't understand why Disney made this. I read it was because a lot of people complained about the fact that the first film gave the impression Pocahontas and John Smith would eventually stay together or that he had died and, to erase the critics, they decided to make this film to clarify everything. They failed. I liked the first film and I think it was a good way to let people know about Pocahontas even if the way they portrait her history was not entirely correct. This one sucks: not because of the story itself, because this one follows what happened to her, but because of the graphics, the songs, the dialogs... It's so sad to watch this, actually. I find Pocahontas a very clever character and a brave one, as well, but in this film she looked dumb. She spoke in such an empty way it got annoying. Also, John Smith's ambition looks so..."way-too-much". All of a sudden he just wants a boat to travel around the world. I don't remember such obsession in Pocahontas 1...
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The things I do for my kids...
Rosabel5 January 2002
Including having this piece of garbage in the house. I thought I'd seen the worst of Disney crap with the Beauty and the Beast sequel, but I was wrong. This is much worse. The dialogue is unbelievable - would anyone in the 17th century have talked about "respecting my culture" the way this thoroughly PC Pocahontas does? The cartooning is dreadful - James I is portrayed as a ninny, who makes the old Bugs Bunny parody of Charles Laughton as Nero look like a Holbein portrait. There's some silly "My Fair Lady" plot tossed in, complete with historically nowhere costuming. But the worst thing is the music. It's smeared on everything, like a layer of cheap paint, and it is all completely pointless. This movie gives rise to the question, fatal for any musical, "What is this music here FOR?" In a good musical, the music and songs are supposed to add layers of meaning that mere spoken dialogue can't do - sort of like reaching for another medium to convey more than you can do with words. But in this, the music is just stuck on there because - well, because this is a Disney film, and that's what Disney films DO. It goes on and on - half the time I think they put in songs because a song will take up 3 or 4 minutes, and will use up more time than a spoken line. The dialogue seemed to be tiny little bridges between one ghastly song after another. And everything was a cliche - the chorus was always shouting, the English were always singing some jiggity-jiggity-jig song and Pocahontas was forever warbling long, flowing ballads. The whole thing is a mess.
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it's so awful that it infects the first one
tomas_ducci20 October 2006
Pocahontas (the original) is the best Disney movie I've ever seen. I saw this sequel with little expectations just to know how the story went on. But I regretted when I saw it. First, the cartoons are so bad-looking that you hardly recognize the characters. I expected the music to make you feel as in the first movie. But it's awful (they changed the composers) and it's just to make the movie longer. It doesn't even make you laugh and the plot is the worst aspect of the movie. Pocahontas forgets Smith in one second and starts a romance with John Rolfe. It's no chemistry between them, and you keep all the film angry with them. Then John Smith returns, but Pocahontas ¡prefers Rolfe! Don't mind if I told you the end because you won't wait to see it. It ruined the first one, even it's so great.
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Just don't watch it
yellowmermaid_893 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Pocahontas II: Journey to a new world has to be the worst and most disappointing Disney film i have ever watched! I'm still a teenager and i don't think i could live without Disney films. I think each Disney Classic has a beautiful message to teach children and basically Pocahontas II just ruined it for me. I fell in love with Pocahontas when i was younger and i prayed for a sequel to be made just so Pocahontas and Smith could finally get together. Now i prefer to pretend that i never watched the sequel. The animation was terrible and not even the original music writers and voices, that made the first film as magical as it was, where used. I understand that Disney felt it had to keep the story as historically correct as possible but Disney films are aimed at children and as a child i couldn't care less about historical accuracy, i just wanted the love and magic between Pocahontas and Smith to finally be restored. If Disney are so worried about historical accuracy than why didn't they end the Little Mermaid in Ariels suicide because thats more accurate to the original story isn't it? In my personal opinion if your a huge fan of the love story between Pocahontas and Smith than just ignore this film, it ruins everything.
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Why did Disney ruin my look on the characters?
manix16330 March 2010
I recently watched the original Pocohontas after such a long time and was so inspired by the original, that I told myself I would watch the second. I watched Pocohontas 2 and was thoroughly thoroughly disappointed. I felt that the first half of the movie had barely any story and revolved around the hummingbird, the raccoon and the dog. The second half of the movie contained the whole plot and was squeezed so that it seemed like a rush. The plot and the emphasis on the animals was not the worst. The worst was the depiction of John Smith. In the first movie, he transformed from a selfish and action chasing man to a kind and selfless man (evident by him giving his life to save the chief). The movie turned him completely into a selfish man only worried about himself and one who didn't seem in love with the woman that he should of been. Please do not watch this movie. My idea of John Smith is completely obscured and I have been thoroughly disappointed.
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rubbish. absolute rubbish
shinycheesefish17 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
why do Disney make truly wonderful films and then make a complete botch job of a sequel? really i would rather they leave it alone. This could have been a half-decent movie, if the writers had done some research and put some effort into it: the basic plot is sound -- Pocahontas goes to England... that is fine (and historically accurate.) the thing that really bugs me about it is how Disney have oversimplified every character. Pocahontas and John Smith were beautiful, believable characters in the original, but in this Smith was reduced to a set of cheesy one-liners and Pocahontas a pathetic mess blubbering on about peace every minute. the historical context also was ridiculous, England went flying around from medieval to Victorian eras. this movie could have been good, if they chose a time period and stuck to it, along with the original characters. the songs were rubbish too, nothing compared to colours of the wind. save your time and money... do not see this film.
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ghostofdaniel11 July 2004
Warning: Spoilers
What a disappointment ! Of course, I was ready for that. When I saw : "Walt Disney Home Video presents" in place of "Walt Disney presents", and the fact that the wonderful musical composers of the first "Pocahontas" were not in this movie, I KNEW this sequel will be a disappointment.

But I still hoped the continuation of the beautiful love story between Pocahontas and Smith. <SPOILER ALERT>

At the beginning of the movie, I was glad to see that all characters were still there, even the famous villain Radclif. The new main character John Rolfe, seemed to play "double-game" with John Smith, but I thought he would be just the "good friend". But no ! He becomes the new Pocahonta's lover ! Pocahontas drops his "eternal love" John Smith, who seems now to be a dump adventurer only obsessed by conquering America.

Why Disney had destroyed such a beautiful romantic story ?!!

It's like if Disney have made a sequel called "ROMEO AND JULIET N°2 : THE DIVORCE". !!! Anti-romantic, no ?

Why ? Now, I know why. I found the real story of "Pocahontas" (in Europe nobody knows the real story), and yes, it's true, Pocahontas didn't marry John Smith, but John Rolfe. But the real Pocahontas thought Smith was dead ! And anyway, Disney, since the first "Pocahontas" had decided to modify the real story. Why didn't he continue in this way ? Why to return to the real story ? And maybe, to show us Pocahontas dying of smallpox like the real one did ? (why not after all !)

It's crazy ! "Disney's Pocahontas" was a NEW story, just "inspired" by the true story. So, why boring us now with the "real events" ?!! We don't care ! We just want a beautiful story ! We want romanticism ! Sorry, this movie doesn't give us that. For Disney, it's the greatest mistake he can do.

Yes, of course, the animation are still good, many funny moments, but the conclusion is so sad : Pocahontas drops Smith !

I prefer to forget this, and return viewing to the first "Pocahontas".

Sorry : 4/10 (the ballroom sequence is great and fun)
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absolutely horrible!
total_charlig12 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I think this film was awful! And it's the first time in my life I have felt let down by the producer. I know it is more accurate according to the real story, but Disney already chose not to stick to reality in the first movie, so why do it now? besides, if they really wanted to go with the real story of Pochahontas, they would have to kill her off in the end, and its not like they would ever do that, so why not just leave it to the feel-good lie? I watch Pochahontas when I was a little girl, and I loved it madly - it was the perfect love story and I cried when John Smith left in the end. And they I watched the sequel a bit scared of how that would turn out to be like. And it was horrible! how can Disney think that Pochahontas running of with another man would make a good film? I might be narrow minded, but I hated it! not the whole film, I actually found her "bodyguard" really amusing, but that ending made me cry even more than the first one, not because it was sad, but because they had managed to spoil one of their best stories...
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the ending was awful
hopefuldancer7896 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I thought i was going to burst into tears when i watched this movie. I love all Disney movies sooo much! they are soo magical and amazing.

Pocahontas was one of my favourites and I found John Smith and Pocahontas one of the best Disney couples ever. So why did she dump him for the prissy stuck up OTHER John. I was soooo disappointed. Smith and Pocahontas were sooo in love

This movie was all together awful for a Disney movie. Please don't do that again. I love the movies far too much.

i need to just type stuff so i can give in my comment Don't WATCH THIS MOVIE PLEASE DO NOT
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This is something that Disney WILL NEVER LIVE DOWN.
fox-glove-647-79159228 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Disregarding the ridiculous 'music', low-quality animation, horrible characterisation and overall messed up, uninteresting plot -not to mention the 'romance' that is supposedly there- there is one flaw in this movie that mostly everyone has a problem with.


I repeat: A bleeping _DISNEY COUPLE_ BREAKS bleeping UP.

That, that right there- that is SO wrong, on SO MANY LEVELS.

For one- how does Disney make money? All the kids (and occasionally teens, with a few adults, but mostly kids) drag their parents and plead and beg and argue and throw tantrums until they can see/buy Disney movies and later get merchandise of aforementioned movies. Don't deny it, you and I both know that's how it works.

So, why do kids love Disney? Well, there's the animation, the witty banter, the music- but, surprise surprise, A LOT OF THE KIDS CARE MORE ABOUT THE FAIRY TALES, ROMANCES AND HAPPILY EVER AFTERS.

Disney, to kids, stands for Happy Endings (yes, with capital letters).

Disney, for children and other age groups, is an escape from the unfair and harsh world, an escape to different lands with different stories- and sure, the bad guy may get close to taking over and a father-figure or two might die, but in the end, all the kids know that there will be a classic Disney HAPPY ENDING. Guy gets girl or the other way round, or main characters fulfill their dreams, all that jazz.

Pocahontas 2...goes against the very ESSENCE of Disney that all the kids love.

That kiss between Pocahontas and Rolfe? Kids around the globe gaped, cried and threw tantrums. And I'm pretty damn sure poor Walt turned in his grave!!

Disney isn't ABOUT historical facts. Disney isn't ABOUT being realistic (most Disney Couples fell in love within a week OR DAY for God's sake!).



If we wanted history, we'd watch documentaries! If we wanted drama, we'd watch Soap Operas!


People want HAPPY ENDINGS. THAT is why they bleeping WATCH Disney MOVIES.

Ugh. And they used to be able to say no Disney Couple breaks up.

In short: Do yourself a favour. Don't watch this movie. Don't read about it. Don't learn about it. Don't even think about it.

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No good
Bookluvah22 December 2006
I know a lot of people have been saying that children don't care about history. That's not always the case. I remember as a nine year old being disappointed in the original because of a few historical inaccuracies...mainly that Pocahontas was not a buxom 18 year old when the English arrived. But this movie was much worse. Whereas the original songs were lovely and stuck in your mind, these were entirely forgettable and made me cringe most times. As did the characterization of most of the people in the movie. Ghastly.

Children care about what they choose to care about, and I'm sure there are some out there right now shaking their heads at this wreck of a movie.
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The worst Disney picture of the 90s.
studebaker27 August 2001
This is by far the worst Disney film in a raft of pointless remakes and sequels which Disney chucked out in the late 90s. The animation would be a disgrace to a seventies TV cartoon. As for the art direction...

One example of this travisty will suffice. When P arrives in London, the artists manage to mix up Medieval, Tudor, Stuart and Regency period dress all in one seen. Oh, and London has Gas Lights...

The horror, the horror!
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Sometimes historically accurate doesn't really work
macrths5 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Pocahontas 2 tells the story of how native princess Pocahontas heads off to England in order to try to bring peace between the British and her people. Pining over the supposed death of her lover, John Smith, Pocahontas sails with her bodyguard and her trusted friends, Percy, Milo, and Flit, as well as handsome Englishman John Rolfe. Once there, she is granted permission to confront King James, so long as she present herself to be elegant, graceful, and pretty much a lady.

I won't go into too much detail, in case someone actually does want to see this film, but she ends up on the king's bad side (thanks to the evil Radcliffe) and reunites with lost love John Smith, who only faked his death. Under normal circumstances, this would result in a beautiful segue into a happy Disney ending. Unfortunately (and for once) Disney decided that they wanted to be historically accurate and killed the love story. Pocahontas chooses Rolfe and sails off into the sunset with her new true love.

I admire the fact that Disney did try to add some history to the film, and the music and animation are as brilliant as ever. In fact, this review may be a little biased, as I am simply frustrated with the ending. For Disney fans, the original film simply got the viewer's hopes up. I apologize if this is more like a rant, but every now and then I want to see the happy ending. Pocahnotas 2 was simply a disappointment.
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Kristine20 May 2006
I sort of enjoyed the first Pocahontas film that was released in 1995, I never got to see the second one, so I figured why not give most Disney sequels a chance? I mean The Lion King trilogy was actually pretty good along with Aladdin and Toy Story. But this was a very cheesy and incredibly disgraceful to history and Disney in general. I don't judge normally on movies with history, but I worry that because this is a viewing for children that they will get things mixed up. I know it's a stupid reason, but I just take history very seriously. It's a movie for the kids, nothing more, no good jokes for the adults to laugh at. Not to mention the editing was pretty cheap.

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This is what happens when Disney makes a sequel to one of there films
Criticman124 July 2011
When it comes to sequels to animated films, they don't turn out so good. For Disney, they have made tons of sequels to there films. Most of them, sucked (With the exception of, "The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride").

In 1998, they released a Direct-To-Video sequel to the 1995 animated film, "Pocahontas". The sequel is called, "Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World".

The story is about Pocahontas going to England with John Rolfe after when Pocahontas hears rumor's about John Smith dead. That's it.

Con's: The film's story is bland, I felt like there was barely any love from the first film, the song's were mostly short and unmemorable mostly because Alan Menken did not return, and the sidekicks, Meeko and Percy, were not that funny.

Pro's: The film does have some good animation, the song, "Thing's are not what they appear", was decent, and the voice acting was pretty good.

Overall: "Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World", is a bland sequel to a Disney classic. I would avoid this movie if I were you.
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More like Joke-ahantas...
Jack Banister4 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I don't think this movie deserves to be ranked as low as "one star" because it does have some entertainment value, but it also has to be one of the worst Disney movies I've EVER SEEN.

I should have guessed the movie would be bad when I saw "Disney Home Video Presents," but I didn't realize until the opening scene that this movie was a disaster.

As soon as the movie opens we can see that the animation sucks as the Jamestown landscape that was so rich and wonderfully animated in "Pocahantas," is reduced to a few barren trees and snow that is void of any sort of texture. Sure, it's winter...but it must have been a budget constraint because there is NO attention to detail in the landscape. The main characters were well animated out of necessity, but everything else gets the shaft. The boats are particularly poorly animated.

The plot is pretty lazy, but gets to the point well enough. Like others on here complained, this movie tries too hard to be "by the book" historically speaking, so much so that it forces an awkward romance with John Rolfe at the expense of the likable John Smith from the first film. Unlike the others, I don't have a problem with Pocahantas ending up with Rolfe (It did happen after all), but I have a problem with the lack of romantic buildup between the two as well as making John Smith seem like an arrogant jack wagon just to make "Rolfahantas" happen. My old screen writing professor would call that an "easy out" used instead of taking the time to flesh out the relationship. At only 72 minutes running time, there was more than enough room to develop that nicely.

I know I'm being overly harsh on a direct to video, sequel, but you have to criticize lazy film making when you see it. I gave it three stars because Mrs. Jenkins was funny and there were some moments that made my daughter and I laugh, but other than that, this movie was very forgettable.

*Drops mic*
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Isn't as smooth as the original
ersinkdotcom4 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World" is the direct-to-video sequel which takes our title character to England as a diplomat. She's dispatched to prove to the King that the Native Americans aren't savages and can live in peace with new settlers. Along the way, she meets up with John Smith and falls in love with John Rolfe. She must choose between the two while learning to be "proper" and foiling the attempts of saboteurs who want to have the Indians exterminated so the Americas can be conquered.

The follow-up isn't as smooth as the original in its animation style. There's a big difference in the quality. If you were just stepping into the movie having not seen the first one in a long time it wouldn't be as noticeable. If you watch them back-to-back the differences are apparent. That's not to say the animation is poor quality. It's just not as polished as its big-screen predecessor.

"Pocahontas II" fits into the "Disney Princess" mold better than the first film. John Smith leaving Pocahontas behind at the end of the first movie didn't give me a sense of "Happily Ever After" I expect from these types of movies. The sequel ends on a more positive note that easily ushers the Native American into the Hall of Fame of Disney Royalty.
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honora_dragon12 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
That is all i have to say about this movie. Screw History, she should have gotten withe John Smith, Dammit! I don't care that the first Pocahontas was historically inaccurate. It was a beautiful, moving story with characters you actually cared about. Then they go and make this garbage where the songs are terrible, the animation is lazy and the characters are flat and boring. Not to mention they completely changed John Smith's character to make him look like a jerk so they could justify Pocahontas' decision to choose John Rolfe. I don't care that she chose him in history, in the Disneyverse her true love is John Smith and they shouldn't have messed with that to please the people who complain about everything. Walt Disney would be turning in his grave if he knew about this disappointment of a movie, even by sequel standards.
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This movie should have been foreboded *SPOILERS*
przangie1 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I selected one because its the lowest in the scale, but believe me this type of movie make me wish there existed negative numbers in the scale, it is horrible beyond comprehension, it just destroys the magic the first movie had...so if you loved the first one, I beg you do not watch this, you will have the i'pulse to burn it, the theme in the movie was very weak, the voices horrible and the animation...well, it was a sequel, so what can you expect form it? and the heck with Jonh Rolf...whatever, he was so annoying, Disnet didn't got the decency to make him a likable character, why did Pocahontas feel in love with him? If we had wanted historical precision we would have watch a documentary not a Disney movie...what happened to Jonh Smith and Pocahontas love? In the end they were like "whatever I used to love you so much in the fist movie but now lets go separate ways ta-ta..." So horrible....
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